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fj^ Kew Work on BUTTERFLIES & *fOTHS, with COLOURED PLATES. In Monthly Parts, price eeL European Butterflies and Moths. By W. F. KIRBY, Assistant Naturalist in the Museum of Science and Art for Ireland. With FACSIMILE COLOURED PLATES, spedally prepared for this Work. "BUTTERFLIES and MOTHS will be written in a man- neri clear, simple, and attractive, so as to interest the < P*d>Haiy observer as well as the youngest student of { Natural History; at the same time, the Work will have advantage of the most recent information, and will based upon the researches of the highest authorities, -s forming a comprehensive, accurate, and reliable ■jcount of the structure and habits of the various species 9* European Butterflies and Moths, with full directions their collection, rearing, and preservation." Orders for PART I., price ed., are now received by all Booksellers. FULL PROSPECTUSES at all Booksellers, or post free <&plicatio* to the Publishers, CASSELL PETTER & GALPIN, Litigate Hill, London. NEW BUNYAN (large Quarto), with COLOURED PLATES. Just commenced, in Monthly Parts, price 7d. & Sid. Cassell's Illustrated Bunyan. With Original Coloured Plates prepared for this Edition. PROSPECTUSES at all Booksellers, or port fret front CASSELL PETTER & GALPIN, Ludgafe Hill, London. Jnst commenced, in Monthly Parts, price 2s. eeL The Scripture Gallery of Illustration Carefully printed on SUPERFINE PLATE PAPERe Imperial Quarto size, 15 in. by lit in. Con. sisting of Two Hundred and Fifty Beautiful Engravings, selected from the Drawings by GUSTAVE DoRE, of Scripture Subjects which have appeared in the Doftf —BIBLE and other Books. With An BMtF, "Critical and TEstbriod, on Sacred Art, oy EDMUND OLLIER. V SPECIMEN PAGES AT ALL BOOKSELLERS. Cassell Petter A* Galfin, London and all Booksellers. THE THREE MAGAZINES. 1. Monthly, price 7<1. Cassell's Family Magazine. CASSELL'S FAMILY MAGAZINE consists of numerous short Wticles on subjects of general interest, sometimes notexceeding ?ae page, and rarely extending over three pages. This rule of produces excellent results. While the varied interests Of the dtmret' circle are fairly represented, there is a marked absence both of sensation and of sermonising writing which we Cannot sufficiently commend. The continuity of the monthly Bomber is preserved by novels of more than average merit."— ■Academy. 2. Monthly, price 6d. The Quiver, for Sunday Reading. THE QUIVER is widely known as one of the very best of Magazines. The subjects are well varied, the illustrations are "ny and good. The devotional or expository papers are thoroughly scriptural."—Record. THE QUIVER contains a rare variety of tales, essays, poems, and sketches—a body of right good reading and well-executed Pictures."—Nonconformist. J. Now ready, price ed. Little Folks Magazine. "LITTLE FOLKS.—An excellent monthly."—Times. LITTLE FOLKS.—A capital little work for small people,"— ^theneeum. LITTLE FOLKS is the perfect ideal of a magazine for the young."—Glasgow Mail. LITTLE FOLKS defies competition. Its tales are the best have ever seen for children.'—Derby Mercury. Cassell Petter <&* Galpin, London; and all Booksellers. Now ready, price 2s. ed. The First Part of the Continental Portion of Picturesque Europe (viz., part 25), containing an exquisite Steel Frontispiece —"ORTA"—by BIRKET FOSTER, and nu. merous Illustrations on Wood from Original Drawings. Cassell Petter Galpin, London and all Booksellers. In Monthly Parts, 7d. Great Industries of Great Britain. Profusely Illustrated. Such a work was much needed."—Mining^ IVirld. A history of the rise and progress of British industries, of to aQ, and the utility of which is at once obvious."— Coventry Standard. Destined to prove of immense value to all those who wish to *4ow how the marvellous wealth of ibis country has been built "-Cardiff Western Mail. Cassell Petter &* Galpin, London and all Bookseller*. In Monthly Parts, 7d. and Sld. The Russo-Turkish War, Cassell's History of; Profusely Illustrated. "We think it will, when completed, be an accurate, impartial, well-written history of the war."