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SWANSEA. POLICE COURT. I SATURDAY. Messrs. Wm. Walters, Dd. Owen, Lewiq, and Wm. Williams comprised the Bench this morning. j A SOLITARY "DRUNK." Hy. Wilnel, labourer, of T'8, Orchard-street, had to forfeit 7s. 6d. for drunkenness in Ox- ford-street, on December 21st. ALLlGED THEFT OF SODA WATER. Four youths—Wm. Sullivan, 4,BargemanV row Jeremiah Lynch, j8, Jockey-street Dd. Jno. Jenkins, 4, Jockey-street Thomas Shannon, 5. Bargeman's-row were jointly charged with stealing six dozen bottles of soda water from the bar of the High-street Empire on the 15th inst. On the application of the deputy-chief constable, the case was adjourned for a week. THEFT OF COKE. Alice Walters, 320, Trewyddfa-road, a young girl, and an elderly woman named Susan Ley, of 430, Neath-road, were sum- moned for stealing a quantity of coke valued at 3d. from the Hematite Works, Landore, the property of Messrs. Wright, Butler and Co., Ltd. Mr. Hy. Thompson (Messrs. An- drews and Thompson), who appeared for the prosecution, told the magistrates that his clients' were constantly annoyed by depre- dations of this kind. P. C. Headon and Mr. Josiah Butler gave evidenc?, and the yoanger defendant was fined 5s. and Mrs Lee 10s. defendant was fined 5s. and Mrs Lee 10s. The county business was next proceeded with. CRUELTY TO A HORSE. Daniel Connor, a Swansea haulier, was summoned for cruelty to his horse on the 17th inst. Constable Sparks deposed to ee- ing the defendant's horse being worked on the date in question, when it had a nasty wound on its Ide. A penalty of 10s., including the costs, was imposed. TOO MUCH HASTE. Jno. Anthony, a farmer, of Cefnforest, rode a horse at a gallop through the streets of Gowerton on the 10th inst., when there were a lot of people about, and. having been es- pied by P. C. Watts, now had to pay the pen- alty—12s. inclusive. OTHER CAB 83. Jno. Rees, Pentardulais. suninfi~.ned for driving with only one light on the 10th inst., was fined 10s., including costs. Philip Jenkins, a Morriston collier, WRS penalised for inebriation on Sunday, the 9th inst, and Charles Harvey, a tramp, for men- dicity, was sentenced to 14 days' hard labour. AN APPLICATION. Mr. R. T. Leyson made an application on behalf of the members of the Licensed Vic- tuallers' Association living outside the bor ough for an extension on Christmas Eve. The application was granted, so that the few publicans who usually keep their houses open till 11 o'clock (on account of being sit- uated in populous districts) will on Christ- mas Eve have half an hour's extension, and those whose usual time for closing is ten, will have an hour's extension. MONDAY. The business of the court was this morn- ing conducted by the Mayor (Mr. Wm Watkins), and Messrs. Howel Watkins, Fred Rocke, Simon Goldberg, an,l R. G. Cawker. EXTRAORDINARY AFFAIR IN A PUBLIC HOUSTF. A WOMAN'S SAVAGE ASSAULT. Julia Lloyd (22), a married woman, living on the Strand was charged with assaulting another woman named Ellen Sullivan, in a room in the Bird-in-Hand, on Saturday night. Complainant, who appeared in the witness box with her face bandaged up, said that she was a single woman, residing at Ann-street. She and a friend were in a room near the bar of the Bird-in Hand on Saturday evening, when defendant and her sister enteied. They quarrelled and then fought. They fell to thp ground, and. Lloyd regaining her feet first, commenced kicking her in the breast. This she followed up by kneeling down. on the floor, and catching hold of the complainant by the hair of the head, drow her face near to hers, and bit off the top of her nose. She did not remember anything further. In reply to the magistrates' clerk, Sullivan replied that there were other people in the room, and that neither she not Lloyd were sober. They had the beer which belonged to Lloyd. She denied being responsible for the fracas. John Jones, a collier, living in Vaughan's lodging-house, deposed to seeing the whole of the proceedings. His version differed some- what from that given by complainant as to the commencement of the row, but bore out what Lloyd had endeavoured to impress upon the Bench—that it was Sullivan who com- menced the row by drinking Lloyd's beer He corroborated complainant's description of the assault. Edwin Humby, landlord of the Bird-in- Hand public-house, said he heard a Loise in one of the rooms on Saturday night, and on proceeding there, he saw defendant and her sister. Complainant had a chair raised over her head, aiming a. blow at prisoner. He separated the females. He had twice pre- viously ordered defendant and her sister out of the house. He turned Lloyd's sister out, and sent for a policeman. Mr. Howel Watkins reminded Mr. Humby that the Bird-in-Hand was becoming notori- ous for rows. Mr. Humby replied that he had the greatest difficulty with some of the women. He en- deavoured to keep his house as orderly as he possibly c«uld. Mr. Watkins said he merely wished to rf- mind Lim that rows did occur in the house, and was glad that in the present case he ordered the women out. A dock labourer, named Davies, who