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THE CHRISTMAS SHOW. I The old city of Chester has looked its best all through the past week, and many have- been the sightseers who ha.ve thronged the streets and Rows inspecting the t.c'>mpti.ngarray of Christmas presents displayed at the various shops, and makmg their purchases Por the festive, season. Wo have much pleasure in giving a brief de- scription cf the establishments of some of our advertisers. DRAPERS. SILK MERCERS, ETC. The ck3ip:ay at the drapery establishment ;I Eastg&te-streec, Me9sr&. Richard Jones and 00.. Ltd.. Is calculated to creato a feeling of covetous- nes3 in the hearts of too numerous customers who frequsut, this store. The main idea seems to be to sugge-st and provide something for a Christmas present which will bo useful. After a waJk round the various depa-taieaits, commencing with urn- brellas, ladies' blouses and a very dainty lot of muslin p.prons and caps, and- proooe-ding through the depar'naent devoted to fancy linen, silks, dress, fabrics of all- descriptions, and servants' print ctre- p:€acs we arrive at the glove and habc- das cry coimcer. Here an intending purchaser wou.d perhaps have some difficulty in decid ::g bet oen the rival attractions of pretty 'handker- chiefs ancl pincushions, which are quite properly called "Art Needlework," and! which are proof of the. union, of art and commerce. In the spacious showrooms upstairs customers can see the furs of animals made up into jackets, oollarette.s and muffs --At Measrs. John Okell and Sons' fashion- able drr.r'?:y establishment at the Cross the win- dows wt.o given up to a charming selection of Chrism a'-Ki New Year presents too numerous to mention, including some beautiful creacions in blouses, etc., combined with a fine show of handkerchiefs, glove.3, fur necklets, umbrellas, etc. —Messrs Densoas' establishment in North-at- Row this year is a veritable palace of ckeiight. A visit to Lt convinces one of the claim such an es- tablishment has to rank as a first-class emporium, whero a icies of every description. suitable for shewing good feeling from one to another at this season jf the year, can be bought. During a walk round we found many novel and interesting presents. There are hundreds of games to inter- est every one, also useful and ornamental articles for presents. The Christmas and New Year card departnusnt is a busy hiva. In this department were shewn a bewildering variety of picture books. toy books, reading books, etc., also photo albums, tiow so much in doma'nd. Leather writing oases and ladies' companions, forming desirable and useful present?, were much in evidence at vo;-y moderate Drioes. Taere was also a choice assort- ment of workbaskets. Passing along, we came to artich-s of perhaps greater utility, in the shape of fancy linens, manufactured by persons of every natiouclity. indudg cushion cases, ma&3 by Turkish l?die?. TpnaenfFe work. made by t'M? natives of the Caaary Islands. The Irish home industries were ohoioeiy represented. Indeied the establishment is stocked with the world's best in desirable and use ful pr-Events.-M-essrs, Josepii Beckett and Co.. ia their spacious showrooms and in the windows in Eastga Row, had a beautiful display of ball and evening dresses, and the rarest specimens of Brus-ols, Italian, Irish and other real laces, of which this firm are well-known con- no'.wiurs. There were also the richest of Rusaian and Canadian sables in stoles, throw-over trea. muffs, and furs of Sail kinds.—Mr. John Appleton, s rrvd-itner, f t e. of 31, Bn d t -e,t silk mercer, milliner, etc.. of 31, Bridge-street Row. was well to the front with a very choice selection of furs aud fancy goods, suitable for the. present season. The fancy departments are well repreee-nted with a beaut7ifui assortment of all kin as ot laoe carves, ties. collars, handker- chiefs, ap roiis, gloves, wool shawls, evening NY-apz-, lace oaps. um brellas, etc. The display of ladies blouses for day an.d evening wear, fartcy poods. Christmas cards, dolls and picture books is endless in variety. Mr. Appleton has really a pretty show,—Mr. C.. D Jones, at the well-known stores at 53. Foregate-str-eet, caters extensively for all interested in th<" requirements of the little ones at this sea-sou. His large range of requisite articles, including warm and comfortable^looking frocks, pinafores, silk smocks, costumes, hats, etc.. was noticeab Ie. Indeed, it would be difficult to enumerate all the useful and pretty things hero on view, and the young people who are fortunate enough to receive a seasonable present from this establishment should be in a fair way to enjoy a happy Christmas. CONFECTIONERS, ETC. Far ahead of an>J ning eue in the old city W.1 the show made by Messrs. Bolland and Son, the clu-established oonfecrior.er,, and noyal bride- cak e makers of Eas: gate-row. Their display of all manner of Christmas cheer and Christmas delicacies is sufficient to gladden all hearts, and everything is of the very best quality, and thoroughly up-to-d&ie. The ingenuity of the best manufacturers has been successful this year :n produoing many things <,i:ite new and unique; hence many interesting mechanical and other we re to" be found among Messrs. Bol- laud's goods. Handsome sa-tin boxes, some hand painted in exquisite designs are a. special fea ture and the daintiest Parisian productions 00.