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Sale by Mr Griffith. rpEEHOLD PROPERTY SITUATE IN THE TOWN OF MALPAS, 1 THE COUNTY OF CHESTER. RFI >0 BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by MR. GniFFITH9 t at the Red Lion Inn, in Malpas, aforesaid, od ?)))\UAY, the 3rd day of November, 18o6? at ,?? in the afternoon, punctually (subject to ? ?dinoos of Sale then to be produced and read) in or such other Lot or Lots as shall b? deter- mined upon at the time of sale, -kl,l those Two well -I u'dt COTTAGES or DWEL. i I^vG-IIOUSES, situate in Well-street, in Mal- ai,oreetaid, together with the excellent Gardens, 1 .L., d II h ;,ut.otficcs, yards, and all the appurtenances there- untù belonging, now or late in the several holdings Nirs. Divies and Miss Clark, their assignees or under-tenants. The above property is r reehold, and is very pleasantly situated; the gardens are spacious and have a good aspect; the houses are in excellent repair, with grates and other fix- tures attached to the freehold, and to small capitalists affords a very desirable invest- ment. Further particulars may be obtained on appli- èltivll to Mr. Smith, Draper, Malpas; the Auc- iiiuer, Wrexham; or Messrs. Edgworth and ]i. VL-reux Pugh, Solicitors, Wrexham. BRYNMALLY CATASTROPHE. TO-MORROW EVENING, Nov. 2nd, a SER- JL MON will be preached in the Old Chapel, Chester-street, by the Rev. Exocn GRIFFITHS, Minister of the place, in which especial reference will be made to the above event. Service to commence at half-past Six o'clock. No Collection. HENRY POOLE, HORSE CLIPPER and SINGER, HENBLAS- -.TIEET, WREXHAM, beg9 respectfully to inform the Gentlemen, Farmers, and others of the neigh- bourhood that he is now prepared to attend to all or- ders in the above line and as he has been engaged in it ,'ur more than 16 years, he feels conifdent of being enabled to give every satisfaction to those who employ Lim. October 14th, 1S56. NOTICE OF REMOVAL, WILLIAM HOLLAND, Grocer and Tea t Dealer, takes this opportunity of returning .b.,inks to his numerous friends, and the public of Wrexham generally for the kind patronage which they have accorded to him since his com- mencement in the above business: and begs to in- form them that he Las REMOVED to the Prem- ise htely occupied by Mr C. Owen, Tailor and Draper Hope-street, Wrexham, and respectfully S .lierits a continuance of their favour and support; Hope-street, Wrexham, Sep. 5th 1856. PORTRAITS FOR THE MILLION!! YOU may obtain a beautiful and correct LIKE- JL NESS for One Shilling in frame complete One Shilling and Sixpence; in case to shut up, Two Shillings and Sixpence, at ME. HICKS'S PROVINCIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY, NOW OPEN AT MR. JOHN EDWARDS'S, BAKER, &c. Hope-street, Wrexham. Open from 10 until 3 o'clock Daily. N.B. Will close in a few days. WHAT gift can you make your friends more T pleasing or welcome thau a true and LIFE- LIKE PORTRAIT of yourself—a gift that never de- r'l) s. Aud" hy not gladden the hearts of dear ones :1 t h'lne, by given them one of these tokens of re- fiiemberauce, which cau be easily procured, and at so i' tie ex pence, from Mr. Crowe, Charles-Street, Wrex- ] .tn, from ONE SHILLING each, or in foldiug te Complete, for TWO SHILLINGS and SIX- I", N C E. AGRICULTURAL SALT, At Knibbs's Salt Warehouse, Wrexham. 1^ KNIBBS begs to inform the Farmers and E. Agriculturists of Denbighshire that he has always in Stock a large quantity of SALT, suit- able for Agricultural Purposes, which he is pre- pared to sell at very reasonable prices. For par- ticulars and to purchase, apply to E. KNIBBS, Hi^h-street, Wrexham. Also, the best Winsford Cheese Salt, and a large St-ok of fine Salt.-4, for household purposes. March 6th, 1856. MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, CATTLE MARK ET, W R EX H A M. ESTABLISHED 25 YEARS.  P. KE(tnISO is weit-known to the Public -Jo as the tirst Artist in Europe for preserving llirJ-, Beasts, and all kinds of Reptiles to resemble 'rittltuJe and perfections of Life. lie is employed by iliist of the Nobility and Gentry in the kingdom. P( eilliCUs of his curious Art may be seen at the Re- pository, as also a fine collection of Rare Birds, Beasts, Suul Insects, in the highest state of perfection. As there are many Ladies aud Gfntlemeu who are partial tu their Birds, and favourite Animals, this is respcct- tully tj inform them that they m:-iy have their re- n-sius preserved in appearauce so near life as scarcely t'j be distinguished, and warranted to last beyond ex- pectation. E. P. kerrison hopes that by continued exertion a sincere wish to give satisfaction to all who may favour him with a trial, still to merit a continuance i;( lJlÓlic patronage and support, so liberally btstowed ÜIJojrJ him duriug the last 25 years. N. B.-Forei,,n Bird skius carefully mounted. Rare Birds bought, sold. or exchanged. CELEBRATED SHROPSHIRE MEDICINE. The best Purifier of the Blood discovered rPilK ORIGINAL PLOUGHMAN'S DROPS 'I hesc invaluable Drops have for nearly Half a Century proved themselves the ONLY effectual cure biliuusuess, affections of the liver and kidney's dropsy, cancer, listula, ulcers, scrofula, king's evil, Scurvy, scorbutic affections erysipelas, and all erup. ti-jiis of the skin a safe remedy for all female com- plaiuts, rheumatism, pains in the back, St Anthony's La, jits, aud all other diseases arising from an impure fctatc of the blood. Sold in bottles at 2s 9d, and is (jJ each. A G r,.NTS.