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CORRESPONDENCE. THE POXTYPRIDD LOCAL BOARD. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SOUTH WALES STAR. Sm,- "Vill you allow me to call the attention of my fellow-ratepayers to the fact that we never see reported the name of our Board of Health medical officer as being present at the Pontypridd Local Board. I think it can hardly be the fault of your reporter, for we find that the Ystrad, Barry, and Bridgend medical officers send in their monthly reports to the Board and why should we at Pont- ypridd not know the state of the health of our district. I asked a friend the other day what did our medical officer do. and he replied," Oh, he draws a salary." Perhaps some of the members will be able tr, explain his absence.—I am, &c.. A RATEPAYER. PROSELYTISM AT PENMARK. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SOUTH WALES STAR. SIR.-I am rather sorry to understand that the new vicar o: Penmark has already commenced upon his pro.-elytising operations. It is almost a pity to see a person in his position stooping' down so low to perform such a menial task. I really and heartily wish the vicar of the parish a better and higher ofF.ce than that. Such a practice is altogether unworthy of a gentleman and Christian minister. But then it is a practice of the vicar's own choice. Why should this be! Why not go out into the highways and fields and try and get thobt: who never attend any place of worship to come to Church, instead of trespassing OIL the rights of other people, instead of trying to induce them that are already members of Christian Churches. To persuade men to leave a Noncon- formist Church and come to a State-established Church is not Christianity, at any rate according to my idea of Christianity perhaps it is according to the vicar of Pemnark's idea. I suppose it is the new vicar's ambition to fill the church by any means, whether fair or foul. Let him go at it in a right honourable way. and I heartily wish him every success, but not until then. I hope that the ¡ vicar will improve his conduct in this respect. I am, &c., CONSTANT READER. THE COST PER CHILD AT THE LLAXDY- FODWG SCHOOL BOARD. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SOUTH WALES STAB. Sm.-In vour report of the proceedings of the above Board in your last issue you give the cost per child in this school as £ 3 4s. S^d. These figures should have been £ 2 15s. Id. This makes the material difference of 9s. 712(1. per child. The same mistake appears in the columns of your two local contemporaries. Kindly publish this in your next issue.—I am. kc., J. CAXNIFF, Board Schools. Gilfach Goch, Headmaster. TW 8th. 1891. —— — NANTYMOEL-ROW AND ITS DRUNKEN ESS. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SOUTH WALES STAR. DSAU SIR.—Kindly allow me space in your valuable paper for inserting a few remarks upon the above subiect. which appeared under the head- ing of "Na-tvmoel Notes" in your last issue. Your correspondent says that there were> eight casks of beer drunk, besides sundry bottles of whisky, by the inhabitants of Nantymoel-row. Are all'the drunkards of Nantymoel then living in this row ? Your correspondent confines himself to this street :,done. He seems to take a one-sided view of the matter, or perhaps he is prejudiced. We are ncz blind to the fact that Nantymoel- row lins ti dinv appearance, but I hope the occu- piers are not judged by outside aspect. His remarks in reference to the respectable parties are vague if they are such a few why not name them them. as now they are all under the stigma of drunkenness. Different people have different opinions regarding respectability, and I would thank your correspondent to be more explicit in his remarks. I hope your readers will not come to the conclusion that I uphold drunkenness— quite the reverse but what I wish to impress upon your correspondent is that he should not confine his remarks to Nantymoel-row alone, but look about him. and undoubtedly he will have k I plenty to remark about eIse"^reL^|gj^YT L, TO THE EDITOR OF THE SOUTH WALES 8TAB. gIRi in reading yourNantymoel correspondent s News and Notes in your last issue, I came across a paragraph about Xantymoel-row on a. Sunday morning." in which it was stated that eight casks of beer and some sundry bottles of whisky were partaken of. It is not my intention by writing this letter to deny this statement, which appears to be quite true. but as your correspondent seems to confio his views to Nantymoel-row alone, I would advise him to have his eyes open, and in his next notes report how many jacks and bottles are taken empty to a certain hotel, and brought back full every day. It is true that the appearance of Nantymoel-row is uninviting, and undoubtedly for that fact your correspondent seems to think the inhabitants are ditto. He says that there ore a few respectable persons living in the row, but by his notes he reflects Oil all. respectable or not. It would be a great deal better for your corres- pondent to write something better than he has done about Xantymoel-row. or become a missionary and at once commence to convert the drunkards. Thanking you in anticipation.^ TEG_ — THE RELIEF COMMITTEE AND MR. HARRISOX. TO THE EDITOn OF THE SOUTH WALES STAR. SIB—Having received no reply through your columns to my letter which appeared in your issue of November 27th either from Mr. De Boer or the committee he represents, ana learning that a letter had been written purporting to come from such committee to Mr. De Boer, who, in plaoe of publishing same in your last issue, has been flaunting it before the eyes of several persons to whom he was desirous of explaining his position. I take this opportunity of challenging Mr. De Boer in a straightforward manner to refute any statement contained in my previous letter, like- wise to publish the letter in his possession (which he has ahown me upon being asked for its pro- duction). I am informed by Mr. De Boer that it was the committee's opinion that were myself and two other crentlemen whom he named permitted to act conjointly with them the movement would un- doubtedly be a failure. I further challenge the committee to give any hiinu-tH'r reason for such an opinion, I may also state that as far as respecta- bility is concerned, although belonging to the working-class. I consider myself to be on an equality with those gentlemen who expressed the opinion that more prominent men were required, undoubtedly referring to capitalists and their satellites. Thanking you in anticipation, and for past favours, I remain.—Yours \c. Hon. Sec. R.A.O.B. Relief Fund. P.S.-In addition to the subscriptions which appeared in your columns last week, I have re- ceived the following :-Carlton Lodge G.S.B., j Cadoxton, £110:" Prince of Wales Lodge, Barry 16s. per Mr. S. Johns. £ 1 10s. od.; Mentone Lodge Poole, 5s. William IV., Cadoxton, £1 2s. 6d. Loyal Victoria Lodge, Holton, Barry Dock, .c3 15s. 6d.; King Charles, Bradford, 10s. Grand Lodge, Sunderland, £ 1 128.; Perseverance Lodge, Huddersfield. 41; Prince Charles. Huddersfield, 188.; steamship Bedlington (per Mr. D. W. Jenkins). 5s. No. 1 District Lodge, Leicester, 16s., kc 'Also several promises of further support. All subscriptions will be thankfully received and duly acknowledged by meat the following adaress Kingsland-crescent, Barry Dock.






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