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• ', -mmami. aywir »»«»■»•, WANTED iruinediately, a YOUNG MAN weil acquainted with the DRAPERY BUSINESS, ■who can produce respectable testimonials, and speaks who can produce respectable testimonials, and speaks Welsh.—Apply to the-Printer; if by letter, post paid. TO BE SOLD, A Double-seated DOG-CART,—Enquire of Wuliam Thomas, Wheelwright, Swansea. August 24. 1819. THOSE Gentlemen who purpose attending the Sheriff on TUESDAY NEXT, to rueet lite Judges, are respectfully informed, that an ORDINARY, nil" be provided at the ANGEL-INN, at three o'clock precisely. Cardiff, S6;h Aug, 1819. AGRICULTURE. A.« Gentleman, engaged in Agriculture, who -L -2L occupies all Estate of between 600 and 7(10 Acres, in tile neighbourhood of Bristol, on which the Drill System of Turnip' Husbandry is pursued, has a VACANCY tor a PUPiL. As every attention will be paid to his domestic comfort, and lie will be treated in every respect as part of the f'atnily, a liberal Premium will be expected. The most respectable references will be given and required. For further particulars address, free of postage, to Mr. J M. Buckland, Abbot's-Leigh Farm, near Bristol. B RECONSnIRE. THE SHERIFFS ORDINARY having been FIXED at the CASTLE INN, Brecon, Jonathan Edwards respectfully requests the Gentlemen who may be desirous of attending the High Sheriff on the first day of the ensuing Sessions, viz. Tuesday, the 7th day of Sep- teiuber nest, will be pleased to favour him with their names as early as possible. Dinner on Table at three o'clock. Ordinary 9s. including the usual Wines. YrH E CORPORATION of the ROYAL X EXCHANGE ASSURANCE of HOUSES and GOODS from FIRE have constituted and appointed Mr. WILLIAM BIRD. of Cardiff, in the county of Gla- morgan, Bookseller, their AGENT and RECEIVER for the saidptace and parts adjacent,for the Assurance of Buildings, Goods, Merchandize, and Farming Stock, from Loss or iil(l als') t' r tile ol Damage by Fire, and also for the Assurance oi Lives. By order of the Court of Directors, SAM. PENNING, Jun. Secretary. To Builders and Contractors. PERSONS wishing to CONTRACT for the i- ERECTION of a NEW TOWN-HALL, at NEATH, agreeably to the Plan and Specification which may be seen at my Office, are requested to send sealed Tenders to Tae, on or before the 13th of September next, as the Com- mittee will be prepared on that day to contract with the person whose offer will be approved of.—'Satisfactory se Ctiriiu will he remiired for the due performance of the work, vunty win oe POWELL, Constable of the Castle. Neath, 18th Aug. 1319. '——— GROUSE. B HE CD N3H I RE. ALL'-nr.qar.lifiec! Persons found TRESPASS- ING p"ii the HILLS wit Inn the MANOR and HpNDRfeD of BUILTH will be prosecuted and qua- lified Persons are desired NOT TO SPORT there without leave from the Trustees, Thomas Price and Thomas Thomas, Esquires. G LAMOf^NSHIRE. GAME. ALL Persons are requested not to Sport on the Manors of DUFFKYW, MO'NKNASH, and Cor- SFTISTL, and the Woods round WEN VOE-CASTLE and all unqualified Persons found trespassing thereon will be prosecuted. As the Proprietor is desirous of promoting the Breed of PHEASANTS for general diversion it is hoped, that alt Sportsmen will have th« goodness to refrain from Shooting at thein lor this and !'ie l,ex'- .V'r* Dtiffrvn, Cardiff, Aug. 15. 1819. Preservation of Grouse, 18IQ. FROM the scarcity, and in order to increase the Breed of Grouse, Oil the Bills within our Manor of PARK LFTTICE-LANOVEII, in the county of MON- MOUTH, no Person will be allowed to shoot this year. Penalty for Sporting, witllouta Certificate, Do. for Sporting, not being qualified in re- spect of Property — • 5 A Reward of Two Guineas will be paid. on application, by our Gamekeeper, Air..Walter Qsland, at .Lanover, to aliy one who may give information to convict any unqua- lified Person found thereon, In pursuit of Game. THOS. HARCOURT POWELL. OSBORNE YEATS, Lords of the said Manor. EDUCATION. V. T IMMEDIATELY after MICHAELMAS, Mr. J. HARMSWORTIi proposes to OPEN a SCHOOL at SWANSEA, for the purpose of Young Gen-_ tlemen in the Classics, and in the several branches of Venting, Arithmetic, and tue Mathematics, including IVa- vigatioiu with the Astronomical Observations for aeter- ftiiniini the Time,.Latitude, and Longitude, at Sea and as Mr. Harmsworth, from his experience as Teacher for four- teen years, is wpll aware, that it has