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f NAISH BROS., COMPLETE Souse Furnishers, 12, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. INSPECTION INVITED. [68 NAISH BROS., Cabinet Makers, Comp] ete House Furnishers, AND Bedding Manufacturers, INSPECTION INVITED. 72, Queen-street, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. I TERMS-CASH. [68 ',To THE INHABITANTS OF QARDIFF AND JQISTRICT. THOSE who appreciate a highly-finished Artistic Portrait, we, in confidence of giving entire beg to solicit of them tlhe favour of "ieir Patronage. The Photographic Art is no **?echanical process, as many seem to think it is edging from the price they pay), until experience taught them that it is not profitable, after all, 40 PUt even cheap UNSATISFACTORY Photo- raphs in the fire two or three times before resolv- i!*? to get a good one. A Genuine Photograph is a of Art. and requires an Artist of Ability, Mth large experience, together with a variety of "°dern Studio Accessories, ere an Artistic Portrait be executed. In this respect we can truth- J^Uy say that we have endeavoured to procure the of Appliances, regardless of expense, in order we might secure a Perfect Portrait in Style Finish. But (what is more important still) Portraits are executed from the Best of Photo- Jfraphic Materials. Even our Mounts are specially -.¡e for us, and must be guaranteed chemically with real gold stamping, and bevelled edge. ^Us, it will be seen, every precaution is taken by to ensure their better permanency. Year by we have continued to increase our Business, this year we have been obliged to open laige .1finises in Pontypridd for our country Patronage, order to avoid the overcrowding and incon- Jj-Uience experienced during the past year at ^die-street Studio, and also to bring about the dicker dispatch of orders entrusted to us. We ^ote our Prices fearlessly, knowing that they are lowest that can be consistent with Photographs wORTHY OF THE NAME. Yours respectfully. A. LAWRENCE, Managing Partner for Cardiff and District. Pro A. & G. TAYLOR. Puke-street, Cardiff and Market-square, Polity- Studios open daily 9 till 6. CABINETS. Per doz. -j-doz. s. d. d. s. a. figures 150 100 7 6 »,*Snettes ••• 13 0 12 0 3 6 Children IS 0 12 0 8 6 l?roUp of 2 17 0 11 0 8 6 3 or more. ••• 18 0 12 6 8 6 ^lARTESDE-VISITS. Per doz. h-doz. I Z. s. d. s. <1. s. d. ^Figures .GO 4 0 2 0 .\i|?nettes 7 0 4 6 3 0 children 7 0 4 6 3 0 *?r°np of 2 7 0 4 6 3 0 "o-Sormore. 8 0 5 0 — '0 r 172 SHOOTING SEASON. GMOKELESS CARTRIDGES, 10s. per ICQ. J3 R E E C n L 0 A_DJJ*<L U X S Frdm 78s. to A50. Our own make. FOOTBALL SEASON SEND FOR PRICE LIST. JERSEYS IN ALL COLOURS. [21 pAGE, "T^TOOD AND C.O., (Opposite the Castle). CARDIFF. THE CARDIFF PERFECT rpHRIFT BUILDING SOCIETY. MISTERED Office: 11, ST. JOHN'S SQUARE, CARDIFF ^^bscriptions received at the District Office, every Tuesday., from 7.30 to 8.30 p.m. STRICT OFFICE COFFEE TAVERN, HOLTON- ROAD, BARRY DOCK. ^ECKETARY :—Mr. PHILLIP HARRY, 10, Cecil-street, Roath, CaTdiff. DIRECTORS Mr. J. REES, 4, Iddesleigh-street; and Mr. W. LLEWELLYN WILLIAMS, South Wales Star, Cadoxton. [173 JjEBTHYE AND jyOWLAIS JGUILDING SOCIETY. ^IRAAN — Mr. Alderman WILLIAMS, J.P., Gwaelodygarth House, Merthyr Tydfil. T'OAN'-S ADVANCED IN SUMS FROM £ 100 TO £ 10,000 JJJ^ASY REPAYMENTS in 3 to 17 Years—Favourable JT^EMPTION Terms—Utmost Secrecy—Loans on RIDINGS in Progr-eee—No Management Charges, ^ROAPEETUS and fur Cher particulars may be JOINED free on application to the Local Agents, J?