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Srtram flabtgatton. THE CARDIFF AND BRISTOL Steam &- tJackttjl R I N (J E OF WALES MATTHEW JONEi, Commander; LADY CHARLOTTE, HENRY JEFFERY, Commander; A RE INTENDED to SAIL during the month of SEP., 4.'1. as follows (from the BUTE SHIP DOCK) Prince of Wales— Mondays, Lady Charlotte Monday* Wednesdays, & Friday*.— ) Wednesdays, and Fridays' *&!) Charlotte—— t'ne*dayi, } Prmce of Wales—Tuesdays' Thursdays, and Saturdays. ( lharsdays, and Saturdays* From CARDIFF. < From BlUSTOL. Sep., 1845. | Sep., 1845. 1. Moaday 3* after ( 1, Monday 5| morn 2. Tuesday. 5 morn > 2, Tuesday 6 morn 3. WEDNESDAY.. 41 after J 3, "Wednesday 6 morn 4, Thursday (i morn > 4, Thursday 6l morn ™» Friday, 6 morn j 5, Friday, 7 morn 6, Saturday 65 morn J 6, Satuiday 8 morn Carriage. and horses to be alongside One hour previous to Time of Sailing. ^•EDUCED FARES :—After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s. Children under Twelve years of age, Half-price; Dogs, Is. each. A Female Steward attends on Board both Packets. Refreshments may be had on board on unUerate terms, 'our-wheel Carriage 2l«.; ditto Phaeion or Gi/, 10s. 6d. *o-wheel, drawn by one horse and driver, 15s.; Horse *'d Rider, After Cabin, 9a; Morse and Rbler, Fore Cabin, *• 6d.; Cattle and Horses, 63. each Sheep, Pigs, and ^Ives, Is. each. Carriages, Horses, Cattle, and Goods, will be subject to Wjding and Wharfages at the •' Hate Dick* *•* Not Accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order all Goods inlended for tI,e PttlNCE OF WALKS, to be sent to Mo. 12, Quay.streel, "r to Robert Chaplin, Cumberland Easin Locks; and for the LADY CH\RJiOTTK, to Ciare-street HQil, Marsh-street, "lid Bull Wharf, Redcliff-street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets it the expense of the Companies. jMerthyr, Newbrulge, Aberdire, Cowbridge, Bridgend, ~fantriuent, and CaetphiUy. — Go.tds forwarded to these 'Sees in Spring Waggons an 1 Lock up Canal Boats im- mediately on arriv.tl, unless ordered by any particular Conveyance, in which case they will be deposited in the team Packet Warehouse Jill callcd for.—Freight to be paid 0|> delivery. afljK tk °('s» Packages;Tarcels, &c., forwarded to all parts of Kingdom without delay, wiien sent to either of their Stearn Packet Offices ill Cardiff or Bristol. 1 Further information a. to Freight, wiil be readily obtained 'y applying to lhe Agents — Mr. Woodman, Agent at the acket Office, on the Wlmrf, Cardiff; or to Mr. G. C. ■'•ASS(»N, Agent, No. 12, Quay-<treet, Bris'ol, for the 'tlNCK OF WALKS Packet; ami of Mr. T. JolIN, at the a«ket Office, un the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. \V. 15. W'tN, 29, Avon Crescent, (lotwdis, Bristol, for the L\DY LaAKL(>lTE Packet. ^VTICE.—The Proprietors of above the Steam Packets give j °tice, that thev will not be accotlntahlc for any Passenger's "■"Sgag0. nor will they he answerable for any Goods, Packages, Ur Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, Leakage, or otherwise) I'lless Booked at either ol their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, above the value of 40s., unless entered at its value, and j,arr'age in proportion paid for the same, at the time of '•Joking.—Goods consigned to order, or not taken away j e'ore Six o'clock iu the evening of the day of landing, will A.e warehOllspJ at the risk and expense of the consignees. II Goods to be considered as liens, not ooly (or freight and targeg due thereon, but also for all previously unsatisfied ,reight and Ctiarges due hy consignees to the Proprietors of Ie said Packets. Disputed weights or measurement, claims °r loss or damage, &c., cannot be allowed, unless a written <>t,Ce of the SAuae he sent to the Office on the day of delivery. Sale# bv faction. ^ESTKA FARM, GLAJIOllGAXSHIRE. MR. R. K. DAVIS LIAS the honour of announcing that he is instructed to submit to PUBLIC AUCTION, 4t the CARDIFF ARMS INN, CARDIFF, 011 SATURDAY, 30th AUGUST, at Two for Three o'Clock, in Five Lots, A VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, ^VANTAGEOUSLY situated in the Parish of Saint Andrews, il Out five miles from Cardiff and ten from Cowbridge, a very rich and fertile part of South Wales, COMPRISING A SUBSTANTIAL BUILT FARM- HOUSE, with GARDEN and OUCHARD, suit- ^'E Yards, with Barn, Beast House to hold 24 head, ABLIIIG for four horses, various useful Outbuildings, and J7 £ RL> 1U0 ACRES of DEEP, STAPLE, and PRO- R„^ FLVK LAND, capable of producingabundant crops, IN Estate is intersected and bounded by good Roads, A pleasant and picturesque part of Glamorganshire, XV TI.,NANC''N° delightful views of the surrounding country Ith the Bristol Channel in the distance. llie Farm is Let to Mr. Thomas Thomas and Mr. °mas Rees, respectable tenants-at-will, at rents PUNTING to £ 120 per annum. A he Estate may be viewed, and Particulars with Litho- J,APHIC Plans had seven days preceding the Sale on the J^RENIISE8) at the usual Inns in the neighbourhood, of cn|CSf'S' '*°°Peri Birch, and Ingram, Solicitors, 68, Lin- J^ U S-Inn-Fields, London, anil of Mr. R. K. Davis, ICTIONEER and Surveyor, 68, Mark Lane, London. SOUTH WALES—COUNTY OF BRECON. TO CAPITALISTS. MOST VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES. To be Sold by Auction, At the BEAR HOTEL, Crickhowell, in the County of Brecon, on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1S45, at II 0 CLOCK in the forenoon of the same day, subject to CONDITIONS to be then and there produced, unless pre- viously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given, in 38 Lots. THE Fee Simple and Inheritance of the UPPER HOUSE FARM, and other Estates, in the Parishes ) CrlCkhowell, Llangenny, and Llangattock, Breconshire, E'Y belonging to Henry Rumsey Williams, Esq., «eceas«d. The greater part of this most desirable Property is ^!tuated amidst s cenery that is equally elegant and noble, JO and near the flourishing town of Crickhowell, on the • of the much admired River Usk. In those Portions of the Estates which are contiguous to the town, AND on the Great South Wales road, leading from Mon- RTLOU'h to Brecon, are LeautiM spots, on which may be ^•CCTED Villas, that will command magnificent and diver- sified views, and which will be sold to suit the conveni- of purchasers. THE land, containing about 400 acres of rich Meadow, Rable, and Pasture, is remarkable for its