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1 PRELIMINARY NOTICE. BEN. EVANS' flREAT CLEARAMCE SALE WILL COMMENCE ON SATURDAY, JAN. 5th, 1901. Ben. Evans & Co., Ltd., Swansea. W. WILLIAMS, 29 CASTLE-ST., SWANSEA. LARGEST STOCK IN WALES OF GOLD AND SILVER ARTICLES Suitable for Wedding and other Presents. ENGAGEMENT RINGS, 22ct. GOLD WEDDING RINGS, 18ct. GOLD KEEPERS, ENGLISH LEVER WATCHES, BRAZILIAN PEBBLE SPECTACLES. Foreign Honey Exchange. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS AND NEW YEAR'S GIFTS. SUITABLE PRESENTS, consisting of Books. Albums, Purses, Ladies' & Gentlemen's Dressing Cases, Writing Desks. C*jPS, Brass Ink stands, Table Tonga, Hall Stands, Photo Frames and Fancy Goods, Chatelaine Bags, Manicure Cases, and all the Latest Novelties of the Season, may be obtained of E. & J. GRIFFITHS, 11, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA. A WELL-SELECTED STOCK of CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR'S CARDS of Choice Designs • from the Best Makers, are now on view in their Commodious Showroom. A large Selection of PRIVATE CHRISTMAS CARDS from the Leading Houses. Annuals, Boys' and Girls' Books, Fairy Talc, Picture Books, Teachers' Reference Two Version Edition Bibles, British and Foreign Bible Society's Bibles and Testaments, suitable for Sunday School Presents, also the Religious Tract Society's Publications, specially prepared for Sunday School Prizes. Prayer and Hymn Books in a Variety of Bindings. A Large Assortment of the Poets in all the Latest Leather Bindings. The Largest and Beat Collection of Theological Works in Wales, with all the Special Terms of the Publishers. E. & J. GRIFFITHS beg to call Special Attention to their Large Stock of PRIZE BOOKS, consisting of about 12,000 Volumes. Special Terms to Clergymen, Ministers, and Managers of Day and Sunday Schools. An Early Inspection Solicited. DEPOT of the BRITISH & FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY, and the RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY. 11, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA. OPEN THIS DAY. T) TT XT "XT T? "V 9 £ 2 GREAT PATRIOTIC X> U m 111 Hi X o TOY AND FANCY FAIR. A MAGNIFICENT COLLECTION. CATALOGUE FREE. 1 and 14. CASTLE-SQUARE, ) 14, TEMPLE-STREET, > ft T1\ A ]V S TTI A 105, OXFORD-STREET, ) • WE CAN SUPPLY WINES & SPIRITS. ALES & STOUTS OF THE BEST QUALITY AT LOWEST PRICES. Speciality SCOTCH WHISKIS. Parcels made up of any quantity and sent to any part of the town acd country. WORTHINGTON'S ALES in CASKS, JARS, or BOTTLES. GUINESS'S STOUT. Daily Deliveries to all Parts of the Town and Country by Our Own Carta. NOTE THE ADDRESS -.— R. P. CULLEY & CO.. LTD., THE STORES, TOP OF DUKE STREET & RUSSELL STREET, SWANSEA. ALL ALES DRAWN FROM THE WOOD. NO HOUSE EQUALS DOWN & SON FOR RELIABLE FURNITURE. THEr ARE THE LARGEST MAKERS BY MACHINERY JN WALES AVE THE MOST EXTENSIVE STOCK TO SELECT FROM AND GIVE THE BEST POSSIBLE VALUE. CARPETS MADE AND LAID FREE. EST A:aLISBJ:D NEARLY HALF A CIJ'TUIT. HIGH STREET & MORRIS LANE. SWANSEA. C. ROWLAND, CONTRACTOR TO THE SWANSEA HARBOUR TRUSTEES AND HAULAGE CONTRACTOR TO THE MIDLAND AND OTHER RAILWaT COMPANIES, flliuipmc ADDBKSB— -1»7 orvirnTinnm T, T „ „ "LOCOMOTIVE." If, SOMERSET-PLACE. m A. J. CHAPPELIi. FISHMONGER & OYSTER MERCHANT, POULTERER, DEALER IN GAME, Ac., WIND STREET, SWANSEA, AND AT NEWTON-ROAD, MUMBLES. Telegraphic Addreøø-" Chappell, Swansea." COUNTRY ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TC THE VERY BEST PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN IN THE PRINCIPALITY BY HENRY A. CHAPMAN. ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER, „ Winner of several Medals and First Prizes for Photographs and Oil Paintings. -the Best Studio in the Principality for Best Work at Moderate Prices. All the I afoa Improvementa and Additions. PRICES :-3 for 28.; 6 for 3s. 12 for 5a. 6d. 20 235, HIGH-STREET, Swansea. ESTABLISHED 1854. X. GANZ, GOLDSMITH, JEWELLER & WATCH MANUFACTURER, 231, HIGH-STREET. SWANSEA. my Stock being lIluch Larger and more OOmprflheD81Ve than It baR ever been before. Wen#JEWELlE^. bought before the recent great rJile In prIce, whIch I am offerlDli!' at old PriceR. Also 9ct., 15ct., and 18ct. CURB and FANCY BANGLES in endless Variety. [0720 ~r ———————————— FOR A CHOICE COLLECTION OF SEASONABLE AND USEFUL PRESENTS PAY A VISIT TO T. W. GAYDON'S, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER, SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER AND OPTICIAN, 237, HIGH STREET. ENGAGEMENT, WEDDING AND KEEPER SINGS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. HOUSE FURNISHING. EDDERSHAW & SON COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, 19. 20 & 21. HIGH STREET. Cabinet Manufactory and Stores-ORCHARD STREET. UTMOST VALUE AND AMPLE SELECTION IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. ROYAL CAMBRIAN INSTITUTION FOR THE DEAF & DUMB. Ag^\ -R> A "JVTTFC "D A TT A A T> IN AID 0F ABOVE INSTITUTION, ±J JDA/IAAH. WILL BE HELD AT THE ALBERT HALLS, SWANSEA, in the Month of MAY, 1901. ODO VIVIAN, ) ?oi1EDpg-HTAHL°LMAS' I W. C. ROBERTS. PHOTOGRAPHER, 16 & 17, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. HIGH CLASS WORK ONLY AT MODERATE PRICES. The work needs only to be seen to be appreciated. ESTABLISHED 1865. STEAM MARBLE AND MONUMENTAL WORKS, ST. HELEN'S-ROAD, SWANSEA. WILLIAM COPUS. Manufacturer of Monuments, Tablets, Tombs, Grave-stones and Crosses in Marble, Granite or Stone Marble and Slate Shop Fittings, Chimney Pieces, &c. Designs sent on application. [1236 TELEPHONE 142. REDUCTION IN PRICE. I_D WELSBACH MANTLES. 7lD. BURNERS FROM 1/6. JNOTHTNOTT, ST. HELEN'S ROAD, & QUAY PARADE, SWANSEA. 14TH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. OVER 200 PAGES. VAUGHAN'S YEAR JJOOK of SWANSEA, TIDE TABLES AND ALMANAC FOR ISOL, Contains information respecting all Public Bodies, Swansea Harbour Trust, Veaeels owned and trading to Swansea, &c. NO CONNECTION WITH ANY OTHER SIMILAR ANNUAL. Now on Sale at all Newsagents. Price, ONE PENNY. PRINTER & PUBLISHER, S. A, VAUGHAN, 1, Salubrious-place. Take no imitations! Insist upon having VAUGHAN'S. PUBLIC NOTICES. D. H. LEWIS & Co., SHOP YR OEN, NEATH. THE OLDEST DRAPERS IN NEATH. j AYRSHIRE BLANKETS. DOWN QUILTS. AGENT FOR BRECHFA COAL AND NARBERTH FLANNEL. Two Necessaries for Cold Weather. Note the Address :— WIND-STREET, NEATH. GIFTS. I JEWELLERS AND It^ SILVERSMITHS, New Street, NEATH. 