—Naval and Military *ette. Cassell Petter 6* Galpin, London.; and all Booksellers. In Monthly Parts, 7d. Science for Alt Edited by Dr. R. BROWN, M.A., F.L.S., F.R.G.S. Assisted by a Staff of Eminent Writers. Illustrated. "A great want has been supplied in SCIENCE FOR ALL, ^herein all branches of nature will be discussed in a clear, lucid 'banner intelligible to the minds of the least scientific attain- ment, and also full of information valuable to the advanced stUdentGraphic. Cassell Petter <&* Galpin, London and all Booksellers. In Monthly Parts, 7d. The Sea: Its Stirring Story of Adventure, Peril, and Heroism. With numerous ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS. ''A marvel of cheap literature. The letterpress is excellent, *he type good, the illustrations numerous and well executed.' — ■Army and Navy Gazette. Cassell Petter &* Galpin, London and all Booksellers. EVERY FRIDAY, price 3d.; post free, 3 id. THE LIVE BTOOK JOURNAL AND COUNTRY GENTLEMAN'S CHRONICLE, Embracing— HERD AND FARM. I POULTRY AND PIGHONS FLOOD AND FIELD. RABBITS AND AVIARY. STUD AND STABLE. PETS AND NATURAL THE KENNEL. HISTORY, &C. A-nd containing the Fullest and most Critical Reports ofTHE •HOWS and important STOCK. SALES, and LEADING "ARTICLES by the HIGHEST AUTHORITIES upon all subjects bearing directly and indirectly upon the above subjects. Publishing Office and Office for A dvertisements, t" BELLE SAUVAGE YARD, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.C. The Largest and Most Complete Dictionary of Cookery ever produced. 1,280 pp., royal 8vo, cloth, 15s. Dictionary of Cookery, Cassell's. With numerous Engravings and Full-page Coloured Plates. Containing about Nine Thousand Recipes. Cassell's Dictionary of Cookery* is one of the most '"orough and comprehensive works of the kind. To expatiate its abundant contents would demand pages rather than Paragraphs."—The Times. h v One of the most handsome, practical, and comprehensive Qok;s of cookery."—Saturday Review. Cassell Petter Galpin, London and all Booksellers, The Ladies' Household Library. £ COND EDITION, price 28.6d., extra fcap. 8vo. Common-sense Housekeeping. By PHILLIS BROWNE. ^*COND EDITION, price 2s. 6d., extra fcap. 8vo. Common-sense Cookery. By A. G. PAYNE. Many practical hints are given."—Pail Mall Gazette. Pleasant, chatty papers."—Saturday^ Review. Wise counsel in a cheerful narrative."—Atheneeum. <i §J!nsible, suggestive, and serviceable."—World. i, Tells one just what is wanted for comfort."—Truth. Of the utmost utility to mothers."—Court "Journal. Xcellent hints of practical importance.ScøtsmalJ. Cassell Petter <&* Galpin, Ltmdon; and all Booksellers. I Cassell Petter Se Galpln's COBEPLICTS TALOGDK, containing a List of Several Volumes, consisting of BIBLES and RE- L'GIOUS WORKS (including Dr. Farrar's Life of Christ, c°*npUte in Two Volumes), FINE-ART VOLUMES, CHIL- 5*EN'S BOOKS, DICTIONARIES, EDUCATIONAL WORKS, IJ'STORV, NATURAL HISTORY, HOUSEHOLD and DOMESTIC TREATISES, HAND-BOOKS and GUIDES, SCIENCE, TRAVELS, I c- &>c., together with a SYNOPSIS of their numerous ■ILLUSTRATED SERIAL PUBLICATIONS, sent post free on aAplication to CASSELL PETTER & GALPIN, Ludgate Hill, QWneik pob math o ARGRAFFWAITH, am "risiau rhesyuiol, ac yn y modd destlusaf, yn y^ufa'r Observer, 1, L0n Eben, Aberteifi. BOOT AND SHOE ESTABLISHMENT, 42, St. Mary Street, Cardigan. T?.Th1 A -n^-Tvr A'DTBOOTS &c SHOES. DANIEL DAVIES, FASHIONABLE BOOT AND SHOE MAKER, BEGS to solicit an inspection of his Newly-received Stock of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children's Ready-made WHSTTEE BOOTS, in all the latest designs, from the most noted Manufacturers, the whole of which are marked at the Lowest Remunerative Prices. Oentlemen'8 Fishing and Shooting Boots. Ladies' Gloue Kid Button Boots. THE BESPOKE DEPARTMENT still continues to receive D. D. 