*SSRS. DAVID JONES and Co., Accountants and ^*TATE Ageante, 56, Vere-streert, Cadoxton. [35 NOW OPEN HARRY'S HOTEL AND RESTAURANT, COFFEE, GRILL, AND DINING-ROOMS. Every Accommodation for Visitors AT MODERATE CHARGES. V. CLOSE TO %rry Dock and Railway Station. [247 [247 itOIEY IMMEDIATELY LENT. £ 10 TO £ 5,000 AT LOWER INTEREST THAN OTHERS. 4^Ladies and Gentlemen, Noblemen, Clergymen, J^HOOLMASTERS, Clerks, Officers, Gentlemen's AN(I othent in good situation?, Farmers, Carriers, tradesmen, Cab Proprietors, ^ODGING-HCIISE Keepers, Private House- on iiteir own security, without +N< °N- ILMD alone repayments ar- SU' borrowers' WN convenience CM- strictly private and confidential no APP^«ATION refused, and honourable and R°WERG „ ORWARD actions guaranteed.—Intending bor- FTRITR. 5E before applying elsewhere, to call 0 TO actual FEEDER, 7, MR. B. EDWARDS, 6 UNION-STREET, HEREFORD, ^^NTRY; distanco no object. Letters im- atte»d«d to. Brtabliabed 1W4. [56 ALL "yriSITORS TO CARDIFF Should Pay a Visit to the WORLD'S pA IR, Adjoining Great Western Station, Penarth-road. ADMISSION F REE. ALL KINDS OF AMUSEMENTS. OPEN JJYERY EVENING. FREE. FREE. FREE. [226 ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE CORPORATION, (Established by Royal Charter, A.D. 1720.) FOR SEA, FIRE, LIFE, AND ANNUITIES Agfcnts for Bridgend and Vicinity— m ESSRS. 'VM. WILLIAMS & SON DUNRAVEN PLACE. BRIDGEND. [124 RP O N T I N E ASSURANCE. THE great obstacle to the universal adoption of Life Assurance amongst salaried officials is the fact that in most offices premiums remain payable during the whole period of life, long after the productive years have passed, thus becoming a serious burden, whilst, at the same time, the surrender value are so entirely disproportionate to the amount paid as premium that payment can only be discontinued at very serious loss. For instance, persons who arc entitled to retire with pensions from their employment constantly find them- selves obliged to remain at their posts, being otherwise unable to provide from their lessened income the necessary sum for the maintenance of their whole life policies. These obstacles are overcome by the Tontine Policies issued at ordinary life rates by the EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES. The Society's Policies, with Twenty Year Tontine Periods now maturing, show (after furnishing protec- tion for twenty years) a return in every case of more than the total amount paid in premiums. All Twenty Year Endowments show a return of the premium paid, with interest at rates between 6 and 7 per cent. per annum. SEND FOR PROSPECTUS TO EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES, BANK-BUILDINGS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF WM. TRIGGS, MAXAGHR. BUILDING SOCIETY Established 1831. Incorporated 1874. DIRECTORS :— Mr. WM. GRIFFITHS, "ark