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TENBY. On the 30th ult. the barometer fell to 28*84, being lower than what has been recorded here since the public barometer has been erected, near the harbour, about two years ago. On Monday morning week, John Rees and William Phillips took S'ime of Mr Rogers' workmen to Caldy Island, in the Sausy Jack, a dredging boat belonging to Rees. As the work the masons had to do would only require a few hours, the boatmen went dredging until the masons were ready to return. Meanwhile a terrible gale came on suddenly, and caught them on a lee shore; they buoyed and slipped their dredge, and tried to work the boat off the island, but could not; they then dropped anchor to try and ride it out, but their rope parted. Only one chance they now had for their lives, namely, to run the boat ashore. They set the foresail, and providen- tially ran safely through the heavy surf high on to the beach, where able and willing assistance was immediately rendered by the servants of C. Kynaston, Esq., the pro- prietor of the island, who carried the boat, nothing damaged, above high water mark. The boatmen express the deepest gratitude to Mr and Miss Kynaston for their kindness, as that gentleman had them immediately conveyed to his mansion, where they were supplied with dry clothing, food, drink, and a bed, and where they were hospitably entertained until Wednesday morning, when they were able to launch their boat, and return to Tenby. On the same afternoon the crew of a French brig, at anchor in Caldy Roads, went in two boats for the purpose of picking up an anchor which they had been compelled to slip some time previously, leaving only one man on board. They were also caught in the gale, and could not reach their ship. One boat, with a crew of four men, succeeded in reaching the island, and Mr Kynaston extended his hospitality to them, and had their wants properly attended to. The other boat was blown down the Sound, and out to sea, and would inevi- tably have been lost, had not a steamer been making for the roadstead, whose master took her in tow, and ran her so far to windward as enabled the crew to drop down safely on their own vessel. ELECTION OF TOWN COUNCILLORS. The annual election of members took place on Monday week, but as Messrs. Phelps & Smith did not, we believe, canvas at all, and Messrs. Mends and Hughes but very partially, the day passed off without the usual amount of excitement, the result of the poll being,— Mr S. Davies, Argyle House. 137 Mr H. Williams, Slate House 126 Mr G. Mends, 1 Rockville 98 Mr G. Hughes, Park House 93 Mr J. Smith, Wheatsheaf Inn 25 Mr J. Phelps, Milford House 17 The first four were declared to be duly elected.




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