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TRAPNELL AND GANE, 35 and 38, Qut'en Street, CARDIFF The Oldest, Largest, Cheapest, and Most Reliable House Furnishers in Wales. SPECIAL SHOWROOMS, NOW COMPLETED, Are well stocked with every requisite, and, notwithstanding the recent enormous advance in raw materials, T. & G., through having placed large forward contracts, are able to offer goods in every department A T OLD PRICKS, which cannot be beaten, therefore, those requiring either to furnish a house, or to purchase a single article, should not do so before seeing our immense stock for themselves. DINING ROOM SUITES, £4 10s to £25. DRAWING ROOM SUITES, 95 10s to £32. BEDROOM SUITES, from £ 6 5s to £55, in all sizes and all woods ENDLESS VARIETY OF CHAIRS, TABLES, COUCHES, GLASSES. BEDSTEADS AND BEDDING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. A Splendid Full-sized BEDSTEAD, with Brass Rail complete, for 21S. FENDERS AND FIRE-IRONS AT ALL PRICES. Warehouse and Shoiorooms for CARPETS, Lift OLEUMS, RUGS, &c., 38, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, AND AT BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. TRAPNELL AND GANE. CLOTHING, CHEAPEST AND BEST, MADE TO MEASURE OR READY FOR I {MEDIATE WEAR. BEST VARIETY IN THE DISTRICT IN m Men's, Youths', and Boys' Suits, Trousers, Hats, Caps, Hosiery, Ties, Umbrellas, -vjt Hats, Caps, Hosiery, Ties, Umbrellas, -vjt t Gloves, Football Clothing, &c., &e. BESPOKE TAILORING Is now Replete with a Choice Selection of the LLOYD & Company, The Cadoxton and Barry Dock Clothiers, 72, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. I 25, MAIN STREET, CADOXTON. Fulton, Dunlop & Co., WINE, SPIRIT, ALE & PORTER BfERCpTS, i- Duke-street, CARDIFF Windsor-road, PEN ART £ 1; Wind-street, SWANSEA. IMPORTERS AND BONDERS OF WISES AND SPIRITS. Shippers of the Leading Brands of Champagne, including HEIESIECK'S, BOLinr&Ell'S, IRROY'S, &c, &c. Holders of a Stock 01 Magnificent OLD BRANDIES, comprising Vintages of 1820, 1835, 1850, 1S58, 1835, and others. Sole Agents i- Cardiff and District for DUNCAN" GILMOLR and CO.'s HOP BITTER BEE! ° (Non-Alcoholic). GENERAL PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. 'Wr. PIANOS AND ORGANS. CHEAPEST AND BEST, FROM 5/- MONTHLY. <)$NEW HIRE SYSTEM. v,-tso Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., 49, HOLTON-KOAD, BARRY DOCK. Sole Agents for the Celebrated NEUMEYER PIAXOS and ESTEY ORGANS for South Wales. .B.—Illustrated Catalogues Free by Post on Application. NOTE THE ADDRESS— 49, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. Makes Boots and .i.rne s -w *"|7^C waterproof «aduck's back, |} | A and soft as velvet. Adds three times to the wearandaiiowc. polishing. 17 GOLD MEDAL Exhibition Highest Awards. Tins 2d. 6d, 1/, and 2/6, of Bootmakorts Iiotimou D\J M 1-i^ gcrs, Saddlers, | j ( njTQ Shoulil know of the most wonderful meliciue cvnr LAUlCO (iist'i>vere<l for all irresmlaritk-s »"'l oli<Lriu tions, ALL however obstinate or }oug-ta.ill!iug-. Tlious- I A nj CQ ;:mls lmve been relieved by this miraculous LAUILO remcily, iuxl thereby saval trouble, iUii<\sr,, r.n.l ex|.eii>e. Perfectly" harmless, tuul astonishingly etVettual, as testiti;il to by lumilmis of married ami siuirle feuifUes. Nuiner- ons unsolicited testimonial' PILLS ALONE ARK USELESS ividonly bring disappointment. Stamped aiMrt-s-seil envelope for priee list. The only effectual remedy on earth. Try an<l for youra?elvee> 514, A. DASMAIL, \YALTHA.Wi:0\V. Estab. 