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BUSINESS ADDRESSES. ERYBTVMH. .V' JOHN JAMBS, TEA, WINE, AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, ( LONDON AND PROVINCIAL STORES, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. TEA DEPARTMENT. TEAS. No. Per lb. i No. Per lb. 1 STRONG KAISOW TEA 1/6 4 RICH STRONG OOPACK TEA 3/0 OR>™A STRNNCR FAMILV TEA 2/0 5 VERY RICH FULL-FLAVOURED TEA 6/4 3 VERY FINE CHOICE BLACK 2/8 6 CHOICEST MONING SOUCHONG AND KAISOW IM- TO WHICH WE CALL YOUR SPECIAL ATTENTION. PORTED COFFEES. T A "M" A TP A 1/4 The Essence of these Coffees in bottles at 1/ and 2/ only ~NE ^PLANT/ TION 1/6 requires boiling water to make a cup of excellent Coffee Finest EAST INDIA 1/8 instantly. Rare and Choice MOCHA ••• ••• Finest Foreign Chicory lOd. per Pound. COCOAS AND CHOCOLATE. :$: = ? j Ground on the premises. Do. Spanish Chocolate, £ Cakes 1/4 Chocolate Powder, loose 1/0 Peek's Chocolate (recommended) 1/4 EPPS'S HOMOEOPATHIC COCOAS, 1/4 per pound. RAW AND REFINED SUGARS AT MARKET PRICES. Also Currants, Rasins, Muscatels, Sultanas, Oranges, Lemons, &c. MISCELLANEOUS DEPARTMENT. It is impossible to enumerate the numerous articles comprised in this department; suffice it to say, families will I find the stock as extensive and varied as in any of the largest Metropolitan Establishments—including HUNTLEY AND PALMER'S AND PEEK FREAN'S BISCUITS, ALSO, CROSSE AND BLACKWELL'S GOODS IN GREAT VARIETY. WHITE WINES. „ I T» -RNTT Gall. Doz. Bott. GAL. Doz. Bott. J SHERRY, agreeable Light Wine 9/- 18/- 1/6 Ditto very soft, pale, nutty Ditto excellent Dinner Wine 10/- 20/- 18 «A7FOURV, GK. 26 Ditto Standard Pale Wine 12/- 24/- 2/- Ditto ditto, Gold ditto. 15/- 30/ Ditto Standard Gold Wine 12/- 24/- 2/- OLD RICH SHERRIES, 36/—42/—48/ and 60/ per dozon. BED WINES..P. T> Gall. Doz. Bott. C^1L D°Z/ POPT Refill Wine 9/ 18/- 1/6 Ditto dry Old Wine, recommended 18/- •*»/" 2E 12/- 24/- 2/- Ditto Old Crusted ditto, 48/—54/—60/- Ditto full flavoured Old Wine 15/- 30/- 2/6 | WHITE FRENCH WINES. 04/9/ SATTTT?T?XF fine ouality 24/- 2/- MARSALA, finest imported II KUo £ qSHy/reoom; I8, 1/0 BURGUNDY fine quality 18/- 1/6 BURGUNDY fine quality. 18/- 1/6 Ditto extra quality, recom- I mended 24/- 2/- I CHAMPAGNE. Pints. Qts. I Pints. Qts. Moet and Chandon's 3/6 6/6 Clicquot and Co. ^irgj." Qualities ™ ferrier Jouet and Co 3/6 6/6 I Dirst qualities. SAUTURNE. Per bottle. Doz. Per bottle. Doz Sauturne, fine quality 2/- 24/- Sauturne, extra quality 2/6 30/- RED FRENCH WINE. Pints. Qts. Qts. Doz. Medoc, excellent Dinner Wine 0/9 1/6 Burgundy, fine soft Wine 2 DeArcv 1/- 2/- Ditto highly recommended 2/6 30/- Sistrac Racheleon 1/3 2/6 Ditto extra quality 3/6 42/- CHAU Mauton 3/- Chau Grana La Rose ••• 1/9 3/6 | SPARKLING HOCK. Bottles. Doz. Bottles. Doz. Sparkling Hock 3/- 36/- Sparkling Hock 4/- 48/- Ditto ditto 3/6 42/- | STILL HOCK. O, StiU Hock 2/6 30/- | Still Hock 3/- 36/- SPARKLING MOSELLE. Sparkling Moselle. 8/6 42/. SPIRITS. BRANDY, r.le or Brown, very WmSK^Scotch, very oH, re- Ditto ditto, highly recommended 21/- 42/- 3/6 Ditto ditto 10ye»raold, «■« WSSJS*, o,d," He.°°WS «/•«. Dit^ ditto ••l0ye.