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GREAT MEETING OF WELSH BARDS AT ABERDARE. On Tuesday, the 7th instant, a grand Eisteddfodd was held at the above-named place. About tell o'clock, a.m., a vast multitude, together with the Aberaman amateur choir, met in the great square between the Gwron office and the Boot Hotel, with the intention of meeting the Chairman, the Rev. David Jaines, Rector ot I'anteg, near Pontypool, but were disappointed. Mr. L. W. Lewis, Llew Llwvfo, delivered an appropriate speech on the occasion, after which a procession was formed, and preceded by the band they walked to the tent, which had been prepared in a field at Heol y felin, belonging to iMr. William Williams, Stag Inn (Carw Coch). 'I he audience wore an exceedingly dull aspect for more than an hour, and every one thought it would be a very flat affair; however, the worthy and respeeted chairman was at last in. nounced, and entered amidst the most rapturous applause, in the meantime the meeting was kept alive by another speech in Llew Llwyfo's usu illy excellent style and a few tunes on the Welsh harp; after which David Williams, Esq Ynys Cynon, (Alaw Goch), proposed that the Rev. D.James, take tiie chair, which was seconded by Thomas Joseph, Esq, An address to the Chairman was then read by the Secretary, and was responded to in a most eloquent style. The Chairman's speech drew forth the most enthusiastic applause, at the conclusion of which the following bards addressed the meeting and recited Welsh stanzas, viz., Gwilini Teilo, Eiddil Glati Cynon, Cynonwyson, Alaw Goch, G. lib Joan, Jeuan Wyn, Dewi Wyn o Essyllt. Then the adjudication of the numerous compositions which bad been received was read, and the following prizes awarded to the 1Inceessful candidates 1.— t'l 10s. For the best Essay on Teetotalism." Divided between Morgan Rowland, Newbridge, and Robert Jones. 2.—One Sovereign. For tho best Colloquy between the Truck System and Free Trade." Awarded to Mr. Walter Cosslett, Caerphilly. 3.—Five Shillings. For the lest Keeiter of "Gwlithyn gloewbacli." Won by a little girl named Sarah Rees. 4 -One Sovereign. For tl e best Essay on "Uliver Crom- well's reputation Awarded to Llew Llwyfo. 2s.-For the best Ode on the Scenery of Dyffryn Lynon." To Mr. Thomas Davis, Dinnspowis. I (!.—One Sovereign. For (lie Hun# <>u Tim vnltau of Friend-hip between the Master and Workman." Awarded to Mr. Richard Rees, Dinaspowjs. 7—Five Shillings. To the best Reciter of •' Bwthvn bach 7—Five Shillings. To the best Reciter of •' Bwthvn bach fy nhad. Won by Richard Richards. 8.—Ten Shillings. Fort))p"Mostapprop)iatt-nametoa j part of Aberdare called Heol v felin." It is proposed to will it Tre Cynon, in honour to David Williams, Esq., of Ynys Cynon. This prize was divided. 9-—Thirty Shillings. For the best "Song and Address to Samuel Thomas, Esq., Aberdare." Awarded to Ifor Cwn Gwys. lit -One Sovereign. For the best pair of black lambswool Stockings. Divided Mary Jones, Dowlais, lis., and Mar- garet Lewis, Caejacky, 5s. Ifor Cwm Gwys sung a comic song entitled Llandilo Fair, which caused much merriment; and after a tune by the band the company separated to take refreshment. THH Two O'CLOCK MKETING. Bardd Clydach recited a story between the Idler's Wife and the Haw.ver in a most humourous manner; How Llwyfo sung with the harp, and Mr. Thomas Llewelyn played a Welsh air oil the triple harp. The i the adjudication of the prizes was resumed. 11-. Seven Sovereigns. For the best treatise on "The Ventilation of Mines." The first prize of £ 3 was won by the Rev. John Jones (Mathetes), and the second of £ 2 by Mr. Robert James, Lansamlet d've Shillings. For the best "Stanza to a Cat." Won by Mr. William Jones, Caerphilly (G.vilym Ilid). 13. Seven Shillings and Sixpence.—To the best Reciter of Adsiofion Mebyd." Won by John Jenkins, Maes-y-dref. 14.— £ 3 3s For the best' Collection of Old Welsh Stanzas," Awarded to Mr. T. J. Jones. T 15.-£2 for the bet Essay on Cleanliness." Awarded to L. w. Lewis. Aberdare. \77vi^teen sovereigns, and a medal with £ 5. For the os e oil Man." Awarded to Mr. Thomas Davies, grocer, Umaspowis (Dew; Wjrn o Esynt).