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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE GIGANTIC CARBA-GE.-At the Have, in the parish of Camrose, may be seen a cabbage, of the somewhat re- markable height of six and a half feet. The cabbage is of the species known as the borecole. BROAD AND LITTLE HAVEN RACES.—These amuse- ments came off on Monday, under the stewardship of Lieut. W. H. Patten, R.K., Milford, J. T. Fisher, Esq., Robeston Hall, and M. W. LI. Owen, Esq., Cwmgloyne, and were witnessed by a large number of spectators. The sports, which included hotse, pony, donkey, and toot races, jumping in sacks, and other amusing contests, passed off most successfully, and afforded considerable satisfaction to all present. HOUSEBREAKING AND ROBBERY.-A daring robbery was committed at the house 01 Mrs Ann Griffiths, grocer, at Rhosmarket, on Sunday week. On the afternoon of that day Mrs Griffiths attended Divine Service at the parish church, having previously secured the doors and windows of her house. On her return she observed no- thing to arouse her suspicion, but on the following morning, on going up-stairs, she found that a chest had been broken open, and about X30 in money abstracted. The robber must have gained admission by a window in the end of the house. The police are actively investigat- ing the matter, and it is to be hoped that their inquiries will result in the punishment of the offender or offenders. WALTON WEST CHURCH.—A bazaar in aid of the funds for the completion of the above church, was held on Monday, at Harroldstone Hill House, Broad Haven, and was tolerably well attended. There was a large number of fancy and useful articles for sale, and those- unsold during the day, were in the evening disposed of by auction by Mr H. Davies, of Haverfordwest. An admirable band, under the direction of Mr W. L. Hard- ing, of Haverfordwest, played at intervals during the day, and afforded pleasure to numerous spectators. The bazaar originated with some friends of the Church, among whom we may mention Mrs Lort Phillips, of Harroldstone Hill, whose house was most generously placed at the disposal of the managers of the bazaar, and whose ex- ertions on behalf of the Church Fund and similar objects, are deserving of the high praise.