House, Cardiff, Chairman. Mr. J. MORGAN. Llantrisant, Vice-chairman. Mr. DANIEL WILLIAMS, Glasfryn, Pontypridd. Mr. JAMES RICHARDS, Treforest. Mr. RICHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd. Mr. RICHARD LEWIS, C.C., Boot Depot, Tony. pandv. REV. WM. PARRY, Taff-street, Pontypridd. Soliritor.i—YLeasrt. SPICKETT &. SONS, Court House. Pontypridd. Surveyor—Mr. T. ROWLAND, Pontypridd. Advances made on Mortgage in sums varying from £100 to dE 1,800, repayable in monthly or quarterly instalments. MORTGAGE AND SURVEY FEES PAID BY THE SOCIETY. Advances made on the Shortest Notice. For further particulars apply to the Secretary, MR. H. S. DAVIES, TOWN HALL CHAMBERS, 75] PONTYPRIDD OTTTVT INSURANCE OFFICE U JjJ (FIRE) FOUNDED 1710. Sum insured in 1861 £ 373,700,000. For further information apply to the following Agents Cadoxton.Mr. B. G. Daviks. 15] „ Mr. DAVID Jonks. DR. JOSEPH pARRY'S MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS. FIVE NEW ANTHEMS, Both Notations, price 2d.; English & Welsh words. 1.—The Lord's Prayer. 2.—Blessed is the Man. 3.—Te Deum. 4.-Holy, Holy, and Am fod fy lesu'n fyw. For 8 other Anthems see Catalogue. SIX NEW CHORUSES. t,-Dawn of Day for Wales; O.N. 4d., S.F. 2d. 2.—.Choral March: O.N. and S.F. 4d. 3,—Hail! Prince of Wales O.N. -Id., S.F. 2d. 4.—Ode to the SunO.N. and S.F. 4d. 5.—The Village Bells O.Jv. and S F. 2d. 6.—Loyal Hearts O.N. And EXl. 3d. For 36 other Choruses see Catalogue. FOUR MALE CHORUSES. 1.—Pilgrim's Chorus O.N. 4d., S.F. 2d. 2.- Monli's March O.N. 4d.. S. F. 2d. 3.-Boat Song O.N. and S.F. 2d. 4.—The Priests' Chorus O.N. 3d., -S.F. I'd. Also other Male Choruses see Catalogue. ——— THE CONGREGATIONAL TUNE BOOK. Four .parts already published, fifth part in the press. O.N. price Is. per part, S.F. Gd. per part. Quantities .-of .orer 100 for Chapels, Cjnurafas, &c., supplied at half-price. For Catalogue of nearly 300 Competitions, apply to D. M. PARRY, 46] MUSIC PUBLISHER, PENARTH. MR. W. DAVEY, CERTIFICATED BAILIFF, Under the New Law of Distress Amendment Act, 188S. RENTS AND DEBTS COLLECTED AND GENERAL BROKER. Address W. DAVEY, BAILIFF, PENARTIL I [132 JJk A AAA divided into Sums of not less than dUOl/ U UV £ 1,002, to bead vanee d on Mortgage —Apply. G. Alexander, Pierivbryn, Cardiff. 782 -Apply, G. Alexander, Pierivbryn, Cardiff. 782 i L mjm am-ggl PURELY Vkcktable, Perfectly Harmless £ 33^vOL Will reduce fima t« o to tivo v\ poan<1sper week: vi.'inri the j J'1 in tr.c Ktem.-fji. pfr#! Vfintlnar its into IS |EW& Medicine Co., 3. TSsvr Oxiord-sirset, .v Jotham & Sons, 26 & 27, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. ======.=::=-=:=-===-==:=.=:=s:=-=-=======-== JOTHAM & SONS. Spring ahd Summer Clothing. JOTEAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. The largest Stock JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. And best value ever JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Produced. JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Separate Rooms on Ground Floor JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. For Juvenile Department. JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Over 14,000, fourteen thousand square feet of JOTHAM & SONS. Show Rooms. Woollen Merchants, patters, Hosiers, and General Outfitters. 