„o1d,' Ditto very old Martell's, Hen- equal to Brandy 21- 42 3 6 nessy's, or Otard, Dupoy and J^UM, fine Jamaica 16/- 32/- 2/8 CO'S VSOP 6/6 Ditto, extra quality, very old 18/- 36/- 3/- GIN, fine London, very strong 13/- 26/- 2/2 HOLLANDS, John de Kuyper's. 3/- Gin, Old Tom, finest made 14/- 28/- 2 6 I BRITISH LIQEURS. Ginger Brandy ••• — ••• I 3/0 Peppermint, Ac. j. 3/0 ORANGE BITTERS ••• > | CHERRY BRANDY, &C., &C. J r BOTTLED ALE & STOUT. GUINNESS & CO.'S EXTRA 1 4/6 ^FPPP'8 PALE ALE 4/6 BASS & CO.'S PALE ALE ••• ) I DITTO DITTO I PINTS •S/- BRITISH WINES. ORANWO • ••} BLACK CURRANT GINGER ••• ••• F RED DITTO > 1/4 RAISIN • AND OTHER KINDS i BOTTLES CHARGED TWO SHILLINGS PER DOZEN AND ALLOWED FOR WHEN RETURNED. t TERMS :-CASH. FINEST OLD CHEDDAR CHEESE ALSO, PALE AND SMOKED WILTSHIRE BACON. FET!T.T ATJFITL HOUSE. GREAT DARKGATE STREET, (Opposite the Meat Market.) II WILLIAM PROBIN, WORKING LAPIDARY, JEWELLER, AND SILVERSMITH, BEGS to inform the Gentry, Inhabitants, and Visitors of Aberystwyth, that he has now on hand a well- selected Stock of Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Signet Rings, and Gem Rings. Bright and colored Gold I JEWELLPRV in all its branches, made upon the premises. Every article warranted. Also a large Stock of Whitby Jet F d Bog Oak. Ornaments. Old Gold and Silver purchased. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in New and Second-hand cla.te. ABERYSTWYTH. ,>¡. THE QUEEN'S HOTEL, l (Facing and within 50 yards of the Sea.) BOARD, RESIDENCE, AND ATTENDANCE, THREE AND A HALF GUINEAS PER WEEK. TARIFF ON APPLICATION. W. H. PALMER, Proprietor. (And at Hoop Hotel, Cambridge.) JOHN ROBERTS, I GOGERDDAN ARMS, AND LION ROYAL HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH. WINE AND SPIRIT STORES, I, BRIDGE STREET, (Round the Corner.) | £ PJJGT. class Smoke Room, and the Largest Billiard Room in Wales. ( PRICE LIST: WINES. RE?B0TTLE- SPIRITS. PEE BOTTLE. S# d. s> Q. s. Q. ''INE Old fflaret .2 0.2 6 to 3 6 Fine Old Brandy, Pale or Brown 3 6 to 4 6 ^3. 3 0 to 5 0 Martell's 4 6 to 5 6 Sherry '2 0 to 4 0 Fine Old Irish Whiskey "I ;3 0 to 3 6 CHAMPAGNES 5 0 TO S N -V" V- SC'T° 3 0 TO 3 6 „ MOET AND CHANDON'S 0 0 TO 7 0 VERY FINE JAMAICA RUM 2 6 TO 3 9 „ .I".U J B INEST IMPORTED DITTO N 1 FT FIOCK, CHABLIS, BURGUNDY, MOSELLE, ) THE FINEST BRANDS ARE BEST LOND^N GIN 2 ? TO 2 6 AND AU OTHER WINES J SOLD AT LOWEST PRICES DITT0 HOLLANDS 3 0 TO 3 6 • THOSE WHO APPRECIATE A GLASS OF GOOD SCOTCH TODDY SHOULD 2°°CL CIGARS ••• .12S. PER 100 TRY MY MOUNTAIN DEW IT IS REALLY A TREAT OUT OF SCOTLAND FOREIGN FINE DITTO 16S. j IKTTO—A splendid bold Cigar for smoking in Dublin Stout ditto 4s. per doz. I or out of doors .14s. PER box. BURTON BITTER AND MILD ALEG IN 9 AND LG -„ALLOIB;CAG]^ AT ( (These are really a splendid Cigar.) Brewer's Prices, carriage paia. j N.B. Families are respectfully informed that none but good sound Wines and Spirits are sold at The Lion. I POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. GOOD HORSES AND STEADY POST BOYS. A Break leaves the Hotel every morning at 9.30 a.m.F for Devil's Bridge. Fare, 4s. f SALES BY AUCTION. SMITHFIELD, ABERYSTWYTH. MONTHLY SALES OF LIVE STOCK, IMPLE- MENTS, &c. "V/TR. G. T. SMITH begs respectfully to announce 1VJL- that he will hold Monthly Sales of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs, Agricultural Implements, Carriages, &c., in the Smithfield, Aberystwyth, on the FIRST MONDA Y IN EVERY MONTH, FIRST MONDA Y IN EVERY MONTH, At Twelve o'clock. ENTRIES FOR THE SALE ON MONDAY, JULY 2ND, Respectfully solicited, To be sent in at least a week previous to sale, to be in- cluded in catalogues and advertisements. TERMS :—2^ per cent. on amount sold; and a small fixed Entry Fee for unsold lots, to meet expenses. 1.Ifir SETTLEMENT ON THURSDAY AFTER SALE. TEMPEST VILLA, Within quarter of a mile of the village of Llandinam, Montgomeryshire, 2 miles from Moat Lane Junction, on the Cambrian Railways. MR. LLOYD MORGAN has received instructions from G. M. Farmer, Esq., who is leaving the country, to Sell the whole of his most valuable HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, and other effects, by Auction, on the premises as above, On WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, the 4th and 5th JULY, 1877, DINING Roollf.