's special attention, experienced workmen only being empldjrwC ^#4: the best materials used. REPAIRS NEATLY EXECUTED. ■ CEREDIG EVANS' C0HP9HNDJ1PE PILLS THESE Pills, prepared from the recipe of an eminent Physician, who has for many years prescibed them for his patients with unerring success, are now publicly introduced, in order that the mass of the people may become acquainted with a Medicine, the efficacy of which has been proved beyond doubt in the treatment of all disorders of the Stomach and Bowels, such as Indigestion, Wind, Flatulency, Loss of Appetite, Sense of heaviness after Meals, Colic, Stitch in the Side or Back, and habitual Constipation. They combine the tonic and strengthening properties of Quinine, with those of a mild aperient, thereby removing all obstructions to the healthy performance of the functions of digestion without causing depression of the system. For females these Pills will be found most valuable in restoring and invigorating the constitution, and may be taken with perfect safety by all ages. aw The Proprietor has received numerous testimonies to their efficacy, and' has every confidence in recommending them to all who are subject to the above complaints. PREPARED ONLY BY f. CEREDIG EVANS, Chemist, Cardigan, And sold in Boxes at Is. lid. each. ESTABLISHED UPWARDS OF 30 YEARS. HENRY DANIEL DAVIES, MANUFACTURER OF "WOOLLEN CLOTHS, FLANNELS, BLANKETINGS, Welsh Plaids and Stripes, Hosiery and other Yarns, Priory Street, CARDIGAN. These Goods are manufactured from PURE Wools, and WARRANTED to be unadulterated with SHODDY, or any other INFERIOR Materials. The Hosiery Yarns are in great variety of Colours and Qualities, made up in different size Balls, convenient for Retail Dealers' ready sale. PATTERNS and WHOLESALE PRICES forwarded, Post Free, to Shopkeepers ONLY. MILK! MILK! MR. W. I. THOMAS, of Swiss Cottage Dairy, London, who has lately taken Noyaddwillim Farm, has made arrangements to send into Cardigan, every morning and evening, at the resi- dence of all who may require it, any quantity of PURE FRESH MILK. Early orders are solicited to be sent to Noyaddwillim, or to No. 15, High Street, Cardigan, at which latter place a constant supply may be had at all times during the day, between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Sundays only ex- cepted. Noyaddwillim, Jan. 31st, 1878. The Printing Trade. AN Intelligent YOUTH wanted as an AP- PRENTICE to the above Trade. A good opportunity offered to learn the different branches thoroughly.—Apply, Office of this Puper. Yn awr yn barod, 144 tudalen, Pris Swllt, WED ROSIA: SEF GWEITHIAU Barddonol a Rhyddiaethol y diw- eddar Mr. T. WEDROS EVANS, Ysgolfeistr. Yn mhlith ereill ceir y bryddest fuddugol ar y Ffurfafen yn Eisteddfod Crymych, 1876. Ar werth gan ei fam, Mrs. Evans, Rhydanfach, Ceinewydd, ac yn Swyddfa r Observer, Aberteifi. IMPORTANT MEDIOAL WORKS. 122nd Thousand, Free by Post, in Envelope, Two Stamps. GUIDE TO HEALTH or, Advice and Instructions for the cure of Nervous Diseases. Gives Instructions and Ad- vice, the result of twenty-eight years' special practice, for cure of all diseases of the Nervous System, Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Loss of Energy, Pains in the Back, Constipation, Blushing, Hysteria, Timidity, Self Distrust. Dizziness, Groundless Fears, Muscular Relaxation, Loss of Sleep, Faulty Nutrition, Loss of Flesh, Weakness, Pimples, Diffidence, &c., resulting from Loss of Nerve Power. Illus- trated with Cases and Testimonials, with means used in each case. Important Rules to be observed by Patients. Also by the same Author Seventeenth Thousand. Fifty-seven Engravings on Wood, post free for 7 stamps, PHYSICAL EDUCATION or The People's Guide to Health On the culture of the'healthful and beautiful in humanity. Fifty-scveli Engravings. Subjects:—Physical Education, Laws of life, How to render weak muscles strong, Gymnastics, Prevention of disease, Cure of disease, Air, Light, Skin, Diet Bath, &c. Gives in- structions for developing and strengthening the human body, How to regain lost health resulting from loss of nerve power, the effect of overtaxed energies—Over-work, City life, Worry, Brain toil, and Intemperance. How to secure long life, and avoid the infirmities of old age, &c. DR. HENRY SMITH, No. 8, Burton Crescent, London, w.c. NEW WORK OF VITAL INTEREST. Post Free, Six Penny Stamps, From J. Williams, 22, Marischal-street, Aberdeen. 