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IYnyshir Collier's Thefts.


I Ynyshir Collier's Thefts. At the Pontypridd Police Court on Wednesday, before the Stipendiary (Air. D. Lleufcr Thomas), Thomas Isaacs, a youthful-looking collier, of Y nyshir, ap- peared to answer three summonses charg- ing him with thefts of five shirts, a pair of and a pair of boots at Ponty- pnud on May 3rd, the property of local tradespeople. Evidence was given that the police pur- sued Isaacs after receiving information, and arrested him in a gulley at Hopkins- town, where he dropped a parcel contain- ing the shirts and boots. He was subse- quently arrested and taken to the Ponty- pridd Police Station, the trousers being in his possession. Prisoner said he bought the things from a man witn whom he had been drinking, and that man first asked him 4s. (id. for them, and subsequently 2s. 60.. Supt. John Williams said defendant was of very respectable parentage. Prisoner was sent to prison for three months. Remarking upon the case, the Stipen- diary said prisoner had not shown the frankness of confessing his guilt, and had added to the prime ianIt by telling a story which the Bench could not accept. He must have known he was aoing wrong even if his story about buying the articles was correct.

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