26 & 27, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. ———— [187 Established 1838 (53 years.) JESSE WILLIAMS' SPRING MEDICINES. BLOOD MEDICINE (J. w. & Co), composed JD of the best Alterative, Purifying, and Tonic Medicines. It contains Iodide of Potass, Sarsa- parilla, Quinine, and other Resolvent and Cleansing Medicines. As a Cleanser and Purifier of Blood, no better medicine can be made. It may be taken with safety by the most delicate constitution. Does not upset the stomach, and isitift,, certain, and speedy. Is. per bottle, three for 2s. 6d. Park Hall Buildings, Cardiff. zl- SALINE POWDER (J. W. & Co.) One or two teaspoonsful dissolved in half a tumbler of water makes a sparkling Acidulated Draught, which is pleasant, cooling, and refreshing. It cures Headaches, Lassitude, Biliousness, Feverish- ness, and allays Thirst. It is a cooling and blood- purifying Medicine. In ilb and lib. tins, at 9d. and Is. 5d in bottles, at Is. or in bulk, at Is. 4d. per lb., at Park Hall Buildings, Cardiff. SULPHUR TABLETS (J. W.$Co.) in packets 6d. each, or 2s. per lb. A perfect portable substitute for the time-honoured Brimstone and Treacle. These tablets contain Flower of Sulphur, ■Cfgrrm of Tartar, and Sugar. Every bit as good and much more pleasant than Brimstone and Treacle. Sulphur Lozenges (J. W. & Co.) are similar, only they are smaller in size and are oval instead of square. Sulphur Lozenges, 41d. per box, at Park Hall Buildings, Cardiff. PODOPIIYLLIN AND QUININE PILL. The P remedy for Liver and Kidney trouble. Each pill is coated with isinglass, so that it is perfectly soluble and tasteless. 10Jd., by post Is. 2 Jesse Williams' Medicine for Indigestion promptly relieves wind, spasms, acidity, and the usual symptoms of indigestion. Is., by post Is. 3d.. at Park Hall Buildings. JESSE WILLIAMS, DARK tTALL BUILDINGS, £ JARDIFF. [160 GW I ECHY-D AU,R. 14- U :R S E. I lilllul mBI Ilk fln ■ HBU'IUI fly I* J j olher,s, -0,1e-as t ha t- are not 1!4.POSE tho5,6 oala off thei. ow Nii RSETliOMPSON'S 6-)d.,01,;24'GENIJINE. ThoOpst7n. DYE$ 1/ 'THREF- TTMES -,HE a.111'-Cr)emi'sts.ard, Paten' Medicinq..Ve. d ors, Fr'ee Frb,m the'.Sole Proprietors .-ANTHON-Y &.C.9, -3,9) M A R. T R E E T, site P04L,/ tLp-")CARD'IFF. "VJURSE TllO-Vli-'riuiS'S i'il.Ls wilt, iiu^oiutily inx-venl 1_~ Consutiiptiim if t:\kt n <r..iy ami con t im..i <1 lwith unti the constitution i-* tliortmcrly restored. Thott::tir.<:s of young women tile annually by liegliiting this simple, yet tlie most reinai'Aiible, of medicines. The blood becomts impaired, hence decay of the liuiars and other organs naturally follow. ■VTURSK THOMPSON'S PILLS are specially suited for all lit lies, regardless of age. The taking or those medicines advertised for the cure of disorders of both sexes have pro.hwl'¡ the most alarming results UwtVue, KUI1SE THOMPSON'S PILLS should be every lady's tnedieinefor all purpose's Note from a correspondent 1 must thank you, and con gratulate lilY daughter, agel) 25, upon a marvellous improve- ment in bodily hesitth and per""lw! appeariuiee. Five