been but too common a. practice to surprise, the pockets of Parents in tile half- yearly bills, by extra, and oftentimes, exorbitant charges tn order to avoid the suspicion of his having recourse to Vhat he shall ever consider -an' unjust subterfuge, be pledges hinis If to the public, that his first charge shall be the only one. Mr. Harmsworth wishes still farther to impress upon the minds of Parents and Guardians, that he will not only devote thepriticipiit part of his time to the instruction of those Young Gentlemen. who may be placed under his tutelage, but that it shall also be his peculiar care to attend most strictly to their morals, and to inspire them with religious sentiments, which are the bases of social order and the sources of individual happiness; and if any little acidittes should at any time be observable in their temper, those it shall be his constant endeavour to correct, rather by gentle than by harsh means. THE. TERMS For Board. Waslv-ng, and Tuition in the Glassies, Writing, and Arithmetic, and the,Mathem;.tics, Copy anrl Cy- phering Books, Pens and Ink, &c Thirty-two Gldneas- EWTRAJTCK, One Guinea. For Tuition to Day-Scholars in the Classics, Writing, Aritll- metic, and the Mathematics, Copy and Cyphering-Books, Pens and Ink, &c. Six Gttilleas-ENTRANCE. Half-a- Guinea. Each Young Gentlennn to bring with him a Silver Fable Spoon. Knife and Fork. Mr. ffarmsworth wishes to impress on the minds of Officers in the service of the East India Company, as well as on those of Naval Officers, and Coniiiiaiidersof Vessels who make long voyages, that his experience as an Observer and Teacher will enable him to improve them in the taking of the Distance and Altitudes of the Heavenly Bodies-ill Working the Observations, with ease ^and accuracy, by cie.ann'u; the distance of the effects of Parallax and Refrac- tlon. and (hence to determine the Longitude—the Double, Single, and Meridional Altitudes of the Sun, Moon, and fix«d Stars, for the Latitude and Time—the Azimuth and | Amplitude for the Variation of i he Compass—the L(," I de by the Chn.noroetor, and the method of keeping the Daily Journal. The above constitute the whols of the Astronu- ^ne.d Observations necessary to fii&ke an. experienced 'ivigator. J pTffv^«1ini —r' t: J-t UM»JML,wmn GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, j At the Ship-and-Castie-inn, in the town of Neath, in the said county, at four o'clock in the afternoon, on Thurs- day, the 16th of September, 1819, By DAVID JENKIN, Aactioiieer, The follozoing Freehold Premises, viz. A LL that well-known and long-since-estab- i~3L iished PUBLIC-HOUSE, called The TI1IIEE CRANES, situale in Wind street. in the said town of Neath, now in the occupation of William Jones, victualler, as yearly tenant, at the low rent of Also, all those Two other MESSUAGES or DWEL- LING-BOUSES, situate behind the said Puolic-House, and fronting'th.e Church, in the said' town, now occupied by David Jeukins arid-George Walter- as gewfy tenants, at the rent ofeach. For a view of the premises apply t • the respective te- nants; and for further particulars to Mr, 1'Lomas Morgan Solicitor, Neath. TO BE LET, YNYSAWDRE, containing about 75 Acres. Y The Farm is compact, and soil good, near coal, lime, and the Bridgend market A lease will beg jilted to a responsible tenant, and no other need apply. I.. Further particulars may be had from the Proprietor, on the premises. Applications by letter will not be at leaded to. TO BE LET, And entered upon this ensuing Michaelmas, 1819. ALL those newly-erected and well-arranged PREMISES, called or known bv the name of the SEA LOCK HOTEL, in the pari,h of St. Mary, Cardiff, and situate at the termination of the Glamorganshire Canal into the Bristol Channel; comprising a situation at once replete with every advantage for currying, on a niost lucra- tive trade, as every vessel Coming in and going out of the port of CarddT must [HISS, and frequently stay a consider- able time close tll the door. The House cOllsistsof spacious and well finished bed- rooms, parlour, kitchen, tap-room, bar, cellar, &c.and will be 1e1 on terms worthy the attention of persons calcu- lated to conduct a business of this nature, on application to Mr. James Walters, Brewery, Caraiif; it i>y letter, the postage to be paid. "eir W -1 ss a "far m, TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON Tllr 2ND OF FEBRUARY NEXT, CONTAINING, exclusive