04} THE Our Stock is now w complete with SEAS01' NOVELTIES In Gold, Silver, and X>V Electro Plate. /o^/ — Special Show in Ladies' & Gents'fitted Di easing Bags. J/ Also Fancy Leather Goods* /V and choice selection of Royal Worcester China. j' A visit respectfully solicited. f Illustrated Catalogue on application. FOR UP-TO-DATE BOOTS AND SHOES, GO TO I STEAD & SIMPSON. THE SQUARE, NEATH. AN ENDLESS VARIETY OF LADIES' AND GENTS' DRESS SHOES. O. LL. pARKER. TOBACCONIST, ORCHARD STREET, NEATH (NEARLY OPPOSITE THE GWYN HALL). WALKING STICKS, PIPES, CIGARETTES, I CIGARS, CIGAR HOLDERS. THE BEST VALUE IN ALL GOODS. [ TENDERS. G REAT WESTERN RAILWAY. The Directors of this Company are prepared to receive TENDERS for the ERECTION of NEW STATION BUILDINGS at GLANAMMAN, CARMA RTHENSHIRB. Plans and Specification may be seen, and Forms of Tender and Bills of Quantities obtained, at the Office of the Engineer at Neath Station, between the hours of 10.0 a.m. and 4.0 p.m. Tenders addressed to the undersigned, and marked ^outside "Tender for Station at Glan- amman," will be received on or before TUESDAY, the 8th proximo. The Directors do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. G. K. MILLS, Secy. Paddington Station, London, 12th December, 1900. [0717 > PUBLIC NOTICES. PHILIP JENKINS, CASTLE SQUARE, SWANSEA, Is now showing a splendid stock of HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY, And a great variety of NOVELTIES FOR THE PRESENT SEASON. D. C. JONES IS NOW MAKING A GRAND DISPLAY OF THE LATEST WINTER NOVELTIES IN DRESS MATERIALS, EVENING DRESSES, JACKETS, CAPES AND MILLINERY. He is also showing a very CHOICE SELECTION of FANCY ARTICLES for the XMAS SEASON. A Visit of Inspection is Respectfully Solicited. 7, CASTLE-SQUARE, SWANSEA. H. FB REDMAN & kSONi 14, COLLEGE STREET, SWANSEA. A LARGE SELECTION OF SOLID SILVER GOODS. MATCH BOXES. HAIRPIN BOXES. CRUETS. CIGARETTE CASES. TEA SERVICES. CIGAR CASES. SILVER BACKED BRUSHES. ALL SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. PLEASB NOTE THE ADDRESS H. FREEDMAN & SON, 14, COLLEGE-STREET, SWANSEA. NOW READY. 200 PAGES. THE UP-TO-DATE LOCAL YEAR BOOK. WRIGHT'S Id. ANNUAL REFERENCE BOOK, TIDE TABLE & ALXANACK for 1901. OFFICIAL INFORMATION of SWANSEA TOWN. HARBOUR and DISTRICT, NEATH, RRITON FERRY, ABERAVON and PORT TALBOT. Record of Past Local Events, Portraits, Ile. To be obtained of all Newsagents, and the Publisher, A. C. WRIGHT, 131, St. Helen's- avenue. Swansea. PRICE, Id. BY POST, 2!d. [0744 PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS. jgOROUGH OF SWANSEA. ASSISTANT SOLICITOR. The CORPORATION OF SWANSEA is pre- pared to receive applications for the appointment of ASSISTANT SOLICITOR, at a salary of JB200 per annum. The person to be appointed must be an admitted Solicitor, and will be reqnired to devote the whold of his time to the duties of his office. Preference will be given to a candidate who has had Municipal experience. Applications, stating age, and previous ex- perience, accompanied by copies of not more than three recent testimonials to be sent to me on or before the 29th DECEMBER instant. JOHN THOMAS, Town Clerk. Guildhall, Swansea. 