- tainabie are represented by a bewildering variety of ^legantly-trimmed baskets iiir-d a.nd fifctoi compk.te as work-baskets, china. Venetian gia.ss, srit and silver bonbonie-res-all filled with the choicest bonbons, ohocolat^s, marocrns; giacesand crystallised fruits. Special care has been given to the election of cosaques suitable for table decoration, etc. Messrs. Bollands' new speciality, Cfestrian paste, for sandwiches, etc., is now in great vogue.—Messrs. Baker and Sons, oonfeo- tionjers, of Bridge- treot, had a display befitting t.beir old-established reputation, a notice of which appeared in our last issue.—Messrs. James Cottle's Limited. confectioners and bride-oake makers, Bridge-street, are shewing a large variety of Christmas cakes (ormmented), also many other kinds of cakes, orr. amen ted shortbread and beet bun-loaf. A large selection of fancy boxes of chooolan- and cosaques, Christmas plum pud- dings. mincemeat, etc., also are here seen. In fact there is every requirement for "a me-cry Christmas. "-At Messrs. R. Davies's, the Oity Confectionery Work.s in Bridge-street, suggje-s- j tions for Christmas presents are to be found in the latest novelties Sited with chocolates and sw<eeis, especially soldiers' pouohes m khakMjolour, filled with chocolates, automatic toys, etc. The: assortment of chocolate boxes is larger than ever, and ranges in price from one penny to one gu; nea. Messrs. R. Davies's windows contain an imaians: j number of suitable Christmas gifts at tempting priO'S".—Many lover- of good confectionery made a point, of paying a vis .4. to Miss Pollard's estd,h- lishment at Eastgate-row. where a. fine selection of fanoy chocolate boxes and floral and ot::> crackers, in the moc-t exquisite designs. was to be seen. There was also an endless assortment of filled mechanical toys, some of which are Lfe- like models of animals, birds, etc.—At Mr. J. Will iams's at 43, Cherry-road, Bougnton, a. snow j scene is shewn, wiiv. house overlooking a lake ini "Father Christmas" (life size) with basket of novelties, etc. There are also dolls, mechani- ca.1 toys, hampers, etc.. as well as high-class chooolates and Xxa-i presents in varietv. I JEWELLERS. BOOKSELLERS, MUSIC I WAREHOUSES, BAZAARS, ETC. These establiahirrorvts are always a source of at, traction -.t, containing as they do so many beautiful articles. In the establishment of Messrs. Butt and Co., of Eristgate Row. the sea- port's trade has bean care-red for extensively. window displays av" superb. Til? company ha.ve utili"od tèæir intecHin.g old oak-panelled room as a. showroom, and vary beautr.ful the dainty silver goods look tnl thoir sombre, surroundings- The goods are all plainly marked and laid out oa tables, and oompiise ail the latest novelties pro- duced by the silversmith. The table of shifiing articles is worth nor.!œ. One usually finds that several email presents hav.?- to be gnven this time of the year, and it jS1 a comfort to know t: ne of tat,?, year. that they cait be chosen quickly and from a large selection Wo must not forget to mention this firm's attractive coiieocion of gem and gold jcweilerv. The designs in many eases are quit? new.—Coming to the old established firm of I jeweller* and' silrcwunrths. Messrs. Brown and Son, of Easinate Row, we find! a brilliant and tempting display of diamond and gem-set jewel- le-y. all worihv t'xa.;npl.è6 of the goldsmith's art. Prominent among tierce are some beautiful speci- mens of germ rings, of which article this firm make a. specialty; aiso there is a chamrng variety of novelites and up-to- date designs it solid s-ilver articke.—At- Messrs. Low& and Sons' estab- ii-JimcJit. ia Bridf&i-streefc Row tiha show of diamonds, peniis. precious stones, gem jewellery, a.iii antique silver goods is most exitensive. To comprehend ail the resoarca of this emporium of I wealth and elegance- on.? must vS, t it. SuiSoe it to say ',?at at Messrs. Lowe and Sc?a' the vaj-ietv of Christmas presents is very large, and ) the desisms are most, up-to-date.—Messrs. Min- } shell and Meeson have- made a remarkable dis- play of a coot) table gifts in the way of artistic, sta- tionery, fancy goods, pictures, etc. All visitors have been pleased with the wide range of choice S fointz l-i P,,n articles. The well-krown "Swa)" fountain pen is noticeable Messrs. Mirishull and Mocson make it a, speciality —At Mesisrs. W. W. Dobson a-ict Sojjfl. the wholesale stationers, of St. John-street, there is a very fine collection of Christmas a.nd Now Year's cards, as well as more useful articles for the ¡oeasofls reqnir.:>me-nt.s.