-Carpet and hearthrug, Brussels fender and fire irons, couch and cushions, mahogany easy arm chair, 10 mahogany do., mahogany dinner waggon, mahogany table, very large mahogany side- board, with looking glass back, mahogany dining table, with two half leaves and 4 full do., marble timepiece, 1 walnut teapoy, with fancy cover, green lep curtains, fringe, &c., 1 very large pier glass, 1 large oil painting, 9 other do., 2 oleographs, 2 chromos, 1 water- colour, liquor stand, with 15 glasses and 4 decanters, fancy rep tablecloth, dessert service (all complete), green, white, and gold flowered, &c., glass on dining room side- board, 3 decanters, cut glass, 9 champagne do., 4 port do., 6 sherry do., 9 finger do., 6 jelly do., 5 custard do., 2 blancmange mould do., 4 smaller do., 1 celery do., 1 small punch bowl.—China: 1 spare green and gold cup and saucer, 1 butter glass, 1 cream jug, 1 claret cut glass, 1 do. sugar, 1 purple glass salt cellar, 2 plated candlesticks and glass cups for running candles, 2 centre pieces, 4 oval side dishes, 4 round do., 12 plates, 1 water jug, green, 14-bottle cruet stand, 2 water bottles and tumbler. DRAWING ROOM.—Walnut suite in silk damask, 1 piano, marquetaire, 2 easy chairs, 6 do., Canterbury card table, roller and claw do., papier machie do., gerandoles, Indian table cloth, 2 very large pier glasses, hair picture (a novelty), couch and cushion, blinds and cornice, chintz curtains, covers for furniture complete, foot stools, anti- macassars, &c., carpet and hearthrug, fender and fire irons, lustres and French vases for mantelpiece, alabaster figure, fancy Mats, lamp, gilt vases, china ornaments, fancy box, pair of fire screens, antimacassars, &c. BREAKFAST-ROOM.—Carpet and hearthrug, fender and fire irons, looking glass, china ornaments, 3 chairs, mahogany table, coal scuttle, 2 easy chairs, damask cur- tains, with fringe and cornice, sideboard, lamp, mats, coloured prints, &c. BEDROOM No. 1.—1 iron half-tester bedstead, feather bed, palliasse, bedding, curtains, all complete; carpet and hearthrug, washhand-stand, chamber service, chest of drawers, towel horse, 2 chairs, window blind, cornice and curtains, fender, &c., mahogany looking-glass, Candle- sticks, &c. BEDROOM No. 2.-Mahogany bedstead, feather bed, palliasse, bedding, all complete towel horse, washhand- stand (marble top), dressing table, looking-glass, chest of drawers, carpet and hearthrug, 3 chairs, 1 ottoman, Orna- ments, 1 mahogany bidet. BEDROOM No. 3.-Haif-tester iron bedstead, feather bed, bedding, palliasse, all complete; carpet and hearth- rug, 3 chairs, dressing table, washhand-stand, chamber service, looking-glass, chest of drawers, towel horse, foot- bath, chimney ornaments, fender, curtains, pole and blind, 5 pictures. BEDROOM No. 4.-Iron bedstead, bed, and bedding, palliasse, all complete, chest of drawers, washstand, towel horse, 6 cane chairs, dressing table, mahogany looking glass, carpet, mat, and hearthrug, cornice, curtains and blind, 3 pictures. BEDROOM No. 5.—SERVANTS' BEDROOM. Iron bed- stead, feather bed, bedding, palliasses, all complete, wash- hand-stand, chamber service, chest of drawers, 3 chairs, looking glass, carpet, towel horse, &c. KITCHEN.—Dresser, table, 1 clothes press, clock, fender and fire irons, hastener, iron stand, 3 kitchen chairs, 6 dish covers (plated), 2 tea trays, waiters, candlesticks, 1 ironing box, stand and blanket, 3 common irons, coffee pots, 3 jelly moulds and jelly box, 2 coffee mills, 11 sauce- pans, different sizes, roasting jack, police lamp, grates, knife basket, and tin plate, 4 tea kettles, different sizes, 3 fish do., lamp and boiler, dishes and plates upon dresser. HOUSEMAID'S CLOSET.