19th December, 1900. THOSE having HOUSES TO LET OR JL SELL, or APARTMENTS TO LET, whether in town or country, should send an ADVERTISEMENT to "THE CAMBRIAN," which .s the best and cheapest medium for this purpose. Prepaid Terms: 24 words, Sixpence three times for One Shilling. See Scale of Rates on front page. Office, 58 Wind-street. Swaasea. PUBLIC NOTICES. GRAND THEATRE, SWANSEA. Lessees and Managers—Mr. H. H. Morrell and Mr. Fredk. Mouillot. Important Engagement for the HOLIDAYS. TO-NIGHT, FRIDAY. DEC. 28th, and follow- ing Seven Nights, Mr. William Greet's Company, in Wilson Barrett's Great Play, in Four Acts (the successor to the Sign of the Cross"), entitled "QUO VADIS" ("WHITHER GOEST THOU ?") Adapted from Henryk Sienkiewicz's Famous Novel of the same name by WILSON BARRETT. Entirely New Scenery for this production by Walter Hann, W. Perkins, H. P. Hall, Stafford Hall, J. T. Bull, and W. Hemsley. Music by John Crook. Dresses by Madame Bernstein. Properties by F. C. Lebhart, &c. Wigs by Clarkson. To Commence at 7.30. Box plan at Gwynne H. Brader's, 17, Heathfield-street. Telephone 291. Â LBERT HALL, SWANSEA. For a SHORT SEASON only. TWICE DAILY at 3 and 7.45 during the Season. Doors open at 2.30 and 7.15. Early doors at 2 and 6.45. Early doors 3d. extra. POPULAR PRICES—2s., Is. 6d., Is., and 6d. The CHAS. W." POOLE'S Latest & up-to-date MY RIO RAM A. THE BOER WAR. LONDON TO PRETORIA. The Battle of Glencoe-the splendid dash of the Dublin Fusiliers. Colenso. Belmont—Methuen's great victory. The Battle of Paardeberg-100 guns turned on the Boer Laager. Maf eking. Lady smith. The POOLEGRAPH-the finest living-picture machine ever invented—latest films-nothing to compare with it. War films direct from the front. The return of the C.I.V. Comic films. Trick films. The most exciting film yet produced, entitled-The Despatch Bearer—showing the daiing exploits of some men of the South Wales Borderers. All films guaranteed genuine from the seat of war. "Chas. W." Poole's VAST AMUSEMENT ORGANIZATION A bit of the best of every- thing. The whole forming the finest show ever brought to Swansea. Mandoline, Orchestral and Military Band of solo performers. General Manager for Mr C. W. Poole-Mr. John R. Poole. [0742 SWANSEA FOOTBALL FIELD. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29th, 1900. SWANSEA V. MOUNTAIN ASH. Kick-off at 2.45 p.m. ADMISSION — SIXPENCE. ALBERT HALL, SWANSEA FEBRUARY 21ST, 1901. GRAND EVENING CONCERT. CWMBWRLA CHOIR AND EMINENT ARTISTES. EXCURSIONS. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. Excursions will run as under:- THURSDAY, JAN. 3rd, Half-Day Trip to CARDIFF and BRISTOL from Swansea, Neath, Bridgend, &c. INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL MATCH, ENGLAND v. WALES, at CARDIFF. SATUR- DAY, JAN. 5th, Day Trip to CARDIFF from Swansea, Neath, &c. Half-Day Trip to CARDIFF from Swansea, Neath, Ac. For times, bookings from other stations, Week- end Excursions, &c., see bills and pamphlets. 0746] J. L. WILKINSON, General Manager. LEGAL NOTICES. To the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses, of the Borough of Neath, being the Urban District Council for the said Borough. To the Inhabitants of the said Borough, and to all others whom it may concern. llTHEREAS the Mayor, Aldermen, and ▼ ▼ Burgesses of the Borough of Neath (hereinafter called the Corporation "), being the Urban District Council for the said Borough, have made application to the Local Government Board for the issue of a Provisional Order, under Section 303 of the