4 LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE. CONTENTS. 1. Medical Advice to the Invalid. 2. Approved Prescriptions for various Ailments. 3. Phosphorus, as a Remedy for Melancholia, Loss of Nerve, Power, Depression, and Feeble Digestion. 4. On Self Treatment and Cure. 5. The Coca Leaf a Restorer of Health and Strength. FISH FOR SALE. MR. W. I. THOMAS, of Noyaddwilym, will offer for sale, at his Shop, No. 15, Hisrh street, Cardigan, on SATURDAY NEXT (To-morrow) a large supply of Salmon, Sole, Dried Haddocks, and other Fish; also native and other Oysters; and is at present making arrangements for a continuous supply of the above for the town and neighbour- hood.. February 22nd, 1878. ESTABLISHED 1832. THOMAS WILLIAMS LINEN & WOOLLEN DRAPER, 7, BRIDGE ST., CARDIGAN. Funerals completely furnished ontheshortes notice. GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL pills. by smer'U aNd UNX"MNU-LY heM Though you have suftrgd and d"paited fbr years and safe and speedy cure for you at a tmali cost by GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS, which are now recognised by all the best Medicine yet discovered for PILE A GRAVEL, well u for the following pains, which, in Ninety-nine Cases ont ol every Hundred, am oavsed by these painful MtJtdiez t— PAIN IN THE BACK, FLATULENOYGRIPINC), COLIC, A SENSE OF WEIGHT IN THE BACK AND LOINS, DARTING PAINS IN THE REGION OF THE HEART. LIVER, AND KIDNEYS, CONSTIPATION, PAINS IN THE THIGHS, SOMETIMES 8HOOTINQ DOWN TO THE OALF OF THE LEG AND FOOT SUPPRESSION AND RETENTION OF URINE, PAIN8 IN THE STOMACH, AND ALL LIVERCOMPLAINT8. Thosiand* have -° cur.4 by tbea* Pilli, and many who had bMn pronounced hopel««i^ b««n ^thoroughly rntorad to OH* BOX WILL C0SCEeTHEaM08T SCEPTICAL OF THEIR EFFICACY. In order to nit all who man be mftritw from ONE or BOTX of these Maladies, the Semedg Si No. 1—GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS No 2—GEORGE'S GRAVEL PILLS. No. a-GEORGE'S PILLS FORTHBPTr/gg. Important Testimonials from Doctors, Chemists, ami Invalids, from all parts of the country, will be forwarded to atlll address on receipt of a stamped envelope. Sold in Boxes, is. lid. and 2s. 9d.. by all respectable Chemifets; by Post, Is. 4d. and Sa., in postage stamps. EVSRY BOX IS PROTECTED BT THE GOVERNHENT STAMP. NOTICE.—The title II PILB AND GRAVEL PILLS" « Copyright, and entered at StatiomralauM Proprietor, J. E. GEORGE, ILi.P.B.. HIRWAIN. GLAMORGANSHIRE. MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY IMMEDIATELY ADVANCED to Householders, Farmers, Cow Keepers, Car and Cab Owners, Tradesmen, and others, without any kind of sureties. Distance no object.—Apply to L. ROUSE and CO., Financial Agents, 3, Kirkgate, Huddersfield. N.B.—All communications strictly private and confidential. IF you want PRINTING of any description done neatly, expeditiously, and reasonably go to the OBSERVER Office, No. 1, Eben's Lane,(op- posite the Black Lion Hotel), Cardigan. ..J L D. R. WILLIAMS, SCULPTOR, Marble Works, LLANELLY. Monuments, Tombs, Headstones, Crosses, tic., executed in Granite, Marble, and Stone. Designs forwarded on application. Yn awr yn barod, pris Swllt, HYNODION HEN BREGETHWYR OYMRU, Gydag Hanesion difyrus am danynt Cyflawnir y gwaitlyfrewn Tair RhaD. Rhoddir Gwyneb-ddalen a Chynwysiad cyflawn gyda Bhan 3. Yn awr yn barod, mewn Llian, pris 2s. 6c., COIFT^JSTT Y PARCHEDIG JOHN JONES, Blaenanerch, GAN Y PARCH. JOHN DAVIES, BLAENANERCH. Y Caniedydd Americanaidd: Y 4 Rhan mewn Llian, pris Is.; yn Rhanau, 2c. Wrexham: Cyhoeddedig gan Hughes and Son; AC AR WERTH GAN