-JO-NES, Chemist, Wrexham RoEKETS Advertiser Oilice, Oswestry IIOLL, Chemist, New- town JoNts, Chemist, Whitchurch. KINo, Che- mist, Market, Dravtou NE\V cheap music. IN 'DAVIDSON'S MUSICAL TREASURY,' F'Jr November, 1856, Published at 19, Peter's llill, London. Sold by Charles G. Bayley, OSWESTRY, UXGS FROM DRED." The Poems taken by express permission of Mrs lieecher Stowe, ex- clusively fur the l usical Treasury. LlSETTE'S SONG, What arc the Joys of White Maur 6d THE NORTH CAROLINA ROSE, the Ethiopian Troubadour's song, 6d Vui; AND 1. Dr Mckay's noble Poem of Progress, ^>v first published with Music, Nos 81-2 of the Musical Treasury, Price 6d ''??'?A?li DAUGHTERS QER. "bother of the Shakspearean Extiav'ci^uzas, written V Hugo Vamp for Sam Cowell, suitably embellished In colours, 835-6, Price 6d SIGH NO MORE, LADIES, the celebrated Glee, .rranged for three voices, with New Pianoforte Sym- phony aud Accompaniments, No 842, Priee 3d Four Part-songs bv Mendelssohn, Memory-The t Wild Puret-I.ovely spring, &c, now first published "'Îlh English Words, No 847-8, Price 6d The MEDEA QUADRILLE, as performed at the Olympic Theatre, with a Litho-Photographic Portrait "f t he celebrated Mr lobsor., as Medea, Nos 857.8 of the Musil al Treasury, Price 6d THE YANKEE GIRL'S SONGS, Sung ly Mrs. Florence and Mrs. Barney Williams. THE BRYNMALLY COLLIERY ACCIDENT, AND LOSS OF "FOURTEEN LIVES. 1 ill THE fatal and melancholy Inundation at these JL Mines on the 30th of September last,, cannot but have awakened a feeling of deep interest and sym- pathy throughout the kingdom, especially in Mining Districts. Ever since the accident happened, every means have been used, but without success, to recover the unfortunate sufferers, imprisoned in the mines by the water. Nine widows and twenty seven children, besides aged relatives, thus deprived of their natural support are compelled to appeal to the sympathy of the pnblicJor relief. A Subscription list has been open- ed to meet their urgent claims, and it is hoped that this appeal on behalf of the widows and fatherless will meet with the response it deserves. A Committee, consisting of the followinglJersons, will carefully investigate the claims of the sufferers, and receive and distribute the funds which may be collected- Rev. W. G. Davies, Brymbo; Rev. Wynne Ed- wards, Gwersyllt; Messrs. Thomas Clayton, and James Darlington, Bryumally R. V. Kyrke, Pendwllyn, J. Diokenson, and Dr Williams, Wrexham W. II. Darby, Brymbo; Henry Robertson, Brymbo; J Qhurrou, Minera Hall"; Thomas Irven, Stansty Hall; Robert Roy, Brymbo Hall; William Low, liloft Wen; Mortimer Maurice, Oak Lodge; James Sparrow, Wrexham; John Halcroft, Brynmally; Samuel Jones, Brymbo; Charles Harrison, Frith. CHARLES EDWARD DARBY, Treasur, r FREDERICK HUTCHINSON, Secretary. a. a. The Marquis of Westminster 100 0 I The Brynmally Colliery. lood 0 0 The Brymbo Company 100 Q Q John Burton, Esq., Minera Hall 50 Q 0 Messrs. Manrice & Low, Vron Colliery 50 0 0 The Broughtou Coal Company 2fS 0 0 Thomas Irven, Esq., Stansty Hall. 20 0 0 Messrs. T^ons & Wardell, Bankers, Chester 20 0 0 Minera Mining Company. 50 0 0 The Westminster Coal Company 50 0 0 Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart., MP. 50 0 0 Edward Oakley, Esq., Coed Talon 50 0 0 New British Iron Company 20 0 0 T. T. Taylor, Esq., per Mr. Darlington 20 0 0 George Whielden, Esq., per ditto 25 0 0 J. Dicken, Esq., Black Park. 20 0 0 Mrs. J. C. I** 10 0 0 William Field, Esq Shrewsbury 10 0 0 James Spence, Esq., Ditto 500 Walter Roberts, Esq., Ditto. 2 0 0 Mr. T. S. Sancock, Birkenhead 2 0 0 Daniel Climie, Salop. 110 William Scott 10 0 „ F. A. Frost, Chester 10 0 „ Francis Parker 100 19 W. Titberington 1 0 0 Wilson Huntingdon. 10 0 Wi r';men employed by the Brymbo Company. abt 26 0 0 The workmen connected with the Brymbo Com- pany's Works have appointed a Committee to collect subscriptions towards ifeis Fund. The following Bankers have kindly consented to re- ceive contribution,—Messrs. Dixons and Wardell, Chester; North and South Wales, and National Provincial Banks, Wrexham Messrs. Leylauds and Bullins, Li verpool. JUST RECEIVED BY J. EDISBURY, & Co., SEVERAL Packages of Prime FRESH CURED YARMOUTH RED ZESEIRIEIIIsTO-S, Which are now on Sale at their TEA. and GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT, Town Hill, Wrexham. N.B —Also a supply of New Foreign Fruits. BENTALL'S PATENT B R O.A.. D S :H:.A. RES, TO which Four Prizes were awarded this year Tat the Cbelmsiord Meeting of the Royal Agriculiural Society, in addition to the many prizes awarded to the same at the various agricul- tural shows. Catalogues forwarded free on application to JOHN WINDSOR, AGRICULTURAL MACHINIST, &c., Beatrice-street, Oswestry, where various sizez; may be seen. PRICES OF BROADSHARES. MARK. £ 8 d L.W.B. 5 5 0 B.W.B 6 6 0 L. I.B 5 5 6 B.I.B 6 16 6 I MARK. £ s d I ii.I.I.B 6 16 6 L.I.B.B 7 17 6 B. LI.B. 7 17 6 B.I.B.B 3 18 6 JOHN ROBERTS, SEEDSMAN, FRUITERER, AND LICEN- SED DEALER IN GAME, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM, TAKES