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DRINK GALORE I IRISH WHISKY. I Sold at the Principal Bars in the Town. War- ranted Pure and Wholesome Spirit, a Blend of the Finest Dublin. Whiskies. Vide Analytical report. SOLE PROPRIETORS CAREY AND CO., QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. ALso SOLE AGENTS FÐR- DEUTZ & GEL 1)EllMA XX ERNEST IRROY AND RUIKART'S CHAMPAGNE. BOTTLERS OF BASS'S ALES 6: GUINNESS STOUT. Telephone 593. Telegraphic Address, Galore.[207 G.H.B. A,, GOLDEN H" "P BITTER £ ?/ ^> (LIGHT DINNER ALEL', IS. PEE GALLON. /s/ /w. £ /$/ /sy y SUPEKI9K //4*V PALE ALE- ^4^ Is. 2d. Per Gallon, /A MILD ALES— 10(1- Per Gallon. -CV STOUT— l3' 2d. Per Gallon. /»/ IN 417 GALLON CASKS AND TTPWARDS- [285 cow %0'- HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BEER. "TIle Fine Old Welsh Drink," HEALTHFUL AND PALATABLE. Made Entirely from HERBS, HOPS, & FRUIT. A SIXPENNY BOTTLE WILL MAKE SIX TO EIGHT GALLONS. SOLD BY ALL GROCERS AND STORES. i Manufactured by MORGAN W. JAMES. LLANELLY. Agents in Africa, America, and Other Countries. C. A. WILLIAMS, Chronometer Maker to tlj8 Admiralty. WATERBURY AND OTHER WATCHES, VIENNA REGULATERS (Imported Direct), AND OTHER CLOCKS. OPTICIAN AFID STATIONER, &c. DOCK VIEW ROAD, (Opposite the Post Office), BARRY DOCK. EDWARD REES, AUCTIONEER, Accountant & Auditor. (ESTABLISHED 1877.) MORTGAGE & FINANCE BROKER. HOUSE, LAND & ESTATE AGENT. GENERAL BUSINESS TRANSFER BROKER & VALUER. Agent for all the best Insurance Offices—Fire, Life. General Accident, Plate Glass, Employers' Liability, Boiler, Engine, and Steam Power, Farm- ing Stocks, Cattle and Horses, and Guarantee Fidelity Offices. VALUATIONS FOR PROBATE, &c., kc., &c. Over 20 Years Experience in the Management of Large and Small Estates. 5, Travis-street, Thompson-street, BARRY DOCK, AND 4 St 45, Yere-street, Cadoxton. Barry Deck, Barry, Cadoxton and District Pro- perties Let and Sold. Rents Collected and Pro- perty Managed. Personal attention given. Prompt Settlements. Highest References given. Several Splendid Shops and Premises, suitable for any business, to be Let and for Sale, in best positions in either district; also Villas and £ ot- tages. N.B.—Parties of Letting or Selling their Business Premises, Villas or Cottages, or wishing- to dispose of their ^business either by auc- tion or as going concerns, should send particulars to E. Rees. at 5, Travis-street, Thompson-street, Barry Dock.. [457 SITUATIONS VACANT. LADYLIKE Home Employment. Good weekly Incomes can be niacls by the Automatic Knitting Machine, cash or hire terms; work supplied.—S.R. Company, 67, Southwark-street, London, S.E.; Agency, 33, Oxford-street, Swansea. WANTED] • WANTED, 50 WORKMEN t« Buy 50 Pairs of Real ARMY BLUCHERS, at 4s. lid. per Pair, at Jones's Noted Boot Repairing Shop, Market Buildings, Barry. DO you desire to realise the best possible prices and secure a numerous company when you dispose of your Landed Estate, Freehold Property, Stock, Merchandise, or Household Furniture ? — See that your Advertisements are inserted in the South Wales & ar, « ARTISTIC EUUIITITRE MANUFACTURERS. TRAPNELL AID GANE, THE BEST AND MOST ECONOMICAL HOUSE FURNISHERS IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES. ^RTISTIC F URNITURE. JfJCONOMIC FURNITURE. ^TELL-MADE FURNITURE. JNEXPENSIVE FURNITURE. SHOW ROOMS FOR WALES: 38 & 41, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, DINING-ROOM jpURNITURE. JJEDROOM FURNITURE. JO RAW IN G-ROOM FURNITURE. JgOUDOIR FURNTruRE. JgREAKFAST-ROOM JpURNITURE. JJILLIARD-ROOM JpURNITUItE. Jg-ITCHEN JpURNITURE. JJOTEL JpURNITURE. OUR MUCH RENOWNED TT 1. livni COTTAGE FURNITURE DEPARTMENT, 38, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. TllAPNELL & GANE, Complete House Furnishers, Carpet and Linoleum Warehousemen, 31 & 41, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. ALSO AT COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL; COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. CATALOGUES FREE. ESTIMATES FREE. ALL GOODS CARRIAGE PAID TO THE NEAREST RAILWAY STATION. [239 YE ANCIENT HAIRDIIESSING SALOON. "Ye" OLDEST IN "Ye" DISTRICT. 129, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. TVTARSH and CO. beg to thank their numerous Patrons for Past Favours, and to inform them they have OPENED a FIRST-CLASS GENTLEMEN'S SALOON, which is Fitted up with Every Modern Require- ment, and will also be used as a SUBSCRIBERS' ROOM, in conformity with the method of Periodical Payments, so rapidly gaining favour in all First- class Saloons. The BATH-ROOM, Entirely Re-fitted and Re-decorated, will be Open to Subscribers. Prices and Terms may be had from the Proprietors. A LADIES' ROOM has also been added, where every attention will be given to the Comfort of Customers, combined with Efficiency of Workmanship. Ladies' Hair-cutting, Singeing, Shampooing, &c., at most Moderate Charges and the Latest Styles. Ladies' Combings made up. ———— 0 EVERY REQUISITE FOR TOILET KEPT IN STOCK. MARSH AND Co., Hairdressers and Perfumers, 129, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK WALTER SHOWELL and SON, Ltd, CROSSWELLS BREWERY, OLDBITKY, BIRMINGHAM. CELEBRATED. CROSSWELL'S ALES. MAY BE HAD IN BARREL OR BOTTLE FROM THE AGENT- E. O. JONES} GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, WESTMINSTER STORES, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. FINE PALE ALE FROM 10D. PER GALLON. Either 41- Gallon 9 Gallon, 18 and upwards. Barry Congregational Church. SUNDA.Y NEXT, APRIL 9TH, 1893, STUDENTS WILL PREACH AT MORNING AND EVENING SERVICES. All Seats free Hymn Books provided. CIVIL SERVICE APPOINTMENTS. Age 15 to 25 ladies under 20. Salaries ranging from £ 80 to £400. Candidates wanted for Higher and Lower Divisions, Customs, Excise, Telepraph Learners, kc. Preparation by Correspondence conducted by a staff of 20 tutors. Over 11,000 Successes in 7 years. Unexcelled. Reduced Fees to Students joining Classes now. Prospectus Free from ohe Secretary, British Correspondence College, Queen's Road, New Cross, Gate, London. S.E. j The South Wales arjd tyonmontJishire School of Jfusic, Cardiff, Patron—THE MOST NOBLE THE MARQUESS OF BUTE. Principal—JOSEPH PARRY, Esq., Mus. Doc. MR. MENDELSSOHN PARRY (Late Professor at the Harrow Music School and Deputy Professor at the Guildhall School of Music, London.) has made arrangements to Visit Cardiff and BARRY weekly, to givei -n PIANOFORTE LESSONS in connection with the above Institution. For further particulars apply to the Secretary, South Wales and Monmouthshire School of Mus;c, Queen- street, Cardiff, or Mendelssohn Parry, 31, James'- squ&re, Notting Hill, London, W. MRS. LUCAS, 46, LOMBARD STREET, BARRY DOCK. Ladies' Sick Nurse. THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED. Barry and Cadoxton Local Board Election, 1893. TVTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that I shall attend at the MARKET CHAMBERS, BARRY, on THURSDAY, the 6th April, from 7.30 p.m. to 9 p.m. in order that any Person ENTITLED TO RECEIVE A VOTING PAPER, who shall not have received the same, may make personal application to me for a VOTING PAPER, and fill up and deliver same to me. H. H. LEE, s Major-General, Returning Officer. Local Board Office, Cadoxton, 4th April, 1893. BARRY AND CADOXTON BURIAL BOARD. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Chapel J. recently erected jat the Cemetery, Merthyr- dovan, will be OPENED by Public Service to be held at 3 o'clock on SUNDAY, the 23rd. April, 1893. The Service will be conducted by the Ministers' Fraternal Society. By Order, J. ARTHUR HUGHES, Burial Board Office, Clerk. Cadoxton, 5th April, 1193. Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Company. NoTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the Proprietors of the Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Com- pany will be held at the PARK HOTEL, CARDIFF, on MONDAY, the 17th day of April, 1893, at TWELVE o'clock Noon, for the pur- pose of considering, and (if so thought fit) of approving the following Bill now pending in Parliament, namely :— A Bill for authorising the Local Board for the District of Barry and Cadoxton in the County of Glamorgan to acquire the Gas and Water undertakings of the Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Company and to supply their district and other places with Gas and Water and for