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FARMERSM30I^ The^Belffian Government, recognising the termination of the cattle plague in Creat Britain, has permitted the importation and transport of meat, hides, &c., from England. FROM SAMPLES, BY A MAN OF MARK LANE.—A farmer in a certain parish in Essex, which shall be nameless, states that he can stand in one of his fields and look into seventeen tanns that will change tenants next Michaelmas that is, if any can be found to succeed the present occupiers.-A contrast unfavour- able to high farming under the existing state of the law is cited by a correspondent of The Sorth Agricultural Two farms of about the same size and rental on a ducal estate 111 the south of Scotland, wore some time back let to two tenants. A. expended a large sum of money upon his occupation, even to the extent of consuming ten thousand pounds' worth of pur- chased food during the last five years of his lease. This he did, it is said with the encouragement of his landlord, whe, in a public speech to his tenantry, approved of an improving farmer, and treating them (the tenantry) like his own children, said, as long as they behaved, they would sit comfortably under his rale and precept." At the conclusion af A.'s lease his re- ward for trusting in the generosity and honour of his landlord was the offer of a new lease at an advance of £ 250 a year, or ouittance with the sacrifice of all his invested capital. B., not desiring to be thus treated as one of the family, was careful to take out what life had put into the farm before his lease termi- nated. The consequence was that his farm was re-let at £150 a year less than A.'s, only about three months previotisly and a considerable sum is to be spent by the landlord on new build- ings. Verb. sap. sat.—Mark Lane Express.



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