of the Woodland, which is reserved, about 16 Acres of excellent low land Meadow, about a Acres otgüodllow land Pasture, and about 32 Acres of upland or Coedca, together with the one-third undivided Part of a healthy Sheepwalk if above 100 Acres. A convenient way has been appointed for the occupation of the upland and hill from the Lantrissent road through the Gellywyon Lands. There is no objection to the te- nant's ploughing the lowland Pasture, which has been lately drained. The landladies will stock the hill with a suitable number of sheep should the, tenant require it. The above premises are situate in the beautifully wooded vale of Rhondda, near the salmon leap, within one mite of the celebrated Pont-y-Tv-Pridd apd market of Newbridge, and two of the Cardiff Canal, to wmch a railroad passes through the. Estate, lit i < t,h the-tenant is entitled to at a low settled rati n gc t he post'froiu London passes daily near Newbri(ige, where ablig is lell. Evers encouragement will be given to tenant. The Houses are substantial tile buildings and if it suited a respectable tenant, the landladies will not object to lay out or allow for any reasonable improvements oi the house. Apply to Mr. Vaughan, at Lanelay, or Mr. Richard Howell, jun. NewmiiJ, both near Cardiff; if by it-tier, post-paid. | CARMARTHENsIilRE. ST TO BE LET ON LEASE, AND HM'EREO UPON AT MICHAELMAS, 1319, THE FARM of LANDAWKE, containing. 626 Acres—about 70 Acres of which are under young & 626 Acres-abotit Acres of which are under young Plantations, and the remainder is Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, well adapted to-the turnip husbandry This Farm has been several years in the possession of the Right Hon. Lord Kensington, the Proprietor, who has been very libera! in the application of manure,-so that a tenant will ent^r under great advantages. The Dwelling- house is capable of accommodating a very respectable family, and the Farm-buildings are extensive and conve- nient. A powerful, water-worked Thrashing-Machine and Grist-Mill are upon the premises. The situation of the Farm is very advantageous, being wit/sin one mile of the market-town and port of Laugbariie; coal and lime are easy of access, at moderate prices. Also, will be LET, The. FARM of CAS i'LE TOCH, -containing 403 Acres, of which about 49 are under young Plantations, and the remainder is Meadow, Pastoxe, and Arable Land,—This Farftj is also adapted to the turnip husbandry, and has been under the same management as Laiishnvke, which it almost adjoins. There is also also a good Dwelling-house and Farm-offices upon it. The above Farms are worthy the attention of farmers of skill and capital, and they will be let either together or separately.. Particulars may oe known on application to Robt. Lang- ford, Esq. 10, Southampton-street, Coveul-garden, London; or of Mr. John Miller, at Landawke. near Laugharne, Carmarthenslnrc.-AII letters must be post-paid. CARMARTHENSHIRE?" TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, ALL that capital MESSUAGE or MANSION HOUSE & DEMESNE LAN DS, called DIJ FFRYN HOUSE, situate in the parish of Llandebie, in the county of.Carmarthen; comprising a vestib de, 17 feet by 11 teet; a dining-room, 22 feet by J5 feet; a drawing-room, ilfeet by 16 feet; breakfast-parlour, 14 feet by 13 feet; and a I small library, on the first floor ;eur spacious bed-rooms and two dressing-rooms, with a water closet, on the second floor;—and five good lodging-room:, in the attics. The Offices consist of a large kitchen, with range ovens, steamers, and smoke jack, scullery, -two meat pantries, china closes, butler's pantry, housekeeper's roOm,9;¡lld ser- vants'hall,laundry, with stove, store-room, brewing-kilc'hcn, with two boilers complete, and three excellent cellars.