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TENBY.- ARCHERY CLUB.—The third field day this season came off on Tuesday week, when the meet was numerously attended. The day being fine, a number of visitors were on the ground. TENBY FISHERY.—The take of fish^st week has been very good. On Monday week a considerable quantity of soles, turbot, bream, and hake, were taken. We hear the average value of fish taken by each smack was about jesios. TENBY ARTILLERY VOLUNTEERS.—This corps went out on Monday week for ball practice, when they fired twenty rounds from their battery. The shooting, with the ex- ception of three shots, was good, but although most of j the shots went near the target none hit it. ACCIDENT.—On Monday evening week a serious accident occurred to a child about eight years of age, the son of W. Niohols, tailor, of Tenby. It appears that the little boy was playing on the turn-table at the railway station, when he fell with his leg between the iron work, and the masonry, and the table being moved, his leg was most severely injured by;the flesh beig deeply cut, but the bone was not broken. The wound was skilfully sewed up by G. Chater, Esq., surgeon. VESTRY.—A vestry was held at Tenby, for the purpose of appointing an assistant overseer in the place of Mr Jenkins, lately resigned. A poll being opened, thefo)- lowing competitors entered the listsMessrs G. Mends, G. H. Harries, and W. Smith. An active canvass of the ratepayers had been previously made, and the fo!!o<vinp is the result of the poll :-G. Mends 84, G. Harries 57, W. Smith 37; Mr G. Mends was, therefore, declared the successful candidate. As Mr Mends has for years filled similar situations, we may hope that his experience will enable him to show finished ratebooks. We think that hitherto too great leniency has been shown to ratepayers. The assistant overseer will be aided in this, if all rate payers refused to pay a new rate till they had seen that the old one had been gathered in or excused. If people can pay a rate. let them be made to pay, if not let them be excused; but in the name of all that is upright, let us have clear rate books, and then begin again, not a new leaf, but a new book. In urging this, let us not be sup- posed for moment to throw obstacles in the collector's way, for surely the office itself is sufficiently disagreeable without any mischievous addition. But as before said, we think by this conduct on the part of willing rate payers, his handswill be strengthened, and the desirable i end more easily attained: at all events we believe and hope so. ARRIVALS AT TENBY.—H. Paget, Esq., Trinty Colleges Cambridge; Rev J. Jones, and family, Dowlais; Mr; Carless, and family D. Nicholl, Esq. C. Elton, Esq Miss Higgon, Pembroke; Miss Chambers, Brecon, Master Evans, Banbury Mrs Blackall, ,aqd the Masters Hare, Cliflon; Rev Mr and Mrs Scott; Mrs Stevens, and party, Gloucester; Mrs Stoddart, and party, Glou. cester; Miss Cruntnell, Gloucester G. Nevile Wyatt, Esq, and family, Cheltenham Miss Daunt, Cheltenham; Mrs Arthur Mark, Cheltenham; J. Kellie, Esq., and family, Malvern Colonel, and Mrs Bridge, Cheltenham Rev E. F. and Mrs Day, and family, Cheltenham Henry Brown, Esq., Mrs and family; W. Done Bushell, Esq., St. John's College, Cambridge; Mrs Bushell, Cardiff; Colonel Tborndnke, and family, Bath Mrs and the Misses Rogtrs, Oxford Mrs G. S. Williams and family, Clifton Mr and Mrs Dawson, London Mr Mordaunt, Gatecombe Court, Somerset; Rev. King and Mrs Smith, Bath Miss Apperley Cheltenham H. L. and Mrs Kr.iwnrigg, Esij., 84th Regiment, Pembroke. Dock; Mr and Miss Dugdale, Burnley, Lieut.-Colonel Hunt, Bata Captain Ballard, & family, Pembr6k;-dock L. P. Jacket:, Esq., Clifton Mrs Henry Ridley, Brigh- ton Mrs C.-MS, and family, Bath; Rev J. D. and Mrs Williams, Christ's College, Brecon; Mrs A. Stannard, and family, Haverfordwest; Mrs Crockett, and family, Reading; R. F. St. Andrew St. John, Esq., 60th Rifles, Winchester; J. Houghton, Branoker, Esq., and family, Cheltenham; Miss Herford, Cheltenham; Miss Calrow, Lancashire; Miss Stott, Liverpool; 0. L. Clare, Esq., St. John's College, Cambridge G. H. Tuck, Esq., Trinity College, Cambridge; C. C. Beale, Esq., Trinity College,. Cambridge; T. Tbrelfall, Esq., Trinity College, Cam- bridge; Mr., Mrs., and Miss Young, Cheltenham Mrs Eves, Cheltenham; \tr and Mrs Bagley, Dublin; R. Sbarriott, Esq., junr" Langer Hall, Notts. TENBY AND PEMBROKE RAILWAV.—In our.,last We noticed that an excursion trip was to come off on Satur- day, the 28th ult., from Tenby on the new Railroad between this and Pembroke Dock. Accordingly the engine drew up the carriages, decorated with flags bearing the inscriptions, on one 'Long life to the Con- tractors.' on another 'Success to them,' sentiments we willingly endorse, especially the last, which is so thoroughly ancircumscribed and C»th<>lic in its applica- tion. For who are 'them' gentle reader? the Con- tractors of course-the Directors of courEe-fhe Share- holders of course—the railway-workers (we won't say employees, that's getting used up) of course, last but no* least, the travellers—decidedly the passengers. The ex- quisite, with his bandoline fixatrice, scented like a,cive cat, lounging on his seat, do Ice far niente or ratf}^ indolence, incumbent on those who having nothing ,w do bodily or mentally, set about it and do it con aWAr*' Mr Robinson and his little family come for the bathinei the said little family continually having hair-breadt escapes throughout the whole length of the jou.rne £ j caused by their persistent attempts to get decapiwtM against some buttress or other. Binks, the Bagnan, w'.1 knows every flower or shrub at every station, every porter or guard on the line, and gives his that if a deputation, consistfng of Jack Fustian, of Man"f Chester j Will Button, of Birmingham; To'ii Xnifeall, o Sheffield; and himself—Timotheus Binks—went to. was sent, mark you) Russia, Poland affairs would settled forthwith. Smart market women wi^h laid eggs and delicious butter, straight from the love'J Vale of St. Florence, Hucksters with their baskets'* fish bound inland—nauseous disagreeable smell,— the recollections some few years back of a trip fr0lr Swansea down. But cheer up. Binks, my man, a'tbpV^ you are on this page so close to the fish, you will ,,ot in the same carriage. So again we say Success to The Hon. Bandoline —Mr'Robinson and his Binks—Butter worn an—and Huckster, Success to Pardon the digression, or wandering, whichever y°u s to oell it, only pardon it. X)ne of the carriages allotted to the Tenby Volunteer Artillery Band, ornamented with garlands of flowers, nnd a variety ° colours. At five o'clock the train started with seven or eight hundred people,—some think twelve. o> fourteen hundred, a number, in our opinion, f»r excessive. The ride was much enjoyed, the conpUT passed being highly picturesque, the well known lo^?' ties being seen from other and new points of viewflf" all the freshness and charm of a first view. It was all unusual to hear the question What place is tba»' • Why that is Dear me, how strange it looks•' liitle after nine o'clock the engine and carriages re with their human freight, safe nnd sound, wjthout or hindrance, accident or annoyance. The band through the town, a large number of flags being £ ir'1<), before them. Surrounded by the flag-bearers. finished their evening's musical performance opposite to Cobourg Hotel. So ended the first railway trip from Ten by.




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