this opportunity of returning thanks to T his friends and the Inhabitants of Wrexham, and the neighbourhood generally, and begs res- pectfully to inform them that he has given up the Shop formerly held by him in the Market- Hall, and that the whole of his business is now con- ducted at his Shop in Hope-street, as being more convenient to himself and the public at large. N.B. All kinds of POULTRY constantly on hand. FRESH FISH supplied in First-rate condition Wrexham, Sept. 19th, 1856. HOMCEOPATHIC PHARAMACY. CHURCrf-ST., WREXHAM. GEORGE TUSHINGHAM respectfully in- \jr forms the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Wrexham generally, that he has commenced business as HOMOEOPATHIC CHEMIST, in the Shop formerly occupied by Messrs. R. Hughes and Son, bookseilers. In attendance at AVrexham-every MONDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY. Hoir. mopathic Cocoa, and other articles express- ly prepared for patients under Homoeopathic treatment. THE WREXHAM SELF-SUPPORTING 1101HE0PATHIC DISPENSARY. (HELD AT MRS. liAYLEY'S, CONFECTIONER,) Hope-street, Opposite the Post-Office. EVERY THURSDAY MORNING FROM 9 to 10 PHYSICIAN HENRY THOMAS, M.D. THE object of this Dispensary is to afford medi- | cal advice for the exclusive benefit of the poorer classes; those who can afford to fee a medi- cal man, cannot be received as Dispensary patients. pEE—One Shilling each consultation. Subscribers of one guinea per annum will be en- titled to recommend six poor patients. Attendance for private consultation—from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m the same day. FOR SALE, A Good secondhand COPYING PRESS, nearly A new. To be had a bargain.—Apply to Mr. Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. I TOWN-HILL FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. 3VE- .A.. HOOKE I HANING added to their premises, the Houso and Shop, lately occupied by }!r. Fraser, &nd in  of EXCLUSIVELY NE'W'" G 0 0 D S, to which they have mde and are constantly making LARGE ADmiI°*VS' of really good, cle-ant, and 3 II 5 trl EH OLD C TunRyN t Teu R E, f which will be fo?nd Gilt Pier and Sofas, What Nots, Bookcases, Secretalres, Lounging Chairs, Chests-of-Drawers, Half Tester, Four Post, French, and Tent Bedsteads, (and any Artide wanted not in Stock, can be obtained on the Swing Glasses, Sideboards, Cheffioneers, Telescope, Oval, Loo, and Square Tables, Settees, Coucnes, shortest notice, of reliable workmanship and material,) and they beg to solicit a call from Parties wantidg, as it wil1 ever be their principIa to do all in their power to give satisfaction, and to supply a good article at a moderate rate, and so acting still trust to reap a share of puùlic support. THE NEW TEA EST A LISHMENT, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. THOMAS SOBER TS TN returning thanks to his numerous friends and the inhabitants of Wrexham and ?e local- ?. ity genera%> for the very liberal support which they have favoured him ?81??"' cOmmencement, and trusts by industry and strict attention business, and bv S ood sterling article, at th? e lowest possible price, to merit a ?tmuance o' f v,ae su! ppor? t so liberaly accorded to hun. T. R. most respectfully mv!tes the attention of Housek*™^ and all consumers to try some of the NEW SEASON TEAS, which he has »- received and is now oSenng for sale, at the following prices. received} and is now offering for sale, at the follo "v?ZA? challeD'C?5-es 6ompet"?ioii for its remarkable strength and rich old The 4s BLACK TEA, chalieu?g f rem £ irkiable strength and rich old Souchong FIvour-STRONG: CONGOU, 38. per ?ood quality 3s 4d -Superio Flavoured ditto, ?re?cou?)????,,? T  8d—Crhoice G5REEN, 4s-Finest gunpowder 5 Flavoured ditto, recou)r^1p"? T (] Jfi 8dl —Choice GREEN, 4s—Finest Gunpowder 5 Strong COFFEE £ & C ? COSTARICA ]s 4d good Plantation Is 6d -Finest is Id. v- a he intends qKS hnd1fSUpply of BRITISH WINES, of all descriptions rICKLES, SAUCES, J?AAMAfSQ, JEL?&S, MARMALADE, POTTED MEATS, &c., which he intends selling at greatly reducd pris. o6s??-y. ?o??y? zn?s?, Wrexham, r?M?- o?o?-? the Market Hall.) JIAIlP & PL4^ FORTE WAREHOUSE ABBEY STREET, CHESTER BOUCHER AND CO., HAVE always on hand an extensive Selection of New and Second-hand INSTRUMENTS of JLL the best character, or SALE and HIRE, on the most moderate terms. Additional Stocks kept by their various Agents in Wales. TUNING AND REPAIRING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. Lowest price for Ready Money. INTER GOODS,, BEE HIVE, CHURCH GATES, WREXHAM. JOHN JONES begs to announce that he has just returned from the Manchester, Leeds, and Bradford markets, with a large and select STOCK OF GOODS, especially adapted for the forthcoming season, too numerous to be named in detail. The STOCK will be ready for Inspection on SATURDAY, the 18th instant, (This Day). J. J. respectfully solicits his numerous friends to pay a visit to tfo BEE HIVE, where they will find everything which they may require to make them ware; and liappy, during the cold and dreary winter months. He also respecttully wishes to call the sttention of the Public to his large stock of RIBBONS (about 500 pieces,) which he is enabled to dispose of at about half tho regular stock price, he