-T).e successful bard was led to the chair by the president and Mr. Wm. Thomas, Car- marthen (Gwilym Mai), amidst thunders of approbation. He was addressed extemporaneously by Mr. William Davies, druggist, Llandeilo, in the following stanza:— Dewi a godwyd i Gadair-o fawr-ddawn, prwy ei farddol gywair; A'i uwdl bert, hyawdl, a bair Iddo n enw dianair. r shillings. For the best history of Blaengwrach Chapel. Awarded to Mr. William Williams (Carw Coch) Aberdare. 17.-Fifteen shillings. For the best six stanzas to the *'ie T.np; f^i'ded to Mr. T. Davies, Dinaspowis. shillings. For the best piece of grey cloth. Awarded to Mr John Bevan, dyer, Pontsenni. lve shillings. To the best writer under 14 years of aFu 4 °n °'ln Rees, of the British and Foreign School, Aberdare. ° 20.-£1. To the best singer with the harp after the man. Coslett Wales. The successful competitor was Cyrus 21.— £ 2. For the best essay 011 "Who is my neighbour ?" Awarded to Mr. Edward Lewis, Eglwysilan. n Shillings. For. the best acrostic to Carad x.—■ This prize was divided between Mr. John Jones, Aberdare, and Mr. David Bowen, Llanelly. 23 -Ten Shillings. For the best four stanzas to the Chair- man. Judge, Gwilym Mai. Awarded to Llew Llwyfo. THE SIX O'CLOCK MEETING. John Roberts, Esq.. opened the proceedings in a pithy and appropriate speech after which the Chairman proceeded to award the remainder of the numerous prizes. 21-—To the best performer on the Triple harp of the Welsh air, "Sweet Richard" with variations. Awarded to Mr. Wm. Thomas, Merthyr. 2o.— £ 2. For the best History of "King Caswallon." Awarded to Mr. Thomas Watkins, (Eiddol Ivor.) 26.— £ 1. For the best song on Fear." Awarded to Mr. Richard Rees. 27.— £ 1. For the best song on Brotherly Love." Awarded to the Rev. Evan Evans, Itisca. 28.— £ 1. For the best song on the Usefulness of Looking Glasses." Awarded to the Rev. E. Evans, Risca. 29.— £ 1 Is. For the best "Song in praise of the friendship which exists between the employers and employed in Aber- aman Awarded to Mr. W. Coslett, Caerphilly. 30.—Ten Shillings. For the best history of Swein's Old House, Hirwain." Awarded to Mr. H. D. Howell. 31.-Ten Shillings- For the best six stanzas on Honesty." Awarded to Ifor Cwm Gwys. Y' 32.— £ 2 2s. For the best six stanzas in memory of the late Mr. Evan Griffiths, Aberdare." Divided between Mr. Thomas Davies, Dinaspowis, and Mr. Thomas, J. Jones, Aberdare. 32.—Five Guineas. For the best Adaptation of the works of Llywarch Hen to the present Welsh orthography." Awarded to the Rev. Robert Ellis, Sirhowy. 33.—A prize. For tile best treatise on The most efficient means of extinguishing Envy in Soelety. Divided between Mr. Jones, Gwron Office, Aberuaie, and Mr. E. M. Jones 34.—A prize. For the best Singers in the South Walian style." Mr. D. Rees was the best male singer, and the prize was divided between Mrs. Krenger and Miss Pnce, they being the best female songstresses. 35.—Five Shillings. For the best Recital of the Old Arm Chair,"—a Welsh translation. Awarded to Miss Sarah Rees. 36—12s. Gd. For the best eight stanzas "On the de- parture of the Rev. Samuel Roberts." To Evan Jones, Dol. gellau. 37.—Fjve Shillings. For the best stanza on Odd Fellow- ship." Awarded to Ifor Cwm Gwys. 38.— £ 1. For the best song on Avarice." Awarded to Mr. Thos. J. Jones, Aberdare. 39.-Ten Shillings. For the best two stanzas "to Mr. John Thomas, Glyn Neath, and Mr. Williams (Carw Coch.) Mr. William Jones, Dowlais, was the successful competitor. Seyewl other prises were awarded tQ the Iwjt singers gf glees, catches, &c., and the meeting was enlivened at interval, throughout the day by speeches, songs, playing on the Welsh harp, &c. In conclusion, the Chairman said that the object of such meetings was to cultivate the Welsh language by offering prizes for the best essays, odes, stanzas, &e., upon certain sub- jects previously announced and published in the Welsh periodicals, by which a spirit of emulation was promoted among the literati of Wales. He was happy to tell them that their efforts upon this occasion had not been in vain, as the adjudicators said that many of the compositions received from the competitors were of a very high character, manifestly evincing that a great amount of labour, time, and talent had been em- ployed upon the different productions. The meeting then terminated.—On the following day a great many were ad- mitted to the orders of bards and ovates by Mr. Jonathan Reynolds, (Nathan Dyfed), Mr. David Evans, auctioneer, i Deu i Haran), and the veteran Mr. Thomas Williams, (Cil- fyuydd), boll yn feirdd yu 01 braint a defod Gwent a Mor- ganwg.