-At Mr. J. D. Sid- dal's. Bridge-street, we found all the various a ds to vision for which h" shop has been so long noted. Spectacles and eyeglasses, microscopes, telescopes, barometer- of ail kinds, laitterxta and accessor-os. also a very f3-1-,t choice in umbrellas aiicl walking-sticks, and various mechanical toys s.ie also a conspicuous feature.—The show of Mr. H C. the opto'o- gist, of rhe oit, p. that he -?ms had great, x- p?r'enc'& in eve«ight testing and apecta?io 6tt'n?. In ?,"CIS?g4t a jplcsndid d spec4a,,c-lo baro- lu;,s skl-iow --?mbracc,.s a of bo.c,- fancy opom and 6c?! g?!a??e?. ehc.—Mr F. R chardson. at the bazaa-1* and china stores. FoN" gare-st" claims to have the finest show of toys and the largest showroom in the oity. This 's no idle boast, for Mr Richardson has excelled all his previous eitorts. It wo-aid be we!niTh impossible to fix on a. toy that is not to be found here His collection -"ncludos miniature railways, motor-cars magio lantenns. don-. rocking horses, and many I other specially Rood arid ingenious contrivances. House FURNISHERS. MUSIC WARE- I HOUSES. ETC. At the fimmhinar •shroant of Messrs. Richard Jon? and Co.. L'?. Brid.?-??t. th0 is ,n attract v d^sp e." ?? good'. Wis'ch U:, 6ur?ly go far to p-Le?" t??-C most fa?i-id?t,? and exacting requiremenbs. It always ts. an educ^taoii and a p'easure to walk through this firm's larsre and extensive showrooa>5t. Tlie items included in th* show are far away too n-iiaorw to catalogue h2', bu.' wo were with t'.ie unendhig variety of photo frame?. art.,cu'< '.v^iica appear tc evrvone. These we made in fi,liev woods, T  c,-?, w c ? silks" traced leather, velvet. a-t copper rep'u?see etc. The prices ran,i e f.}or> 4-jd. to 55. 6ej. Conspicuous among the fjiey f »u-,it-,rre. whidt ever niak? 8. most vafl-«*«ab!e and 3.DTY:???t'?d! jft. w-— pa.'m srau?-. ? 1? 6d..T?? ?5<. music ca b{:n;,rd;tt ;I,.}:I;. r' <. li; tors, Sheraton bureaus, smoker's oabinets from 4s. lid. oaoii. drawing-room bellows, and writrag- tabie requisites. Among the more substantial attractions were easy chairs from 14s. 9d. up to six guineas, Chesterfield settees, card tables, etc. In the ironmongery fancy department was dis- played a gi-ai-id selection of fancy metal ware. We also saw a fine lot of fancy vases in Japanese and Chinese ware, trinket sets, etc. A cordial invi- tation: us extended to all to visit these well- stockad showrooms. We feel sure Chester. witn such establishments as this. need not fear Liver- pool competition. Messrs. Richard Jones have just issued an attractive and illustrated furnish- ing catalogue of the many beautiful articles they have on view.—Mr. A. Richardson, at the well- .known rrvuic warehouse in Bridge-street Row. shews that tie is prepared to furnish everything conceivable in musical instruments. His Chester model iron pianos hold a foremost place in public favour. There are harmonious musical tOY9, gramaphonas. -eto.-At Dale's music saloon, Bridge-stroot Row, there is an attractive exhibi- tion. of their models in pianos by all the noted malcors—Steinway, Bluthner, Broadwood, Chap- pell, Walctemar, Gors and Kallmann and others. A short grand, only 5ft. in length, by Gors and Kallmann, is especially noticeable, being a copy of one supplied by -Alm. DaJe to her Highness Princess Vctoria of Sehieswtg Holstein. Pianolas and AerioLas a.re well displayed and free recitals given diiiy. Gramaphones have a prominent position.—Air. W. H. Ankers, at 6. City-road, caters liberally for lovers of the "dark art. His show of cameras, photographic material and inoclianicai. models suggests ideal presents.—-It is a pleasure to notice the display at Messrs. Andrew Storrar and Co., ironmongers, Foregata- stiwt. Everything, inoludirtg their Sheffield out.ery, their art metal work, their dairy utensils, etc., is of the beat, and in the show are many no vetoes. OUTFITTERS. HATTERS, CLOTHIERS, ETC. To comprehend some thing of what the proprie- tors of these establishments have attempted in the way of their clients in the selection of warm and seasonable clothing, the sightseer should visit the emporium of Messrs. Hepworth and Sons, Limited, Foregate-street. They have a special show of smart juvenile clothing in all the leading styles. Their display of men's ajid youthB' garments is also exc-e lient, everything being in good taste and the prices most reason- able. Charitable and philanthropic people who at this aea.s.on make gifts of warm clothing, would do well to note that Messrs. Hepworth, being manufacrturers, can supply them at remarkably low prio,-o.