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VICTORIA DINING BOOMS, HOLTON SOAD, BARRY DOCK. HOT DINNERS DAILY. Accommodation for Visitors. Well-aired Beds. PROPRIETOR—C. F. ROSSER. [I NAISH BROS., I CABINET MAKERS. COMPLETE HOUSE FUR NISHERS. K BEDDING MANUFACTURERS. INSPECTION INVITED. 72 orEBi\" ST. QROCKHERBTOWN ¡ W.sXh. QARDIFF TAYLOR & CO., R.P.C. (Registered by the Worshipful Company of Plumbers. London). PRACTICAL PLUMBERS AND /1 HOUSE DECORATORS, 113, HIGH-STREET, BARRY. I V 4. L L WORKS GUARANTEED. Estimates Given Free. A Trial Respectfully Solicited. Cheapest Place in Barry for Wall Papers. ALL KINDS OF GLASS CUT TO ORDER. N.B.—T. and CO. employ rraU-frr.-d plumbers.[22 FOUND, Adjoining the Barry Dock XcwSl" Office, I THE CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR DRAPERY I JL AND MILLINERY of every description. CADOXTOX DRAPERY AND MILLINERY SUPPLY, MAIN STREET, CADOXTON. [4f J. S. DUPE, TOBACCONIST AND FAXCY DEALER, 2, ISLAND ROAD, 5: 121. HIGH STREET, BARRY. BRITISH AND FOREIGN CIGARS. [43 EDGAR FEMELLJ Fishmonger ■Fruiterer, I ..l. iL t. Jot. '-A.. fjI 84, TAEP STREET, i POXTYPBIBD, BEGS to thank his numerous Customers for tlieir kind Patronage in the past, and hopet j by strict attention to business to mecit ttmii favours in the future. [ l — i L&zenbys and all kinds of Tinned Fish at the j Lowest Prices. t < — ) BEST QUALITY. i —— I POTTED CPA! FRESH DAILY! In jib. and ^lb. Pots. i I All Kinds of Fruit I • e I m feeason. PATRONISE THE TOWN YOU LIVE IN, AND < DOX'T FORGET THE ADDRESS :— IMAEPEMELLJ 84, Taff-Street, I POSTIPEILD. ¡ BOOTS AND SHOES. D. FARR, 1 5: 2, MARKET BUILDINGS, BARRY. EEADY-MADE BOOTS. SHOES. AXD SLIP- ..1.. PERS ALWAYS KEPT IN STOCK. THE BEST QUALITY OF CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND NURSERIES IN THE DISTRICT. j ALL KINDS OF HAND-SEWN BOOTS MADE TO ORDER ONLY BEST MATERIAL USED, TEE ONLY SHOP WHERE REPAIRS ARE DONE WHILE YOl WAIT. A TRIAL SOLICITED. ANDERSONS' &REAT ANNUAL SALE OF WATERPROOFS COMMENCED ATURDAY. D ECEMBEP. 5TH. The above consists 01 a large number of Gar- ments of all kinds, being Misfits, Travellers' Samples, and Goods Slightly Soiled. We will show a few Specimens-in our Windows. This opportunity should not be missed. ^yPERSQN, 4NDERSOX, AND A XDERSOX, 8, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. [505 ESTABLISHED 1840. SHOOTING SEASON. GUNS! GUNS! GUNS ALL KINDS. ALL PRICES. LOUIS BARNETT & SON, PAWNBROKERS AND OUTFITTERS. j MAIX-STREET, BARRY DOCK TOWN ALSO AT 6 AXD 7. CAROLINE-STREET, A>*D 19. AND 49, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, Have always a Large Stock of MEN'S AND WOMEN'S CLOTHING. NEW AND SECOND HAND WATCHES, JEWELLERY, GUNS, BOOTS. BLANKETS, SHEETS, QUILTS, &C,. At the Lowest Possible Prices. SEAMEN'S ADVANCE NOTES CASHED. I Most Money lent on all descriptions of Valuable Property, at 4d. per £ per month WATERLOO HOUSE, HIGH STREET, BARRY. ¡ STATIONERY OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. ( WELSH AND OTHER BOOKS IN STOCK. 1 J 1 DRAPERY & FANCY GOODS j WOOLS AND YARNS. J 1 TRY THE WATERLOO YARN. [2 (A CARD.) MR J. A. OWEN [ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR, 5, VERE STREET (Opposite the Local Board OSioe.) CADOXTON, BARRY. FURNiSH ON OUR NEW HIRE SYSTEM. i HOUSES OR APARTMENTS Completely Furnished on j a New System A DOPTED solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and enquiries usually made by cxther companies are dispensed with. -I WE HAVE AX IMMENSE STOCK OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE OF CHEAP AND SUPERIOR QUALITY. 1A11 Goods sold on the Hire System at READY-MONEY P.R ICE S WE MAKE NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT, AND ALL GOODS SENT HOME IN A PRIVATE VAN FREE OF CHARGE. — Ko Stamp or Agreement Charges made; no Bill of Sale everything private. Arrangements com- pleted without delay, and being Manufacturers, WE GUARANTEE QUALITY, And will undertake to supply Furniture, etc, At 10 per cent. less than any price list issued by any firm in Cardiff. ELEVEN SHOW BOOMS. Coil ROC inspect our IMMENSE STOCK, and oom. ccre Prices before purchasing elsewhere. I WE SUPPLY £G WORTH FOR <T).S*gD. WEEKLY £10 WORTH FOR 4S WEEKLY. ni WORTH FOR ~S WEEKLY i^lo D £20 WORTH FOR 6S WEELKY. And 80 on in proportion. Special terms for larger I quantities. No objectionable agreements used. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS :— South Wales Furnishing Co., 31, CASTLE STREET jI '(Opp«">site the Castled, CARD IFF. £100 TO BE GIVEN AWAY BEFORE AXD AFTER CHRISTMAS AT BISHOP'S NOTED j BOOT SHOP FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. INSTEAD OF ALMANACKS. i Ip VERYONE PURCHASING GOODS to the Jflj value of Six Shillings and Upwards will get a Ticket for One Shilling, which can be presented at any time in part payment for goods bought, commencing December 12th. N.B.—This is genuine, as a great many of G. B.'s l customers will remember the presents given away last year. Bring your REPAIRS to this Shop, and do not forget the address— G. BISHOP, I PRACTICAL BOOTMAKER AND REPAIRER, j' HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. [65 If you Want a Good Piano, ORGAN, HARP, OR HARMONIUM, GO TO HOLLOW AY'S, 71, Main-street, Cadoxton, Agent for HEATH and SONS' CELEBRATED INSTRUMENTS, MUSIC BOOKS, &c. LESSOXS GIVEN OX THE ABOVE INSTRUMENTS. Terms on application. ^taroyTK™ & CO LIMITED, MALSTERS, BREWERS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS. CELEBRATED SOMERSET ALES. ERE STREET STCVRES, G ADOXTOX, BARRY. 0 SPIRITS OF WHOLESALE STRENGTH, Sold in Botles and Jars. ALES IN CASKS OF 4t GALLONS and upwards always in stock. MILD ALES from lad, to 1/6 per Gallon. PORTER & STOUT from 1/- to 1/6 per Gallon. L. Y. OWEN, Agent. l7 THOMAS, OLDEST ESTABLISHED TOBAGCONiST AND CIGAR DEALER MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON. ALSO TOBACCONIST AND HAIRDRESSER, 102, HIGH-STREFT, BARRY. THE WORKING MEN'S STORES, 3G, VIRE-ST., CADOXTON, £ <ONTINUE.S ITS NOTORIETY for the VERY BEST TEAS. GROCERIES, AND PROVISIONS. The only vendor of Payne's justly celebrated WILTSHIRE BACON and HAMS in the whole district. Unequalled for the Breakfast Table. POST ORDERS RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION. Never visit Cadoxton without calling to inspect my Varied Stock. iB. SUMMERS, PROPRIETOR. JJECKITT'S gTAKCH. JJECKITT'S BLlTE. JJECIvITT'S BLACK LEA D. [77 WATCHES!! JEWELLERY WHY Go to Cardiff if you can buy equally V V Good and Cheap in your own Town by going to F. J. GREENER, UNDER PUBLIC-HALL. VERE-STREET, CADOXTON, Who keeps in Stock a good Selection of Clocks and Watches of all kinds and prices, Gold and Silver Jewellery of newest style, E. P. Spoons and Forks, Wedding Rings, Keepers, Dress and Gents' Signet Rings, at Special Low Prices. Best Place to Go fcr All Kinds of REPAIRS, Especially Watches of All Descriptions. THE PONTYPRIDD AID RHONDDA YALLETS BILL-POSTING- COUP AFT Have Splendid Bill Posting Stations all throng h the RHONDDA VALLEY, FERNDALE VALLEY, MOUNTAIN ASH, AND PONTYPRIDD. 'All Orders Promptly Executed. Special Attention paid to HANDBILLS. For Terms and Particulars, apply to Mr. LEWIS J. WARD, Manager. Offices MILL-STREET, POXTYPRIDD. Secretary, Mr. W. SPICKETT, Solicitor, Cour* House-street. Collect a*. E. LEWIS. ALTER J ~^y INDSOE PRACTICAL TAILOR & WOOLLEN DRAPER HOLT,ON ROAD, (Near Graving Dock-street), BARRY DOCK. The Favour of Orders Respectfully Solicited. Gentlemen'sovm Materials made up. SALT! SALT! RETAIL K WHOLESALE, 6F C J. T H 0 M A s & Co., 52. HIGH-STREET, BARRY. THE ROYAL STORES IN THE HAYES, CARDIFF. FORMOZA TEA AT PER 1 S. 8D. LB. THE BEST AND MOST LUXURIOUS IN EXGLAM) AT THE PRICE. This is what they say of it! READ IT! Erom a Lady at Heath to Friend at Cardiff. My dear M-, I cannot write you along letter to-day but will do so very shortly. I want you to ask Mr. Griffith if he will kindly send us a Small Caddy of Tea, about 10 or 12 Ibs, the same Tea as we had at your house. I think you told me it was only Is. 8d. per lb. I cannot enjoy any Tea since I tasted that. "With fondest love to all from ue all, "Believe me, Ever lovingly yours, W THE ROYAL STORES IN THE HAYES, » CARDIFF





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