fertility, and llJay be greatly improved. The Woods, which are in a very thriving condition, Word excellent Covers for Game, and add much to the grandeur of the surrounding scenery. ON the Property is a Quarry, in which may be ob- AIned a supply of good Stone for Building purposes. Coal and Lime may be procured in the neighbourhood r2, cheap rate, the roads being good. -The Property adjoins the extensive Estates of his RACE the Duke of Beaufort, those' of Joseph Bailey, 8R]«» and others. The neighbourhood of Crickhowell has long been re- NOWNED for its salubrity; it furnishes the Sportsman and NGLOR with abundant means of gratifying his taste. can surpass the magnificence and beauty of its 1 There are Fox Hounds and Harriers in the neighbour- load. and the hunt there is of the first description. Also SIX Shares in the Abergavenny and Brecon Canal likewise to be disposed of. "E above Property will be Sold in convenient Lots extent and description of which are detailed in Printed particulars, and maps thereto annexed, which be had at the principal Inns in North and South J/ALE8 and in the Public Rooms in London, Bristol, LVerpool and Dublin and any further particulars may e had by application to Mr. THOMAS DAVIES, Llan- Sattock Court, near Crickhowell; Mr. ROBERT LLOYD *;LLIS, Surveyor, Carnarvon; and to Mr. EDWARD UMSEY WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE LET, 4ND ENTEBED UPON AT THE 2ND FEB., 1846, HKOIITOM FARM, SITUATED in the Parishes of Lancarvan and Wen- voe, containing about 228 Acres of Meadow. Arable, ?^D Pasture Land, intended to be Let in two separate 'ARMS; the upper one to contain about 48 Acres with 'P present Dwelling-House and Outbuildings and the O^VER one will consist of about 180 Acres with a new Welling.House and a complete set of commodious ARF,M Buildings. These Farms are conveniently situated within 2 Miles 'PF Barry Harbour, and at an easy distance from the larket Towns of Cowbridge and Cardiff. The Woodward residing at Molton will point out the "division of the Farms, and for further Particulars apply to Mr. George Halket, Wain skill, Bridgend, Glaroor- gauehire. TO JUDGES IPjlll OF FINE TEAS. HEHStY WiSBBEH, CABDirF & MEKTIIYR GUARDIAN OFFICE AGENT FOR THE SALE OF THE ASAM TEA COMPANYS RAISE A\D PECULIARLY FINE TEAS, REQUESTS the favour of an Order from Connoisseurs, and those desirous of obtaining a really exquisitely flavoured lea. J I After once partaking of the highly exhilarating and aromatic Asam Tea, but few oan persuade themselves to use any ther, especially as it is found not to be injurious to the nerves; and as the Asam Tea has been proved to produce at east six, and m most cases eight good cups of Tea, where the same quantity of Chinese would produce only four ups of inferior flavour—both luxury and economy combine to recommend the Asam Teas. NAHOOLEAH PEKOE 5 0 I MAZENGA GREEN TEA 6 0 CHERIDOR SOUCHONG 6 0 | THOURA GREEN TEA 1 0 These Teas can only be obtained in one pound, half-pound, and quarter-pound sealed packets, with the Company's Address and Arms on the Envelope. r Many are selling spurious imitations ef the Company's Teas, but none are genuine unles3 having their Seal and Address, No. 11, CROOKED LANE, KING WILLIAM STREET, on them. SOLE AUTHORISED AGENTS. ^01 XA?SE* Miss Arnold, Confectioner, Cross-Street. 1 or MERrHYR Mrs. Ann Williams, Confectioner, High-Street. lorNEWPORi Mr. M. Evans, Bookseller, 35, High-Street. AGENTS WANTED FOR SOME OF THE LARGE TOWNS IN ENGLAND AND WALES. Published every Saturday, on a large sheet of 24 pages, price 4d., or stamped 5d., THE CRITIC, JOURNAL OF BRITISH AND FOREIGN LITERATURE, ART AND MUSIC GUIDE TO THE LIBRARY AND BOOK CLUB, AND BOOKSELLERS' CIRCULAR. 1 THE CRITIC was established two years since, and has obtained its present popularity and extensive circulation by its many original and attractive features. Its thorough independence has made it the adopted guide for most ot the Libraries and members of Book Clubs in the Kingdom. The interest as well as instruction ot the reader is studied in every department. It is strictly neutral as to sects and parties, but it opposes the sceptical philosophy of <)Mher Literary Journals. Its most novel arrangements are A Journal of English Literature. The Tourist (containing communications useful Notices of all New books, Music, and Works of to Tourists at home and abroad). Art. Critic of Inventions, &c. Journal of German Literature. Journal of Mesmerism. Journal of Freneh Literature. Bookseller's Circular. Journal of Italian Literature. Together with the usual Correspondence, Original Journal of Spanish and Portugese Literature. Papers, Literary Intelligence, &c., &c. A stamped copy, as a specimen, sent to any person forwarding his address and three penny postage stamps. N.B. A stamped copy for his own use supplied to any Bookseller or Circulating Library Keeper, at cost of stamp and paper only, 011 transmission of half a year's subscription (4s. 4d.) in penny postage stamps. Orders, Advertisements, and Books, Music, and JVods of Art f»r review, to be sent to the Office. CRITIC OFFICE, 29, ESSEX STREET, STRAND, AND OF ALL BOOKSELLERS. 0otice0♦ -+- Mioat inter omnes HALFOUDUM Sidus, veliit inter ignes Luna Minnres !HOR. THE ROYAL DOMESTIC MEDICINES. ■ sstMf The R0YAI- FAMLLY (Aperient) J P,Lf's of Hie late Sir HKNItY HALFORD,. Hart., M.D., ami for 35 YR-ARS PHYSICIAN to the KOYAI. FAMILY, were, during this period, JJL tested by him, "AS THE U RP SAFKST "D MILDFCST FAMILY jV/v J*MEDlclNtS, in a!l disorders of ^5'N ^le ^l0l"ac'1, Liver, and Bowels, & /K whether arising from Biliousness, Indigestion, &c. and for rcniov- i ing Nervous and Sick Head-ache; F t"t. or relieving habilnal Constipation, by producing a healthy and free action of the Liver. It is well known that Geo. IV. received the greatesthenrfit from his rilKVENnVE UOUT and KHEUMATlC PILLS, in which diseases they mitigate the severest paroxysms, without producing nausea or any prostrating effects. In Asthmas. Influenza, and C.«ughs of Long Standing, hi- CEMSBIIATKD COUGH PILI,S" stand nurivalled,-pre- venting tickling in the throat, and fits of coughing, which so generally attend these complaints. His CARMINATIVE or SOOTHING SYRUP, being free from any preparation of opium, or other dangerous narcotics, hlas obtained the approval of the most eminent members of the medical piofes>ion,—facts which render it the safest and most valuable remedy in Acidity of the Stomach, Gripes, lllccup, Uestlessness, Teething, and the usual infantile attacks. The public may rest assured that they are each faithfully prepaied from Sir Henry's original prescriptions, and cun pounded of those very expensive ingredients (fur which he was remarkable) Oy an eminent Chemist of 30 years' practical experience in olspellsing.