wit- nessed the encounter, and P. C. Ford having been called. Dr. Montague Rust, house phy- sician at the Swansea Hospital, said that when Sullivan was brought to that instUu tion on Saturday night she was suffering from a severe injury to her no?e, the top and left part having been taken off. If he had had the top of the nose at tho time he could have stitched it on again. As it was, how- ever. she would be disfigured for life. The defendant, in answer to the charge. said she was not guilty,and that Sullivan had been sent to prison for fourteen days for beating her. Prisoner was committed for trial at th.) next Assizes, to be held at Cardiff. DRUNKENNESS. Charles Price, 71, Western-street, was fined 7s. 6d. for having been drunk and dis- orderly in Terrace-road on December 22nd, Ellen Murphy, who had been previously con- victed, was fined 20s., or 14 days. She went down. TRAVELLING WITHOUT A TICKET. Victoria Malfatti, and Faust Foland, haw- kers, were summoned, the first-named for travelling on the G.W.R. from Carmarthen Junction to Landore without having previ- ously paid his fare, and the second for aiding and abetting, on Nov. 14th. Mr. W. Smith prosecuted, and the defendants were- fined 20s. each, or 14 days. HUSBAND AND WIFE. John Furlong, 45, Greenhill-street, was fined 10s. 8.nd costs for assaulting hi-* wife, who also applied for a separation order. Mr. J. Viner Leeder represented the complainant and in the end the Bench granted a separa- tion order, but made no order is to main- tenance. SUNDAY TRADING.-FURTHER PROSECUTIONS. Chas. Hunt, 4, Burlais-creccent Elizabeth Dewy, 81, St. Helen's-road W. G. Camden, 77, St. Helen's-road C. H. Powe, 27, Col- lege-street Messrs. Ley, Kerr, and Co., Alexandra Buildings Samuel Crawcour, 41, Oxford-street; A. Norman, Wamail-square, and J. B. Windham, 205. Neath-road, were ench fined 5s. and costs for Sunday trading. PUPLICANS AND CHRISTMAS EVE. Several publicans applied on Christmas Eve to the Bench for an extension of time. Mr. Howel Watkins said he had never see a so many drunken people about is on Satur- day evening last. There were no less than IS casets of drunkenness on the sheet that morning, and he must decline to give his permission to the granting of an extension. Mr. Fred. Rocke endorse!" these remarks. The Mayor, after conferring with Messrs. S. Gol Ibcrg and R. G. Cawker, said they had decided to decline to grant the application. WEDNESDAY. The magistrates an the Bench this morn- ing were Messrs. David Owen and H. Davies. XMAS DRUNKS. There was a very small batch of offenders L brought up for having misbehaved them- solves on Christmas Day. There were in all seven prisoners, three of whom were charged with having committed offences on Christ- mas day, and four on the previous day.— Thomas Thomas, labourer, Port Tennant- road, pleaded guilty to being drunk and dis- orderly in Fabian-street, on Christmas Eve, and was fined 10s.. including costs.—Edw. Coombs, no fixed address, ',fas charged with being c'runk and begging n Miers-street on Christmas Day. He was fined 10s.. or seven days.—Elizabeth Thomas (34), an inmate of the Workhouse, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in the Workhouse on Chriatmaa Eve,and also with assaulting Eliza Stevens, a nurse. After hearing the evidence, I Thcmas was dismissed.—Mary Ann Saunders. Strand, and Jessia Shapland, two habitues of the Strand, were charged with stealing half a sovereign from Bethnal Davies on Christ- mas Day. There being no prosecutor, the women were discharged.—Patrick Flaherty, pedlar, no fixed address, for drunkenness In High-street, on Christmas Eve, was fined 7s. Cel., or seven days. SHCOTING AFFAIR AT CLYDACH. BRITON V. BOER. A lad named David Parry, living with his widowed mother at Vardre, Clydach, was (harged with shooting a boy named John Jones, at Penybank Farm, Clydach, with a ball cartridge on Christmas afternoon. It appears that Parry, with four other boys, was indulging in a war game, Briton v. Boer. in a field a few hundred yards from the house. Jones was supposed to represent a British soldier, and was mounted on a steed; whilst Parry, who was supposed to be a Boer, and armed with a cheap boy's rifle, laid in waiting for him. He fired two or three times and the last shot penetrated the back of Jones's skull. The boy fell off his horse un- conscious. Some people who were not far off, hearing screams, ran to the spot, and be- ing informed of the circumstances sent for the police and a doctor. Dr. J. Havard Jones speedily arrived, and ordered the boy's re- 'noval to the Swansea Hospital, where he now lics in a critical condition. Sergt. Button, in the meantime arrested Parry. Formal evidence having been given. Parry was remanded until Friday week to the Pon- tardawe Petty Sessions, bail being allowed in the sum of £2.5. inquiries made at the hospital on Wednes- day mcrning with regard to the unfortunate fellow's condition elicited the fact that he has regained consciousness, but is very restless, and lies in a precarious state. The bullet has not yet been extracted.



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