months ago her condition was such as to excite not only pity, but alarm, amongst those interested in her welfare. We icave Nurse Thompson's 1'iUs a fair trial, rjjd, fruin a girl of feeble strength and sickly complexion, she has developed into a rosy- faced well-developed young woman." The above is an extract of thonsmds of similar letters re- ee: ved by us. I THY THEM for Iftid-Aehe, Pains in the B.iek or Limbs, Faintness, Sickness, GiddineiS, Languor, Constipation, Flusli- iitys of Heat, Palpitation, Iiidi-„'esiion, C. 1.111 ;e of Lifi', 'li' ii Jiiwbs, e.nd all otlier IRIiEGHJLAHITiBS. [256 -nn_ _D- J. I. HOOPEP. It SON, I CHUTIPIED UNDERTAKERS AKD COM PLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS. The IJcirt and Cheapest in the District for 'u.!I II Classes of Purcral Cars, Hc;usgs, Kheilibteis. j Mourning CVtaches. at Mnynf, llr-.»j<<jr ife CoJ I High-strcot, Barry; and at 30, Windsor-road j I Pcparth. [62^ | f ATHLETIC SPORTS PRIZES. £ THE LAPGES-T AND BEST SELECTION IN WALES. ———— Aeddisg NO RUBBISH KEPT. /A- /PRESENTS, /Testimonial F <-F» Plate, ANY ARTICLE Q and EXCHANGED BIRTHDAY Gifts IF NOT in APPROVED SILVER & ELECTRO OF. PLATE. '•' ail^ St. Mary-st., CARDIFF. Why Go to London and Elsewhere, HARRY WINSTONE, JUNIOR, SILVERSMITH, Dealer in Works of Art, 54, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. OLD GOLD AND SILVER BOUGHT. I am prepared to Buy for Cash any of the follow- ing :—Antique Silver and Plate, Old China, Coins, Cut-Glass, Battersea Enamel Boxes, &c., Sfc. Hav- ing a large connection amongst collectors, icc., I am prepared to pay the highest prices for the above. BANKERS: LLOYDS, LIMITED, CARDIFF. [210 NOTICE TO VISITORS. MISS MORGAN, THE STAR RESTAURANT, (WELSH SPOKEN) QUEEN-STREET J^RCADE. THE BEST HOUSE IN CARDIFF FOR A GOOD DINNER OR TEA. DINNERS FROM 6D. TEA FROM 4D. ICE-CREAMS AND SWEETS. COME AND SEE. OPPOSITE ST. JOHN'S CHURCH, IN THE ARCADE. -_u_- f.162 G. J. ROBERTS & gON, CARVERS AND GILDERS, piCTURE JpRAME 1\1: ANUF ACTURERS ARTISTS' COLOURMEN, AND FINE ART DEALERS, 35 R0YAL ^RCADE> CARDIFF. HAYES END. THE OLDEST FINE ART Establishment IN WALES. NO BRANCHES. "_209 I I CYCLES ON E A S Y T E R'I'V'I'S I Singer's, number's, Excelsior's, Centaurs, Ivels, &c. REPAIRS, PLATING, AND ENAMELLING. M E A G E R B R O.S., 10, CASTLE'ROAD, CARDIFF. [242 1 ADELINA Pianofortes, > & as Ü 00 ú) ø d CD PJ 00 () PJ +J U) CHEAPEST, WELL-SEASONED, GOOD TONE. DURABLE AND T. I ANT PIANOFORTES Edward B. BRADER, 5, Church Street, Cardiff. PIANOFORTES BY BROADWOOD, COLLARD AND COLLARD, BRINSMEAD, and all the Lead- ing English and Foreign Makers. Tuning and Repairs of all Instruments carefully undertaken. established 1840. ll71 THE yy WITCpLL PEL, BARRY-ROAD, CADOXTON. BILLIARDS. Proprietor :— B. HODDINOTT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE AND SPIRIT, ALE, AND PORTER MERCHANT. CONVEYANCES LEI ON HIRE. [17 ROYAL HOTEL, CORNER OF BARRY-ROAD AND MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON-JUXTA-BARRY. JPAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL. CENTRAL, AND PLEASANTLY SITUATED. GOOD STABLING. FRED C. WILLIAMS 114] Proprietor. DUIEAYEI-PLACE REFEESITIEIT ROOMS, (Near