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AUCTION DIARY Sales by MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS. Dec. 3O-At the Smithfield, Chester-Horses, Carriages and Harness By MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARDSON. Jan. 6-At the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester-Houses and Cottages at Hoole Jan.—At the Auction Mart, Foregate-street- Furniture and Effects B: MESSRS. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE. D< 29-At the Old School, Lower Kinnerton- Household Furniture. &c. Ja I-At Flint Cattle Mart-Fat and Store Stock Ja 2-At the Ermine Catte Mart-Fat and Store Stock By MR. J. P. CARTER. Jan. 3—At Hooton Smithfield-Fat and Store Stock By MESSRS. HENRY MANLEY & SONS. LTD. Jan. 18 & 19—At the Crewe Repository-Light and Heavy Horses SALES BY AUCTION. OHURTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS, AND RICHARDSON. AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, LAND AND ESTATE AGENTS, THE AUCTION MART, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER. Agents for the Norwich Union, and Law Union and Crown Insurance Companies. Telegraphic Address: Mart, Chester. II Telephone: No. 210. HOOLE, near CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. I will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 6ch Janu- ary. 1906, at 3 p.m., subject to conditions— Lot 1.-81X superior well-built FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES, numbered 85 to 95, Clare-avenue, Hoole in the occupation of Messrs. Clay, Clarkson, and others, at 6s. 6d. weekly rt. ?ot 2.-Eight desirable FREEHOLD COT- TAGES, numbered 1 to 8, Vivian-terrace, Hoolie- lane, in the occupation of Messrs. Roberts, Richards, and others, at 4s. weekly rent. Each lot will be offered as above, or (as may be determined at the sale) be sub-divided to give purchasers the opportunity of buying a single house, or two, three, four, or more bouses. For further particulars apply to the Auction- eers; T. A. Beckett, Surveyor; or Walker, Smith and Way, Solicitors; all of Chester. AUCTION MART. FOREGATE-STREET. CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON. ELPHICK & CO. will HOLD a SALE of MISCELLANEOUS FURNITURE and EFFECTS early in JANUARY, 1906. Entries invited. KELSALL. within 8 miles of Chester, and 5 of the North Cheshire Hunt Kennels. TO BE SOLD. Privately, a very Attractive, Well-built RESIDENCE, containing 3 en- tertaining-rooms, 4 good bedrooms and dressing- room. bathroom, and the usual offices, with Stabling for three horses; good coach-house, etc lawn, garden, and orchard, the whole covering an area of about 2 acres. For orders to view, and other information, ap- ply to Churtoo, Elphick and Co., Auctioneers, Chester. IMPORTANT NOTICE. IN consequence of the Cbnstmaa Holidays, JL Messrs. Cunnah & Roberts will HOLD NO SALES at their CHESTER SMITHFIELD or HOOTON SMITHFIELD Next Week. THURSDAY NEXT. 28th December, 1905. AT THE CHESTER SMITHFIELD. CHESTER HORSE FAIR DAY. MESSRS. CUNNAH and ROBERTS will hold .1' their usual Monthly Sale of HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS and SADDLERY. commencing with Horses at One o'clock. NOTICE. PICKERING & NIGTINGALE HEREBY JL NOTIFY that on account of Tuesday next, Dec. 26th, being Bank Holiday, no sale will be held at the Ermine Cattle Mart, Chester. The next sale will be held on TUESDAY, January 2nd, 1906. On FRIDAY NEXT, December 29th, 1905. Sale of Poultry and Household Furniture at the OLD SCHOOL, LOWER KINNERTON, 4. miles from Chester, and six minutes' walk from ?intierton Station. PICKERING & NIGHTINGALE have t. received instructions from the executor of the late Mr. John Ellis to SELL BY AUCTION the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS. Sale at 12-30 o'clock prompt. P ICKERING & NIGHTINGALE will HOLD JT their NEXT SALE at the MART, FLINT. on MONDAY, January 1st, 1906. MR. J. P. CARTER'S NEXT HOOTON SALE will be held on WEDNESDAY, January 3rd, 1906. 