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WILLS AJN D BEQUESTS. (From the Illustrated London Newt.") The will and codicil of Lord Middleton, late of Birdsall House, near Malton, Yorkshire, who died on Dec. 20 last, were proved on the 2nd mst. by his son, tba sole executor, the personal estate being sworn under £ 50,000. The testator makes various provi- sions in favour ot his wife, and directs portions of £12,000 to be raised for each of his younger children; he also leaves all the rents due at his death, the money at his banker's, his blood mares, horses, cattle, and live stock at Grimsthn and Birdsall to his three sons, Tatton Lane Fox Willoughby, Claude Henry Comaraich Willoughby, and AlexaLder Hugh Wil- loughby he gives his pack of foxhounds to his eldest son, if he elects to hunt them if not they are to be sold, and the proceeds divided between his said threeJsons, Tatton, Claude, and Alexander. There are a few other legacies, including .£100 to each of his godchildren; and the whole of the residue of his real and personal estate he leaves to his eldest son nupbv. the nresent Deer. 1'he will (dated July 2, 1872) of Mr. btoswell Jonn- ao;), late of Bellevue, Bromley-common, who died on January 12 last, was proved on the 23rd ult., by Thomas Johnson, the brother, Robert Field, and Thomas John Ivery Nettleton, the executors, the per- sonal estate being sworn under £ 45,000. The testator, among other le gacies, bequeaths to the Trinitarian Bible Society, Red Lion-square, and the Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews, XBOO each; to the Institution for Printing Bibles for the Blind, origi- nated and managed by Mr. Moon, atBrighton, L"; and to the Young Women's Home, Great Marlborough- street, £100; a sum of £10,000 is to be set aside, and the interest paid to his wife, Mrs. Mary Johnson, for life, and at her death numerous further legacies are to be paid, including £ 500 each to the Rescue Society, Queen-street, Cheapside, the London Hos- pital, Whitechapel, and the Life-boat Institution; X400 to the Dingle and Ventry Mission, Dingle, Ire- land S300 each to the London Missionary Society, the Church Missionary Society, Ireland, the Irish Scripture-Readers' Society, the Ophthalmic Institu- tion, Moorfields, and the Asylum for the Deaf and Dumà, Old Kent-road; X250 to the Seamen's In- firmary, Ramsgaje X200 each to the South'London Mission, Southwark,,the Sunday School for Ireland, Sackville-street, Dublin, the Achill Mission Schools, Ireland, and the Dispensary for Skin Diseases, Charlotte-Street, Fitzroy-square; and £100 to the Ophthalmic Institution, St. Georges-fields. The re- sidue of his personal estate he leaves'to the Ashley Down Institution, Bristol, under the management of Mr. George Miiller, and all his real estate to the said George Muller. The will (dated Oct. 31,1874) of Mr. Henry Thoby Prinsep, of Briary House, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, late a member of the Council of the Secretary of State for India, who died on the 11th ult., was proved on the 26th ult. by Valentine Cameron Prinsep, the son, the acting executor, the personal estate being sworn under £4000. With the exception of his books and papers, which he leaves to his eldest son, he gives all his property to his wife, Mrs. Sarah Monekton Prinsep. The will (dated Feb. 17, 1873) and four codicils, dated respectively March 12,1873, Jan.31,1874, July 17, 1874, Jan. 24, 1877) of Sarah Bruce, late of 14, Upper Bedford-place, Russell-square, spinster, were duly proved on the 1st inst. by the executors therein named, the personal estate being sworn under £ 60,000. The testatrix, after giving some small pecuniary legacies to several friends, gives to her executors cer- tain specific funds, stocks, and securities, amounting in the aggregate in value to between £40,000 and £ 80,000; and, after directing the payment out of the income thereof of two annuities and bequeathing the residue of the income thereof to her sister, Mary Ann Bruce, for her life, then gives the whole of the said stocks, funds, and securities to the Secretary of State for India for the time being in Council, for or towards the foundation and endowment of an institution at Calcutta, or at any place within fifty miles thereof, for the education and maintainence of half-caste or Eiirasian female children, whether legitimate or other- wise, and in particular orphans and those deserted by their parents, such children to be admitted only be- tween the ages of five and ten years and to be main- tained until they can be provided for in some respect- able and useful station in life. (From the City Press") The will of Mr. Robert Mounstephen, late of 42, Milner-square, Islington, N., hay salesman, who died on January 26th last, was proved on the 23rd ult., by Mrs. Maria Mounstephen, the widow, and Mr. Robert Walter Mounstephen, the son, the executors. The only persons interested unfer the will are testator's wife and two children. The will of Mr. William Riley, late of 79, Forest- road, Dalston, retired corn meter, who died on January 4th last, was proved on the 28th ult. by Mrs. Ann Riley, the widow, and Mrs. Susannah Louisa Marsh, the daughter, the acting executors. The testator divides his freehold and leasehold houses and other property between his wife, children, and other members of his family. The will of Mr. George Ralph Otton, late of Stationers' Hall-court, publisher, and of 34, Highbury hill, Islington, who died on the 24th of January last, was proved on the 12th nit., by Mr. B. 0. Lockwood and Mr. J. E. Carter, the executors, the personal estate being sworn under £ 16,000. The testator leaves to his son George Walker Otton, £ 2000 to the Book- sellers' Provident Institution, X50 free of legacy duty; and some other legacies to his wife, Mrs. Sarah Otton, he gives his household furniture and effects, £ 500, and a policy of insurance on his life absolutely, and the income of the residue of his real and personal estate for life, at her death such residue is to go to his said son. —

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