-iacts of the greatest moment to the public at large. To the Proprietor of the" Royal Domestic Medicines." 2 High-street, Swansea, June 24th, 1845. ferl inucli pleasure ill coininiinicatiiig to yoti, the gratifying intelligence, that the HOYAL DOMESTIC MKUICINLS are highly valued heri1. About two weeks ago, an elderly gentleman, named Edwards, caint; to me for a box of llalford s Celebrati d Cough I)ills; he was nearly sutlocated with As lima, and had a distressing Cough. Yesterday he called for two boxes more, saying, that previous to taking them he had not enjoyed one night's rest for months, and that his past pains and sufferings appear like a dream. 1 bis gentleman has been afflicted for many years, and is now recovered. The ROYAL TAMII.Y (Aperient) I'dls are s.til, by many, to be the best they ever took for Bilious Aflections, t>ick Head- ache, &c. Whilst I am writing, a C'apiaiu Davis called for six boxes to take to sea for his own use, adding that they were, without exception, the best Medicines he had ever taken." Yours, very respectfully, (Signed) S. RICHARDS. Extract of a Letter, dated 26th May, 1845, from Mr. Warhurst, Chemist, Fleet-street, Bury, Lancashire. I consider the Hoyal Family Pills a very excellent medi- cine. they give general satisfaction here, and are in great demand. I am nearly out of stock,—.therefore send me, as before, ten dozens, and a case of the Gout and Rheumatic Pills. Amongst the numerous parties who have spoken of the benefits jeceived by the use of the Halford Medicines, I will allude to a very respectable lady here, who, having re- ceived a perfect cure of a constant sick head-ache, loss of appetite, and a rising of the stomach (as she described it) almost to suffocation,' called on Tuesday for another box, desired me to express and report to you her best thanks, say- ing, she should be most happy in being referred to, through should any respectable peisou desire 11. I shall, there- fore, avail myself of so respectable a testimony, and think you would do well to advertise the same. Extract of a Letter, dated U7th March, 1845, from Mr. R. Brook, 25 6, 26, Buxton-road, Huddersjield. Mr. W-, of this town, says, 'lie has tried a great many Mcdicinse for pains in the head, but has not received benefit from any, before taking HALFORD'S KOYAL FAMILY Aperient) P II,LS.' I could name several others-but this ia a highly repectable man, well known objecting, however, to his name being published." It is e-pecially worthy of remark, that the doses of these I'ills in no instance exceed Two,—iudeed, one generally is sufficient this proves their intrinsic superiority over the monstrously absurd doses of "vegelaùle compounds." and other inert trash, which are daily paraded before the I ublic. CAUTION.—OBSERVE, The TITLES ARE EN- G!tAVKD,) by order of her Majesty's Honorable Commis- si ners of Stamps), UPON THE GOVE UN M ENT STAMP of these ROYAL DOMESTIC MEDICINES: and on each Box and Bottle the PORTRAIT OF SIR HENRY, with a fac-simile of the signature of C. B. HAWKINS. ALL OTHRRS ARE SPURIOUS Sold Wholesale by the Proprietor, C. B. HAWKINS, 33, Hastings-street, Burton Crescent, London; and by Messrs. Sutton and Co., Row Church-yard j Edwards, St. Cuurch-yard; Sanger, Oxford-street; by 1'. Harris, Bull Ring, Birmingham Mander, Weaver, &c., Wolverhampton and retail, by the Agents specially appointed, in every lown in the kingdom. Price Is. lid. and 2s. 9d.—Stamped. AGENTS. Cardiff-Mr. C. M'Carthy, Chemist, &c., High-street; Merthyr Tydvil—Mr. J. Davies, Druggist; Abergavenny —Mr. T. W. Davies, Stamp-office; Carmarthen Mr. Mortimer, Chemist, The Cross Swansea-Mr. S. Richards, 2, High-street; Mr. Williams, Cambrian- office Brecon—Mr. P. Bright, High-street; Mr. Wil- liams, Silurian-office Hay-Mr. J. Maddy, Druggist; Pontypool and Abersychan-Messrs. Wood, Druggists, Newpurt-Mr. Jenkins, Chemist, Commercial-street; Ross-Messrs. Farror and Dobles, Booksellers; Here- ford-Alr. Hook, Broad-street; Gloucestet—Mr. Lowe, Southcate-street; Bath—Messrs. Mayler & Son, Herald- office;0 Mr. King, Market-place; Mr. Baker, Milsom- street; Mr. Webb, Cheap-street; Bristol and Clifton Messrs. Ferris and Score, Chemists to the Queen, Union- street, &c., &c. ilottcee* CARDIFF PAJVTECMICOjV. B. KEARNEY, IN returning thanks to his numerous Friends and the _L Public generally, for the very liberal patronage he has received since his commencing Business in CARDIFF, begs to observe that he adopts the familiar adage— "Honesty is the best policy," as his Motto in Trade; and further observes, that the Goods purchased at the PANTECHNICON cannot be surpassed for style, quality, or cheapness, by any Establishment in the Kingdom. His MILPUFF BEDS. ill great variety, cannot be equalled in quality or price; and his Goods generally, such as CHAIRS, TABLES, DRAWERS, BED- SIEADS, IRONMONGERY, &c., will be found well worthy attention. WHEN GOODS OF OTHER DAYS ARE FADED. When goods of other days are faded, And all their brightness tieù- When feather-beds must be provided By those who wish to wed: Then come, and hasten to 13. Kearney, There's danger in delays. And there you'll save one-half the money- His shop is in the Ilayes. His feather-beds, sheets, quilts, and blankets, With goods upon the shelves,- His four-post, tent, and other bedsteads, Will recommend themselves: Chairs, tables, drawers, and other goods, Too high we cannot praise- Then come, and hasten to 13. Kearney, His shop is in the Hayes. MR. PROUT, 229, STRAND, LONDON- Doncaster, September 26th, 1844. SIR,-The following particulars have been handed to as with a request that they might be forwarded to yr,u. with pel- mission for their publication, if you should deem them worthy of such. J. BKOOKIi & Co., Doncaster. ELIZABETH RREARLKY, residing in Duke-street, Donias- ter, aged between 40 and 50, was severely afillcled with Rheumatism, and confined to her bed for a period of nearly two months, with scarcely the power to lift her atln she was signally benefitted after taking two doses of BIJAIK'S GOUT A N I) RHEUMATIC PILLS, and after finishing two boxes was quite recovered." The above recent testimonial is a farther proof of the great efficacy of this valuable medicine, which is the most effective remedy for Gout. Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago, Tic Dolo- roux, Pains in the Head and Face often mistaken for tooth- che, and for all Gouty and Rheumatic Tendencies. It is also gratifying to have permission to refer to the fol- lowing gentlemen, selected from a multitude of others, whose station in society has contributed to advance this popular medicine in public esteem: J. H. Mandall, Esq coroner Doncaster; the Rev. Dr. Bloinberg; the Chevalier de Garde; Mr. Miskin, brewer and maltster, Dartford; jvjr> Richard Stone, Luton; John J. Giles, Esq., Frimley j jyjr" Innwood, Perbright; Wm. Courteuay, Esq., Barton Stacey near Andover Railway Station, Hants; all of whom have received benefit by taking this medicine, and have allowed the proprietor the privilege of publishing the same for the benefit of the afflicted. Sold by Thomas I'rout, 229, Strand, London; and by his appointment by Mr I hos. Stephens, druggist, Merthyr TydVj]. iNi r. Phiilips, Cardiff; Mr. Farror, Monmouth Air. kvillia Brecon; Mr. Williams and Mr. Phillips, Newport; and all re- spectable Medicine Venders throughout the United Kingdom, —Price 2s. 9d. per box. Ask for BLAIR'S GOUT AND BHIvUMATIC PILLS, and observe the name and address of Thomas Piout, 229, Strand, London," impressed upon the Government Stamp affixed to each box of the Genuine Medicine. NO MORE SUFFERING FROM CORNS OR BUNIONS. Jones' Philosophical Remedy Immediately enables the greatest sufferer to walk with the most perfect ease and comfort. Before mankind were doom'd to use The Chinese cramps-called boots and shoea, How free were they to point the toe" Wherever Fancy bid them go! But ah what direful cousequence Afflicted their j>eda)ic sense When custom brought them into Fashion I Many a man who had no passion, That is to say, by nature given, Was by a swearing anguish riven; Corns, Blisters, and those wretches—Bunions, Made his eye-, weep, ay more than onions, Or even Peas which Pilgrims use To harden penitential shoes 1 Unfitted for society, Sour-temper'd soon he came to be- The dearest friends' approach he thought Was with intent of mischief fraught. His understanding weaken'd thus, He liv'd in constant pain and fuss! But Mercy, that divinest maid, At length call'd Science to her aid, And through her Agents, JON ES & Co., Soon sent relief for all his woe No longer now he pines and frets, All former suffering he forgets," And moves on "light Elastic toe" As e'en St. Leon or Perrot! No boots too tight—no leather pinches. Erewhile they killed him, ay, by inches; A LIGHT HOUSE in the Strand he sees, The home of coinfcrt and of ease, Wiiere, after others' vain endeavour, Corns and Bunions, aye! forever, Quit the tortur'd foot and Bee Before an instant remedy. This remedy for the Relief and Cure of Corns, Bunions &c., is ofteied to the Public as quite original, aud totally different from all others that have hitherto been advertised. II WILL AFFORD IMMEDIATE Rlil.IEF, and, by atten- tion to the directions, will ultimately cure the worst Corn or Bunion that ever tortured humanity its composition is such as to combine PROJECTION AGAINST FUTURE PAIN with an instant removal of the cause of present suffering. In other words, it is a MECHANICAL & MEDICINAL nE- MEDY. Any person suffering from the agony and pain of a Corn or Bunion, so as to be incapable of placing the foot to the ground, on the application of this remedy, may immediately walk with the greatest ease and comfort. 1 repared aud Sold by Messrs. Jones and Co, 201, Strand, London, and by all Vendors of Patent Medicines, in Boxes at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each, and sent postage free to any address, on receipt of fifteen postage stamps. WHOLESALE AGENTS. Edwards, St. Paul's Churchyard Barclay & Son, 95, Far- pgdon ttrect; Sutton & Co., Bow Churchyard. • Hotter#, SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. SOUTH WALES RAIL'V A Y. THE Royal Assent having been given to the South Wales Railway Bill, holders of Scrip in that under- taking are desired to forward the same to this office on or before Monday, the 8th of September next, with a letter, requesting to be registered for their respective shares, a form of which letter will be furnished on application to me. The ffceipt of the Scrip will be duly acknowledged, and sealed certtiicates prepared for exchange as soon as possible, of which due notice will be given. Shares in respect of which no application for registry shall be made on or before the. above date will be registered in the names of the original subscribers; after which no shares can be passed otherwise than by formal transfer under the Act. By order, N. ARMSTRONG, Secretary. 449, West Strand. London, Aug. 8, 1845. [PROVISIONALLY RuGisi-BaEU.] THE VALE OF XEATII RAILWAY: CONNECTING Swansea ft Neath with the Town of Merthyr Tydvil, LeDgth, 22 miles: Capital, £ 500,000; in 25,000 Shares of £ 20 each. Deposit, £ 2 per Share. PROVISIONAL COMN[ITTEI-.i The Right Hon. the Earl of Jersey Henry John Grant, lOsq., The Gnoll, Neath Nash Vaughan Edwards Vaughan, Esq., Rheola, Neath John Bruce Pryce, Esq., of Duffryn, Cardiff Morgan Morgan, Esq., Bodwigiad, Merthyr Tydvil John Peirse Kennard, Esq., London Henry Thomas, Esq., Preswlfa, Neath, Vice-Chairman of the Quarter Sessions for the County of Glamorgan James Wittit Lyon, Esq., Miserden Park, Cirencester, and Neath Wm. Meyrick, Esq., Gwailod-y-Garth, Merthyr Tydvil David Evans, Esq., banker, Merthyr t'ydvii Reverend Thomas Gronow, Court Herbert, Neath James Sliejdierd, jun., Esq., of Ynisarwed Colliery John Whitlock Niclioll Carne, Esq., D.C.L., Dimland House, Cowbridge Edward Lewis Richards, Esq., Merthyr Tydvil Robert Place Leyson, Esq., Neath Michael John Michael, Esq., merchant, Swansea Rees Morgan, Esq., Neath William Leyson, Esq., Neath William Meyrick,jun., Esq., Merthyr Henry Jones, Esq., Heathfield House, Cardiff Robert Evans, Esq., merchant, Neath Herbert Edward Evans, Esq Eagles-bush, Neath Wm. Weston Young, Esq., merchant, Neath Wm. Llewellyn Powell, Esq., merchant, Taibach Wm. Thomas, Esq., Merthyr Tydvil William Oossage, Esq., Birmingham and Neath William Price, Esq., lilantwrch, Swansea William Whittington, Esq., Neath