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PONTYPRIDD LOCAL BOARD. "PURCHASE OF THE GAS WORKS, The ordinary meeting of the Pontypridd Local was held on Friday last, when there were Present Messrs. David Leyshon (chairman), j G-. Lenox, James Roberts, J. Snape, John ~*tttes, P. Go wan, M. Hague, and D. Rowlands, aether with Mr. H. LI. Grover (clerk), and E. ^8 (surveyor). THE MONEY LOAN. -A. letter was read from Messrs. Stanley and "«Kara, Liverpool, to the effect that they were :ot prepared to contract for the loan of £25,000 or road improvements at the rate of interest rationed in ther tender. The Clerk reported that the Public Loan Com- missioners were prepared to advance the sum on satisfactory recommendations.—It was **entually resolved that the money be obtained trOtn the Public Works Loan Commissioners. MISCELAisEOUS. letter was read from the Pontypridd, Caer- Ptilly and Newport Railway Co. stating that the testJion of opening the new station would come JiSre the next Board of Directors. The Clerk also read letters from the proprietors j the land proposed to be taken for the erection a slaughter-house stating what money they -Quired for the same.—After some further dis- cussion it was resolved to ask for an over-draft on Ye hank to cover the expense of erecting the 8 ugltter-house. L. G. Lenox called attention to the proposed action of a new Berw Bridge, and asked whether could not obtain some money from the ^ounty Council for a work of that sort.—Mr. *w>berts said that new bridge could hardly be ^Ued a county bridge.—The matter dropped 1¡ntü the Board could inspect the spot. The Clerk reported that the Glyntaff Burial Bill had received the Royal assent on the 27th. THE PURCHASE OF THE GAS WORKS. The Chairman reported that the Board had met directors of the Gas Works in conference, and had drawn up the heads of an agreement to the :ect that the Local Board should pay £33,000 for e works, and £5,000 more to cover capital ex- penditure to be laid out in carrying out the Resent contracts for laying down mains ¡to the flying districts. These terms were, of course, to the approval of the shareholders. The pointed out that there was another <*ause to the effect that the Local Board pay five per cent, per annum *J*terest on th? purchase money from the 1st of ■"fcly, and that they should receive in return the *hoie of the profits yearly. The company, of bourse, would pay all expenses up to the time of handing ov«r of the works, such as obtaining Act of Parliament and such costs as were necessary.—A long discussion took place as whether the Board should pay 4 or 5 per cent. }^terest on the money, and it was finally resolved *hat the latter sum be paid. THE FIRE APPARATUS. „ It was reported that Superintendent Jones had then notice to the Fire Brigade to remove their •PParafcaa from the Police Station yard, as the authorities were about to make alterations *tthe Police Station.—The matter was adjourned the next committee meeting, and that the Sur- *eyor be asked to look out for a suitable place to *^p the fiTe apparatus. A short discussion ensued as to the Tramway difficulty, and it was resolved to apply for a tJublic inquiry into the matter. THE EXTENSION OF THE DISTRICT. Nr. Roberta asked the Clerk if he could not in way or other push forward the extension scheme. The payments had become due. and that \\rag a big sum.—Tiie Clerk stated tha.t the delay ^*8 occasioned by the opposition of the Mountain -h Local IBoard.—Mr. Roberts thought it would pay the Board to pend a joint deputation to the *«Ocal GovM'Hmpnt Board, and ask them to hurry matter lor ward. — It w;is resolved tilth the ™erk be instructed to write to the other TJoards Asking their co-operation to form a joint deputa- tion to wart upon the Local Government Board. •STMVEYOR'S REPORT. The purveyor submitted a plan for the proposed slaughterhouse in the Tramroad, and suggested uat a small committee should go to different; 'fewns and -visit their public slaughterhouses. it; ^aa therefore resolved that Mr. Snape (_Graig) Jtr. Gowan (Rhondda), Mr. James Roberts (Tre- forest), and Mr. Taylor (Town Ward) should i'orm ^he-committee to visit the same. Mr. 'Jas.Tloberts called attention to the encroacfc- ments, on the Common, and said he thought this: ^attexsshovtld beilooked into at once. He understood, that more land had been taken for quarry pur- Poses since the Board received money for damages. rjrMr. Gowan remarked that he had been told that *t. Reynolds, who had leased the common for lazing purposes, had been levying tolls from oranges, &c., on the common.— The Chairman-said M r.j Reynolds could not doany- *hingOf the-80Tt.—The Clerk read a letter asking Or-perniissionrtoerect a stall for the purpose of ■ filing non-intoxicating' drinks on the Common on: e occasion of the Lord Mayor's visit.—Mr. ltoberts did not think the Board should make such; precedent,'for. probably, if they allowed this, ^siebody <woulld; be applying for a licence to sell; ^toxicants thereat,—The Chairman agreed.—Mr. %Roberts moved, 'and Mr. 'James seconded, that this, 'Permission should not be granted.—Carried.—It; also received, on the motion of Mr. Gowan,- *Jecotidedby Mr.iLenox, that instructions be given to Mr. Reynolduwt to; levy any tolls in future. TTFE; IMSPECTORS' REPORT. Mr. Samuel Rowland, inspector of nuisances, !*fperted that a drain in Lee-street, Pwllgwaun, been blockdcbajp. and that the place was in a unsanitary oocnidition.—A sub-committee was **pp6inted to see *iK r. Shepherd, the agent, with erenoe to the e&sao,—Mr. Rowlands also reported *hat two butchers in Taff-street continued to **U$&hter in remarked that they did so for conwaience to themselves, as they if they wishedikill the beasts in a slaughter- house .in Treforest.—* It was resolved that the in- .^>ec4or be instructedjio warn these .en against a -Petetion of the offesce. 'Shgivsv&a the principal business.


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