havin purchased it under circumstances which permit of him doing so. October 18th, 1856. WIN T E R -O 0 0 D S. A FIRST RATE STOCK OF NEW GOODS, CONSISTING OF NOVELTIES AND FASHIONS FOR THE SEASON, NOW READY FOR INSPECTION AT THE NEW SHOP, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. R L L 0 Y D HAVING just returned from London with a choice selection of NOVELTIES, begs most respectfully Mi to solicit the favour of a call. LONG AND SQUARE SHAWLS in Wool, Cashmere, Paiqleys, &e. of the prevailing New Style. A variety ot FANCY DRESSES, of various new materials, in poiut of elegance and beauty that cannot be surpassed; FANCY SILKS suitable for the season Satins, Satinetts, Silk Velvets, Co burgs, Gala Plaids, Prints, French Merinoes, Alpaccas, &c., &c. A VERY CHOICE AND SELECT STOCK OF MANTLES. ALSO A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF MILLINERY, Comprising BONNETS, RIBBONS, FLOWERS, DRESS CAPS, ARMLETS, and a variety of FANCY TRIMMINGS; HOISERY, GLOVES, Umbrellas, &c. A GREAT VARIETY OF FURS Yorkshire and West of England BROAD CLOTHS from 3s to 9s 6d—superior 9s 6d to 13s;- West of England 14s to 21s; PILOTS, BEAVERS, WHITNEYS from Is 6d to 65 and upwards Plain and Fancy Trouserings ftom Is lOd to 3s per yard; New Style 3s 6d to 5s West of England 5s 6d to 7s Silk and Satin Handkerchiefs and vaiious other articles for Gentlemeu's wear, in Ties, Stocks, Fronts, Collars, Gloves, &c., &c. A SPLENDID STOCK OF LONDON AND PARIS HATS. A In the newest shapes at 3s 4s 6d 7s 6d 9s 6dto 10s 6d 118 6d 12s 6d and 14s each. In addition to the above, will be found a general assortment of Manchester and Scotch GOOD Irish Linens, Diapers, Sheetings, &c. Also WHITNEY and CLOTH BLANKETS, FLANNELS, Linseys, Counterpanes, Sheets, Moreens, Window Muslins, Toilet Covers, &c. &c. The whole of the above will be fouud particularly worthy the attention of Families. Lowest Prices for Ready Money. GLASGOW HOUSE, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM. E. & Y. RUSHTON, RESPECTFULLY beg to inform the inhabitants of Wrexham, and its vicinity, that they have taken JH) the premises lately occupied by Mr. Smith, Coufectioner, Town Hill, Wrexham, which they have OPENED with a choice selection of GENERAL DRAPERY, MILLINERY, RIBBONS, &c. STRAW BONNETS altered and cleaned to the Newest Shapes. F. F R A S E R, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER, SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER, &c. (LATE TOWN HILL.) 9 HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM, BEGS respectfully to call the attention of the public to his extensive stock of WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY, FANCY GOODS, and SPECTACLES, to suit all sights, Thermometers, Weather Glasses, &c. &c. GOLD CHAINS, & FANCY JEWELLERY, in great Variety.—WEDDING & MOURNING RINGS. EGERTON STREET o!)L.À AND TIMBER YARD SAW MILLS IPlKI CHESTER ALFRED LOCKWOOD & Co. beg to announce that they are Selling MOULDINGS of every Form, ADOOBS, SASHES, and all kinds of JOINBHS' WORK, manufactured by PATENT MACHINERY at greatly REDUCED PRICES, a full List of which can be had on application. SEASONED AND PREPARED FLOORING ALWAYS ON SALE. TIMBER AND SCANTLINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. ELLIS AND SONS, ENGINEERS, MILLAIRIGHTS, SIAOIMSTS, IltOSi AND BRASS FOUNDERS, AND AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT MANUFACTURERS, BEG to acquaint the public that they have coirnienced business as ENGINEERS, MILLWRIGHTS, Band AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT MANUFACTURERS, in new and spacious premises erec- ted for the purpose, in LEG STREET, OSWESTRY. S. and T. ELLIS having had some years experience iir the manufacture of portable and fixed Engines, Thrashing Machines, &c., at the works of Messrs. Clayton, Shuttleworth, and Co., Lincoln, and having engaged talented and experienced workmen from some of the best manufactories in the kingdom, also having purchased new and extensive machinery, believe they shall be able to execute any orders that may be entrusted to them with promptitude and despatch, and in a workmanlike manner equal to any house in the trade. New and improved Patent IIORSE RAKES, upon an entirely new principle, made to order. J. Ellis and Sons beg to assure their friends and the public that no exertion shall be wauting on their parts to merit their support. Portable and fixed Engines, Thrashing Machines, &c., of a new and improved construction, made to rder, and at piices to suit the tiuiest v.. COUNTY OF DENBIGH. CHIEF CONSTABLE. "VTOTICEIS HEUEBY GIVEN, that at the next JL i Hilary Quarter Sessions, to be held on THURS- DAY, the 8th day of January next, at Rutbin, in the County of Denbigh, the Justices intend to elect a CHIEF CONSTABLE for the said County, at a Salary of t250 per annum, with an allowance of £ 50 per annum for Horse and l'orage. The force is to consist of (about) 37, including Superintendent, Serjeants, and Men. Candidates are required to attend an Adjourned Sessions at Ruthin, on THURSDAY, the 18th day of December next, at noon, and then to produce their testimonials. A knowledge of the'Welsh language will be a recommendation to a Candidate. JOSEPH PEEKS, Clerk of the Peace. Ruthin, 21st Oct., 1856. ) PROVINCIAL. V7-E-??? ?su?cE OMPANY (LIFE AND FIRE.) CAPITAL-X200,000, WHOLLY SUB- SCRIBED. HEAD OFFICES—HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM, LONDON BRANCH—49, MOORGATE-ST., CITY. LIFE POLICIES taken out during the current JU year will participate in the the first Bonus to be declared in 1860. FIRE INSURANCES on moderate terms, FARMING-STOCK insured in Wales and bor- der Counties, at THREE SHILLINGS per cent. Steam Thrashing Machines allowed. ANTHONY DILLON. Secretary to the Company. Wrexham, 25th Sept., 1856. ASSURANCES FOR THE PEOPLE. NATIONAL ALLIANCE ASSURANCE COMPANY. 