the Now Bridge, BRIDGEND.) HOT DINNERS DAlLY, ELL AIRED gEDS. 33J HENRY BALL. gHAFTESBURY rjpEMPERANCE H OTEL, QADOXTON*, J>ARRY. c )0 (One Minute from Railway Station). Proprietors DAVIES AND LEWIS. This Establishment, prominently situate in the centre of Cadoxton, affords every convenience to Visitors and Commercial Gentlemen. Strict attention paid to the comfort of Guests who may rely upon securing at all times T3 E F R E S II J1 EXTS, At an exceedingly Low Tariff, and W-LL AIRED J>EDS. gPACIOUS -^y ELL FURNISHED qommercial poo?.r. Also ASSEMBLY ROOM, Suitable for Club Meetings. Rehearsals. See. TEA PARTIES CATERED FOR. [141 VICTORIA DINING ROois, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK HOT DINNERS DAILY. Accommodation for Visitors. Well-aired Beds. PROPRIETOR-C. F. ROSSER. [1 ESPLANADE HOTEL, PORTHCA. WL. 100 ROOMS. ELECTRIC LIGHT. Also MARINE HOTEL and TERRACE of FURNISHED HOUSES and APARTMENTS Tennis Courts. Inclusive hotel terms, 7s. 6;1. per day; after May 1st, 10s. 6d. Above are the only hotels with sea frontage at Porthcawl, and are the nearest to the golf links. Visitors' subscription to golf club 5s. per week, 10s. 6d. per month. Exceptionally healthy and invigorating climate. Dry, saudy soil. 220] Apply MANAGERESS. MR. JOHN y OUNG, BARRY DOCK CHAMBERS, nARRY DOCK, and at 7, TREDEGAR-PLACE, Newport, MON., UNDERTAKES the SALE by AUCTION, or U Private Treaty, of LIVE STOCK, PRO- PERTY, FURNITURE, STOCKS, &c., Valuations for Probate, Transfers of Hotel and other Businesses. Life and Fire Assurances, the Collection of Rents, Management of Estates, Mortgages, Arrangements with Creditors, and the Business of a PUBLIC AND PRIVATE ACCOUNTANT. PUBLIC AND PRIVATE ACCOUNTANT. [87. ) ,I PLEASE READ THIS! It concerns you, if you want to buy in the Cheapest and Best Market. MASTERS AND CO. (THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS) ARE NOW SHOWING A LARGE STOCK OF CLOTHING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION FOR GENTS, YOUTHS, and BOYS, FOR SPRING AND SUMMER WEAR. ASTERS AND CO. never had a better selection than they have to-day Their unrivalled STOCK OF CLOTHING, HATS, &c., for the present time of the year is the best evidence of their enterprise, experience, and efficiency. At MASTERS & CO. s Establishments Economy and Excellence go hana in hand, and the result is Universal Satisfaction. EVERY GARMENT IS GUARANTEED FOR WEAR. GOODS TO ORDER ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. PERFECT FIT IS GUARANTEED. ONE TRIAL is sufficient to prove the Superiority of- MASTERS and CO.'s CLOTHING. NOTE THE ADDRESSES: 29 and 30, St. Mary Street, 1 292, Bute-street, y CARDIFF. 1, St. John's Square, ) £ 52 CARDIFF. CARDIFF. rtEGISTERED TRADE MARK. JOHN JAMES & CO., Great Half-yearly Sale of General Drapery AT LESSENED PRICES. WiLl, COMMENCE ON MONDAY, JULY 4th, 1892, AND BE CONTINUED THROUGHOUT THE MONTH. Our grand Collection of Mantles, Capes, Jackets, Cloaks, Macintoshes, Jerseys, Costumes, &c., at C'earing Prices. Special Lot of Ladies' Blouses (new shape), with Prill and Cuff in Mus in Delaine, Print Zephyr Muslin, &c ,at Is. llj.l., 2s. 6:|d.,and 2s. ll|d; worth double. High-class