- The Out offices consist of two well finished four-stali stables, with corn-bins and saddle-room, coach house and two store- rooms above, barns, beast-houses, farm siabhng, piggery, and sheds lor young cattle. There is also a forcing pump of fine soft water, capable of beiug conveyed to thy scullery, butler's pantry, and the garden, which is very extensive and well clothed with choice fruit trees. The above Residence is fit for thii reception of a large genteel family, in a good neighbourhood, intersected with turnpike-roads,and a beautiful picturesque country, within 15 miles of t he countv town of Carmarthen, i2 of the fashion- able sea-port town of Swansea, and six of the market-town of Llandilo, through which the London maii passes daily, and within one mile of lime and coal. The country abounds with game, and affords the finest woodcock shooting in the kingdom. The, river Lochwr runs through the lawn in front of the house, and produces salmon, sewen, and excellent irout, which may be taken every day throughout the season. A respectable tenant will meei with every encourage- ment, and may be supplied with any quantity of rich Meadow, Arable, and Pasture Land, from 20 to 100 Acres or more, if required. For a view of the premises apply to Mr. William Hay, of Brynmawr, near Duffryn and for particulars to .1. H. Phillips Esq. Norfolk-street, Strand. London; or to Mr. Beynon, Newcastle-Eiulyn, Carmarthenshire. TO BE SOLD, Wiih immediate possession, A Neatly finished HOUSE, Furnished, con- sisting of a neat entrance, two parlours, kitchens, pan- tries, &e. over which are six bed-rooms on the same floor; a veranda in front, which commands a most beautiful view of the river and vale of Usk a two-stalled Stable. Coach- house, &c.; an excellent walled Garden in full bearing, with a neat Flower Garden, and a rich Meadow in from, situated at Crickhoweil. For particulars apply to Mr. Davies, Landsurveyor, Crickhoweil, Breconshire; if by letter post-paid. TO BE SOLD OR LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A Modern and well-finished HOUSE, fit for the residence of n genteel family, pleasantly situ- ated oil an eminence within '1ÜO yarn ov tile sen, II, (he salubrious parish of Ne,vtoil Nottage, in the county oi Glamorgan; commanding an extensive \i >\ oi the iSristol Channel, and the opposite Coasts of Somerset and Devon within five miles of the market and pu« t^w ol Bridgend, and about the same dimijce frOIU coals. Ten Acres of good Pasture Land may be had with the House, and some Arsbie, if required. For particulars apply to Mr. Jones, Merthyr-mawf, near Bridgend if by letter, post paid. GLAMQRG A N SHIRE? — TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, THIRTEEN ACRES of, rich PASTURE A LAND, situated in the vi lLrge of Lnlestone, lil 'he county of Glamorgan, one mile and a half from the market- town of Bridgend. The above will be sold by public auction at the Wynd- ham,Anus, ill Bridgend, on Saturday, the t8ib day of September next, between the hours of three and five o'clock- in the afternoon, unlets previously disposed of b v private contract. DEERE and HODSON. Cowbridga, 25th Ang.1819. TO BE SOLD BY A VCfHYN, At Thornhill Farm, on the mountain, in the parish of Llan- debie, on Tuesday, the 14th dav of September, 1819, ALL the FARMING S lrOCR and IMPLE- MENTS of HUSBANDRY, the property of Capt. COVERT, quilling the said farm; consisting of ll2 young good milch cows, of Pembrokeshire and Newcastle breed a Pembrokeshire bull some working oxen. 5-yrar old; several strong, early yearlings; six voting, good co loured farm horses, match well; two we! I-hred sows in, pig, and some store pigs an English built light waggon, with patent wheels; several ox and shaft carts, with iron axletrees, all isi good condK t,n; ploughs and harrows, with several sels of ox and horse harness; a win- nowing and two-horse power threshing machine all the dairy and brewing utensils, nearly new • ..nd many othei useful articles. May be viewed five days previous to ."ic vile and eight | months ctedir given on approved security. I GL&MO RGA NSH-lTiE." jl TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, | By S. LLEWELYN, At the Wheat-Sheaf-mn, in the town of Swansea, on Sa- terday, the Utli di, of September IS10, subject to con- ditioas io be then puKJuce-d, unless in the mean time 11 Sold by Private Contr.H 0j v;u "U< notice will be ji given, I ALL that compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, 1 called G REA T WIMBLEWOOD, in the pariah oi 2 Lanridiun, consisting of about X00 Acres of good Arable, | Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land, situate within six miles | of the excellent market town of Swansea, adjoining the 1 Western or Gower lurnpike-foad, and within three miles | of the port of Peiiclnwdd. 