-As in former years the windows of I Mr. T. G. Burrell, at 117, Foregate-street, con- tain many serviceable articles that would give pleasure as Uhristmas gifts. An important item at this establishment is their 42s. overcoat, which they claim to be absolutely the best value they have ever offered. In the glove and um- brella dopartment a good show is made, and is thotouenly wortil inspection. At 55, Foregate- street, Mr. T. G. Burred made a brave bid for public favour. Here, the windows are full to repletion of stylish hats, the latest shape in col- lars, umbrellas and handkerchiefs in all shades and textures. We must not omit to notice the creditable display made by the Belfast Shirt and Collar Depot, at the Cross, where the best mimu- faotures in their trade are obtainable at reason- able prices. GROCERS, PROVISION DEALERS, ETC. I Mrr. Edwin Lloyd's Central Supply Stores, Bridge-street, is one of the interest:ng spots in the city for sightseers. He has a charming dis- play of all the season's delicacies, including fresh Christmas fruits, grapes, and all the many good thing3 which go to make up the stock-in-trade of a thoroughly up-to-date Italian warehouseman. Everything here is of the best quality.—Messrs. Densons, the go-a-head grocers, of Nort'hgate- row, in addition to the huge display of the packets of tea for which their establishment is so famous, make a special feature of Christmas j wines, which are in large demand. Messrs. J. Little and Sons, of Eastgate-row, have established a reputation for their selection of Christmas orackers, suitable for parties, and this year the show is all that can be desired.—At the Maypole Dairy, at 8, Watergate-street, is observed a d-Lility display of butter and tea. These speciali- tie for which the Maypole Dairy people are celebrated throughout the kingdom, are shewn in bounteous profusion. Here are pats of butter guaranteed absolutely pure, all fresh and, sweet. I On every hand are pyramids of the famous Maypole tea, all :n sealed packets.—Messrs. Thompson, Son and Clemence, cheesefactors and provision merchants, have a brilliant show of English provisions at their various eatablish- meats, their stock comprising specimens of the choicest -da;ifries of Cheshire cheese, Cheddar oheese from Somerset, Stilton cheese, rich and ripe, and th? celebrated Leigh toasting cheese, made in the Fylde country. They 'have also an immense stock of York. Cumberland, and Wilt- shire ^rock'd ham;; and bacon, etc. The firm are | well known for the superiority of their goods, wr)ich are distributed to an immense clientele I i extending from Land's End to John o'G roat=!. POULTERERS. ETC. I Messra. Jonn Southard and Co., 52, Northgate- street, fishmongers, game and poultry dbalers, have a brave display of finest English turkeys, goese, pneasants, hares. wild ducks, and other game in season. At "Ye Olde Game and Poultry Stores of Mrs. Ellison, at 17, Watergate-street. en ere is a prime and large selection. I THE MEAT SHOW. As ia previous yewrs a vast amount of public interest centred in the display of the choice home- red beef and mutton which mad e its appearance in the various butchers shops. There was plenty of friendly rivalry, and the establishment of Mr. Arthur Wall, butcher, at the Cross, was de- ssrvedty awarded premier honours for the mag- rufioent show he made of locally-fed beasts, etc. jHisi display included the champion bullock, the reserve champion bullock, the best bullock in th show in the open class, the champion beast, sold at Messrs. Cunnah and Roberts's Christmas sale, and other prize-winners. Mr. Wall's ex- hibits did not show an excessive amount of fat, tnus evmomg the care shewn in their selection It was a a ideal display of real Cheshire Christmas tare.—MT. Geo. O ldmeadow, at the old-estab- Ijsned xmtcher s business at 22, Foregate-street, evinced sound judgment in his Christmas dis- play, f,)r his show included choice selections. from hi3 Maj.esty s Berkshire pigs. Down wethers, and Devon Bullocks, together with numerous splendid examples from the great London Cattle Show, and trom the most noted breeders of this d;.S- trier. CHESTER GAS CO. I Tile, C-.Ps-ter United Gas Company have in their cowrooms. CUpptn-street, a magnificent seleo- tion oF most, artistic fittings for either inverted or tiprigpt incandescent gas burners and a variety of silk snarl"s for drawing-room decoration which are well worth an inspection. Outside their j offices and showrooms they have recently fixed a large incandescent gas lamp of a new pattern made by the We Is bach Company, and yielding a iigiit ot over 1.200 candle power, the diffusive power or which is most remarkable. No gas light of -,o effective a character has been seen be- ware in Chester, and evervone interested in puhhc hghfing should inspect the lamp. It is lighted each, nignt during the ordinary hours of street lighting.

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