Mrs. Williams, Bookseller, Aberteifi. POTATOES; If you require good Table or Seed Potatoes of the -L very best and choicest sorts, the same can be obtained of A. CHETTLE, who has just imported a quantity, and has opened Stores at PROGRESS PLACE, Mwldan, CARDIGAN. February 20th, 1878. BENSON'S WATCHES. Watch and Clock Maker to the Queen and Royal Family, and by special ^POjptioent to the Prince of Wales and Emperor of Russia. Old Bond-street, and (Steam Factory) Ludgate-hill, London. BENSON'S WATCHES of every description, suitable for all climates, from £2 to 200 guineas. Chrono- IP^Phs. Chronometers, Keyless, Levers, Presentation, Re- peaters, Railway Guards, Soldiers, and Workmen's Watches of extra strength. BENSON'S ARTISTIC ENGLISH CLOCKS, B decorated with Wedgwood and other wares, designed to suit any style of architecture or furniture; also, as novelties for presents. Made solely by Benson. From £ 5 5s. BENSON'S PAMPHLETS on TURRET B CLOCKS, Watches, Clocks, Plate, and Jewellery. Illus- trated, sent post free each for 2 stamps. Watches sent safe by post. Benson's new work, Time and Time Tellers," 2s. 6cL LLAN LINE, Shortest Ocean Passage to MBRICA, Halifax, Canadian, & United States Mail. Composed of Twenty First-class Steamers. leaving LIVERPOOL, every THURSDAY, and LONDONDERRY every FRIDAY, for HALI- FAX, QUEBEC, PORTLAND, and BALTI- MORE. Threugh Tickets to BOSTON, NEW VORK, PHILADELPHIA, and to all points in CANADA, and the STATES. Low Fares and excellent Accomodation. Passengers who secure their Tickets before leaving home, are met at the Railway Station in Liverpool by an appointed Agent of the Company, who takes charge of them until they go on board the Steamer. The Canadian Government grants Assisted passages by the "Allan Line. Aff Write for the Pamphlet LORD DUFFE- BIN IN MANITOBIA." For Rates of Freight or Passage, apply to ALLAN BROTHERS & Co., Liverpool or London- derry; or to the Local Agent, J. C. Roberts, "Observer" Office. I',HOLLOWAY ILLS, Impurity of the Blood. *he blood be kept in a pure state the constitution ,re*kened and disease supervene. These wonderful the power of removing or neutralizing all con- blood and system generally- They quietly, Dut certainty overcome all obstructions tending to produce ul institute regular action in organs that are faulty from irritation or debility. The dyspeptic, weak, and nervous on these Pills as their best friend and comforter, as ta6y sot upon the Tnaiw spri wp of tifa ftnfl thus 8BT0 thousand! from a premature grave. Complaints of Women & Children. The very mild and painless action of these invaluable Pills recommends them to ev ery household as a remedy for the first departure brom health. Any mother, nurse, or young person gwaea Dy the directions which accompany each box of Holloway's •r. at once available means for checking disease, purifying the blood, and expelling from the system all gross friend! y 810 ia<Jeed» 4111 *8B8» 4110 fcmato" tri0d Disorders of the Liver with Flatu- lency and Indigestion. Loss of appetite and flatulency are usually the forenInnere Of stomachic disease. These famous Pills exercise the most salutary power in all affections of the liver, and all irregularities of tne stomach and bovrels; they restore a healthy function to every internal organ, overcome all obstructions, and cast out ttltmpurities. Weak Stomachs.—Impaired Digestion. The wisest cannot enumerate one tithe of the distressing symptoms arising from enfeebled digestion, all of which may be readily dispelled by these admirable Pills, as they rouse the stomach, liver, and every other organ of digestion to that healthy tone which fully enables them to convert all food and drink to the nourishment of the body—hence, these Pills are the surest strengthened, and the safest restorative in nervousness, wasting, and chronic debility. ffipllomay's Pills are the best remedy Itnonn in the world for the fallowing diseases:— Ague Headache Stone and Gravel Bilious Complaints Liver Complaints toms Asthma Indigestion