1 The House and Buildings are in good repair. There is || excellent coal and culm Oifthe Estate, which may be worked at an easy expense, and limcstone within one mile. There is a fine growth of young timber, and the country abounds with game, and a fine trout stream runs through it. It adjoins and has unlimited Righi of Common on Ciyp.e and Little Moor, and is entitled "to a considerable portion of Salt Marshes. For particulars, and to view the Estate, apply to Mr, Francis Bevan,. Oxwich Castle also at the Office of Mr. Lewis rhomas, Swansea, where a Map of the Estate may be seen.—Ail letters to be post-paid. ) TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of the II IghCourl of Chancery, made in aCnusc Shiwen v. She wen, with the approbation of James Stephen, Esq. one ufrhe Masters of thesHid Court, at the • Mack wort h-A rms-inn, in the town of Swansea, in the county of Glamorgan, on Thursday, the 9th day of September, IC19, between the hours of .one and two in [lie CUSTOMARY or COPYHOLD MAN- L'J.. SlON HOUSE. BARNS. OUTHOUSES, and GROUND behind the House, called THISTLEBOON, to- gelhcr with 89A 2R. 13P. of LAND, chiefly Arable and Pasture, thereto belonging, situate within the parish and manor, and near the village of Qvstcrmouth, in the said county of Glamorgan. Particulars whereof may be had at the said Master's Chambers, in'.Soutiiainptou-bu'ildings, Chancery-lane at the Offices of Messrs. Alexander and Holme, Solicitors, New-Inn; Messrs. Marryott, Brooksbank, unci Farn, So- Hcitors, Gray's Inn, London; of Messrs. Betrington and Jenkins, and of Mr. R. N. Thomas, Solicitors, at Swansea and at the place of Sale; and a map ol the premises may be seen at the several Offices aforesaid. GLAMORGANSHIRE. ■ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. T. BOWEN, At the Joiner's-Arms (Mr. William Davies's) at ptone Mill,; in the parish (If Iloton, on Monday, the 13th of Sep-i tentber, 1819,—the sale to commence at two o'clock in the afternoon, r|PIIE follov/iag FREEHOLD PREMISES, A part of an Estate carlied ILSTON, siuiate in. the said pariah of Ikton, and county of Glamorgan — Lot 1. A Field or Inclosure of rich Meado w Land called HIGHER COOMBES, containing 2A. 2R. 8P. in the occu- patio!tofJohnJe!ikut.\ Lot 2. An Inclosure of Wood Land, called RJSDDINQ, containing 1 A. SR. 3iP. A Field or Inclosure of Pasture Land, called BESS MAY, containiug SR, 29P. A Piece ot I Garden Ground, called the: HOP YARD, containing 37P. The. Scite of a Dwelling Hi'um* !1nd Garden, in liston village, containing 1 R. 3oP. And a Field or luclosnre of Arable Land, caned the HIGHKR ORCKABD, containing 2R. 27P.—all in tl;e occupation of said John Jenkia. Lot 5. A Field or Inclosure of Arable I,and, called HOLE CROFT, containing gA. 18P. A .Piece' of Wood Land in Hole Grolt, containing 1A..19P. An Inclosure of Pasture Land, called the QUAUTEB, containing gP. add a Piece of Wood Land adjoining the same, containing 1R. 39P.—ai! in the occupation of said John Jeukin, Lot 4. A Field or Inclosure of Arabie Lmd. called TOM LOFG, containing 3A. 2R. IP.; and another Field or! Inclosure of Meadow Land, called PARS BARM, contain- ing 1A. lR. ISP.—both in the occupation of said jolin-i Jenkin. Lot 5. Three Fields or inclosures of Meadow Land, called BROAD MEADOW, containing 2A. SR. 7P.; TAN CLOSE, containing j A. S2P.; and the HALF ACRE, con- taining SR. in the occupation of said John Jenkin. Lot 6. A Cottage and Garden, in the occupation of said John Jenkin, and situate in Ilston village Lot 7. Two Incisures of Meadow Land, called CAS- GARVV, or HILLS, contiuiiing 7A. '2H. SIP. in-the occupa- tion of David Morgan. For other particulars apply to Berringfon and Jertkixis, Solicitors, Swansea. GREAT FOREST OF BRECKNOCK. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, On the 12th day of October, 1819, at two ("Clock in the afternoon, before his Majesty's Commissioners of Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues, at their Office, in White- hall-place, ALL that ALLOTMENT of Open and Un- inclosed PASTURE LAND, situate on the Great Forest of Brecknock, in the county of Brecknock, being the Allotment to the King's Most Excellent Majesty ni Right of his Crown, containing about 14,000 Acres. Printed particulars, with a map, may be had at his Majesty's Office of Woods, &c. in Wiiitehali-piace; of Mr. Thouias Bold, Brecon; and of Mr. De Bruyn, 21, Southampton-street, Bioouufe'trjr s fs-iff, after the 6th dav of September, 1819. GLAMOET -'I' olllLE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WILKS, On Friday, Septembers, 1319, and following days, at the dwelling house of the late Charles Brown, Esq. in the town of Cardiff, UPWARDS of 700 VOLUMES of BOOKS; u comprising LAV/, HISTORY, &C. &c. Also, WILL BE SOLD, A quantity of fine OLD PORT, SHERRY, and MA- DEIRA WINES, which will be put up in suitable lots for the convenience of purchasers. The saie to commence at eleven o'clock each day. and the whole to be sold without reserve. Catalogues ofth. Books may be had at flie Auctioneer's, in Cardiff, Prime and Choice Fanning Stuck, Household Furniture, Wines, ,-ÿc. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, On the 28th of September, 1019, and following days, until the whole be disposed1 of, A LL the LIVE1 and'DEAD- STOCK upon i 1. the. Pana of LI.ANDAWKO1., .Carmarthenshire con- sistiJlg of Horses,—two very capital carl itaUions, working horses, brood mares, and young horses of various ages; Cattle,—two Kyloe bulls, one half-bred ditto, eighteen cows of the Hereford, Devon, and breeds, besides numerous yonug cuttie; Sheep,—from" seven-to eight hun- dred of the true South-Down breed; Pigs,—upwards of fifty of the true Essex breed. The Impienicntsof Hus- bandry consist of Scotch ploughs and carts, harrows, roils, scarifiers, drills, winnowing niachines, chatf-cuticr. potatoe- steamer, &c. &c.; cart and plough harness, aud various oilier articles. Likewise, Will be SOLD, All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE; consistilw of a set of large mahogany dining tables, library ditto, sofa ditto of satin wood, French pier-glasses, dining room chairs wIth Morocco seats, beds, lamps, china, glass, &c. &c.; aiso some very choice Madeira, Malmsey, Sherry, IJuri, and other Wines. The sale will be without reserve, and six montlijs' credit vviil he given on approved security. This Stock has been selected with great care and ex- pense by the Proprietor, '.vho pledges himself that no part of it shall be disposed of by private contract. Printed catalogues will be delivered, gralis, fifteen ciavs previous to (09 sale, at Mr. Jenkins's S>» 1 M.I, Mr, .■ EV.-h«j'S. Carmai-tlien Ur. Aber.VS •»<'•» Mr Tre. .'oie's, Pembroke, Mr; Potter' • Mew*, ,Vaughan and Son's. Brecon; at the Lamb-inn, Llando- very; Bear-mn. Llandilo; and at Mi C Lewis's, Book, seller, Cardigan. .CARDIGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Salutation Tavern, in the town o.f.Newcastle Emlyn, in the county oi Cardigan, on Friday, the 1st day of October next, unless disposed of in the llilOau time by private contract, of which notice will be given, subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then produced, HPIiE LEASEHOLD TERM of 99 YEARS, of which 76 are unexpirea from La-iy-day last, at and under the rent oi = £ '31 5s.per Annum, of, in that and commodious DWELLING- HOUSE and t 1 ES, iaie the residence of Mr-. Leslie, situate at Atpar, near the town of Newcastle Lmlvn aforesaid,, with ti-I extensive Willed (jarden, well stocked with choice fruit: trees, Stabling for three horses, and every other necessary and convenient Oatoffice. Also, the LEASEHOLD TERM of 21 YEARS, of which five years unexpired from Michaelmas last, of, in, and to -5 ACRES of RICH ARABLE MEADOW, and PASTURE LAND, near to and adjoining the slid Dwell mg-House, at and under the reserved rent ,t''1. 2s per ann. The House is well calculated for the reception of a gen- teel family, and stands on an eminence, in a neat and web arranged shrubbery, commanding a beautiful view of 1 lie surrounding country and the picturesque river Tivy, which affoids the best angling in the Pfincip ility, ami*is allowed to produce the finest salmon in the kingdom. The country abounds with game, and severs! packs of hounds are kept in the immediate neighbourhood. The town of Newcastle atfords a cheap and plentiful market, and a London daily post. Til? whole will be sold in one lot, and is most deserving the attention of any gentleman's family desirous of a cheap residence in owe of the most romantic countries in that part of South W ales. If the above premises are not then sold, the same will be let lor a term of years, with immediate possession. For a view of the premises, &c. apply at the house and for particulars and fo treat by private contract, apply to Mr. Lewis Evans, Solicitor, Cardigan; if by letter, post- paid. 1, -■, '-■ Compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, In HEREFORDSHIRE, TCOEXIIKR OR IN HIREE LOTS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Angel-Inn, at Abergavenny, on Tuesday, the 14th day of September, 