Frederick Pratt Barlow, Esq. l Directors of the Great fobert Frederick Gower, Esq.) Western Railway Co. he Viscount Viliiers, M.P. Louis Vigurs, Esq. j rx- » c.. o D.A.Saunders Davies, Esq., M.P. J Du-ecto™<rfrt>eSouth David Lewis, Esq. j W ales Railway Co. Archibald F. Paull, Esq. ) Charles Lean, Esq Cwm Avon, Taibach Sankey Gardner, Esq., Eagle Bush Foundry, Neath Joseph Rusher, Esq., Glyn Leiros, Neath Rowland Fothergill, Esq., Hensol Castle, near Cowbridge Edw. Robert Wood, Esq., Stouthall, Swansea With power to add to their number. Engineer-I. K. Brunei, Esq. Bankers—Messrs. Denison, Heywood Kennard & Co., 4, Lombard-street, London. Solicitors- Nlessrs. W. O. and W. Hunt, 10. Whitehall, London; H.S. Coke, Esq., Neath. PROSPECTUSES may be had, and applications for shares may be addressed, in the form annexed, to the Secretary, at the offices of the Company, 449, West Strand, London, and to the Solicitors ill London, or Neath. In the allotment of the shares of this company, a pre- ference will be given to parties locally interested, and to the proprietors of shares in the South Wales Railway Company. The usual power will be taken by the act, to allow in- terest at 4 per cent. per annum, on the amount of sub- scriptions paid up aud no subscriber will be answerable for more than the amount of bis deposit of E2 per share, until the act is obtained, and then not beyond the amount of his subscription. JFORM OF APPLICATION. To the Provisional Committee of the Vale of Neath Railway. Gentlemen—I request that you will allot me shares of Twenty Pounds each, in the proposed Vale of Neath Railway Company, on the terms and conditions of the Prospectus, and 1 undertake to pay the deposit, and sign the necessary deeds when required. Dated the day of 1845. Name Profession Place of Abode*. Reference VALE OF NEATH RAILWAY. Notice is hereby given, rriHAT NO APPLICATIONS FOR SHARES in JL this Railway will be received after MONDAY, the 1st of SEPTEMBER next. By order of the Committee 1'RED. G. SAUNDERS, r Secretary pro tem. 419, West Strand, London, ) 12th August, 1845. S Sydenham's Antibilious Aperient Family Pill of Health, For both Sexes, entirely Vegetable, prepared from the Prescrip- tion of that eminent l kysician, Ur. SYDESHAM, who was justly sfylsd the,, bather of Modern Medicine." A MOST valuable remedy for Bilious and Liver Com- plaints, Indigestion, Head-Ache, Giddiness, Loss of Appetite, Flatulency, Gout, Kh eumatisin, Heartburn, I Spasms, Lowness of Spirits, Costiveness, &c. These cctebratcdFAMfLY I ILLS have been faithfully dis- pensed by the present Proprietor for more than 30 year*, and have obtained from all grades of the community a character »tid reputation which no medicine of a similar nature has hitherto acquired. Dr. SYDENHAM'S PILLS being a most happy combination of vegetable matter, and not contain- ing any mercurial preparation, require neither continement nOr alteration in diet during their use. Moderate exercise in- creases their good effects. They may be taken at any time when the bowels are costive and uneasy; and Sydenham's PIlls should be taken by persons of all ages, as they assist | digeslion correct excesses of the table, give a healthy action and tone to the stomach, remove all complaiuts to which the digestive organs are subject, and will lead to health and cheer- ful,old age. families and the Proprietors of Boarding Schools should never be without an adequate supply of this admirable Family Medicine, as SYDENHAM'S PILLS maybe resorted to with the greatest safety an.! success, on the first appearauce of indis- position, and by adopting this practice, many serious and too often fatal attacks will be entirely prevented. The following is the opinion of an eminent Physician, practis- ing extensively in Bristol and Clifton:- H I have eumined the composition of Dr. Sydenham's Pills, and consider them a very valuable remedy in all cow plaints to which the Digestive Organs are subject, especially Bilious affections, and an iunumerable variety of diseases which are the consequences of au iiregular and imperfect action of the organs of digestion." » » The most delicate Females, the young and aged, prefer SYDENHAM'S PILLS to most other aperients, as they are beneficial to their general health, improve their appearance, and being a VEGETABLE PREPARATION, they are at once tnild, safe, anj effectual. The high opinion entertained of STDENHAM'S FAMILY PlI.LS, by many of the most eminent of the Fa.cuity.io pre- sent practice, (as well as the number ot gratifying Testimonials the Proprietor is constantly receiving from persons of the highest respectability and standing in society who have been materially bcnefilled by their use,) renders any eulogium on their merits superfluous, and must convince the most sceptical of the superior properties of this valuable established medi. cine, acknowledged by thousands as the best, safest, and most effectual Family Medicine now before the Public. e These Pills are sent abroad by the London exporting houses. Merchants and Captains of vessels will find them au almost indispensible acquision to their Medicine Chests, they are so prepared as to retain their medicinal properties in any extreme of climate. Small Boxes, Is. Hd. & 2s. 9J.—Fami'y Boxes, <ls.6d.&lls. extreme of climate. Small Boxes, Is. Hd. & 2s. gj.-Family Boxes, <ls.6d.&lls. On the Family Boxes there is a considerable saving. Prepared by the sole Proprietor, J. RhRS, Bristol, And Sold Wholesale by the following appointed Agents- Barclay and Sons, Uo, Farringdon Street; Hdwards 07, and Newbery, 45, St. Paul's Churchyard; Sutton and Co., 10, Bow Churchyard Sutler, 4, Cheapside, (and 64, Sackville- Street, Dublin); Drew, Hayward, a"d Co., Hush Lane; Treacher, Osborti, and C< 28, Wilson Street, Finsbury Square, London; and mlly be had lletail of every respectable Druggist, Stationer, and Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. CAUTION.—Purchasers should be especially particular in asking for "SYDENHAM'S PILL HLALTfj," and be sure that the signature of J. RfcES, BrIstol," is on the Go- vernment Stamp which surrounds each box, as without this mark of authenticity none %re genuine. ítoticrø. PARR'S LIFE PILLS. The extraordinary success of this medicine is the wonder of U uS buen lned hundreds Of thousands as an ti e «?ni ,haS ,n ever> in8ta«ce done goo.i, it has never iu rt..Q i?8t £ ree ""Paired the most delicate constitution, ot PAl/li°s "iTk-l i>7i 'httl perseverance in the use and b W,tl coaiPie,ely cu.e any disease, vah,!n i,v,"8.wllneM" ol the benefit received iro.u this in won' f medi! me.