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BRIDGEND DISTRICT NEWS. BRIDGEND. THE NEWBRIDGE FIELDS. — Complaints have been rife for a considerable time past as to the incon- venient stiles in the Newbridge Fields. It is suggested that steps should be taken by the local authorities to effect, if possible, an improvement in this respect, so as to make these beautiful walks easily accessible to all. On Eisteddfod Day a lady, in endeavouring to get over one of the stiles, which was in a delapidated condition, fell, and sustained a severe shock. We trust that an attempt will speedily be made to remedy the state of things referred to. MAESTEG. LLANGYNWYD BURIAL BOARD.—The monthly meeting was held on Thursday evening, 30th June. Present:—Mr. J. Jones (in the chair), Messrs. William Jones, J. H. Thomas, T. L- Roberts, E. Gilbert. The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.— Messrs. E. Gilbert and J. Williams reported respecting the cemetery grounds, and recommended that before earthing up the shrubs all the grass be removed.—It was decided that the Rev. Father Perkins be written to by the clerk to use his influence in inducing the friends who have graves in the Catholic portion to attend to them.—The clerk was empowered to prepare precepts for the various overseers at one penny in the £ .—The Chairman and Messrs. E. Gilbert and J. Williams were appointed to visit the cemetery and instruct the caretaker to carry out all necessary work for July. COLLIERY ACCIDENTS.—The week has been ex- ceptional in this respect. Following the fatal accident to Joseph Brown, reported by us last week, John Thomas, 20 years of age, 23, Temple-street, was badly injured in Coegnant Pit hy a heavy fall, which broke a small bone on the left side of the nose, and bruised his head and shoulder. He was saved from a fatal con- sequence by the tram which he was filling sustaining the stones from pressing upon him their full weight. Then a day or two after John Thomas, a lad, of Duffryn-row, became entangled in a rope on the under- ground incline in the same pit, and was taken round the drum three times. It was feared he could not sur- vive, but the last report, when our information came to hand, was moro favourable. GLAD NEWS FOR MAESTEG AND ABERGWYNFI. —The long-searched-for coal in the new pits sunk by Messrs. Perch and Company, in the Abergwynfi Vallev, was found last week. The appearance of the 2ft. 6in. seam rewarded the explorers, who soon de- corated the colliery and surrounding buildings with bunting, indicative of their ioy at the find. RECHABITE DEMONSTRATION. — The "Bee of Garth Tent, No. 1,874, held their annual demonstra- tion on Saturday last. The members formed into marching order at their headquarters, Tabor School- room, at 3 p.m.. and, headed by the Naval Brigade Temperance Band, Aberavon, proceeded through the principal streets, and then sat down to an excellent tea in the Town-hall. The number of members taking part in the demonstration were—juveniles, 160 adults, 125 constituting a grand total of 285. The healthi- ness and respectability of the members were subjects of general remark, and will probably induce many to join. An entertainment was held in the evening under the presidency of Mr. E. Richards, stationer, when an interesting and varied programme of songs, recitations, and addresses were exhausted. The num- ber of members on the books up to date is—juveniles, 160; adults, 143; honorary members, 13. The last J balance sheet shows a healthy state of finance. We should heartily like to publish the balance sheet, but pressure on our space is too great. It may be obtained from Mr. Thomas James, treasurer, or Mr." John Roderick, secietary. The Tent has our full sympathy, and we commend it to all.*