—1 step ladder, brooms, ironing board, warming pan, brushes, 2 fire bonnets. ENTRANCE HALL AND STAIRCASE. Small mats, 31 brass rods, 5 cocoanut mats, mahogany hall chair and table, 1 piece of 3 hooks for hats, butler's tray and stand, 2 prints, subject—Burns's Highland Mary, 1 table, 1 hall chair, 1 linoleum mat. LABDER.—1 weighing machine, weights-7 lbs., 4 lbs., 2 lbs., 1 lb., i lb., i lb., 1 oz., 1 pestle and mortar, meat boards, chopper and saw, wooden spoons, tables, baskets, dripping pans, firestand, wooden butter bowl, 5 bread tins. milk tin, steamers, &c., strainers, dish covers, &c. SILVER PLATED GOODS.—2 Side dishes, 4 extra do, 2 teapots, 2 butter do, 3 salt cellars, 4 candlesticks, 1 break- fast hot water dish, 4 large forks, 11 small do, 6 tea spoons, 3 mustard do, 2 egg spoons, 1 butter knife, 1 sugar tongs, 1 nut cracker, 3 large spoons, 3 smaller do, 1 breakfast cruet stand, 1 liquor stand, 1 sugar basin, 1 tea cup, 1 toast rack, 1 fish knife and fork case. LINFN.-Sundry quantities in use, blankets, counter- panes, sheets, towels, &c., &c. 1 setter dog, 3 tents, 1 [rifle gun, 2 fishing rods and fishing baskets new, boxes, scythes, pikels, garden tools, rakes, wheelbarrow, spades, sparrow net, corn bin and several other articles too numerous to mention. Catalogues will be ready 9 days prior to sale, and may be had at the principal hotels in Llanidloes, Newtown, Welshpool, Montgomery, Machynlleth, Aberystwyth, &c., or from the AUCTIONEER, Llanidloes. N.B.—The Auctioneer begs to call the special attention of parties seeking first-class Furniture to the above, the whole of which was made to order by one of the most respectable Furnishing Houses in London. They are nothing worse than new, having been carefully used for a few years. FIRST DAY Dining-room Drawing-room, Entrance Hall, Breakfast-room, No. 1 and 2 Bedrooms, and the whole of the Silver-plated Goods. No. 3 Bedroom, and so forth on THURSDAY. In consequence of there being so many lots in the catalogue, the Auctioneer will commence each day at One o'clock to a minute, so that parties may return home by the mail train. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. FREEHOLD PROPERTY. To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. LEWIS WILLIAMS, at the Vaults Inn Machynlleth. On WEDNESDA Y, the 4th day of July, 1877, At two o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions to be there and then read, all that commodious old established Public House and Premises, called the VAULTS INN, situate in Pen'rallt-street, opposite the Town and Market Hall, in the Town of Machynlleth, in the said county of Montgomery, and now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Herbert, the Proprietor. The house contains on the Ground Floor-Bar, 2 Parlours, Smoking Room, Kitchen, and Back Kitchen. 1st Storey-Large Club Room, Billiard Room, and two Bedrooms. 2nd Storey—Four Bedrooms. Attics, Large and Commodious Cellars, and a good Kitchen Garden ad- joining. The Premises are arranged for Wholesale and Retail Business, which has been successfully carried on for many years. The Purchaser to buy the Stock-in-Trade at cost price, and the Fixtures at a Valuation. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEER, at Machynlleth. IMPORTANT TO SHIP OWNERS AND MASTER MARINERS. To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. DAVID JONES, on THURSDAY, JULY 5TH, 1877, at 6 p.m. prompt, at the News Room, Port- madoc, all those 64-64 Shares in the Brigantine PLANET," of Portmadoc, 134 Tons Register, carrying 225 Tons Dead Weight. This superior Vessel was built at Pwllheli in 1860, and classed 9 years A 1, was thoroughly overhauled and Con- tinued 3 years A 1 Red at Portmadoc in August, 1876; and is likewise well found in Sails, Ropes, &c. The Vessel now lies in Portmadoc Harbour, loaded with a Cargo of 270 Tons of Slates, bound toj Leer, in Holland, and can be got to Sea in a couple of days, wanting nothing but Provisions for the Voyage. For further particulars apply to Capt. T. MORGAN, on board, or to the AUCTIONEER, at 3, Church-street, Tre- madoc. SALES BY AUCTION. MONTHLY SALES. ABERYSTWYTH SMITHFIELD. MR. E. J. MORGAN, Auctioneer, begs to state that he will have monthly sales of Live and Dead Stock in the Smithfield on Aberystwyth Fair Days. The next Sale will be held on MONDAY, JULY 2nd, at One o'clock. Entries and applications for terms to be sent to Mr.? E. J. MORGAN, auctioneer, Penllwyn. RHIW ARTHEN ISSA, Four miles from Aberystwyth. MR. E. J. MORGAN has been favoured with in- structions by Mrs. Jones, who is leaving the farm, to Sell by Auction, On FBIDA Y, the 6th day of JULY, about ten acres of RYE GRASS, about fourteen acres of good MEADOW HAY GRASS, in lots to suit pur- chasers. Sale to commence at two o'clock precisely. Three months' credit on conditions. DINAS MAWDDWY. TO BUILDERS, IRONMONGERS, JOINERS, QUARRY PROPRIETORS, NURSERY MEN, GARDENERS, AND OTHERS. MR. OWEN DANIEL has received instructions to Sell by Auction, On FRIDA Y, JUNE 29th, 1877, The contents of joiners' and plumbers' workshops, in con- nection with Plas-yn-Dinas, the late seat of Sir Edmund Buckley, Bart., comprising- 8-horse power Portable Steam Engine, by Clayton and Shuttleworth. 76 feet of 2 and 2 inch bright Shafting, with the hangers, pedestals, and fittings. Iron Circular Saw Bench, 5 feet x 2 feet 3 in., with fast and loose pullies, and Bench with drawing chain, by Thomas Robinson, Rochdale. 4 Circular Saws, one Wood Saw Bench with spindle and two circular saws. Three pairs of three sheave and one pair two sheave Pulley Blocks, 2 pairs 5 inch Bench Vice. 4 patent Floor Cramps, several gross screws, nuts and bolts, quantity of large T hinges. 5 strong Wood Joiners' Benches, sundry joiners' tools, deal cupboards with partitions. About 15 cwt. various Nails, 11 mahogany boards, J in. and 1 inch. Several ladders, 7 heavy cast iron gas retorts, iron plates, 3 pairs screwing stocks with taps and dies from g to 2 inches, quantity of rough plate glass, new paint cans and brushes, 1 cwt. red lead, sundry colours, force pump with brass barrel and fittings, brass taps, coils of A in. and i in. lead piping, sheet lead, 12 iron window frames, 11 earthenware chimney tops, 13 cast iron pipes, 3 in. and 6 in. couplings and elbows, quantity of new grate bars, about 2 tons of old iron, large quantity of strong quarry- ing and other cranes, tarpaulin waggon cover. FIVE ORNAMENTAL IRON GAS LAMPS complete, 127 12-inch earthenware drainage pipes, 24 deal planks. Amongst the well selected surplus stock of NURSERY and GARDEN IMPLEMENTS and TOOLS may be noticed- One 22-inch lawn mowing machine, seven 12-inch Archimedian" ditto, iron garden roller in two parts with balance handle, two 2-light cucumber frames, gravel sieve machine, in iron frame, about 6 doz. excellent gar- den spades, drainage and planting tools, pitting axes, picks, felling and pruning axes, Dutch and draw hoes, iron rakes, hammers, crowbars, &c., 4 cross-cut saws, two fence strainers, and numerous other miscellaneous