35, OLD JEWKY, LONDON. Capital 45100,000, with power to increase the same to One Million. THIS Company, in addition to the naual business -L of a LIFE OFFICE, grants Policies for I usur- ing assistance to persons sustaining injury from ACCIDENTS of every description, and for affording compensation in cases of total or partial disability, either by payment of a sum of money, or the allow- ance of au Annuity- EXAMPLES In Class I-A payment of Five Shil- lings a year, secures El a week during Illness occur- r ring from Accident.—A payment of Four Shillings a year secures the sum of zE 160 at Death from Accident. -A payment of Seven Shillings a year, secures z61 Is a week during illness arising from Accident, aud £ 100 in case of Dtath from Accidents of every des- cription. Insurances Against Breakages of Plate Glass. Prospectuses and every other information may be obtained at the Chief Office, or any of the Company's Agents. Manager, THOMAS A. l'orr. Agent for Wrexham, Mr THOMAS JONES, Ac- countant, Madeira-hill. LOSS OF TEETII RESTORED WITHOUT PAIN. •TMpSSHS. GABRIEL, the Old Established Surgeon Dentists, 112, Duke Street, Liver. pool. CfARRIET/S mode of constructing Artificial Teeth embra. ces all the latest improvements is the art I'artial aud complete sets SpriuKs or claal,n, and guaranteed to serve the purpose of uiiTiticatiuu areiuaue ifriniy tu> retain tueir position lin the mouth without aid of and to restore perfect articulation, and are not to be detected by the closest observer. (i DECAYED TEETH. Messw G. teel that the cannot too strtitikiv recommend this OlJeratioa. as the advauta4es derived from it when sktlllully performed, with a suitable composition are Invaluahle. arrests the process of decay-stives the sound teeth adjoining tiie ecayed ones Jrom becoiu.Ds affected— prevents toot h-itclie-reA,iers the teeth serviceablt for mastication, and removes ttie unpleasant odour of the breath, arising front the surface of decayed teeth. Charge 28 6ù. SCALE OF CHARGES. A single Tooth lrom.£0 3 6 A full set ] 3 4 0 An upper or lower Bet 22 0 (These Mineral Teeth never charge colouror decay) No charge made for Consultation. Scaling the teeth, and Misfits 1 remodelled by Messrs. Gabriel, the old-es tablishedSurXeon Dentist. U-J, I):ike street. Liverpool, Attendance daily froiu 10 till 7. Lon- don tstablmhments 79, feiicburcb Street, City. 33 Ludgate liill THE WHITE GUTTA PERCIIA ENAMEL, for stoppng Dec "led Teeth without Pain Prepared by Messrs QABinKL, the old-established Dentists Duke street, Liverpool al.d 7y Fenchurch Street, London. Price, with lull Directtons for use One ShiMm* and Sixpence, or will be sent on reipt of iO stands This Valuable Pillius is placed in the Cavity in a soft state, so that it cannot give the lest pain and may be used by any person with the great ease, and has the remarkable property 01 Lecoming hard and sound as the tooth itselt, excluding the air and toed from the nerve, and arresting ali lurther projjressof decay. It is superior to every- tiiink that has been used before, and is sure to succeed when all other remedies have tailed Prepared and sold WhoU-sale and Retail by the Inventors and Pro- prietors Messrs Gabriel, Surgeou Dentists, 112 Duke-street A Marvellous Remedy! FOR A MARVELLOUS AGE! HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. The Grand External Remedy. By the aid of a microscope, we see millions of little openings on the surlace of our bodies. Through these this Ointment, when rubbed on the skin, is carried to any oivim or inward part. Diseases of the Kidneys, disorders of the Liver, atfections of the Heart, lullaui- matiou of the Lungs, Asthmas, Coughs and Colds,, sre by its mean effectually cured. Evey liousewile knows that salt passes freely through bone or meat of any thickness. This healing Ointment far moro realty penetrates through any bone or fleshy part of the living body, curing the most dangerous inward com- plaints, that cannot be reached by other means. Erysipelas, Rheumatism and Scorbu- tic Humours. No remedy has ever done so much for the cure of diseases of the Skin, whatever form they may assume, as this Ointment. Scurvy, Sore Heads, Scrofula, or Erysipelas, cannot long withstand its influence. The inventor has travelled over many parts of the globe, visiting the principal hospitals, dispensing this Oint- ment, giving advice as to its application, and has thus been the means of restoring countless uumbeis to health. Sore legs, bad Breasts, Wounds and Ulcers. Some of the most scientific surgeons now rely solely on the use of this wonderful Ointment, when having to cope with the worst cases of sores, wounds and ulcers, glandular