—Iestnnonials are received daily, anu it wou u be impossible m a newspap. r, to pubii.h onc-hali in an° are selected as peopi,. wel| kll0»n .no .MVi res^cuve "e'Shb0Urh0ods' an<1 testimony u ;.nq esi.nnab e. Further Sdeet, ot Teai.moma.s and the Agents U Old Pan" may be had, grans, 01 all Testimonials in favour of Parr's Life Pills. The following important testimony to the efficacy of PARR'S *S L"S JUSt Ujeu ruc' l»(.d by U,e Proprietors. To Messrs. T. UOaEitlS & Co., London. oInc v -ii 1 Athloue, December 7, 1844. I rl f',7, P aSB l° Se"'1 0 «"> «»>'« Pauii's 1 ,L,-S» am Just «ut. Th.-y are. ukiug ,veli. aud, 1 can asMire you, ihey are domg an immensity ot good every on- tnC^U'T ^tious of tht Liver ana Stouten derive a great deal ot beuetit. ours, cic '#J WILLIAM (j 1 LC H lUST, —— Apothecary and i>u:geou. Communicated by Mr. F. C. LA I)BURY, Disposing Chemist Wednesbnrv, Statloidshire. «mc n -i Dill Top Sep. 4. S US,-Considering u,e public would be benefitted by Uic PAKKT^'IFK 'F, EXT/RUi"a'* <-■>* produced by UK.ng ih. J f B "'OSt rBSP<ct'"l'y i„ forward you the particulars ot my case, so that tiie proprietors may be made awaie ot it. 1 was fJrst attacked in lod7, with a .Ner- vous A (lection and Dyspepsia, or indigestion, which caused, a tunes, very greai constipation of tbe bo*els, aud excruci- ating pain, tor winch I went under the care 01 several meuicai gentlemen, and one physician III Birmingham without deny- ing any great benefits; in 1839^40 I was very much worse, and tbe attacks came on more frequently, and continued up to ■March, 1343, when accidentally hearing ot PARKS LlFK i ILLs, I was induced to try them, and with very great success so much so that it has all lell mc, and I am able to follow inj employment as I used to do piiortomy a;tacK, & beg liutner to state that 1 fed stronger thau ever I did in ulY life betore, and my ooks bespeak it. I always keep" box 01 the pilis by nu- a.iu use ti,cm when nature requires an apenent medicine.' Wishing the proprietors every success with their valuable pre- scription. I am, Sir, youis obediently JO J J .N THOMAS. I ai,-VUVEM)F c°NSUMPTIVE ASTH.YIV. I bVve r ,M t tK J>0L'.WLAS> do h«'°by declare the good lear lh/o'i w T l'AHR'S P'Lt.s Iu the year fi>40 f Wil!> aifliC.etJ w,(h a dis £ resim^ Ast/l do' not'i.thT1"?" U'"dl reduced ,ne°to deaths •he ino t lmm M g '7 SpU"di"S "ear £ '2a0 consulting TV "U'alCdl ,Ue" m »"<! Edinburgh, my advised rI V UUaUaleJ- ilUd 1 W*s> « reLmcc- the 'aine t, °' w,lich 1 » 1 1FK s VaS rCCO""Ilemie'1 friend to take I AKR'S Utt -1 ILLi'- 1 commenced with them the sori, of 1845 experiencing relief, I persevered, aud am no, in Ee,vLC"n' 1 to AIT 21 "F D" 1 LO M.to my wonileitul cure kno-.n to the Proprietors, and to recmn- welid soluellillig to the adllcted worihy of a fair tnal aud IIU favour. 1 have recommended them to many of my friends, <xuU they have all found relief. July iü, I<JU. A l,hX.SOEll DOUGLAS, Farmer, W ituCâS to the above, ALEXANDER CVTIIBERT, Stolswell-roa,J, Dundee. To Mr. J. UOlilNSON, I'atrington, Agput for PARR'S LIFE PILLS. r .'i8' CC,' a ^u,y owe to you to express my gratitude i?i, .« 8 benL'fil 1 have derived by takiug PARK'S LIFE "VIIJ8 •ua'ed Ulany years from an Astbm.uic Com- plaint, Snonness ot Breath, &c., and having tried various meccmes lor the complaint, but all to no purpose, I was per- t.IT, V l «RR S UF* FlLLSi ll'e «ir« box I took I t in. great benefit, aud by persevering they have perfectly Ule> only look three Is. IJd. Uoxes. I remain your obedient servant, v „ WILLIAM PKARSON. Anyone doubting the accuracy of the above state- ment, may through the agent, Mr. itouiasou, be diected to me wtio will authenticate its truth. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. »• Beware of spurious imitations of the above Medicine, none are genuine unless the words, i'ARh's LIFE i'lLLS" are in WHiTE LETTEItS on a RED GROUND, engraved in the Government Stamp, pasted round each box aiso the fat-simile of the signature of the Proprietors, u T. KOBEKTS & Co., Crane Court, Fleet Strcer, London," on the directions. Sold in Boxes at Is. lid., 2s. 9J., and family packets lis. each, by all respectable Medicine Venders. TWENTY-FIFTH THOUSAND. In « sealed envelope, price 3.s.; and sent free, on receiving a post-office order for Gd. "MANHOOD;" TWENTY-FIFTH EDITION. f 11HE CAUSES ofitsPREMATURE DECLINE, with X. PLAIN, DIRECTIONS for its Perfect RESTORATION, addressed to those sufiferiug from the destructive Effects of Excessive indulgence, Solitary Habits, or Infection followed by Observations on Marriage, and the Treatment of Syphilis Gonorrhoea, Gleet, &c. Illustrated with Cases, &c., BY J. L. CURTIS & CO., Consulting Sturgeons. 7, Frith Street, Soho Square, London. Published by the Authors, and Sold by Strange, I Pater- noster How; Burgess, Medical Bookseller, 28, Coventry- street, Hay market; Mann, 3.J, Cornhill, London; Ferris and coie, Chemists to the Queeu, Union-street, Bristol Need- u111'. <roucesler; Watson, Shrewsbury; Times Office, Hereford and in Bangor, by Mr. Richard Williams, Chemist, Market-place; Guest, Birmingham; Sowler, 4, St. Ann's- square, Manchester; Philip South, Castle-street, Liverpool Fanning aud Co.. Dublin; Robinson, (Messrs.) 11, Green- side-stieet, Edinburgh and Sold in a sealed envelope by all Booksellers. J OPINIONS OF TIIE PRESS: « This work, a TENTH edition of which is now presented to the public ten thousand copies have been exhausted since its first appearance, has been very much improved and enlarged by the addition of a more extended and clear detail of general principles as also by the insertion of several new and highly in- teresting cases. The book, as has been already stated, in the lesult of very ample and daily increasing experience is a class of diseases, which for some unaccountable reason, have been either altogether over locked, or treated almost with in- difference by the ordinary medical practitioner. The numberless instances daily incurring, wherein affections of the lungs, putting on all the outer appearances of consumption which, however, when traced to their source, are found to result from certain baneful habits, fully proves that the principle of the division of labor is nowhere more applicable than in medical practice. We feel no hesitation in saying, that there is no member of society by whom the book will not be found useful, whether such person hold the relation of a Parent, a Preceptor, or a Clergyman.Sun, Evening paper. I he rage for books in all departments of science, literature, and the arts, was, we believe, never so prevalent as at the present time. I he unavoidable consequence of this is, that we meet a very considerable proportion of indifferent, useless, and even bad books.