1819, at tour o'clock in the afternoon, unless in the mean time disposed of by private contract, of which noticewitibe given in this paper, A LL those compact and very improvable J:"j. FARMS, lying in a ring fence, jailed OLD OOUET and, LLF-YNEY, UPFElt BU £ N and CWM BULLOG, with capital Farm-Houses, iann-Buiidiugs, 'and well-built Offices, 01. which 3 cor^i^erable sum ot money lias lately been expended, containing by admea- surement lUSt\ 1 H. 2P. or thereabout, nelcl by respect ab.'f1 tenants at the low abated rents of the years 1815, 16, and n. amc.i'.tn.g to 6U.:40.. though the same had previ- ously been held at rents amounting t(} ;t36j, situate in the parish of CiwHo'.k. in the county 01 Hereiord, within ten, miles of the post town of Abergavenny, frotn which the Lanvihangle railway, communicating with, the Brecon and Abergavenny Canal to the port "t Newport, extends to within a distance of the premises, and facilitates Ihc conveyance of coal and lime. For a view ot the premises apply to Mr. IJenrv Harris, at Longtown, near Abergavenny and for other particu- tars to Mr. Miles, Cowbndge, Glamorganshire,if by letter, post-paid- Printed particulars, with annexed conditions of sale, will be ready for delivery the 1st of September, a., the Castle- inn, Brecon the Angel, Abergavenny Beaufort-Arms, Monmouth; Westgate-inn, Newport; of the Editors (it the Cambrian (Swansea), Hereford Journal, Gloucester Jour- nal, and Bristol Gazette of Thomas Lewis, Esq. Solicitor, Llandilo, (.in* tbensbue Messrs. Rossors, Solicitors, Bartlett's i'- ,(•» ,g«, Iondon iVir D.ivies, Lundsurveyor, } Langattoi i>, ^kbi.we ■ << n> ocksl.ire Mr. Henry Harries, L t .v r,nd Mr, Miles, Co v'" oridF t') ¡. ul. Xi rc ■»' •» npAKE Notice, that a MEETING of the J- CREDITORS of DAVID W4TKI \'S, lateof U uissiliogogo,iu the cofny of Car hgao,- Faraier, lately discharged^ trom the Gaol of Cardigan, in and f, r the county ol Cardigan, under vud by virtue of the ict oas-ed in the fifty-third year ot the mjn „f Kui" George i ie Ihird, intituled, An Act for U hef of In-o v< n, i)"bt -s in the fifty-third year ot the mjn „f Kui" George i ie Ihird, intituled, An Act for U hef of In-o v< n, i)"bt -s in Englafti," will be h.eid at ue dweilm-• h » t M- Nathan, called the Black-Lion, situate m C. ,rrt., (>a Juesday, die 14th day OISL; rober. If,i9. at t i, rot one o'clock m the afternoon p;c.i,e, f-jr th" p ■ <■ of Choosing an e or Assignees :i said « Estate and Eifec's D AVID LLOYD HARRIES, Solic tor. HEREFOilDSHIRE. TO BE LET, REA DY FURNISHED, For a term of iiears, to be agreed upon, or SOLD, and entered Upon immediate/)!, ALL that capital MANSION-HOUSE and LAWN, being about 70 statute Acres, inciiuiii. therein 25 Aeres of Arabic Land, i'.h necessary "nd prope7 Out-buildings, Coach-house, and Stabling, "fit"' for the resi- dence of a genteel family, and c.-lh-d or known by toe name ci the WARE^ situate ai d being m the p-ansh of Kencbenter, within five mile's of t.b<- citv of Her-efo'd, and pleasantly situated on the banks of the river Wye. aud having the turnpike-road leading from the cay into Soma Waies near to the same. N.B. if the person tailing the above shon'd not wish to rent the Lane, but merely the Mansion-house, sucli person may be accommodated' Also, TO BE SOLD, With the above Mansion? HOUSE and Prkmiseq, A very capital FARM, with Dwd);n,Ho¡¡se and Buildings belonging to the same, together witii 170 statute Acres of excellent ftleadoss;, Pasture, and O.-chardinff, wV within a ring fence, in the said parish of Kenchester.\ adjoining the i-bove. For iuither particulars npplv (by letters, post-paid) to Mr. Lechmere, Solicitor, Hereford or to the Printer of this Paper. _m CARMARTHENSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUC TION, At the Bear-inn, in the town of Llaimn. u trie s.ihi county, oil Saturday, the 18UI day ot i Jer, f- 9. between the hours of three a,;d five o'ci < T- noon, subject to such conditions of sale s-.ii n and there produced, unle-s disposed of in die ¡;,e,liJ tune by private contract, of which dO, ice wii! it, Lotl. A MESSUAGE, FaRM, and LANDS, .ot r1. with the Appurtenances, called -BWLCH Y- G WysT, consisting uf a Dwelling House, Outhouses, aud Farm-Buildings, and 65 Acres, or thereabout*, of Meadow, Arable, Pasture, and Wood Land with fine Growth of Oak Sapjings tbereuif situate in the oi l.tanwrda, in the said county, and are now (t.