swellings, and tumours. Professor Holloway has dispatchod to the East, large shipments of this Ointment, to bo used, in the worst cases and wounds. It will cure any ulcer, glandular swellings titfuess or contraction of the joints, even of 20 years' standing. Files and Fistulas. These and other similar distressing complaints can by effectually cured if the ointment be well rubbed in over the parts affected, and by otherwise following the printed directions around each poL. Astounding Cure of a bad Leg! After 16 Bones were taken out Copy of a Letter from Mr. John Anthony, of Llan- ver-ar-y-bryn, Ltaiidorei-y, Carmarthenshire, dated 16th March, 1855. To Professor Holloway, Sir,—For upwards of ten years I suffered with a bad log, accompanied with swelling. I was confined to my bed for two years and a half,—and when I was sufficiently strong to leave it, I wunt out on crutches. but unfortunately fell down and broke my leg bone, this again threw me on my bed for nine months, dur- ing which time I had sixteen pieces of bone taken out of it. 1 consulted some of the most clever medical men in Carmarthenshire. Breconshire, and Glamorgan shire, but they could not cure me. At list 1 was per- suaded to give your Ointment andPills a trial, which 1 did, and by continuing with them for one month, my leg was perfectly cured, after ten years of most severe suffering. I remain, Sir, yours obediently (signed) JOHN ANTHONY Both the Ointment and Fills should be used Ï11 the following cases;- Bad Legs Chiego-foot Fistulas Sore-throats Bad Breasts Chilblains Gout Skin-diselisell Burns Chapped hands Glandular 8weUiogsScurvy Bunions Corus (Soft) Lumbago Sore heads Bite of HeschetoesCancers Piles Tumoura and Sand Flies Contracted and Rheumatism Ulcers poto-tjay Stiff Joints Scalds Wounds 3 Elephantiasis Sore Nipples ïaw," Sold at the Establishments of PROFESSOR IIOLI OWAT 241, Strand, (near Temple Bar,, London, and 80 Maiden Lane, New York, also by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilized world, at the following pricesIs li* d 2s 9d Is 6d,lls, 22s, and 33s Pot. There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes, N.B.-Diroctions for guidance of patients in every diserder e affixed to each put. €n he nlh; baWOWUZ ™ [ f I It) JLIE SJOIjI^—tiy ??:ty. a Jjg1û- JL fully situated Aà raoontljT built HOUSE at- ^I'IIIT I 8IS, near Bangor, containing Par- lour, Breakfast-room, Kitchen, and four good Bed-rooms and a Miik House. There are good Out-buildings attached, with two Gardens, and about 7 acres of Land. Also, a small COTTAGE, containing front and back kitchens, and two bed-rooms. There is also a Garden attached, adjoining the lands ot C. Poyser, Esq., and the Rev. E. M?r?, Bangor, JTup pMtioul i iiml for th^-waai*   M<Ht_  ? '.IL?" "i? ?-M?r" j?ylf? "0fl^L!ii'j)ll Wtiytt'nnm, i- I .>t;;U wI, .8 Mia.. ??0 BE SOLD, a Stack of well-harvested JL Upland HAY, about 30 tons. Apply to Mr. Robert Ankers, Wine Merchant, Wrexham. TO BE SOLD. ALL that valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY,  situate at RHOS DDU, Wrexham, cuu?istiug of a New and well-built HOUSE, containing two Front Parlours, Kitchen, Dairy, Cellar, Wash-house, and Five Bed-rooms, with suitable outbuildings, and about 3000 square yards of superior GarJen LAND, every way suitable for building purposes, with an ex- cellent Pump of water on the premises The above is situated in the most healthy part of the neighbourhood of Wrexham, within ten minntes walk of Wrexham Church, or the Railway Station. The whole to be sold in one or more Lots, Oil applica- tion to Mr. Bott, on the premises or at the Railway Station. SLATE QUARRY. TO BE SOLD, in one lot, or disposed of in JL Shares, an extensive and excellent SLATE QUARRY, comprising 210 acres, with a lease for 21 years, lying between Conway and Bangor, eligibly situated for both railway and river transit, being only five miles from the Conway Railway Station, and four from the water. For further particulars apply to Mr Jones, Slate Merchant, Wrexham. A specimen of the Slates can be seen. in his yard. SHnntrir. TO DRAINERS. WANTED, a number of Men to Cut Drains on I W the Brymbo Hall Estate.—Apply to Mr. John M'Clymont, Pen Rhos, Brymbo, near Wrex- ham. Brymbo Hall, 30th Oct, 1836. WANTED TO PURCHASE, A GOOD MALT MILL; also a SCREEN.—  Z ?L. Apply to Mr Peter Carregan, Victoria Vaults, York-street, Wrexham, or to Mr. Edisbury, Ber- sham. SCHOOLMASTER WANTED. THE Committee of the Wrexham Ragged Schools JL are drsirous of engaging the services of a MAS- TER for the Night School. The hours will be from 7 to 9, fur four evenings in the week. Apply to the Secretary, Mr. Vaughau, 9, King- street. WANTED, in the neighbourhood of Wrexham, \'V for a small family, a FURNISHED HOUSE with land. Direct, A.Z., Post Office, Llangolien. WANTED, a good Plain COOK, in a gentle- T Y man's family in the neighbourhood of Wrexham. Must produce a good charac ter. Apply to Mr. Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. WANTED, a large WEIGHING MACHINE, T V suitable for a Colliery.—Apply to Mr Bayiev, Booksclier, Wrexham. WANTED, immediately, a large quantity of tV OLD NEWSPAPERS. The best price, given.