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j[ vf5 >< ;>" ] BEN. EVANS & CO, I 1 SL?K TRAVELLING REQUISITES I OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. 3t B ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST POST FREE. g Ben. Evans & Co., Ltd., SWANSEA. J L -=- I;. c. ROWLAND, CONTRACTOR TO THE SWANSEA HARBOOR TRUSTEES 1W3LWAY HACIrf £ R AND SKIPPING CONTRACTOR. TO THE RHONDDA A3JD SWANSEA BAY RAILWAY CO., and RAILWAY HAULIER TO THE MIDLAND AXD LONDON AND NORTH WESTERS RAILWAY COMPANIES. 9, FISHER STREET. The merits of Stiffs Starch are rare That's why the LADIES f PRIZE V i1t,; Its praise is echoed" everyw-here, Wtach helps toadvertise it. i Stiffs Cream Stanch produces the fashionable tawny tint, and will not ï iajure the most dettcate- material. STIFF & CQ., LTD., t 28, REDCLiFF STREET, BRISTOL. V n^^r-m— LLANDOVERY GRAND SHEEP DOG TRIALS. FRIDAY, AUGUST 13th, 1904. I OPT5N CLASS.—Prizes— £ 10: R6 loll.; £ i .£1; and 10s. Kntrance Fee, 10a. NOVICE CLASS. — Prizes — £ o; £ "2; £ 10s.; 5s. and .3a. 6d. Entrance Fee, 5s txl. First Trial 9 a.m. \dmias ion to the Ground-One Shilling. Z" Schedule and all further particulars may ie obtained of the Hon. See- -N'IC M. H. JVICHOLS, H. V. WATKIN3, anct E. PRICE-GRIFFITH. AUSTRALIA. QEIENT-PACIFIC LINE. ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS From LONDON, PLYMOUTH. MAR- SEILLES and NAPLES to EGYPT, CEY- LON, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, and TASMANIA. Fortnightly Sailings. Tons. Loudon. Marseilles. Orotava .857 coth July e, th Aug. Oroya 6tci? 12th Ang. iotb Aug. Ormuz 646^ 26th Au«. 2nd Sept.,). 7<.145. nth Sept. 16th Sept. Managers: F. GREEN & Co., ANDERSON AiS'DERSON & Co. Head Offices: Fencborch Avetuic, London. For Passage, appiy to the latter firm at 5, Fencburch Avanue, E.C. or to West End I Branch Office, 28, Cockspur Street, S. W. 848 TBLE OF MA2H.—Steamers Daily, except -1. fkuxiay, Liverpool ;o Donglafi. 10.30 a.m. and ZJd p.m.; Prwtays 12.50 night, Sat- urdays a 0-m. ajid 32.50 niffht..Steamer, Fleetwood to Douglas Daily, 2..30 p.m. Sea. passage three hours, Guide. etc.. free (post- age ld.).-1.le of Man BL-yn Packet Co. Ltd.. Douglas. ^TN F'TR E OTFTCE FOUNDED 1710. 'NDS IN RA.N D-£2);.35 ,000. particulars apply to the following — «. ]&>»?. Mr. H. G. Soionion, Tan- nery Chambers, Gower- street. .» Mr. Travers Walters. >. Messrs. H. C. Higrnan 4 (x)., 1, NoathctnniptoJi- place. Mescre. H. J. Goes and Co., 50-60, Wind-street Mr. J. A. Bishop, Union »-w. Chambers, Umon-et. AB > ON Mr. David E. Jones. I r.KRY Mr. H H. Hunter. XI r. S X»- Orrin PO. ►AWE- JJaxid Smith. PORT TALBOT. Mr. Enoch Thnmae Mr C. G. We"tl ynia-«tjae,t. EW EDITION. Just free, 6 stamp' A iREATISR on NERVOUS DISEASES, and WEAKNESS IN MEN, with a description of the most Commonsense and Scientnic Treatment ever introduced. „ London: A. J. LEIGH, 92 and 93, Great Russell-street, w.e £ « j to £ 5,000. Advanced on note ol X) X hand alone, without bottds, pub- licity, or charges of any description what- cvk; unless business is done. No bills ol sale, and the strictest privacy guaranteed. On receipt of application representative will watt upon you by appointment and advance T)m l'rù the amount required, rf payable by eaJ31 insta-cmeats to suit your own oonveawnoo. Spefuul rates for short periods.