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FOUNDED 1850. Bevai) & Company, LIMITED, REGISTERED AND KNOWN THROUGHOUT WALES AS The Cardiff Furnishers." A s. d. Massive 2-inch Pillar Bedsteads 1 9 11 Everlasting Wire Mattresses from 0 9 6 Full-Sized Feather Beds from 1 12 6 Carpet Squares, handsomely Bordered 0 13 11 Walnut Sideboards from 3 17 6 Leather Cloth Suites, from 3 19 6 Splendid Saddle Bag Suites, from 7 12 6 Grand Figured Silk Suites, from 12 12 0 The Finest Array of Bedroom Suites in the Principality, from Y,3 17s 6d to 952 10s per suite. W All other Goods equally Cheap, and delivered free by road or rail throughout Wales and border Counties, LARGE ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES I GRATIS AND POST FREE! SPECIAL NOTICE THE SALE OF A MANUFACTURER'S STOCK OF IRON AND BRASS BEDSTEADS Now proceeding at most astonishing Prices for Cash only. Without exception the best value in these Goods ever offered. Bevan & Company, d COMPLETE FURNISHERS, CARPET: AND MUSIC WAREHOUSEMEN, 21, DUKE STREET, AND 'The King of Furniture Stores' (Four Floors of 140 feet in depth), NEXT BANK BUILDINGS, 97, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. "sea, Pontypridd, New 1 DELAY IS DANGEROUS. Ii I i 111,11 "Fitt, Patient: The Tain is in the small of the bach, Doctor ? Doctor: ..4.k! That's kidney trouble." Have You Sharp Pains in the Back ? Are You Sleepless and Irritable ? Kidney Trouble is Serious. That stab-like pain in the back or that dull ache comes from diseased kidneys They lie just in the small of the back. It is a warning that something is wrong, and it is a serious warning. If every cold or chill affects the back, depend upon it your kidneys' need prompt attention. If the first symptoms be neglected, soon more serious ones will follow. There will come a disturbance of the kidney secretions gravel will appear; there will be rheumatism, neuralgia, sleeplessness, weak, fluttering heart, a dull, heavy, worn-out feeling, and finally, those dread diseases—Bright's Disease or Diabetes. If the kidneys filter the blood pro- perly-that is, filter out all its waste and poisonous products-you can be well and strong. You cannot be well otherwise. There is no kidney helper so good as Doan's Backache Kidney Pills, the great Quaker Kidney Medicine. They have been used for 70 years, and are made of wholesome and safe roots and herbs, as they were originally made by the Quakers. They have just the toning, healing effect the kidneys require. They act only on the kidneys and bladder, and in their gentle way gradually aid the kidneys to properly flush off all the waste impurities of the body. Their effect is so sure and certain that they are now being used by doctors, who recommend them in their serious cases. They cannot injure the youngest child or the weakest invalid. The Quakers always used an oak leaf on the this, so that people might be sure to get the genuine. Look for this leaf. I If your trouble is kidney disease, Doan's Backache Kidney Pills will cure it, for they are made for that purpose only. For sale by chemists and stores, 2s. 9d. per box (6 boxes, 13s. 9d.), or direct from the proprietors, FOSTER-MCCLELLAN Co., 8, Wells Street, Oxford Street, London, W., by post on receipt of price. A FREE SAMPLE Will be sent to anyone who will send 1d. stamp for postage and mention this paper. Address, Foster McClellan Go., 8, Wells Street, Oxford Street, London, W. I J. R. CHAMINGS, POSTING MASTER, BARRY HOTEL POSTING STABLES. t-Y WEDDINGS A SPECIALITY. Carriages, Wagonettes, Victorias, Lady's & Gent's Saddle Horses, and Traps on Hire at Shortest Notice. First-class Hunters by Day or Month. Large Brakes for Picnics and Parties. Cabs, &c., may be obtained to and from any Station in the. Barry District. Telephone, No 47. W. JEREMIAH, THE OLDEST Family and General Butcher In the District, has a Fine Show of CHOICEST MEAT! COMPRISING PRIME BEEF, CHOICE MFTTOI, DAIRY PORK, &c. AN INSPECTION CORDIALLY INVITED Please Note the Address 124, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY OOCKS. CAPITAL PLOTS OF BUILDING LAND TO LET, Facing the Common. ¡ SPLENDID VIEW. LOW GROUND RENT I APPLY :— I J. A. HUGHES, Esq., Solicitor, OR TO J. A. OWEN, Architect, Cadoxton. BUILDING LAND TO LET at Moderate -10 Ground Rents for the Erection of COTTAGES, VILLAS, &c., on the MOUNT PLEASANT ESTATE, Cadoxton; Church Estate, do.; Cadoxton Land Syndicate, do.; Land off Court-road, do. and Central Estate, Barry Dock. — Particulars on application to J. A. TTEN, Architect) and Surveyor, Vere-street, -in-Barry. DUKE-STREET AUCTION ROOMS. CARDIFF ON THURSDAY, JUNE 25th, commenc- ing at 12 noon precisely. IMPORTANT TO PARTIES FURNISHING. MESSRS. J. G. illADDOX & SON WILL SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at their Old Established SALE ROOMS as above, an immense assemblage of very superipr HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. (Re moved from various residences for absolute sale), including :— Valuable Pianofortes, 6ft 5ft and Smaller Bedroom Suites, 6ft 5ftand 4ft Wordrobes, Pairs of Handsome Toilets, all Brass and other Bedsteads, Wool and Spring Mattresses, Turkey, Axminster, Brussels, and Tapestry Carpets, Skin and other Hearthrugs, Brass Curbs, Fenders, Brasses, superior Drawing and Dining-room Suites, Rose- wood, Chippendale, and Walnut Cabinets, 6ft 5ft and 4ft Sideboards, Bookcases, Dining and Occasional Tables, Walnut, Chippendale, Rosewood, and Gilt Overmantles, Chests of Drawers, Hall- stands and Chairs to match, Roll-top and Pedestal Desks, Safes, Office Chairs. Lounge and Occasional ditto, Oil Paintings and Etchings, Marble Clocks, Bronze and China Ornaments, Ottoman and other Couches, Stair Carpets and Rods, Sets of Toilet Ware, Dinner and Tea Services, together with the usual Kitchen Effects, &.c..&o., in all about 800 Lots. On view three days' prior to and morning of sale. N.B.-All lots purchased by Country buyers are packed free and put on rail. Goods can be purchased privately if desired. Established 1860 OLDEST ESTABLISHED THE BARRY DISTRICT BILLPOSTING CO., LIMITED, RENTS ALL THE BEST POSITIONS, HAS ALL THE BEST HOARDINGS, And more than Treble the Space of all others combined. MEMBERS OF THE BILLPOSTERS ASSOCIATION. Handbills Carefully Delivered. OFFICES 71, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCKS w. THOMAS, SECRETARY