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NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. lt'Z' J //COMMUNICATIONS and ADVERTISEMENTS intended Jor this TO UR N A L should be forwarded carl if in the Week-not lalafllall THURSDAY MOUSING. READERS AND SCBSCRHIEKS.—We should feel obliged such of our friends and readers as will send us information of matters of local and general interest— meetings and incidents occurring in their respective Neighbourhoods. The obligation would be enhanced bY the information being authenticated by the name %I address of the correspondent. "THE LATE DEAN OF LLANDAFF."—We have had such Numerous applications for the paper of Aug. lGth, con- taining the- interesting memoir of the lamented Dean of LlandaiF, that (although we printed 300 additional copies) we have no means of supplying the demand. '\V e have, therefore, at the request of several of our correspondents, printed on a small separate sheet the two notices on this subject which appeared in our paper of the above date and also a short memoir v»'hich appeared at the same time in Felix Firley's Mrisiol Journal. They may be had upon application at our office. our last, several English translations of William Hopkin's amusing Welsh verses, containing a descrip- tion of the slaughtering of the bull of Maesgadlawr, have reached us; and with which, we confess, we were highly gratified, more particularly with that sent by D from the banks of the slow-flowing Ouse,' who evi- dently possesses abilities of no ordinary character; but as we have already devoted a considerable portion (If OUT space to the insertion of an English translation, we feel that we cannot further trespass upon the space allotted to general intelligence by admitting either of our correspondents' favours. The uaauthenticated account of a marriage in the neigh- bourhood of Bridgend cannot be inserted. Cerdd o Ganmoliacth," &c., has been received, and will receive due attention. A Pembrokeshire correspondent informs us that labourers are not scarce in that county, and that a plentiful sup- jdy may be obtained for' wages amounting on the average otilv to Is. 2.1. per day. We copied the state- ment to which our correspondent refers from the co- Junius of a contemporary.


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