-With the force of this prejudice on our minds, we with no little reluctance were induced to peruse Messrs. Curtis's work, entitled M A N HOOD."—The scientific views taken by the authors of the source and origin of many of the most distressing effects of certain depraved habits, fully establish their claim to the character of experienced and judicious surgeons.-And the result of our careful perusal of the work has been, to impress us with a thorough confidence in the talent and skill of the authors, and to satisfy us that those entrusted with the care of y outh are not a little indebted to them for furnishing them with a means of preventing some of the most frightful maladies to which flesh is helr.-Uld England. 0 The multitude of books daily coming from the press, some, nay most of them, of a very questionable tendency, made us extremely reluctant io take up another. The clear exposition of the source of many of those diseases which prove so fatal to youth, and which are set down by the every day observer as the result of common causes, such as exposure to cold, sudden vicissitudes of temperature, hereditary taint, ttc., is truly convincing and extremely satisfactory. And we do not think we go too far in sayiug, that society is deeply indebted to the authors for producing so useful, so much wanted, so valuable, and so truly moral a book. — Conservative Journal. This is a work that we fear there exists too much need of to cause us to hesitate to recommend it for general perusal Every branch of those frightful maladies, whether the result of immoral habits or secret vices, is here succinctly treated, and, divested of all medical technicality, plain and easy directions are given for the best mode to be pursued in all cases, however complicated or apparently hopeless. To the married, as well as the unmarried, this little work alike affords consolation and cure iu peculiar eases, and we are doing service to society in recommending it to general notice."— Essex and Herts Mercury. MESSRS. CURTIS AND CO., Are to be consulted daily at their Resideuce, 7, PRIfH STREET, SOHO SQUARE, LONDON. COUNTRY PATIKXTS arc requested to be as minute as possible in the detail of their cases the communication must lie accompanied by the usual consultation fee ofil, and in all cases the most inviolable secrecy may be relied on. The above work sold by Mr. Richard Williams, Chemist Market Place, Bangor; at the Oflice of the "Welshman, Carmarthen; and sent post-paid, in a SEALED ENVELOPE' for 3s.6d., by the following AGENTS: Merlin Office •«..v Newport. Cossens Wonmouth. Times OOice Hereford. D. Egville, Chronicle Office Worcester Evans. Bangor. Journal Office Carmartheu, iloticro. ARTIST ICAL PAPER-HaiNGKNGS. WAREROOMS, 4d, BROADMEAD, BRISTOL, (OPPOSITE TIIP. ARCADE). PARLOUR, Bed-room, Hall, and other Papers, at Gd., p 8d., 10d., and Is. per Piece of 12 yards combining effective patterns with permanent colouring. Paper Hangings at I0d., to Is. Oil. per Piece, equal in general effect to many that are sold at 2s. Gd. tons, per Piece, and as durable. Drawing-room, Parlour, and Dining-room patterns, at 2s. Gd. to 5s. per Piece, little less effective than those commonly sold at 12s. to 18s. per Piece, and of equal quality. Gold Flock and other best Paper Hangings, of rich and novel designs. Also, just re- ceived, direct from France, some ingenious and exact imitations of damasks, chintzes, lace, &c., of exquisite finish. ARTISTICAL PAPER HANGINGS. J. F. COTTEllELL feels much pleasure in stating that in no instance where his Artistical Paper Hangings have been introduced have they failed to give complete satisfaction-and he has just fitted up a large Wareroom for the purpose of exhibiting the specimens, so arranged, that the precise effect of a Room, in auy style, when completed, may be at once obtained. J. F. Cotterell's mode of Artistical Paper Hanging is one of his own invention. lie supplies designs appro- priate to buildings of whatever age or character, and which will render old or unshapely walls and ceilings pleasing and attractive, without other alterations. The Hanging of Common Papers reduced to Eight- pence per Piece. Hangings in silk and damask and ether superior finish for interiors. J F. COTTERELL, 46, BuoADMEAD, BpisroL. ROOFlïG, BY ROYAL HER "3 LETTERS MAJESTY'S PATENT. F. M'NEILL AND CO., (or LAMB'S BUILDINGS, BUNHILL ROW, LONDON,) M AN I F AC f U R ERS AN D ONLY PA TENTEES OF Improved Pateiit Asplilated Felt. fTMUS FELT has been exhibited at the Great Nationi.l _L Agricultural Shows of Kngland, Scotland, and Ireland, and obtained a PRIZE for being the best and cheapest article FOR ROOFING HOUSES COT TAG ES, VERANDA IIS, OUT-BUILDINGS S HEDS AND EVERY OTHER DESCRIPTION OF BUILD-' INGS, in lieu of SLATES, TILES, THATCH, ZINC, &c. and for lining Granaries and Storehouses, for covering Garden Sheds and Frames, and Corn and Hay Ricks. It is also a protection to Ceilings under flooring from wet and. damp, at the same time deadening sound and is particularly adapted for Exportation to the Colonies, where it is now extensively used and when used under Slates or Tiles, adds greatly to the warmth and durability of the Building. The Felt is perfectly impervious to Rain, Frost, and Snow, and resists the heat of the Sun, and its great supe- riority over every other description of Roofing consists in its CHEAPNESS, LIGHTNESS, ELASTICITY, WARMTH, and DURABILITY; advantages which no other description of Roofing combines. Samples, with full directions as to its uses, and the manner of applying it, with Testimonials from Noble- men and Gentlemen, Members of the Royal Agricultural Society, who have extensively used it, some for seven years and upwards, sent free to any part of the town or Country, and orders by post immediately executed. tW The Price of the Roofing Felt is only ONE PENNY PER SQUARE FOOT, which is considerably