—Apply to Mr. Bayley, Wrexham. WANTED, in the neighbourhood of Ruabou, a TV sober, steady, middle-aged married MAN, without encumbrance, to atteud to a horse, cow, and garden. A cottage is piovided, and the situation a I permanent one. Apply to the Priuter of this paper. WREXHAM UNION. I CHAPLAIN WANTED. WANTED by the Guardians of the Wrexham I Vt Union a CHAPLAIN to the Workhouse. The following arc the duties to be performed, viz.— To read Prayers and preach a Serjioa to the Pau- pers and other inmates of the Workhouse on every Sunday, and on Good Friday and Christmas day, unless the Guardians may otherwise direct. To examine the Children, and to catechise such as belong to the Church of England, at least once iu every month, and to make a record of the same aud: state the dales of his attendance, the general progress and condition of the children, and the moral and re- ligious state cf the inmates generally, in a hook to be kept for that purpose, to he laid before the Guardians at their next ordinary mating, and to be termed The Chaplaiu's Report." To visit the sick Paupers and to administer relig- ious consolation to them in the Workhouse at such periods as the Guardians may appoint and when ap. plied to for that purpose by the Master or Matron. I The Stipend will be £40 per annum. The Election will take place ou the 6th day of November next, at twelve o'clock at noon, and ap- plicatioas to be sent to me on or before the 5th of Nov. next. By order of the Board, THOMAS EDGWORTH, Oct. 9. 1856 Clerk to the Union KAYE'S WORSDELL'S VEGETABLE PILLS t\ have cured thousands whose complaints were considered beyond hope. While the most efficacious and speedy, they are, at the same time, the safest remedy that can be employed; none need fear to take them, and yet all may hope for relief and cure from their use. The number of TEST1- MONIALS from all classes of society, which have been published, prove that their curative qualities are the most remarkable of any medicine of the present day and the fact that they have been con stantly increasing in sale for more than twent years, shows that they stand the test of time an experience, and that, wherever they are knon th* nr value is appreciated. They are especially suited to persons suffering from Ague. Asthma Bilious Attacks Chest Affections Dropsy Diarrliaoa Eruptions Fever I Flatulency IGeiierall)ebility Stomach Com- I plaints Scrofula. I Sore Legs Ulcers I Liver Diseases I Piles I Rheumatism Gout Gravel I Headache 1 tidiest ion ¡Indigestion I Woriiis, &c. & A few CASES OF CURE are siven below, in aditio to which hundreds of others will be found in the pam phlet which accompanies each box. DAVID DAVIES, of the Victoria Iron Works, Mon mouthshire, was confined to his bed for eleven week consequent upon a severe attack of inflammation u1 th lungs; by taking Kayo's Pills, he was completely cured David Davies, of the, same works, father of the above after sullVring from violent pain in his left side wa perfectly cured by the use of these i.ills. Mr. MCWHA, 16, lianley-street, Liverpoot. alter having suhered from jaundice and nn ailW:liou or the liver, was severley attacked by dropsv; his medical atl- viser pronounced his case hopeless; but a triend in- ducing him to try Kaye's 'Yorsdell's Pills,alld after tak- uijf two boxes, he was perfectly restored to health. llrs. G. HILL, .Trumpet-gate, Herefordshire, had a severe complaint in the chest for two vears, and tried every means that could be thought of, but without suc- cess, till siie heard of Kaye's Pills. She took a few boxes and was thoroughly cured. Mr. PUXFOED, or Kirbo Cane, Norfolk, was afflicted for ten ^ears with great weakness pain, in conse- quence of indigestion. By taking the getable Restor- ative Pills, the distressing pains were removed, and his general health wonderfully improved. iMr. J. K. UPTON, of Banbury, declared that he foun as life a burden to him, in consequence of dizzines honstant headache, great weakness, and nervous debi cty but, by taking Kaye's, Pills, he was completely re itored to lie-altli. ITICIIARD FOLDING, of Stroud, had a cancer cut f„rom 'II I! uout two "carB. wa. his tongue, and alter being ill for about two J- of thSCb expected nothing but deatli. lic, took one box of t,hseb pills, and completely cured him. He said, are worth a guinea a. bO3C" €n be rri. 'r_ TO BE LET, (And may be entered upon at Christmas next,) TWO large and commodious Rooms, suitable ± for Warehouses, one of which is now used all a Chapel by the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists, and the other as a Warehouse, with the requisite wirdiug tackle, situate in Bank Street, Wrexham. Rent moderate. The above premises are well (' adapted for the stowage of dry goods, being well protected from, me "-ainei*and strongly secured. The situation or the premises ia central and every facility for stowage afforded. To treat and for further information apply to Mr Knibbs, High Street, Wrexham. High-street, Oct., 31, 1856. OSWESTRY, SALOP.  