Public Health Act, 1875. to partially repeal, alter, or amend the Neath Cor- poration Gas Act, 1874, as altered by the Local Government Board's Provisional Orders Confir- mation (No. 4) Act, 1893, so as:- (1) To enable the Corporation to borrow, with the sanction of the Local Government Board, additional moneys for the purposes of the Gas Undertaking of the Corporation. (2) To enable the Corporation, notwithstanding anything contained in the Local Act. to use for the manufacture of gas and residual products, and for the storage of gas, a piece of freehold land, part of the Mill-lands, situate in the Boroueb of Neath, containing by admeasurement 2,765 Fquare yards, or thereabouts, bounded on the north-ea^t and north-west by the Neath Corpora- tion Gas Works, and on the south-east and south- west by other parts of the Mill-lands, belonging to one Samnel Bevan AND WHEREAS it is proposed that a Pro- visional Order should be issued in compliance with the said Application, and that it should make such provision with reference to the repay- ment of the moneys to be borrowed thereunder, and such alterations in the said Local Act and Confirming Act, and in any other Local Act, or Act oonfirming any Provisional Order made in pursuance of any of the Sanitary Acts or of the Public Health Act, 1875, in force in the said Borough, as may be necessary or desirable in comnection with the objects of the said Applica- tion: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that E. A. Sandford Fawcett, Esq., A.M., I.C.E., one of the Inspector* of the said Board, will attend at the Town Hall, Neath. on Wednesday, the Second day of January, 1901, at 10 o'clock in the fore- noon, to hold a Local Inquiry into the subject matter of the said Application, and the other matters aforesaid. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN, that any person interested may attend such Inquiry, and be heard with reference to the said Application, and the other matters afore- said. AS WITNESS my hand this eighteenth day of December, 1900, at the Office of the Local Government Board, Whitehall, London. JOHN LITHIBY, 0723] Assistant Secretary. PREVENT pEVERS BY USING CALVERT'S 15% CARBOLIC POWDER to destroy bad odours and to keep away insects, The most effective preparation. J, 1 & 2 lb. Dredgers, 6d., 18., & Is. 6d. each, at Chemists, Grocers, Stores, &c. F. C. CALVERT AND CO., P.O. Box 513 MANCHESTER FULFILMENT OF PROPHECIES — JD BIBLE READINGS," 3S. DANIEL" and REVELATIONS," le., post free.—Address, A. Po't Office, Oy-termouth, Swansea. [1446-21-12 ABSOLUTELY FREE.-Onr beautiful Orna- A minted CASKET, containing 21b. of Choiae 28. TEA, with Cis-h Bonn, of Is.—Send stampei addressed envelope for particulars, CHAS. 3-IBSON AND CO., Tea Merchants, Cathays, Cardiff. L14000-21-00 f po BUILDERS.—Billheads, Memorandums JL Business Circulars and Cards,Time Sheets, Estimate Books, and every kind of Commercial Printing a-,t the CAMBRIAN Office, 58, Wind. street. IMPORTANT. ADVERTISEMENTS RECEIVED AT THE OFFICES, No. 58, WIND-STREET, SWAN- SEA. UP TO 11 O'CLOCK ON THUR8DAY NIGHT. THOSE POSTED ON THURSDAY I NIGHT WILL NOT BE IN TIME FOR PUBLICATION ON FRIDAY MORNING. TELEPHONE — NUMBER 36. TELEGRAMS "Cambrian Newspaper, Swansea



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