Secondary Symp- Blotches on the Skin Lumbago Tic-Doloreux Bowel Complaints Piles Ulcers Debility B.ht>nmaf.i«m Venereal Affections Dropsy Retention of Urine Worms of all kinds Female Irregularities Scrofula, or King's Weakness from Fevers of all kinds Evil whatever cause. Gout Sore Throats &c., &.0. The Pills and Ointment are sold at Professor HOLLOWAY'S Establishment, 533, Oxford Street, London, also by nearly every respectable Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilised World, in Boxes and Pots, at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., 11s., 22s., and 33s. each. The smallest Box of Pills contains four dozen; and the smallest Pot of Ointment one ounce. Fall printed directions are affixed to each Box and Pot, and can be had in any language, even in Turkish, Azabio, AnNNHML „ Persian, or Chinese. No. 16—a. J. R. DANIEL, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, PAPER HANGER, House and Ornamental Painter, UNDERTAKER, &c., 12, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIGAN. PIANOFORTES For Sale or Hire on the Three-Years System. 1878. STEWARDS: Co!. LEWIS, Llysnewydd; W. R. H. POWELL, Esq. Maesgwynne. THE TIVY-SIDE HUNT STEEPLECHASES & H U R DLE RACES (Grand National Rules,) Wilt take place on FRIDAY, MAY 3rd, 1878. THE HUNT BALL At the GUILD-HALL, CARDIGAN, on Thursday, May 2nd. W. O. BRIGSTOCKE, ESQ., Parkygors, Boncath, R.S.O., Hon. Sec. CARDIGAN UNION. GENERAL SERVANT WANTED. WANTED, at the Cardigan Union Workhouse, a General Servant (female), aged between 25 and 40; Salary, JE12 a-year, and rations in the House. Must be able to understand the Welsh and English languages. Applications, and certificates of Character, to be sent to Mr. W. G. ^GEORGE, Clerk to the Guard- ians, Cardigan, by SATURDAY, the 30th day of March instant. Applicants must attend at the meeting of the Board, to be held on the 3rd day of April next, at the Board Room of the Workhouse, St. Dogmells. Cardigan, 6th March, 1878. TO CONTRACTORS. THE EGLWYSWRW SCHOOL BOARD, JL Pembrokeshire, are prepared to receive TENDERS for the ERECTION of a Schoolroom (for 75 children), Out Offices, Boundary Walls, and Premises, at the Village of Eglwyswrw, in the County of Pembroke. The Tenders are to be sent in to me not later than SATURDAY, 30th day of March next, at my Office, at Cardigan, where Plans and Specifications may be seen on any day (except Saturdays) in the meantime, and the terms of the Building Contract, and every necessary information will be given. The Board do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Dated this 28th day of February, 1878. IVOR EVANS, Clerk to the Board. 3, Green Street, Cardigan. PEMBROKESHIRE. HENLLYS AND CWMEOG WOOD, Situated about midway between the Towns of Cardigan and Newport, Pembrokeshire. Highly Important Sale of Growing Oak and other Timber. MR. THOMAS GRIFFITHS I TTAS been favoured with instructions to SELL II BY AUCTION, at the SALUTATION INN, FELINDRE, in the parish of Nevem, in the county of Pembroke (and close to the Wood), on TUESDAY, the 19th day of MARCH, 1878, the following lots of well-grown OAK AND OTHER TIMBER (of from 60 to 70 years growth), viz. Lot l.-Henllys Hill, containing 672 Oak Tim- ber and Poles, 3 to 12 inches girth; 210 Ash and Alder, 3 Beech, girth 6 to 12 inches. Lot 2.-Cwmeog Hill, containing 2,146 Oak Timber and Poles (from 3 to 10 inches girth (prin- cipally poles). Sale to commence at 2 o'clock The admeuurements and numbers above men- tioned are not guaranteed. Messrs. Stephen Phillips and David Bateman, Woodmen, Felindre, will show the woods, and for further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, Cardigan. CREDIT ON CONDITIONS. The above Timber are within easy distance, over good roads, of Newport aforesaid, whence same can be conveyed by water. The omnibus from Crymych Arms Station, on the Whitland and Cardigan Railway, to Newport, passes close by the Wood daily (Sundays excepted.)

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