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-=- EDMOND AND R E E S, AUCTIONEERS, APPRAISERS, ACCOUNTANTS ETC., OFFICES —DARK.- STREET, JIAVETTFORDWEST. -¡ PURE SWEETS. SCHOOLING & Co's PRIZE MEDAL iPITEE SWEETS COMPRISE A great variety of first-rate MACHINE lJIADE CONFECTIONERY Of the most wholesome and delicious character. SOLD BY GROCERS, CONFECTIONERS, DRUGGISTS, &C, IN TRANSPARENT AND OTHER PACKETS, AT ONE PENNY PER OUNCE. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. SCHOOLING & Co., WHOLESALE & EXPORT CONFECTIONERS, BETHNAL GREEN, LONDON. STEAM COMMUNICATION WITH THE SOUTH OF IRELAND, VitNew Milford (Milford Haven)$Water ford. DAILY SERVICE—SUNDAYS- EXCEPTED. \flHE Milford Haven and Waterford Steam Ship Company's A Royal Mail Steamers will sail (wind and weather per- mitting). MILFORD HAVEN & W ATERFORD, From New Milford, 7.5 p.m.,on I From Waterfoi-d, 3.15 p.m,on arrival of the 9.15 a m. express arrival of Uic tram from Cork, and 6 0am third class trains, Limerick, &c, so as to enable BO as' to 'enable passengers to passengers to proceed by the proceed fcv the (5 a.m. train to 9.5 a.m. express tram, reaching 10 as to enable passengers to passengers to proceed by the proceed fcv the (5 a.m. train to 9.5 a.m. express tram, reaching Limerick, Cork, &c. London about 6 p.m. For further particulars apply at any of the Railway Stations, or of ? essr Ford and Jackson, 36, Cannon-street, City, London, and New Milford, South Wales. See Bradshaw's Railway Guide Mid Time Tables. Price One Shilling; free, 13 stamps. Sixth Edition on the VICES OF THE AGE, by the Rev. Dr. Cuming, being a Lecturc delivered at Exeter Hall. J. GILBERT, Great Russell Street. Now Ready, price 2s 6d post free, 30 stamps. "XTERVOUS DEBILITY, a Disease of the Blood, being an entirely new view of the nature of this malady, clearly and most positively demonstrating that the remedies usually prescribed for the removal of this dis- ease, such as iron, mercury, sarsaparilla, cauterization, quinine, &c, are calculated to accelerate and confirm the malady they are intended to remove, and proposing an entirely new but indisputably rational mode of treat- ment, with full instructors for its cure, by Dp. JoiiN P. SARGEANT, M. R.C.S., Consulting Surgeun to the Epileptic Hospital. • We are certain this essay will throw more light on the nature consequences, and treatment, of Nervous, Mental, and Physical Debility, than any other work that has yet appeared, being the result of many year's scien- tific enquiry, observation, and research relating tnereto. —Lancet, Jure 10th. London: GILBERT, Publisher, Great Russell Street; and of the Author, Dr. SARGEANT, 56, Gower Street; Bedford Square. DR. SARGEANT ON THE DISEASES OF WOMEN. Fourth Edition, with Illustrations on Steel, and Pre- scriptions in English. Price One Shilling, free for thirteen stamps. AN ESSAY on the PHYSIOLOGY and SPECIAL DISEASES OF WOMEN, forming a complete Guide to, a; 1(1 with full instructions for the Removal of Emergencies of Youth, Womanhood, or Old Age. Opinions of the Press. 'The subject is treated in a clear, concise, and practical manner, and should be in the bands of all females. Lancet. 1 Will form a valuable addition to the domestic house- hold.'—Medical Circular. Every husband ought to present this essay to his wife, and every mother to her daughter, containing, as it does, most valuable information that concerns their physical and social happiness.'—Meath Journal. SARGEANT ON THE PHYSIOLOGY AND DISEASES OF W«MEN.—This essay will prove an invaluable monitor and guide to avoid those shoals and quicksands upon which many a fair and lovely youth has been wrecked. We venture to say (and we have the corroborative fact of the essay having reached its fourth edition within four months) that the advice, suggestions, and prescriptions are invaluable to every ),, o!,sel! old. Standard, London: GILBERT, Publisher, Great Russell Street; and of the Author, DR. SARGEANT, 56, Gower Street, Bedford Square. ■«■ THISTLETON ON CONSUMPTION. Fourth Edition, price Gel; free seven stamps; On the Treatment and Cure of CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, CHRONIC COUGHS, J and nil Diseases of the CHEST and LUNGS, by the Inhalation of Chlorine Gas, being one ot the most efficacious modes of cure ever practised in this country; with full instructions how and when to use it, by F. M. THISTLETON. T J. GILBERT, Great Russell Street. Price 6d; free, 7 stamps. DID MOSES WRITE THE PENTATEUCH? Questions fully answered, and Dr Colenso refuted. GILBERT, Great Russell Street. RECKITTS' DIAMOND l|ppr BLACK LEAD. WTT.T. BE FOUND MOQE CLEANLY than any other, because being in blocks it doee not drop about like Powder Leads {though used ex- actly in the same way), on the Carpets, Furniture, Clothes, &c. MORE BRILLIANT-Because it is unadulterated, thus every particle produces a splendid metallic kistre. POLISHES MORE QUICKLY—Thus saving the time and labour of the user. AND CHEAPER- Because it is less wasteful, whilst a little goes further than any other kind. RECKITT & SONS, London Bridge, E.C., and Hull, 8old by A E. Thomas, Tea Dealer; Jas. Reece, Grocer, Roach, London Tea Mart, ,r; I F. & J. B. Henly, Wholesale Grocers, Haverfordwest. J T- WHICHBR DAVIES, WHOLESALE CORN, FLOUR, CHEESE, PORTER, & SEED MERCHANT, RESPECTFULLY returns thanks to his numerous Agricultural and other friends for the annually increasing patronage accorded to him, and at the same time T. W. D., in soliciting future favours, piedges himself to supply his customers with Goods of the most Genuine Quality on reasonable terms. Just imported, a Cargo of ALL SOP P' SPA LEA L E, MANDER'S CELEBRATED DUBLIN STOUT, • < Also, a Cargo of Burnard, Lack, & Co's., of Plymouth, CONCENTRATED SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. This Manure has stood the practical test of Field Trials for many years with pre-eminent success. "ill' 1Œ8l- MR. JAMES RIBBON, •' v I PIANO-FORTE, VIOLIN, AND VIOLONCELLO TEACHER Piane-Fortes Tuned. RESIDENCE—ST THOMAS-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST





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