—Write (in confidence) to actual lender, C. Wells, Corri- ior Chambers.. Market-place. L^ice^ter. Gi IG HARNESS ^Full size £ 4 Zs. 6d. f Cob sines, £ 3 15s. Pony size, £ 3 6s. Cab or Business cart harness, 1-4 10s. Strong Van harness £ 4. Farmers' strong cart har- ness £ 3 10b. All the above are hand-made Tn our own factories. Heavy cart saddles ind tbreechings £1. C-irt bellybands 3s. 6d. Plough pads, 2s. 2iins. British Gov- ernment backhands and tugs, 10s. 6d. Cart collars Ss. Steel hames with hooks Is. 6d. ',)Ir pair. Black waterproof cart cover 6ft. 6iu. by 6ft. 6in., 4's. 6d. Men's brown tether British (;o,mment na^y belts 6d. Ah goods sert on approval, iilusbrated •iolojgne post free on application to JAR- T^TNE, contractor of H.M. UovinUMtri SALES BY AUCTION. PENTFAI, -\T-:AR T.L.A^EJJvY, CAiRMAE.- trenshieh. Highly Important Sale of Pedigree Short, norn and Jersey Cat-tie, I-at BnHooks, Cart <Lnd Carriage Horses, Cobs and Ponies, Pedigree rop^-lri r^-Doira &he«*p, and White Vorkshiro Pigs. "YT-Esfems. J. HOW SI J 1 THOMAS and .SON, in conjunction with Mr. 6. X. POWEI.L, have received insttruefcions from W. J. Ruek- ley. F^q.. D.L.. to gEl.I, by AUCnON. at the 2<bov^ place on MONDAY, the 15th day of AUGUST, 19C4. the following valuable PEDIGREE STOCK, viz: — 43. CATTtliE. which locLucte la fixst-class iPedigree Shorthorn Cows, 2 Cross-brefi ditto, 1L2 vPedigroe Shorthorn two-year-oid Heifers, >one ditto Yearling Heifer, 5 ditto Heifer ■"Calves, one Crat^-bred ditto, 4 Ptedisrae ishorthorn Bull Cahves, 2 Pedigree Jersey Cows. 3 ditto Heifers, 2 ditto Yearling Bulls, and 16 Pat Bullocks. lo HOSSB5, eonsisting of the Shire Stallion "Penyfai SquiTe, bay, 5 years old, 16.2 hands high; Hoan Cari Gdding "Brecon." 6 years, 16.2, good worker in all geswrs; Boan Cart Gelding, "Lion." 4 yeari, 16.2, good worker in all gears; Boan Oart GeldiTjg, "Ben," 5 yeans, 16.2, good worker in all gears; Grey Oa-rt Gelding. "Johnny." 4 years, 16.2. good worker, suitable for a merchant; GTPY Cart Gelding. "Chaxlie," 4 years, IS hands, good worker, suitable for a merchant or Brewer; Grey Cart Mare, "Di&nKHKl," 6 years, 16.1, good worker in all gears; Sliire Maj-e, "Markeaton BJiby," aged, covered by "Tatton Resent," a. good and quiet worker in all farm work; a grand Pair of Carriage Horses ithU is a fine upstanding match pair, both bays and flve-yeai^oWs, 16.1 high this pair id perfectly quiet- and reliable with all traffic, and cannot be too highly reoom- mended): Harness Horse, "Taffy." bay, 15.2. j years old. driven in harneas. and was hunted with the Pembrokeshire Hounds last aeason: Roan Col) UddiTIg, 4 ye.ars, 14.2|, hy I "Truatfui." a very fine all round mover, and Quiet to ride and drive, and quiet with all traffic; Bay Cob Gelding. 6 yea-re, 14 bands, quiet to ride and drive: Boan Pciy. 4 year?, 12.2, quiet to ride and drive, hw been served hy Trustful"; and a ha«dsome Filly Fr>aJ, by "I.,ord Dacre," out of a. useful harness Mare. I 102 SHEEP. ootnprisdng Zl Pedigree Shrop- shire-Down Ram l.a,mbõ<. 1 tbree^bear Bam, 2 Shear! iog Rams. 47 Pedigree iihropBiure- Down Breeding Ewæ, and 25 ditto Ðw-e l,e.:mJ: 29 PUtS, which eoctttat of one Litter of 9 Yorkshire Roars ;vad Sows (lajge white. one Litter of It) ditto, and 10 Store Pigs. I Sale to commence at One o'clock eharp. Luncheon at 11.30 a.m. by ticket. N\B.