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HORRIBLE TRAGEDY AT GUILDFORD. GUILDFORD, FRIDAY AFTKRNOON.—Independent of the excitement into which this town was thrown into in conse- quence of the commemoration of the 5th November, the neighbourhood of North street was thrown into increased commotion this morning by the announcement that a sotdierhad murdered his wife and committed suiiide. On inquiry our correspondent learned the following particulars On Sunday evening last Full Serjeant Maghe called at Mrs Hedger's, the Coachmakers' Arms, a beer-house in North-street, and stating that he belonged to the 3d Buffs, and was on furlough, applied for lodgings for himself and wife for a few days, and was accommodated* The couple appeared to live very comfortably together up to the evening before the tragic occurrence. He was about 28 years old, and the woman was probably a very few years younger. Yesterday he stated to Mrs Hedger that he expected that his wife's mother was coming to spend a day with them, and to arrange certain family matters. At half-past nine o'clock Mrs Hedger could not arouse the occupants of the room, and, becoming alarmed she sent for Mr Vickers, superintendent of the borough police, who, tearing something was wrong, decided to break open the bedroom door. A most. horrible sight presented itself to his view. The poor woman lay, with her face black, and a long rope wound and twisted tightly round her neck. She was quite dead. Maghe was welter- ing in his own blood, having inflicted a frightful gash two and a half inches in length across his throat. A sharp knife was found lying near him, and his bayonet was by the side of his belt. He had only his trousers and shirt on. Mr Chapman, an army surgeon attached to the military now stationed temporttrity in the town, and Mr Phillips, surgeon, of Guildford, were speedily in attendance and the gash of the unfortunate fellow was sewed up. Mr Henry Taylor, surgeon, was aferwards cat:ed in. Maghe could not speak, but motioned for some water, which was supplied, and after his wound had been stitched up he was able to sup a little brandy, though, of course, he was prostrated from loss of blood. At about one o'clock the medical men in attendance gave some faint hopes of his recovery. The cause of this strange affair has not as yet transpired. PROPOSED VOLUNTEER CONFERENCE. A movement is being inaugurated with respect to the volunteer system which is a most satisfactory proof that its popularity is not only spreading, but that active and energetic :teps are being taken to further its aim in a very important particular. Rifle matches have become a recognised part of the institution, and as no general rules had ever been recognised respecting them, but tha terms of each have depended chiefly upon local con- siderations, it was quite time that some conference or general meeting had been held to decide upon certain re- gulations which should be the guiding basis of all such contests. We are glad to state that a preliminary meeting was held at the St. James's Quadrant, on the 3rd inst., to consider a proposal for holding a conference on I rifle shooting.' The following gentlemen were present; Captain Willimsa, 19th Middlessex; Lieut. Halliday, Civil Service; Captain Field, Honourable Artillery Company; Captain Rutley, 1st Middlesex Artillery Sergeant Thornbury, Victorias; Lieutenant Goodliffe, London Rifle Brigade; Captain Peirce, 1st Middlesex Engineers; Lieut. Scott, London Scottish Mr Dighton, 14th Middlesex; Sergeant Brookes, 12th Middlesex (Barnet); Capt. Fane, 1st Battalion Oxford Capt. Hawkins, St. George's; Capt. Styan, Queen's Westminster; Sergeant Hemming, Inns of Court Ensign Young, South Middlesex; Mr Yatman, West Middlesex Lieut. Cunningham, 18th Middlesex (Harrow); Capt. Lochner, 36th Middlesex (Paddington); Capt. Richards, 37th Middlesex; Ensign Dennison, Central London Rifle Rangers; Lieut. Scott, Ealing; Capt. Peal, St. George's; Lieut. Hislop, 39ih Middle- sex Mr Parsons, Hon Artillery Company Mr Plaskett, Civil Service; Sergeant Tyrrell, Ealing; Sergeant Lintot, St George's; Lieutenant Tyrrell, Ealing Sergt. Lintot, St George's; Lieut. Pocklington, 1st Middlesex Engineers; Capt. Mac Gregor, London Scottish; Capt Woods, Central London Rifle Rangers. Captain MacGregor presided, and after the subject had been thoroughly discussed, it was moved by Captain Fane (Oxford), seconded by Captain Peal (St. George's), and carried unanimously That it is desirable to hold a conference in London of volunteers and others interested in rifle shooting, to consider the management of rifle matches, county meetings, and other competitions, and the regulations as to prizes, entries, and weapons, as well as targets, marking, and scoring, so as to promote tho financial success of such meetings, and to aid the National Rifle Association in its efforts to make rifle practice more popular as a manly exercise, and more effective as a national defence.' Moved by Lieutenant Scott (London Scottish], seconded by Lieutenant Cun- ningham (Harrow), and carried unanimously That such a conference, as proposed in the first resolution, be convened by the gentlemen now present, and that the resolutions of the conference be respectfully submitted to the Council of the National Rifle Association for their consideration.' Moved by Captain Field (Hon. Artillery Company), seconded by Sergeant Tyrrell (Ealing), and carried unanimously That the gentlemen present, and those who have signified their assent, be a committee to carry out the above resolutions, and with power to add to their number. Captain MacGregor to be chairman Captain Woods, vice-chairman and Lieutenant Cun- ningham, hon. secretary. Address, King's College.' It is probable that the conference will take place in January.

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