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funeral of P.C. Gammon.


funeral of P.C. Gammon. lfc Amid many manifestations of sorrow, the remains of P.C. John Gammon were laid to rpst at Danygraig Cemetery on Saturday afternoon. The popularity of the deceased drew a large number of mourners to the funeral. His comrades from the Swansea borough force to the number of 100 attend- ed and paid their last respects. The officers present included Captain Colquhoun, In- spectors Gill, Parker, Nicholas, Evans, West. Sergeant Hopkins being in charge of a body of county police, and Sergeant Couch in charge of a contingent of the docks police. Wreaths were sent by the Swansea borough police, docks police, Mr. and Mrs. Hutchings, Mr. and Mrs. R. and J. Lewis (sister and brother-in-law), and a wreath from the wife and children of deceased. The cortege, which left No. 82, Norfolk-street,* at 3 o'clock, was headed by the police band, under the conductorsbip of Mr. Coortwy, and marshalled by B.C. Howard. There was a hearse and four mourning carriages. The first carriage contained Mrs. Gammon (widow) and Mr. William Gammon (son), Misses B. Gammon, R. Gammon, F. Gam- mon, and G. Gammon (daughters), and Master H. Gammon. The second carriage contained Messrs. Thomas and Richard Gammon, and Mr. William Gammon (bro- thers). P.C.'s Delve, Jones, Easterbrook, and Ford acted as bearers. The coffin, which was of polished oak, contained the inscription. "John Gammon, died 38th July, aged 41." The band played Beethoven's Funeral March, and the procession down Mount Pleasant Hill into Goat-street, Temple. street, Wind-street, and then to Danygraig, was doeplv impressive, and crowds lined the roads en route. Rev. E. D. Henry, vicar of St. Jude's, officiated at the graveside. The ceremony here was touching in the extreme. The funeral arrangements wero carried out by Mr. D. G. PhtUips, Drllwyn- gtseet.

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