less than half the expense of Tiles and Slates besides which, there is an immense saving in the Timber necessary to support the Roof, as the weight of the Felt is only about 25 lbs. to the 100 square feet. Patent Felt Manufactory, Lamb's Buildings, Bunhill Row, London, March, 1844. F. M'Neill and Co. also manufacture a Dry Hair Felt for covering Steam Pipes, Boilers, &c., by which a saving of at least 25 per cent. is effected in Fuel. Just Published, a neiv and important edition of the "SILENT FRIEND" ON HUMAN FRAILTY. Price2s.6D., & sent Free to any part of the United Kingdom on receipt of a Post-office Order for 3s 6d. THE SILENT FRIEND, A MEDICAL \\ORK, on the concealed cause that destroys physical energy, and the ability of manhood, ere vigour has established her empire; with observations on the baneful effects of YOUTHFUL BXCUSSES and INFIiCTION, with Means of ttestoration. The influence of mercury on tht. skin is pointed out and illustrated by Ten Coloured engravings, followed by observations OIl MAR- Rl AG E, with directions for the removal of disqualiifcations, BY R. AND L. PERRY AND CO. CONSULTING SURGEONS, Published by the AUTHORS, and may be had at their Resi- dence, 19, lierners-streetg Oxford-street, London; Sold by STRANGE,21, flateriioiter-itow; HANNAY & Co-, 63, Oxford- street; GORDON, 146, Leadenhall-street; POVVKLL, 10, Westmorland-street, Dublin LLNOSAY.LL, Elm Row, Edin- burgh, D. CAMPBELL, 136, ARUYIC_STREET)Glasgow INGHAM, Market-street, Manchester; N LWTON, Church Street, Liver- pool; Gu EST, Bull-street, Birmingham; PERKINS, Haver- ford-west; JENKINS, Merthyr and Dowlais; and by all Booksellers iu Town and Country. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. We regard the work before us, The Silent Friend," as a work embracing most clear and practical views of a series of complaints hitherto little understood, and passed over by the majority of the Medical profession, for what reason we are at a loss to know. We must, however, confess that a perusal of this work has left such a favourable impres- sion on our mind that wenot only recommend, but cordially wish every one who is the victim of past folly, or suffering from indiscretion, to profit by the advice contained in its pages. Age and Argus. The Authors of The Silent Friend" seem to be tho- roughly conversant with the treatment of a class of com- plaints which are we fear, too prevalent in the present day. The perspicuous style in which this book is written, and the valuable hints it conveys to those who are apprehensive of entering the marriage state, cannot fail to recommend it to a careful perusal.—Era. "This work should be read by all who value health and wish to enjoy life, for the truisms therein contained defy all doubt."—Fanners' Journal. THE CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUM, is intended to relieve those persons who, by an immo Cerate indulgence of their passions, have ruined their consti- tutions, or in their way to the consummation of that deplo- rable state, are affected with any of those previous symptoms that betray it; approach, as the various affections of the ner- vous system, obstinate fleets, excesses, irregularity, obstruc- tions of certain evacuations, weaknesses, totat impotency, barrenness, &c. This medicine is particularly recommended to be taken before persons enter into the matrimonial state, lest in the event of procreation occuring, the innocent offspring should bear enstamped upon it the physical characters detivable from parental debility. Price lis., or the quantity of 4 at lis. in one Bottle for 33s., by which Us. is sived-tite £5 cases may be had as usual, whicti is a saving of it 12s. THE CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE ESSENCE An Anti-Syphilitic Remedy for searching out & purifying the diseased humours of the blood, and certain cure for Scurvy, Scrofula, and all cutaneous eruptions, conveying its active principles throughout the body, even penetrating the, minutest vessels, removing all corruptions, contaminations, and impu- rities from the vital stream,—eradicating the morbid virus- and radically expelling it through the skin.-Price lis, or four Bottles in one for 33s. by which lis. is saved, also in £5 cases, which saves £1 12s. PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS, Price 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. per box, With explicit directions, rendered perfectly intelligible to every capacity, are well known throughout Europe to ba the most certain and effectual remedy ever discovered fo- Gonorrhoea, both in its mild and aggravated forms by iminer diately allaying inflammation and arresting further progress. Gleets, Strictures, Irritation of the bladder, pains of the loins and kidneys, gravel, and other disorders of the Urinary pas- sages, in either sex, are permanently cured in a short space of time, without confinement or tne last exposure. The above medicines are ptepared only by Messrs. R. and L. PHRRY and Co., Surgeons, 19, Berner's Street, Oxford Street, London. Sold by all Druggists, Medicine Vendors and Book- sellers in Town and Country. Messrs. Perry expect when consulted by letter, the usual fee of One Pound, without which, no notice whatever can be taken of the communication• Patients are requested to be as minute as possible in the detail of their cases, as to the duration of the complaint, the symptoms, age, habits of living, and general occupation. Medicines can be forwarded to any part of the world: no difficulty can occur, as they will be securely packed, and care- fully protected from observation. Messrs. Perry & Co., Surgeons, may be consulted as usual, at 19, Herner's Street, Oxford Street, Loudon, punctually from 11 till 2, and from 5 till 6. On Sundays from 10 till 12. I Only one personal visit is required from a country patient, J to enable Uessr* Perry and Co. to give such advice as will be the means of effecting a permanent and effectual cure, after t all other means have proved ineffectual.. N.B. Country Druggists, Booksellers, Patent Rledicinc Venders, and every other Shopkeeper can be supplied with any quantity of the Cordial Balm of Syriacum, the Concen trated Detersive essence, and PerryPurifying Specific Pills, with the usual allowance to the i rade, by most of the principal Wholesale Patent Medicine Houses in Loadon.






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