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SUNDAY SCHOQI^ -A.I?JSTIYJ5RSAKY. INGLISH WESLEYA^C^WL./MEItTHYR TYDFIL. THREE SERMONS will be preacheWnth E AB £ N DA Y, SKPTEMBER 2nd, 1860, by the Rev. GEORGE KEVERN, of the Isl^of Wight "l^vicS in ibfc Morning at half-past Ten, Afternoon at half-past Two, and Evening at Six o'clock. f\ V f Hymns and Piece f Music appropriate fortHe occasion will be sung by the Children. A Colle<mou in aid of the^School Fund at the close of each Service. MANCHESTER HOUSE, TEEDE^i^/ v SAMtTEL DAYIBS A y BEGS to announce ttat he has determined to CLEAR OUT the remaining portion pf his SOTOMErXSTOCK at^EITR^j^l^OW^R^ICEg. An inspection of his Stock would be esteemed a fawuy? JUOI.C-A.S TO WIST ERICK WO 11 S. IMPORTANT TO BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, AND S. J IMMENSE saving by the use of BRICK as a material fff BuAlding, refere e to cti a saving of 25 per cent, at the present reduced prices, which ate a^followst—A J <kw>d Building Bricks 20s. per 1000. )" Fire^VnaJNiuality^itto^V. 1 .y30s. per 1000. The above prices, for Cash only, and a considerate per centag<L|dlowfed onrarge ouaiUtues. Merthyr, May 26th, 1860. » j /fT J P~pr WELSH RATIONAL MUSICAL CONTEST S PEOPLE'S FESTIVAL, Vpen to all the Brass Sands, Harpists, and Choirs in the principality> including Monmmithshire. Under the Presidency of DA np WILLIAMS, Esq. (Alaw Goch.) » THE Managing Committee beg most respectfully to i/fohn the^ftfusical Public that arrangements have been completed lor holding and celebrating a GRAND VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL MUSICAL CONTEST and PEOPLE'S FESTIVAL, on a scale of magrntudex tptall^Ci/preceftented, at NEATH, on MONDAY ancT TUESDAY, the 24th and 25th of SEPTEMBER next, wtittf a vicious Mafquee will be erected capable of accom- modating upwards of Three Thousand persons, when the ISlpwmeyWizes of Money and Medals will (subject to tie regulations) be awarded to the successful competing Bands) Happists, and Clietfrs. FIRST DAY.—MONDAY, SIF^T. 20$I860S. L-: » BRASS BANDi.-First Prize, £12, with Silver jlfftal for Bandmaster. x Second Prize, £7 7s. trARPS.-First Prize, Y,2 2s., with Silver Medal. Second Prize, JE1 Is. f\ SECOND DAY.—TUESDAY, SEPT. 25TH. YS I (J (Open to all the unsuccessful Bands of First Day.) r I i J z' BRASS BANDS.—First Prize, £ 10, with Silver Medal for Bandafdster. S4 Second Pnze, £5 58. Second Prize, £ 5 5s. L Second Prize, £ 7 7s. /IARPS,—First Prize, £ 2 2s., with Silver Medal. y/ Second Prize, £ 1 Is. f\ SECOND DAY.—TUESDAY, SEPT. 25TH. YS I (J (Open to all the unsuccessful Bands of First Day.) r I i J z' BRASS BANDS.—First Prize, £ 10, with Silver Medal for Bandafdster. S4 Second Prize, £ 5 5s. L CHOIRS.