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LOCAL AND DISTRICT NOTES. The Machynlleth Bench of Magistrates have decided that in future they will inflict heavier fines than in the past for drunkenness. Drunkards have never been lightly dealt with at Machynlleth, and their prospects are dark indeed. They could not do better than all go to Aberyst- wyth, where drunkards are treated with gentle consider- ation. -*> The injuiy to the trees in the streets at Aberystwyth is so great and continuous that it is doubtful whether the guards taken away some time ago will not have to be re- placed. One would think that every inhabitant of the town ought to protect the trees from harm. The School Board Chi-onicle announced last week the first case of a child earning the right to an "honour certificate" under Lord Sandon's Act. The child was under eleven years of age, had passed the fourth standard, and had made 350 attendances per year in the last two years. At the Aberystwyth Board School six of these honour certificates" have been awarded, and the holders of them are entitled to three year's schooling, for which the fees will be paid by the Education Department. This is an honour to the Board Schools, to the masters, Mr. BRADBURY and Mr. MORGAN, to the parents of the boys, and to the boys themselves. Poor people who have looked with suspicion on board schools will begin to think the Education Acts are not altogether against them if their children obtain honour certificates and are granted gratuitous education. The names of the successful boys are published in another column. From a return of pauperism in Mr. BIRCHAM'S district on the 1st of January, 1877, we find that Aberystwyth stands fourth in the list with a percentage of 3-1. Merthyr Tydfil with 2'2 stands at the head of the list and Cardigan with 7*0 stands at the foot. Newcastle-Emlyn is next with 6'0. The unions more favourably situated than ¡ Aberystwyth are Merthyr Tydfil, Gower, and Aber- gavenny. Aberaeron is well to the front with a percentage of only 3*2 being only a point behind Aberystwyth. A change for the better of one per cent. has been affected at Aberaeron in a year. This rate of improvement has been equalled only by Tregaron, where the percentage has fallen from 5 "5 to 4*5. Lampeter still shows a high rate, the percentage being 5.2 In all the Cardiganshire unions there is a slight improvement. Our readers will find from an advertisement in another column that the tenth annual festival of the Ardudwy Temperance Choral Union will be held at Harlech Castle, on Thursday, the 12th instant. Should the weather be favourable, the attendance will, no doubt, be very large, as the attractiveness of the festival becomes greater from year to year. The presidents are Mr. W. E. OAKELF.Y, Tanybwlch, Mr. OWEN EVANS, Broom Hall, and Mr. EDWARD BREESE, Morfa Lodge, Portmadoc. Besides three brass bands, there will be upwards of 800 vocalists present. Eos MORLAIS will again conduct. There will be special excursion trains on the Cambrian and Fes- tiniog Railways. We hear that the singing this year will show a considerable advance over that of last year. At last Cardiganshire is to have a public analyst. This is bad news for milk and water sellers, who have had a long day. Captain BASSETT LEWIS long ago promised to take up the milk question, which still requires handling ■» ° The Aberystwyth lock-up was reported by the CHIEF CONSTABLE at the Quarter Sessions on Tuesday, as not giving sufficient accommodation. The building is per- haps the ugliest in the county. The wonder is that the Government INSPECTOR does not bring pressure to bear upon the Magistrates. The lock-up may be efficient, but we doubt it. The withdrawal of the Government grant would quicken the Magistrates considerably. During the hearing of a bastardy case, ELLEN MORGAN, a witness on behalf of the girl, was asked if she consid- ered it right to go to bed of a night and leave the servant girl and her sweetheart in the house together. The wit- ness replied that it was the custom of the county, and she considered herself a respectable woman, although she allowed these things iin her house. ;:> if* On Monday last the North Cardiganshire Agricultural Society held a meeting to arrange the prizes for the show to be held next September. The attendance of farnaers was very satisfactory, and the proceedisg from first to last augur well for continued success. Notwithstanding out- standing subscriptions which those who promised have "forgotten to pay, the funds are in a hopeful state. Some Changes of a slight character were made in the price The chief addition were two prizes amounting to £ 5 to be offered for two-year-old entire colts. This money was made up by deductions in other places. A suggestion give prizes for donkeys was greeted with loud laughter. Tile donkey, notwithstanding the laughter, ought to be eb-coiiraged, and it would have reflected credit upon the Nci,th Cardiganshire Agricultural Society if the case of this hard-working mveil-abused