1851. j J \"i v. PENMARK PARISH CHURCH WILL BE Re-opened for Divine Service WEDNESDAY NEXT, JUNE 20, When the Services will be as follows 8. 0 a.m.—Celebration of tho Holy Communion. 11. 0 a.m.—Matting and Sermon, by TifS L6RB BISHOr gf ILAKDAFF. 3.30 p.m.—Litany and Sermon, by THE VICAR. 6.30 p.m.—Evensong and Sermon, by THE REV. CASON H. POWELL EDWARDS. M.A. (Reccor of St. Andrew's, Dinas Powis). OFFERTORIES FOR THE RESTORATION FUND. A PUBLIC LUNCHEON Will be held in the Schoolroom at 1.30 p.m:, when the Lord Bishop will preside. Tickets, 2s. each.—Tea jwill be given in the Schoolroom at 5 p.m. THE CLERGY ARE REQUESTED TO BRING SURPLICES, sol- A Brake will leave the Railway Station, Barry, for Penmark at 10 a.m., 12.30 and 5 p.m., at Is to-and-fro, returning at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. EDWARD MORGAN, Vicar. TOM JONES & CO.'S CYCLE DEPOT, BARRY DOCKS, MAKERS of the FAMOUS LI ECHO MACHINE Diamond Frame Pattern. Agents for WHIT-WORTH'S and other well-known Cycles, Accessories kept. All Kinds of Repairs Promptly and Efficientlv Executed. Machines Let on Hire. —Address No. 1. GRAVING DOCK-STREET, Barry Docks. TENDERS A RE Invited for BUILDING SHOP and BAKE- JIJL HOUSE, for Mr J. WESTALL, in HOLTON- ROAD, BARRY DOCKS. Plans and Specification may be seen at 48, Main-street, Cadoxton, on and after Saturday, June 16, 1894. Tenders to be sent in within four days from that date. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. PERKINS BROTHERS AND CO., General Ironmongers, AND COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, ST. MARY-STREET AND WYNDH AM-ARC A DE, CARDIFF, Whose Splendid Showrooms now contain one of the finest selections of Household Furniture to be seen in Cardiff and South Wales. PURNITURE. inURNITURE. JPIURNITURE. JJWRNITURE. JJLURNITURE. FURNITURE. DHAWINS-ROGM SUITESI FURNITURE. FROM T^URNITURE. £ GNS. T JjUTRNITURE. O JpURNITURE. jpURNITURE. -Q GNS. JjlURNITURE. ONS ROOM SUITES. JpUBNITURE. FROM ^JpURNITURE FURNITURE. £ 4 10s T71URNITURE TO GNS. T BEDROOM SUITES. j^URNITURE. FROM JjWRNITURE PO S-L' URNITURE.ZO I "PURNITURE F TO F JjlURNITURE. 50 GNS. JjlURNITURE B EMMvt BEDSTEADS. FURNITURE, WITH C^URNITURE BRASS _F FURNITURE, RAIL tgwrniture F FROM 1. JJLURNITURE.^6^S J^DJPURNITURE BEDDING. LOWEST CASH PRICES. DELIVERY F.1 E E. PERKINS BROTHERS & Co., St. Mary-Street & Wyndharr Arcade, Cardiff. THE FINEST AND BEST SELECTION OF WEDDING, KEEPER, AND ENGAGEMENT RINGS, ALSO JEWELLERY, CLOCKS, & PLATE, Of all Kinds at H. B. CROUCH'S, 16, St. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF See Window Before PureliasingElsewhere. COOPERS' THROAT AND CHEST BALSAM, —Instant Relief from Coughs, Col.'s, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, <fcc. In Bottles Is. each. W. R. HOFKIXS, M.P.S., Family and Dispensing Chemist, Barry f 460 Presbyterian Church, Barry. j ANNIVERSARY SERVICES, SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 1894. Rev J. PULESTON JONES, MA., THE EMINENT BLIND PREACHER, WILL OFFICIATE. r_. BARRY DOCK NEWS," Friday, June 1,5, 1894.



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