items. Also, the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE removed from the Gamekeeper's Cottage, comprising- Mahogany cheffionier, with plate glass back, mahogany couch, easy chair and 3 sitting chairs upholstered in morocco, iron Tudor bedstead, spring and hair mattresses, feather bolsters and pillows, blankets, sheets, and cover- lets, birch chest of drawers, birch dressing table and toilet glass, 8-day clock in rosewood case, slipper bath, fender and fire irons, sundry earthenware, kitchen and culinary utensils and effects, which will be set forth in catalogues to be had on application to Mr. JOHN BREESE, foreman joiner, Plas-yn-Dinas, at the Buckley Arms Hotel, Dinas Mawddwy, and of the AUCTIONEER. Sale to commence at 11 a.m. punctually. DOLGELLEY. SALE OF DAIRY COWS AND HEIFERS. MR. pANIEL kus been instJuete^-HhyHfR'tTot-" terrell, the well-known importer, to Sell by Auc- tion, On TUESDAY, the 10th JULY, 1877, at two o'clock in the afternoon, at the yard of the Royal Golden Lion Hotel, a choice herd of 13 pure bred AYR- SHIRE COWS and HEIFERS, selected specially for this sale. The Ayrshire Cattle are noted for docility, hardiness, and milk giving qualities, and Mr. Cotterrell's well-es- tablished reputation as an importer is a sufficient guaran- tee of their genuineness. Catalogues may be obtained at the Hotel, and of the AUCTIONEER at Towyn. A. a whole it may be confidently said that -the GoslSiping Guide is beyond comparison the best tourist hand-book to Wales yet palished.-CHFSTF,R CHRONICLE. NOW READY. THE "BLUE BOOKS" FOR TOURISTS IN NORTH AND MID WALES. NEW AND REVISED EDITIONS OF THE GOSSIPING GUIDE TO WALES. BY ASKEW ROBERTS. With the Wild Irishman. Llandudno and the Valley of the Conway. The Snówdon Ranger. On and off the Cambrian. From Dee to Sea by Great Western. Rhyl and the Vale of Clwyd. Is. 6d. POPULAR EDITION, Revised and En- larged, with additional Practical Information. Five Maps. 176 pp. Blue paper cover. By .Post, Is. 8d. 2s. 6d. HALF-CROWN EDITION, in blue cloth, with Five Maps, "Routes," and PANORAMA OF SNOWDON, (three feet long, and containing 150 points seen from the summit, with heights of mountains, &c.), specially drawn and lithographed for the work. 182 pp. By Post, 2s. 9d. 5s. 0d. CROWN EDITION, bound in blue cloth, gilt, on superior paper, with SNOWDON PANORAMA, Routes, and Chapters on Geology, (by the Rev. C. Croft), and the Botany of Barmouth (by the Rev. Canon Walsham How), and Snowdonia (by the Rev. J. Butler). Twelve Maps. 246 pp. By Post, 5s. 5d. THE GOSSIPING GUIDE TO WALES Contains the fullest and most accurate information given by any Guide Book, with reference to Walks, Distances, Mountain Ascents, &c. NOTICES OF PREVIOUS EDITIONS Stan(iard.-Il Ry far the most amusing Guide we have seen." Spectator. —" Full of interesting and intelligent gossip." Figaro.—" Wonderfully cheap, remarkably accurate.' Pxiblie Opinion. Full of information of a very useful kind." Fun. Gladsome and Gossiping." Era. An invaluable Guide; not only amusing but instructive." Notes and Queries.An interesting book as well as trustworthy Guide." Leisure Hour. Chatty and amusing as well as useful." The Queen.—"A good idea well carried out." Stafordshire Advertiser. Mr. Askew Roberts is an excellent cicerone. Manchester Courier.—" A pervading humour and fund of anec- dote." Liverpool Mercury.—" An agreeable companion." Birmingham N ews. Charming and useful little work." Jfanchester Examiner. One of the most accurate and com plete text-books." Liverpool Courier. Adds pleasure to romantic spots." Chester Chronicle.—" This Gossiping Guide may fairly be called original." Shrewsbury Chronicle.