other purposes. Dated at Barry Dock, this 29th day of March, 1893. EDMUND HANCOCK, Deputy-Chairman. F. M. HARRIS, Secretary. A RARE OPPORTUNITY. FOR SALE, THREE ARTISTS* PROOFS OF ETCHINGS. SUBJECTS THE RIVER ISIS AT OXFORD (A PAIR) AND ROUEN CATHEDRAL. NOW ON VIEW AT W. L. HUGHES, Outfitter, Main Street. PRICES :— Unframed .Sl Is. each, or £ 2 10s. the Three. Framed £ 1 15s. each, or £ 4 10s. the Three. The Pictures are First-class Works, and warranted to be worth £ 9 9s. For Further Particulars apply -to L. J., STAR OFFICE, CADOXTON. W. E. V A U Gil A N AND CO., STEAM-POWER DYERS, FRENCH CLEANERS, &c., LLANDAFF-ROAD, CARDIFF. BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS :— 2, QUEEN-STREET, lrAT?T™ 248. BUTE-STREET, f 0AliDI* • 60, WINDSOR-ROAD. PENARTH. 53, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. 83, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR. 27, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. Parcels Received and Forwarded Regularly to the Dye-works by District Agents :— Parcels amounting to five shillings Sent direct to works will be returned carriage paid one way. Trade books and price lists sent free on application. W. E. V AUGHAN AND CO. ARE CELEBRATED FOR CLOTHES AND DRESS CLEANING by FRENCH PROCESS, producing permanent colours, a superior finish, moderate charges, and promptness of dispatch. [227 RMADE TO MEASURE DEPARTMENT. Our New Patterns for the Spring Trade are now We Solicit your ORDERS. Fit and Quality Guaranteed at Reasonable Prices. TAILOR AND CLOTHIER WELSH: FLANNEL MANUFACTURER, BARRY ROAD, MARKET BUILDINGS, BARRY, AND DINAS POWIS. MANUFACTURER, T, MBAARRRKY ET RBOUCAIADLD,DOIXNTGOSN, BARRY, AND DINAS POWIS. SCHOOL ADVERTISEMENTS. —Principals ol Private and other Schools will do well to adver- tise in the South Wales Star, which circulates very largely in the South, East, West, and Rhondda Di- visions of Glamorganshire. Quotations for a series may be had on application to the Manager, at the Office, Vere-street, Cadoxton, Barry, or of the local representatives. KAY'S COMPOUND, a demulcent anodyne expectorant for Coughs and Colds, 9id., 13 £ d. Of all Chemists. H. J. OIEN, FFERYLLYDD, POL YEP, TREGATTWG. POB MATH 0 HADAU GARDD A BLODAU, y rhai y gellir ymddiried ynddynt fel rhai newydd eleni, wedi eu derbyn yn uniongyrchol oddiwrth y Garddwyr. GOFYNER AM BRIS-RESEB. -n_ MESSRS. CHAPPELL & CO., Wiqe aqd Spirit merchants, 11, THOMPSON-STREET, BARRY DOCK. Agents for the Celebrated ANGLO-BAVARIAN BEER CO. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. ""V" THE E M PIRE PALACE OF VARIETIES, CARDIEE. Two Complete Performances Nightly. Early one 7 o'clock to 9, late one 9 o'clock to 11. ALL ARTISTES APPEAR AT EACH PERFORMANCE. OSWALD STOLL.[168 EDUCA TIONAL. THE COURT SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, X CADOXTON. PRINCIPAL MISS SMALL. Assisted by Trained and Certificated English and Foreign Governesses, and visiting Professors. Prospectus on application to the Principal. Private Lessons given in, Drawing, Painting, Music, Singing. French, and German. Pupils prepared for the Local Examinations. Class for Little Boys, f428 Next Term begins January 16th, 1893. MEDICAL. PRIVATE HOSPITAL FOR LADIES.-For p Terms, &c., write to the Superintendent, War- ringt n Lodge, Warwick-road, Maida Vale, London, W MUSIC. WANTED, LESSONS on the HARP.Apply W terms, &c., Alpha," Star Office, Cadoxton. DO you want your FINGER BILLS, Handbills and Circulars conscientiously Distributed in town and country P—Apply X. X. X., Star Office Cadoxton. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT THE SOUTH WALES STAR is now Published every Thursday Afternoon. Correspondents will oblige by sending all Communications by Wednesday at latest. NOTICE. All communications for publication must be addressed, The Editor THE SOUTH WALES STAR, Cadoxton, near Cardiff," and must reach, the Editor not later than Thursday morning All communications must be written on one side of the paper only, and the full name and address of the writer must be enclosed, not necessarily for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith.

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