BE LET, with immediate possession, that TO o?ld ? established and well known Family Ho- tel, situate in the Town of Oswestry, called" The Cross Keys," to which are attached excellent Stabling, Coach houses, Yards, &c., and 10 acres of land of very superior quality, and now in tho occupation of Mr. J. E. King. The House and Outbuildings have lately under- gone considerable alteration, and the whole are now in a thorough state of repair. The premises are most conveniently situated for general and commercial business, and are within 5 minutes walk of the Station of the Town, on the Great Western Railway. particulars, apply to Messrs. Long- ueville, Williams, & J ones, Solicitors, Oswestry FURNISHED APARTMENTS TO LET. TO BE LET, Furnished Apartments, in a J- healthy part of Wrexham, consisting of a Sitting Room, and two or more good airy Bed- Rooms—Apply to Mr Bayley, Bookseller, Wrex- ham. TO BE LET, THE Pant Steam FLOUlt MILLS, Ruabon, com- J- pnsiug three pair of French Mill Stones, Dressing and Smut Machines complete, in good re- pair, aud capable of making 150 sacks of Flour per week, aud for which the consumption in the im- mediate neighbourhood is upwards of double that quantity, and there being no other sack flour mill in the parish, makes the above a very desirable compact premises, such as is seldom to be met with. J'orfurthermfonn.tioa enquire at the Advertiser Office, Wrexham. fTlO BE LET, with immediate possession an excel- -?- Jent aud commodious VILLA RESIDENCE situate ia the vicinity of W rcxham, co?aIni?Di? in and Drawing r°°^ 2 Kitcheu5, "? ? Bedrooms, WaLer Closet, &c. Rcut moderate. Apply to Mr. Gummow, building surveyor, Wrex- OUNJ" HIRB PERAMBULATORS and a BATH CHAIR '0Q JL moderate terms, at :\1 H. N. S. SCOTCTIER'S, JEWELLER 4 HOPE.SrREET, ?REXiH.Af Bath Chair, per hour, Gd per day, Is 6d ner 2 Shillings. Perambulators, P- ?y?d.;perwe? ?sh. TO BE GIVEN AWAYT IF REMOVED WITHIX THE NEXT FORTNIGHT rpwo or THREE HUNDRED LOADS of SOIL Street  ?-?—— Gardens, H? Sueet" Wrexham? 0 Hop. Apply to Mr. Hugh Davies, Builder, Wrexham. MONEY TO LEND. £64 000 ?" ???'? Security, various -cf '??-??-??-? sums at 4 aud 4? per cent" Also several small sums on B.Mldmgsat5? cent Loans on personal security frolD m6 to £1,000. The undersigned is also op.u to purchase by private treaty Laa Jed or Mmerai property ia Che?ife or North WWnalipes! to the extent of ?160 000 Address, lr. II. Lewison, Wrexham. FAMOUS MELTON IOWBRA Y P 0 R K PIE S. J??? OLLEIUIEAD, ?Ss to announce to ? the Public gcneraJJy, that he has now com- menced, and will continue to receive his regular weekly supply of the far famed Melton Mowbray PORK PIES. And that he will always keep on hand a Stock of his own unequalled,  Original and Highly celebrAted Fine Wrexham Gingerbread." High Stieet, Wrexham. To BE SOLD by PrivatY Treaty, All that ?ery -L excellent and commodious CHAPEL, capable of accommodating 400 persons, situate in Brook- street Wrexham, and at present occupied by the fiWF esleyan. Reformers." For P?rtlcula^» to treat for the same, apply to Mr. Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. DR. DE JONGH'S LIGHT-BROWN COD LIVER OIL HAS now, in consequence of its marked superi- J-L onty over every other variety, secured the confidence and almost universal preference ot tho most eminent Medical Practitioners in the treat- ment of Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Gout Rheumatism, Sciatica, Diabetes, Diseases of the shin IS,omalgia, Rickets, Infantile wasting, General debil- ityf and all Scrofulous affections. Its leading distinctive characteristics are Complete preservation of active and essential principles. Invariable purity and uniform strength. Entire freedom from Nauseous flavour and after. hate. Rapid Curahve Effects, and consequent Economy. SELECT MEDICAL OPINIONS CHARLES COWAN. ESQ., M D., L.R.C S E senior Fhysician to the Berkshire Hospital, Consult- ing I hyamanto the Reading Dispensary, Translator of Louis ON PHTHISIS," L!C., o%c. Dr. Cowan is glad to find that the Profession has lome reasonable guarantee for a genuine arti- cic. 1 he material now sold varies in almost every establishment where it is purchased, and a tenden- cy to prefer a colourless and tasteless Oil if not counteracted, will ultimately jeopardise the reputa tion of all unquestionably valuable addition to tho Materia :Medica. Dr. Cowan, wishes DR DE taking', eVtry SUCC0S3 in his mcritorous under- EDGAR SIIEPPARD, ESQ SI D M i? c c Trauslatvr (if" Gibert on Diseases Of' tlte Skin" "Beojuerel and Rodur's Researches on h- Blood," S;c. cS-C. u Dr Sheppard has made extensive use ofDlt BE JT OSGU', S LIAM-lliou. Cod Liver Oil, and has great pleasuie in testifying to its superiority over every other preparation to be met with in this country. It has the ral e excellence of being well bomo and assimilated by stomachs which reject the ordinary Oil:. Dr Shcppard has no hesitation in stating that he believes au Imperial Pint of DH. DE Joü's Light-Brown Oil tu be of more value than an Imperial Quart of any other to be met with in London." Sold o:1lv in IMPERIAL Half-pinta, 2s 6d Pints Is 9d; Quaits, 9s; capsuled and labelled with DK de JONGII's stamp and signature, without tvhieh none are genuine, by ANSAR, HARFORD, and Co., s Ie lJritish cOnSlie(;5, 7'" Strand, London; and by many rcspectaDlc Chemists and Diu?gists' Sold at Wreiham, by lr. AV. H. JOHNSON, Chemist, High-street; and by Mr W. ROWLAND Chemist, High-street. Sales by Mr. Edisbury. ,V"vv.v"vvv.vv"VV" O ^ALE' by Mr H1J, several .v,u V of cajutal OA1 i.:? WiiiiAT ?TR?VS abu, \vell-harvL3ted upl!&ij II AY.