— Written in a lively, chatty, style." Eddows's Journal —" No one should visit Wales -without it." Archceologia Cambrensis.—" Contains a good deal of readable matter. Welshnutit.-I I Anticipates everything the tourist requires." Carnarvon Herald. An acknowledged favourite." Wrexham Guardian. Should be on the shelf of every Welsh- man." Aorth Wales Chronicle. With the author it is a very pleasant trip." South Wales Daily Newg. An admirable companion." Wrexham A di)ertiser. -"The most charming book on Wales." Western Mail. 'A little mine of songs, ballads, a-nd gossiping lore." Brecon County Times.—" Praise of it will almost be super- fluous." SOLD AT THE RAILWAY BOOKSTALLS, AND BY BOOK- SELLERS, THROUGHOUT THE KINGDOM. LONDON HjODDER AND STOUGHTON. OSWESTRY: WOODALL AND VENABLES. V BUSINESS ADDRESSES. "ripys I"V' JAMES McILQUHAM, BRIDGE END HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. WHOLESALE and Retail Dealer in all kinds of EARTHENWARE, GLASS, CHINA, BIRMINGHAM T T and SHEFFIELD GOODS, &c., &c. Goods Let out on Hire. An experienced Packer kept. SACKS, OIL SHEETS AND TARPAULINGS, a Large Stock always on hand. ANDERSON, ABBOTT, & ANDERSON, INDIA RUBBER MANUFACTURERS, 16 and 17, CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA, ANUFACTURERS of India Rubber Sheet, India Rubber Washers, India Rubber Valves, India Rubber e T>- and Cotton Canvas Driving Belts, Leather Driving Belts, Gutta Percha Driving Belts, India Rubber Packing for Pistons, Patent Chalk Packing, Patent Plumbago Packing, Cotton Waste, Hemp, Oils, Grease, Tallow, &c., &c- Agent for Aberystwyth :-MR. GEORGE GREEN—ENGINEER. MRS. M. THOMAS, 3, LITTLE DARKGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, HAS just received her Summer Goods in CHILDREN'S PELISSE COSTUME, ULSTERS, FROCKS, HATS, & C HOSIERY, HABERDASHERY, RIBBONS, LACE, FEATHERS, BERLIN WOOLS, &c., &c. THOMAS SMITH, FISHMONGER, FRUIT, AND PROVISION MERCHANT, PIER HOUSE, PIER STREET, And NEW MARKET HALL, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. Wiltshire Hams and Bacon. Licensed Dealer in Game. Cambridge Sausages. The Choicest Fruits and Vegetables of the Season. T. POWELL & CO., MARKET-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, ARE NOW OFFERING HARRIS'S WILTSHIRE SMOKED BACON, CHEDDAR AND OTHER CHEESE, AND A SELECT STOCK OF FIRST CLASS GROCERIES. ELLIS AND OWEN, ABERYSTWYTH PLAIN AND ENAMEL SLATE AND MARBLE WORKS, IVTANUFACTURERS of Enamelled and Plain Slate Chimney Pieces, Baths, Cisterns, Milk Coolers, M Headstones, Urinals, Mangers, Cattle Troughs, Dairy, Larder, and Wine Cellar Shelves; Window Sills, z? Door Steps, Hearth Stones, Flooring, Skirtings, and every description of Plain and Enamelled Slate Work. CRESTS, &c., ENAMELLED ON KEYSTONES OF CHIMNEY PIECES. Designs of every description executed to order. An Artist sent to take Views when required. ø- The First Prize for Slate Carving was awarded to this Firm, both at the Chester Exhibition (1866), and the Carmarthen Exhibition (1867), of the National Eisteddfod of Wales. JfJ IMPORTANT NOTICE.-GREAT REDUCTION! TN consequence of certain parties pushing and selling Sewing Machines under the makers' price lists I have REDUCED the well known £ 4 4s. Ql Machines to 23 9s. 6d. cash, and other prices in proportion. PR0PKIET0E EVAN MORGAN, Drapery Establishment, 21, Great Darkgate-Street, Aberystwyth MACHINES ON HIRE. ESTABLISHED IN THE YEAR 1820. WILLIAM JULIAN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL OKOCEIt, TEA; COFFEE, PROVISION, AND FLOUR DEALER, 10, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. A constant supply of First-Class Australian Preserved Meats, Labrador