—First Prize, £ 10, with Silver Medal for Leader. M Second Prize, £ 5 5s. > /II Bawfe, Harafejf; and Choirs desirous of competing, must, be entered not later than tbe 3rd of September. UoEntranceVee cI« £ e<L All entriesto be adhmfesed, *nd all particulars obtained, by enclosing a stamped envelope to Mr. D. JONES, Uriton Ferry, Kteth-S-TV" v f \T The contests will coj^papce each day at 11 a.m. Admission by Tickets only, each day, Is. each; Reserved Seats, 2s. each. w Tickets to be obtained of Mrs. Whittington, Post ^Office, Mr. Hajmao, and Miss Coates, Stationers, Neath; and oi Mr. D. Jones, Mr. Thomas Williams, Mr. Oram, aad MrV Tasker, Stationer, Briton Ferry. Early appli- ostkm for Tickets is requested, to prevent trouble and confulfara on eirfftmg th\Marquee. Concerts will be given at the Town Hall in the Evening of/acff*dav, fbr particulars of which see future "announcements. V j 1 Arrangements will be made with tbe different Railway ComplttLifes for Jwmng Exeursion Tickets on those days Ht reduced fares* n W — ^TO THE^CO^ r to old, debilitated, or si Hor,,3e, 'g"u' .d ,.ables them to perfor oil]e labour without being distressed. Want of condition in a Horsa<<S generally imifcatec^Sy the roughness of the cast- which the above Powders will speedily remedy. One trial irfll be eiuughj(b \n-njfe th-t it is the best prepar-ion' lor increasing the appetite, purifying the blood, yivinqsn fnejmaf\nd printing all diseases inri 'dmial *n Horses and Cattle at Spring and Fall. The Powde^bemg m Ynd§tn vmauce, is prepared from the recine nt one of the pi$»cipt* Veterinary Surgeons in Englaptf, and^fcs beeA usedJCr many years in several of the laro-pJ Ivery frtabfesla LoriSjm. 1\ nCS1, Prejpared only by%. R. GAT, Dispensing Chemist, 55, IfiA-strAr Merthyr Tydfil, in packets at Is Gd eirh with Ml direq|fons for me. S\ i«^HTC-^Aberdar#t Mr. W. J. Thomas, Chemist, Commei«al-ltreet; Pontypridd, Mr. R. Smyth Chemist er A dents in cgarae of SUpointment throughout South Wnle< who will be announced in future advertisprmmrf 12s. and upwards. D LITY. L ]boom. Ii T E TY. T THOMAS begs, TA AMUUMCE thai he has now ready for inspection.A large Stock at such prices • ^-V as wiH DEFY competition, having regard to quality. T. T. flhp itoites inepecfitm of his Stock of Foot, Hip, Reclining, Slipper, and Shower Baths, and Loysell's jjp^tent Hj|iQ>8tanbsPofiee and Tea Urns, in Tin and Bronze, at exceedingly low prices, rvr \Jdbeerv6- £ he Address :—Opposite the Bush Hotel, Hiqh Street, Merthyr. s • = m |BJ#0'BTANT TO EMIGRANTS. OLD FOX INN, Cambrian, Australian, and Ameriean House, 14, K^ES'WRI'L DALE RET (within two ntUtute^' walk of the Exchange Railway Station, and in «*proximif4te>lll the l^FCKS) LIVERPOOL.— THOMA8 LLOYDy Proprietor. \jl l jr Parties requiring correct information relative to Time of n g^Prov\ion^a-eqmj^fl-m short, anything co\ Hected with J^migrating to Australia, America, or otherj/mrim, ai^who Jo nat^mi to he detained in Liverpool are respectlull requested to communicate with THOMAS ZLO*B, a4>bKe.~i\ ^elUKired Beds on Reasonable Terms —Dry anfl flestfable Storage for Passengers' Luggage, free of Chajrge. J L* X {No Connection with Mr. Lloyd, of Street. £ efeience« VJ#y BEM#deto WES?R». Davies, and Phillips, Groccrs, Vifitoria-^rcCT; MR. Win. GouVl, Tydfll's Well; Mr. Thoma HARNM^Globe Inns Mr,MORGAN Wiiliamg, Registrar ot Marriages, Merthyr; E. Thcinas, Esq., the Weru licv.Thoinaa Prio Rose Coftfcg$, Aberaare Mr. Thomas Havard, and Mr. Daniel Eavics, Auctioneer, Dawlais. » i —— tAPER HANG GM. 11% AT ALartre STOCK of PAPE^HA^OJNQIC to be SOLD OFF at the TBMGRA¥« Oftiw, High- street ^opposite