-getbei it I reioiaes comprised in lot 11) iu the occupation o: Di t 'an, un- der a lease for L21 years, of wi icli 4 y.- ars unexpired at Michaelmas last, at tl.M -,v vearlv-r-n 2. A CLOSE, P1EHE, -,r F'- ,CEL of ARABLE ''AND, coiiianv. 5 Acres, or ther.bouts; beiiig p; t cf 'he aioresaid ieuement, and «o>v hcla liicrewith bv the, said David Evan, under die aforesaid lease, but which is [ oe^c eu a,ld s,tua|e at so toe distance tberefrc.ii). [ lhe premises coruprrsod in lot 1 have a southern aspect, ate weit suppln-d with water, and within the distance ot aoou: a mi.e of th- iumpike-road ieading from Llan- d-.b to Lsandoverv»—about f -or Bides ot ihe furmer pk'cc, and nine ii'ii'?«. or 'ivreabouu, cf t; l^uer place, The tenant will shew th.: premises ami for fyrroer par- tjcuinrs apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Messrs. r rice and Sou, Solicitors. Llaiidilo or to Mr. Thomas Morgan, Auc- tioneer, Glanbydari, near that place. V ALUABLEFREEHOLO ESTATES, SOUTH vVALES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By At the Auction Ma.t, L-.ndon, on i'« .( n of October, 18J.y, at iwejvc, sepamtety « » 'e s n ay bt? a^t t™c(i on at Uie ujhc of < -,n ''C !e oLer shyuld be made by priv.itecontract, oi v-.hic'i n..v ce will oe given, VERY elegible and compact FREEHOLD ESTATES, laost d"sirab!y situate wtihm and o,-af the borough of Brecon. South Wales, o.msts i g ot x,ut 900 Acres of excellent Arable, Meadow, and P -j, in the highest state of euluvailosi, i.i suiudtle pr:, vwth substantial and convenient Buildings noun ■>; .< jerent Farms; togetner with a W !r L, in complete ~repaii This propert y is m a g< t i • bourhood, abounding with game; and tin' river ii K, for iis ex troijt is mile of it wiih the gr at advantage of'a-good uwike; ;o-. ;i, through which the mail and other coaches pats niv. I here is also a good supply of coa, cheap, m;-t ahu .canr e oi lime upon the ptemises." The whole pleasantly s',t,o,o. d, commanding tleli^htlui utiuiterrnpud vncw> o: a hi1.11 turesque country, and presenting a m ist iavourabie opnor- iunity for investment. May be viewed twenty-one days precedun.' the s-ile hv leave ot the tenant; and de-script ve printed painc»l.s had atthe Otlices of Mr. Church Solic lor, Brecon ul iIlr. Longfellow, Slough, near Brecon; and of Drayt-ni and entuiu, Surveyors and Auctioneers, Auction Man, Bar. tnolomcw-lane, London. RADNORSHfRE-SOUTH WALES. A most compact and truly desirable Freehold Estate end Olanarfut- Sale. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Some time in the month of October next. and on such a day as will be expressed iu a future advertisement, or in the mean by private contract, T^^ON and DEMESNE of PF.N- l>^onch,„ %IG' Wlth several valuable FARMS hereto be.on^mg, s,tUate in the parishes ef Llanclwedd. D.s-erth, Ihon J^niaUflread' in ,ht: C0Ullt-V oi Radnor, comprising a ring fei ce °S vel~ 'II,Provable Land, nearly within Also, t he MANOR ofLLECHRYD. in the same cunt v, extending over about 16(iO Acres of Laud immediately contiguous to the Mansion 1;ne Mansion House, which is pleasantly situated on an eminence, surrounded by extensive plantations and uood orcharding, all,, commi'nding beautiful and romantic views, comprises an entrance-ball, dining-room, drawing room, brea.ciast-parlour, convenient bed-roorns, and suitable of- nces; with a Coach-liouse, Stabling, well stocked Fish Pond, &c. attached. The Estate, which contains a considerable qtianfitv very valuable Timber fit for naval purposes, and several thousands of smaller iimber and thriving Saplings, lies in a fine sporting country, abounding witti game, and- extends for about two miles along the banks of the celebrated river Wye. where the proprietor lias aright of fishery. ihe whole ot the buildings ate convenient and in suffi- cient repair; distant only two miles Iron the market and post town ot Bufth, and about five miles from the mineral Spa of Llandrindod with- each oi which places it c .mum- nicates by means of a good, turnpike-ro;i(i alld another turnpike-road from Builth through Rhayader to the sea- port of Aberystwith, runs within a mile of the Mansion- house' For a view of the property apply to the proprietor, flies, Thumas, Esq. at Penkerrig House; and for other particulars. *o '1imor to Messrs. Powell. Jones, and Powell Solicitors.. l<- > i at whose office Maps of the Estate m v be sec.:u— t -'i; ? of ah applications by letter inust be jr-dd.