Salmon, Lobsters, Sardines, &c. HOME-CURED BACON AND HAMS. A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF CROSSE AND BLACKWELL'S GOODS. XACHYNLLETH. -r'rV'J'v''v''V' — THOMAS'S CELEBRATED WELSH GRIPE POWDER FOR HORSES, Is. 6d. per Bottle. Also GRIPE MIXTURE FOR HORSES, 2s. 6d. per Bottle. ALTERATIVE AND CONDITION POWDERS FOR HORSES, Is. per pound packet. Prepared only by JOHN THOMAS, Chemist, Machynlleth. — Directions [accompany each bottle and packet^ for LONG'S SCAB LOTION for Sheep. — A certain cure for Scab, ESTABLISHED 1812. Proctor and Ryland's Bone Manures, PREPARED FOR TURNIPS, GRASS, WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, POTATOES, &C. ALSO, SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. BIRMINGHAM AND CHESTER. A Price List, with particulars of Prizes offered for 1877, Post Free on application. Mr JOEL MORGAN, Bryn-yr-ychain, Aberystwyth. MrR. GILLART. junior, Llynlloedd, Machynlleth. Mr JOHN HUMPHREYS, Coal Merchant, Towyn. Messrs. JOHN EVANS and SON, Llanbedr. Mr WILLIAM MORGAN, Llanfihangel, Borth. IMPORTANT TO ESTATE AGENTS, BUILDERS AND OTHERS. EDWARDS and EVANS BEG to announce that they have OPENED A BRANCH DEPOT AT PENCADER STATION (and will shortly do so at LAMPETER), where they will keep a Stock of SLAVES, TILES, BRICKS, &c., OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, AT MOST MODERATE TERMS. Materials will also be'sent to any other Station at equally reasonable prices. A Representative will visit PENCADER on THURSDAYS, and LAMPETER, FRIDAYS (Market Days), who will give every information as to Prices, &c. All communications (which will receive prompt attention) to be:addressed- EDWARDS AND EVANS, BUILDING MATERIAL MERCHANTS, Office: TREGARON. N.B.—We beg to add that these arrangements will not interfere with our present Wholesale Slate Trade. PATENT BRICK, TILE, AND POTTERY WORKS. WOODWARD AND Co., CARDIGAN. OTTERY.-Now ready for shipment, a large assortment of very superior Glazed Wares, Horticultural Goods of all kinds, and every requisite for the trade. BRICKS AND TILES Common, Perforated, Solid, Pressed, and every description of Bricks made. Flooring Squares, Copings, &c. Drain and Socket Pipes. First Class Roofing Tiles, &c., &c. PRICE LISTS SENT ON APPLICATION. TYN-Y-GROES INN, NEAR DOLGELLEY, NORTH WALES. HENRY THORNTON, LANDLORD.. CONVENIENT STABLING. A HORSE AND CAR KEPT. TYN-Y-GROES INN.—This Iun is situated five miles from Dolgelley, on the direct Turnpike Road to Tan-y-Bwlch, and stands on an eminence overhanging the right bank of the River Mawddach, which three miles low er down forms the celebrated Barmouth Estuary. It cr.mmwids a most beautiful and extensive view of the River and the Vale of Ganllwyd. Within easy access are the following objects of interest: Nannau Park and the Precipice Walk • the Rhayader Du; Rhayader Mawddach, and Pistyll-y-Cam Waterfalls, whilst the whole of the surrounding country abounds in Scenery attractive to the Tourist and Artist. In the Summer and Autumn the Rivers Mawddach and Eden afford excellent Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing, and m the Spring there is good Trout I lshmg m the neigh- bouring Lakes and Tributary Streams. In consequence of spurious imitations of LEA AND PERRINS' SAUCE, which are calculated to deceive the Public, Lea and Pemns have adopted A NEW LABEL, bearing their Signature, thus, 00, which is placed on every bottle of WORCESTERSHIRE II SA UCE, and without which none is genuine. izr Sold Wholesale by the Proprietors, Worcester; Crosse and Black-well, London; and Export Oilmen generally. Retail\ by dealers in sauces throughout the World.