—1Conveyai>oea will meet the morning trains at Llanelly G.W.R. station. The Auctioneers will be pleaded to execute CommifiBiona for any gentlemen who are un- able to attend the Sale, and the Oommis- sionlo will he carried out persoBally by Mr. W. V. How-511 T'homa«. Catalogues TV-ay be obtained of Mr. James Pallantine. Penyfai. T.ianelly; or of the Acne- tioneers. at Carmarthen and Llanelly, respec- tively. Auction 3000 Ti^tate Agency OSBce.s, Car- marthen aTid Llanelly. July 29th, 1904. WILLIAM M. DA VI Ej5, STOCK AND SHARE BROKER, 56, WIND STHEET. SWANSEA, Telegraphic Address: Discretioa.. Talephooe, 113. BUYER:—Barry Preferred. Swansea Harbour 4 per oeat. Stock. Weaver's Ord. and Pref. Jolm Bland's Ordinary. Borax Preference. Ben. Evane' Pref. and Deb. SELLER :—Capital and Couufcies Banks. London. and Provincial Banks. Taff Vale Ordinary. Brecon and Mertbyr Pref. Briton Eerry Chemicsate. North'6 N-avigation Ord. Swansea. Hotel (Metropole) Sharea. ALLA^ LINE. TO CANADA, UNITED STATES RIVER PLATE AND INDIA. (The only Line under Government contract for conveyance of Canadian Mails) SAILINGS FROM LIVERPOOL Aug. U.—Tumsian, Quebec and Montreal. Aug. 11.—City of Lucknow, Boniijay and Karachi. l Aug. 13.-Ulun;1a., St. John s, N.F., and Aug. 18.—Ionian, Quebec and Montreal. Aa<r. 30.—Carthaginian, St. John's, }sew ° Foundland, Halifax ajid Phil. Halifax. OCEAN RATES To Giaada, SaJoon from £ 14. Second Cabm, £ 7 10».; Third Claas, L3 Quebec, R4 Halifax, To India, £ 37 10s. and £ 27 10s. For fail pauticuiarH appiy to Aiian'e, 5, Leadeidiall-stpeet, London, EjC., afid- 22, | ^J_RAND THEATRE, SWANSEA. MONDAY, AUGUST 8th, for Six Nights. MR. LOUT: CAL^RT nrcsents hw Principal Ijondon Company Itl. The Success of the London Season—■ ¡ "SUNDAY." Box Offitt*, open 10 to 6, at Gwynne H. Brader's, 17, Heatbfield-street. Telephone No. 291, National. "\TEW STAR THEATRE, SWANSEA. JN — MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY August 8th, 9th, and 10th, FIENDS OF LONDON THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY. Angost 11th, 12.,h, and 13th, PASSION OF LIFE ,4 LBERT HALL SERVICES. OSCAR T. SNELLING will (D.V.) preach in the ALBERT HALL On SL-SDA Y NEXT, Morninsr at 11; Evening at 6.50. pORT EYNON CHURCE BAZAAR. A TWO DAYS' BAZAAR In Aid of Church Funds, will be opened On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY NEXT, Aug. 3th ajKt 10th, at 2.30 p.m. ea<ch day. On Tuesday the Baz«-ar wiii be c)pened by Mrs. Helrae, Hill End, Gower,, and on Wednesday by Mrs. Gordon, Penylan, Pen- dawrdd. BRAKES will LEAVR the JEFFREY'S ARMS HOTEL, OXFORD-STREET, at 10 in tho \forning, (**c'n da. hat Seats must be booked beforehand of Mr. Small, Pro- I prietor. Refrv-^kments and Entertainments in the large Tent adjohrng^he Talbot Church Hall, where the Bazaar wlil be IAPW. 13073. THE LLANDOVERY AGRICULTURAL SHO-W- Will be held on. FRIDAY, SFPTEMBKR 23rd N«xt, When thero will be Open Classes for HEREFORDS, SHORTHORNS, CASTLE MARTIN, CART MARES, SHEEP, HOESES in Trap and Harness, COBS in Saddle, and JUMPING. Schedules, apply Castries P. Lewis, Esq., Llandovery.

i <1^—■—^i————— 11 1 w i !…


Gower District Council,

No Rhondda Ordinary Dividend,

Randegger on English Singing",



Cheers for "Good Old Swansea,,F

Free Beer at Municipal Elections.

Football Mania in Austfaliau

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