the MarketJ^usi^ulerwiyr) Persons intending to Decorate tKeir Houses JUe solicited to inspect toe Patterns and Prices, afhuii^cannot fail ot giving satisfaction. RHYMNEY, i FRA.NKLIN" DIXOIT, (LaU of Plymouth Surgtrg, Merthyr), .EGS to inform the inhabitants of Rhymney and J J* surrounding neighbourhood that he has conimel*c«d v business as a CHEMIST aiid^ftUGGIST, in the pre* mises near the Church (laj^iy occupied by Mr. William Davies, Brocer), with aii^extenafcre Stock of Drugs end Chemicals of superior qupJtty,! and hopes, by strict •attention and maf^ite cnargW, fc meriyilfeir patronage and sniwi't. Jr S\ 1 v PhtociMBf PrvKiiptiwis aldBamily Recipes accu- rately^Wenlted. Oils, Faints^ ColMirs, fcttd^"arnishes: Tooth, Hair, Tlail, aqn PatwtrBWahesAPatent Medicines and Per- fumeryi <kc.i#fe. fk Tfetn carefully extracted. < COMPORT IN WRITING! NO PEN FLRFNT KMI! THE great supei^ty of t1&' TELEGRAPH PEN, sold at the^/TELi^Hkpp^Oliic^^lt is adapted for every hand^fs {m%malg«mation^n the best metals, and being arfti-corro^KVe, willj^t twice as long, and' write immeasurably sui^riojLtDany of the Pens usually sold. A trial invited at 3d. per dozen, or 2s. per gross ho*. X PAINLESS TOOTH EXTRACTION EJB. GAY, PENTIST, begs toinjkflate that he • has perfected an ELECTiKlCAL APPA- RAT US for the above pyrpostyffiid m^% tea^nsulted daily at 55, High-street, Ale^Jfyr (qpoat^re Market- isquare.) Decayed Teeth um ex ted wi t the least pain.—ScaliiujMfa <^amngi5s.yStopn(gg, 2s. 6d.; Artificial Teeth sHfpiedfTjIhese eme e ineral Teeth are perfect in their resemaanceltojwture, and are of everlasting wear. jr E. R. Gay's Tooth Essencfftot the IMMEDIATE S REIJIEF of Tooth-ache.—jj><iwttlat, 6d., and Is. each. E. R. Gay's Quinine Dentifrice, for Beautifying and Preserving the Teeth, Strengthening the Gums, See.— n Boxes Is. each. SAML., CHAS., TAILORS P^APERS, 48, Pim-stre<f^IUyrOL. Just Published, price ^Sixpence. < THE COMMERCIAL ROOM, ANJJ^JA BOTTLE, JL by JOHN BURNS, ex-Commeja^al TRAILER. "The one happy night in tW^Q<%iiercia\Rooar^is "ully equal to anything in 'OJfa^^JIfalleyV Mess.' "—Cambrian. Published by HORSMJL &JSauVKvEI.Strand/ W.C., and may be^had by orJeiHf all B el ers. by X THE SUFFERERS OF MERTHYR V,, AHD THKIB CURE BY PUJjYEEMACHEE'S PATENT GALYAllICwANTI-EHEUMATIC CHAIN BAIDS. MR. PULVERMACHER informs those invalids whose maladies are considered beyond the aid 01 medical skill, that he has appointed Mr. T. LOVE- RIDGE, Chemist, Merthyr Tydtil, to be especial Agent tor the sale of these singular VOLTAIC CHAINS. Mr. LOVERIDGE will give applicants every informa- tion respecting their curative powers, and the proper method of av.unm»»,s -e-, so to ensure imme- diate and certain success. N earl very torm of disease is permanently and magically cjffed by wearing one over the port affected. In all th<Sse cases where medicine or ordimyw appliances provyfutile,\te Chains act like a charm. M Fo^nilesrxound ma^y sufFeiers flffve alrtady beer, narve}]/>usly f^Jieved^tlie malaxes cured^principally onsjBt of^aralysis^pileps^Va^Bs, rhtyfinatism, gout, lumbago, SQaticayrigidity, stfltr' jointynirethral disor- der, liyjjrtffl-ia, loss «^\oice, Hypochondria, deafness, debHity, ^on?ti^jition,Hk pals%. And the alleviation> of najfalgia, tic doloretix^ heauV/car, face, and tooth ache, i^so E^tonigljirtg', aniTeffecyG so instantaneously, that sufiSmfs may test the infiumce of the Chain before- hand at tNakdepoM After seeing and feeling the phenomena produced, the surferer may still. further be astonished and convinced by perusing the extracts taken from upwards of 100 medical, scientific, clerical, and philosophical works, referring to the etficacy ot this new discovery.—Price 5s., 10s. 6d., 15s., 18s., 22s.—Visit the depot and read the documents from parties cured.—J. L Pulvermacher and Co., 73, Oxford-street, London. Agent for CARDIFF, Mr. Joy, Chemist, &c., Duke- street; BRIDGEND, Mr. JOHN PRICE, Chemist, Č:e.; NEATH, Mr. HUTCHJNS, Chemist, &c. EBBW VALE, Mr. B. A. GEORGE, Chemist. MERTHYR: MR. T.^LOVELUBGE, CHEMIST, &C, ] Builder, Contractq^t, Appraiser, JKilujpi yr THJH !!OlS IOWNI MEETjmJ. Plans, Specifications, |3l E^ijj^ftes, on the shortest m Experienced Workmen iiwvery branch of Building Trade constantly employed. D. E. JOMZ Practical Clock & jrfsdsprh Make Near the Saving Bjmk^Btmlais/' C'o Watches and Cloj>ld^ andj^^wAlery Jn every des- criptioff^repaired orathl premises. 'Tailor by Appointment to the 12th Glamorganshire or Merthyr Tydfil Rifle Volunteers. RHYS TAILOR & W^LLEI^3EAPg £ y .1,' '> Slwff-street, < £ )tecon. ^h^lers bY^jt^tor other^i^prmj^yattended to. X —• wTOHN PEIC^, Auctioneer, Appraiser, and AtwdVrMtjit, House, Estate, and Genial y FIBE AUD LITE POLICES EWECIEB.-tCCCOIJNTS AND EEi^Ts CODLW;TAD. 4, Polar-place, Trwegar, April^f8G(J|^ WHEN YOtT ASK FO^" GIjENFIELD PATENT ^StPAR^H 8E^ THAT As inferior kinds are ofteiyKlfbstitiftalL—Ij^mERSPooN and Co., Gkfsgow and yrndip. "A N ACCOUNT of EXPENSES incurred by HENRY ..t1. AUSTIN DRUCE, Esq., M.P., and EDWARD MEYRICK ELDERTON, Esq., in the ELECTION of a BURGESS to Represent the Borough of Merthyr Tydfil in Parliament. BRUCE. ELDERTOJT. £ s. d. £ s. d. Advertisements & Printing.I 40 4 6 33 0 4 Agents 49 6 3 Committee Rooms 916 6 12 4 6 Bill Stickers 0 7 0 4 8 0 Returnmi; Officer 47 8 6 47 8 6 Election Alitor.| 1 5 0 j 150 .> j .14^ 9 .98 6 11 Election Auditor, Fee anu I y Commission 0' 0 0 161^^1 Wl6 11 I certify that the ab(Jve is fu^<ffHj»t s\pment of all Monies paid by me in respect oa^ne Bouragh Election, 1859. T\ y W. ROB0SOy SMITH, Auditor of Ele6tion<T5xpenses for the said .■'•Borough. Merthyr, 16th August, I860.; y, YALE OP NEATH ANJD^LES EA1LWAJS. FOURTH Ci^^XTOION. ON SATURDAY, 1#, wfo, a TRAIN will leave MEBTH5^t rt^lSNjKm., calling at Abernant and -Hipwain, Swansea and Llanelly, Pernbrey, Ferry c, CarmSrraen ^jpfction, St. Clears, Whitland, Narberth Road, ffiarhmon Road, Haver- fordwest, and New Milford rd Haven), returning on MONDAY, For further partidflars, see Handbills. J DOWLAIS GAS & COKE COMPANY, (LIMITED.) NOTICE is hereby Given, tj/tffihe YEARLY GENERAL MEETUPw of J«^ly«IORDERS in the above Compan^^fill bekhTldVit thejjrBoARD ROOM, on FRiDAY/CuGUS^akt, 1860/at Twelve o'clock at Noon, By order offae19oawJ^\ FREDI AXKINS, Secretary. Dowlais, August 23rd, 1800.

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