animal had been taken tip I by it. It is always easier to laugh at the despised and helpless than to show good reason why they should not be assisted to a better position. Donkeys are capable of great improvement, and in no district is that improvement tiKwe needed than iR Cardiganshire. Societies of greater imjwrtance than that in this district have offered prizes for donkeys, and it is to be hoped that something will be done, "either by the Society or private'individuals, for this lowly'(feat useful worker, whose hard life is spent in enabhfig the poor of the country to earn a living. The QUEEN" --tf ENGLAND has shown her sympathy for this degpised^race, and perhaps there are ladieu in Cardigan- shire who will try to improve the miserable animals which walk Aberystwyth and the neighbourhood. ■* The election of waywardens for the parish/cf Llanbryn- mair at-the J.ast Easter vestry, resulted in the appointment of Mr. JONES for the lower part of the parish, Mr. •JOHN WATKN for the middle part, and Mr. I-FWIS PUGH for the uppet part.—Mr. LEW M; PUGH, for reasons which have nrjit zheci explained, retired, and Mr. W. PUG HE, Sir WATKIN'-S agent, and one of the rejected waywardens' has been appointed. It seems a petition was got up in favour o{ Mr. SPUGHE, and, of course, Sir WATKINU tenants +7^' agent was appointed by the magistrates to ml the sracaney caused by the withdrawal of Mr. LEWIS ruGH. To the general public it may be a matter of c t i €01nse,ft,er!ct who sits as waywardens for the <parish u ^2a'r' the agents of large estates occupy positions, and if they eau prevent ii they euglit m>z to give rise to a suspicion that they are eagrr to monopolize power. Tenants are not the property of /iln 'r "w £ < £ e BSents. dictators in the districts where they live. We have received on this suh'eet whi ch are wo personal for >pa blication. The Dolgelley Board of Guardians have decided to a»k the Local Government 5ioard Inspector to hold an enquiry into the conduct of the Master and Matron of the Work- house. At the last meetHsg of the Board the Master was represented by a solicitor, who was not allowed to txoss- examine a witness.—One of the Guardians said the enquiry would end in smoke,, .and the sooner it was over the better. X The Dolgelley Board of Guardians believe in out-door relief and low salaries. Art Inspector for the rural sanitary district was advertised for. and the present Inspector, who is certainly underpaid, applied for the situation at a salary of £75. Another man, who sent in his application a day late, offered to take the office for £ 40. After a division, in which an amendment to pay the old Inspector 275 was lost, the Board resolved to advertise again and to offer £50. If the Board had offered klO somebody would have taken the appointment, but whether the work will be done-and it is work that needs doing well-for B10 or JS50 a year is for the Board to decide. We have no doubt the old Inspector would have done the work for £75. A less sum will most likely result in less work. The prosecutions for drunkenness are increasing rapidly in Cardiganshire. The subject formed one of the topics on which the CHAIRMAN of Quarter Sessions addressed the jury at Aberaeron on Wednesday. Aberystwyth is a sort of paradise of drunkards. It is not likely that magis- trates who are publicans will deal severely with common cases of drunkenness. At a vestry meeting held at Portmadoc on Tuesday, July 2, it was unanimously agreed to apply to the Educa- tion Department for an order for the formation of a School Board for the parish of Ynyscynhaiarn. It is extremely creditable to the managers of the various schools, and the inhabitants generally of this parish, that they have ap- proached the question of establishing a School Board in a spirit of fairness and moderation, and have avoided the sectarian jealousies and prejudices which have done so much to hinder the progress of the cause of national education. It will be seen that at a meeting of the Governors of Dr. Williams's School at Dolgelley, the purchase of a site for the school, at a cost of P,500, was completed. At the Merionethshire Quarter Sessions, on Monday, July 3, an application from Superintendent HUGHES for an increase of salary was discussed. The grounds of his application were length of service, and the fact that his salary was much below that of police superintendents in adjoining counties. It is a false economy to under-pay public servants in responsible positions, especially when they are the appointed guardians of life and property, and we are glad, therefore, to find the Court determined to make an increase of B30 a year in the officer's salary. An additional policeman was ordered to be stationed in the Festiniog district. On the motion of Mr. R. WYNNE, it was agreed that the parishes of Llanegryn and Llanfihangel-y-pennant should be taken from the Tal- y-bont Division, and annexed to the Estimaner Division, as being a more convenient arrangement.

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