Ladies' Silk and Satin Rlouses in Blackand Colours, 6s. lid., 8*. lid., and 10s. lid.: see Reductions. Lot of Ladies' Shot Siik Skirts 7<* i'id 8s. lid., an:l 10s. lid.; worth Double. Our well-known Irish Hand-Made L:tdies' Underclothing at clearing prices. Natural Wool Underclothing for Summer Wear, very special prices. Children's and Maids' Garments in Jackets. Mantles, Capes, Reefers Costumes, etc., at reduced prices. A full range of all sizes in the New Bishop Sleeve Watteau Jackets in Ladies, Misses, and Children's. Every Piece throughout our Popular Fancy Dress Department reduced for this Sale. A lot of Double-width Dress Fabrics in assorted Stripes, Checks, and Heather Mixtures- Lot 1.—6-Jd. per yard, regular value 12$d. per yard. 4 Lot 2.—Ditto, Double-width, New Patterns, 12Jd.; regular value 18fd. Lot 3.-Ditto, a large selection of Patterns and Styles, Double-width All-Wool French Fabric at Is. 6id., average value 26. 6-Jd. Lot I.-New Patterns in Muslin Delaine Light and Dark Ground?, 6fd.; regular value 12fd. Lot 2.- Do. do. do. 9$d.; do. 15id. Lot 3.— Do. do. » do. 12:td.; do. 18fd. Washing Dress Fabrics in the Fashionable Black Navy Grounds- Lot 1.— 34,1. yard; regular value Bid. yard. IJot 2 4td. do. 74,1. Lot 3.-Printed Satteens, 6 £ d.; do. 9Jd. A special lot of Embroidered Robes to clear at 21s. lid. and 29s. lid., less than manufacturers' prices. Household Linen and Plain Drapery at manufacturers' )ir-t prices. A lot of Umbrellas and Sunshades at clearing prices. Special lines in Laces, Gloves, Hosiery, and Trimming. Our Challenge (Dent's) Kid Gloves at Is. llfd.; every pair guaranteed, full range of colours and sizes. Carpets, Linoleums, Rugs Squares etc., at clearing prices. Lot of long Lace Curtains in White and Ecru, taped edges, 12M 15ifd. I84d Is lItd., 2s. e;¡d., 2s. llfd., 3s. 6fd., 3s. ll^d., 4s. Betel., ;ind 4s. li JJ. Write for Catalogues of Particulars— 4 -t 28, 29, and 30, High-street, and 30. 32 and 34, Castle Arcade. CARDIFF. [2<.)7 I THE SHIP HOTEL, BARRY, FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL. &?IV MINUTES' WALK FROM BARRY RAILWAY STATION 00 W P IIAVJNJ- BEEN ENTIRELY REBUILT IS NOW OPENED FOR VISITORS. SPECIAL TERMS FOR PRIVATE APARTMENTS FOR CAPTAINS AKFAKILIESV 39] — A. M. LEICESTER, Proprietress. THE CADOXTON AND BARRY BILL-POSTING & ADVERTISING CO., LTD- OFFICES 12, VERE ST., CADOXTON. HAVE the Largest and Best Bill posting -Ll Stations in the District; Iiarge Hoardings near the Cadoxton, Barry Dock, and Barry Rail- way Stations. Estimates Git en FOR Displaying Posters. All work carefully attended to. Communications to be addressed to the Seeretarv. [866 MR. A. A. WESTON, AUCTIONEER, VALUER. &: ESTATE AGENT 2, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. N.B.—Household Furniture and Trades- men's STOCKS Sold at the above Rooms Weekly on Commission. Goods intended for Friday's Sale should be sent in not later than Wednesday each week. f42. Q H. B URNETT, FAMILY BUTCHER, J Of Barry-road. Cadoxton, has opened a BRANCH BUSINESS ar, 57, HIGH-STREET, BARRY, with none but prime EuglL-h Beef, Wether Mutton, Veal. I,u.mb, :tnd dairy-fed Pork. J FAMIUHB WAIMJD UPOJf DAILY. [329