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^S. GRUNDY'S JOTTINGS The total shipments at Harry Dock last week amounted to 76,384 tons 18 cwt. At the sixth-annual athletic meeting of the -,Cardiff United Cycling Club, Mr D. Lewis, Barry F.C., won his heat in the 120 yards flat handicap open, and came in second in the final heat, the first winning only by a foot after a fine race. Barry Graving Dock shares were in request last Saturday on 'Change. ± The young bishop from Barry Dock has com- pleted his trip to Ireland, and is once again in our district. He is said to have fallen in love with a blushing maiden over in the Emerald Isle. Mr George Pike, of the N.V.A., Cardiff, has a good story to tell, of which he is himself the hero. Travelling to Penarth with Mr Fennell, of Cardiff, last Monday, Mr Pike remarked Mr Fennell generally got into the same compartment as him- self, because, in his capacity as fishmonger, he was very fond of Pike." Two fathers were bound over for calendar six months at Penarth Police-court last Monday. A prominent trades' unionist in the Barry dis- trict suggests a reform in the Mabon's Day holiday. » Another reform. A young lady coming down Weston Hill, Cadoxton, on a recent Sunday reprimanded her male companion for innocently taking her arm." Mr J. H. Cory, Cardiff, one of the new county justices of the peace, took his seat for the first time at Penarth Police Court last Monday. Jf SF Music hath charms which soothe the savage breast," even of a policeman during leisure hours at Barry. Colonel Guthrie again prepared for the consump- tion of a fine cigar before leaving his seat at Penarth Police Court last Monday morning and the court officials looked on with envy, one re- marking that it set a bad example to the other occupant of the Bench, the young magisterial recruit, Mr J. H. Cory. The Shipping Federation have opened consulting I rooms near the Post and Government Offices at Barry Docks. How is it ? One of the young lady residents of the Barry district, now on a visit to some friends, can go out with a sovereign to pay fifteen and sixpence worth of bills and bring back about tseven shillings change. The susceptible shop assistant must get a little mixed when she smiles. There was a good deal of notability amongst the -shipping at Barry Docks last Friday, the list in- -eluding Lord Ripon, Lord Lyadhurst, Charlie Mitchell, and Naworth Castle. m One of the speakers at the Church defence meet- ing at Barry Parish Hall last week stated that had he possessed silver-tongued powers, he would stump the country, following Lloyd George and 'Company, and giving the Welsh people the true story of the Church. Yet the gentleman is named Makepeace The Barry District Ambulance Brigade is pro- gressing satisfactorily, and it is hoped the corps will soon blossom into a valuable body. All -certificated men and women are requested to 1 become affiliated with the brigade. 1 1 >I< It is expected that the Right Hon. Loid Windsor will attend the forthcoming annual flower show at Dinas Powis, and will probably present the prizes to the succesf ul exhibitors. The eloquent blind preacher, the Rev J. Puleston -Jones, M.A., Bangor, who will preach at the anni- versary services at Sion Welsh Calvinistic Metho- dist Chapel, Pontypridd-street, Cadoxton-Barry, next Saturday evening and Monday, and at the el y 'Presbyterian Chapel, Barry, on Sunday, besides being a relative of Sir John Puleston, Bart., is the first Nonconformist minister who ever had the privilege of preaching in the French Chapel be longing to Canterbury Cathedral. It was a significant fact that the lopposing interests had very little evidence to offer against the Vale of Glamorgan Railway Bill, and were -disposed to rely upon counsels' speeches in the absence of something better. In connection with the opening of the new Roath Park at Cardiff, next Wednesday, the local members of the Boilermakers' Society have resolved to approach the different firms in the Barry district with the view of securing a half- > diy's holiday to attend the opening ceremony. At the United Club Sports at Cardiff last Saturday, Mr Tom Jones, the well-known Barry cyclist, won a gold medal in his race on an Echo pattern machine, made by himself. Messrs Edwards, Robertson and Company's fast steamer, the Earl of Dunraven," will run cheap .excursions from Barry Docks to Minehead next Wednesday morning, leaving Barry Docks at 8.15 a.m., and Minehead at 8 p.m., the fare to and fro being 2s 6d and in the afternoon of the same day leaving Barry Docks at 4.15, and Minehead at eight; fare, Is 6d. The Penatth-road tolls will shortly be a thing of the past. At leasb, this is the opinion of Alderman Jacobs, and he and Sir William Thomas Lewis have been exchanging opinions. Lord Balfour of Burleigh is a humorist with a long memory. During the hearing of the East Glamorgan Railway Bill he appealed to counsel to condense their remarks about Penarth and Barry. "I shall not," he pathetically observed, "forget Penarth and Barry for some time." Lord Balfour went through the Barry Bill controversy at the same time his head went through his hair. — Western Mail. ¡ The general manager of the Barry Railway I Company facetiously told an opposing counsel before the Lords' Parliamentary Committee last week that he was not good at mental arithmetic Why, bless me, I happen to know Mr Evans is a tower of strength in figures. Principal Edwards, of the Cardiff Baptist College, told the Cardiff Liberal Thousand last week that the prospects of Mr Clifford J. Cory, J.P., as Liberal candidate for South Monmouth- shire were exceedingly bright. ) 0 At Cardiff last year 114 accidents to shipping occurred, and three lives were lost, while at Barry 97 mishaps took place, with no lives lost. Messrs Harvey and Hall, of 54, Pill-street, Cogan, obtained third prize in the goldfinch class of cage-birds at the dog and bird show, at Neath, last week. Mr S. Gibson, Glendale, and Mr L. Jenkins, Butchers' Arms, both of Cowbridge, were also winners in dog classes. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has just served notice upon the parent of several children at Barry Dock warning him that unless he abstains from his drunken habits, and improves the state and condi- tion of his children, steps will be taken to bring him before the magistrates. The anniversary dinner of the Barry Dock R.A.O.B. Institute will be held on Wednesday, July 4th. Haymaking has commenccd in the Barry dis- trict, fine crops having been mown on the farms of The Hayes and Colbrook. Please, sir, for a penny to buy a bun is a popular appeal to the charitable down at the docks. Major-General H. H. Lee, J.P., Dinas Powis, has kindly consented to act as honorary treasurer to the Cardiff Triennial Musical Festival, of which H.R.H. the Prince of Wales is patron. County Councillor J. Blandy Jenkins, J.P., con- ducting the Barry and Cadoxton parochial inquiry at Cardiff last Saturday, asked was it customary to swear on such occasions, when the county clerk (Mr Mansel Franklin), fresh from London, replied-" So, Sir, it is not usual to swear at these inquiries I am glad to see the wonderful progress the Wenvoe Cricket Club is making, and Mr G. H. J. Sadler, of Newstead National Schools, Nottingham, must feel proud that he was its originator. Q c- a Mr T. Mansel Franklen, the clerk to the County Council, speaking at the public inquiry at Cardiff last Saturday, sai1 the proposal to erect central ( public offices for the Barry district was all admirable reform. On the same occasion, Mr A. J. Harris, clerk to the Guardians, suggested that the entire Local Board district of Barry should be formed into one parish of Barry. Shall it be Barry Dock Town A member of the Barry Trades' and Labour Council, speaking at the last meeting of that body, said it was the duty of the working-men of the district to secure seats for their representatives on the various houses of Parliament and all the public bodies." Is it possible that some of his colleagues are now meditating as to how their benevolent heads will grace a coronet.' r The Western Mail says, in view of the fact that the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Assembly is held this week at Pontypridd, now would be an oppor- tune time to publish the volume, of over 330 pages, entitled The Methodist Pulpit of East Glamorgan," edited by the Rev W. Lewis, of Pontypridd, and containing sermons by, amongst others, the Revs Christinas J. Lewis, of Barry, and D. Jones, of Penarth. It was as much as the congregation could do to contain themselves at Llancarvan Church the other day. A cuckoo was perched on the tree in the churchyard in close proximity to the pulpit, and every now and then thesermon was interrupted by "Cuckoo." There was an audible lausdi or two when the rev. pastor's query, "Is there one here to answer the text?" was followed by "Cuckoo!" The Rev. Hugh Price Huarhes calls upon Lord Rosebery to give up horse-racing. Local cyclists should bear in mind that their old friend, Mr Tom Jones, the veteran wheelman, has opened a well-stocked cycle depot at 1, Graving Dock-street, Barry Docks. It is a pleasant thing to be a man of consequence. Mr T. R. Thompson was summoned to appear at Penarth last Monday to answer a charge of allowing his donkey to stray on the highway. The chairman on the bench very thoughtfully adjourned the case for a week, as Mr Thompson had been away from home, and had probaby not heard of the summons. We wonder if John Jones or Mary Jackson ever comes in for kind considera- tion of this sort. After sufficient evidence for a remand was taken against William", Burciiill, the Barry Dock Boarding-house master, at the Penarth magistrates'-clerk office, Cardiff, last Tuesday, and after the accused had been -admitted to bail, Burchell made an appeal to the magistrates present to allow the handcuffs on his wrists to be removed. Mr O. H. Jones, one of the justices, thought for a moment or two, and then directed the police to use their own discretion in the matter-after the prisoner had been taken outside! Dinas Powis C.C. have the following open dates:—June 16th, July 14th, August 18th, > and 25th.—H. J. Miles, Hon. Sec. I i I heartily agree with Bliss Jenner, of I Wenvoe, that in Wales the greatest evil is shebeening, and in England and on the Continent anarchism. I The bakers of the Barry district are arranging a holiday outing to Tintern and the Wyndcliffe on the first Wednesday in July. J The Cardiff Local Marine Board visited Barry last Tuesday. FROM CORRESPONDENTS. DEAR MRS GRUNDY,—When will that blessed fowl house be completed ? Talking about Sunday trading, local shopkeepers are not in it alongside I the Barry official, who, when the structure has been completed, has promised to give his friends an account of his steward-ship !—Axn-GossiP. -u_