500 HORSES. 30 GNS. PRIZES. CREWE HORSE REPOSITORY. OPENING SALES FOR 1906. HENRY" MANLEY AND SONS, LIMITED. DATES AS FOLLOWS:— THURSDAY, January 18th-LIGHT HORSES (al classes ). FRIDAY, January 19th-HEAVY HORSES (all classes) Prize Lists and Entry Forms on application. Entries close Wednesday, January 10th. Enter early and secure a good position. S ASTON & SON, CITY AUCTION ROOMS, 14, WATERGATE STREET, CHESTER. These Rooms are always open to receive FURNITURE and other GOODS for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION. Terms moderate. Prompt settlement. Sales conducted in town or country. S. ASTON & SON, Auctioneers, to., Regent-street, Wrexham; Watergate-street, Chester. BELFAST gHIRT & QOLLAR DEPOT THE CROSS, CHESTER. EXTENSIVE SELECTION OF CHRISTMAS GIFTS For Ladies and Gentlemen. REAL IRISH POPLIN NECKWEAR, A SPECIALITY. Largest Variety in North of England. R. J. & H. ELLIS, PLAIN AND DECORATIVE HOUSE PAINTERS, CHTJBCH DECORATORS, GILDERS, SIGN WRITERS, I PAPER HANGERS. OFFICE :— 64, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER. ESTABLISHED 1859. TBLIPHONB, No. 26Y1. ESTABLISHED 1675. THE OLD LAMB STORES :2 & 4, Lower Bridge Street. NOTED FOR the Superior Quality and Age of all WINES AND SPIRITS. Supplied both Wholesale and Retail at usual trade prices. BASS (in,-bottle) 2/- i doz. J-pints TRUMAN'S LONDON STOUT. 'J! 11 OATMEAl£.. STOUT. 1/6 „ 11 An excellent LIGHT BITTER LUNCHEON ALE. Imperial pints (screw stoppers) 2/6 V doz. i-pima 1/6 Bright,, -opwiding, and palatable. MARSTON, THOMPSON & EVERSHEDS' BURroNALE8 ia casks. 41 gallons 44 w Bf3 ;| 9gsfians 9/- 10/6 18 gallon. 18i- 211-. SAMPLE CSDKX8 SOLICITED. G. F. SHARPE, Proprietor. < CHRISTMAS MEAT SHOW. I MEAT SHOW, 1905. ARTHUR WALL, Purveyor of English Meat, THE CROSS, CHESTER. BEGS to Thank his numerous Customers and Friends for their kind support and recom- mendations during the past year, and hopes from experience gained in the past to maintain their kind Patronage during the coming year. His CHRISTMAS MEAT SHOW this year will consist of ENTIRELY LOCAL- FED MEAT, and will include the usual PRIZE- WINNERS THE CHAMPION BULLOCK, The Reserve Champion Bullock, THE PRIZE FOR BEST BULLOCK in the Show, IN THE OPEN CLASS. The First Prize Scotch Wethers, AND OTHER LOCAL-FED STOCK, CALVES AND PIGS. The Most Important Point is that his Christmas Stock of Meat, con- sisting as it does of the FINEST CATTLE and SHEEP exhibited at Messrs. CUNNAH and ROBERTS' Christmas Sale, WILL NOT SHOW AN EXCESSIVE AMOUNT OF FAT; the Prize-winners having been selected for their Early Maturity and Extra Per- centage of Lean Meat. LASTLY, THE CHAMPION BEAST, AND OTHER PRIZE-WINNERS, Will be Sold to the Public at the USUAL POPULAR PRICES. ARTHUR WALL, Purveyor of English Meat, THE CROSS, CHESTER. bmm FOLLOWING THE POLICY OF MANY YEARS, G. E. OLDMEADOW Has again secured choice selections from HIS MAJESTY The King's BERKSHIRE PIGS, The King's DOWN WETHERS, The King's DEVON BULLOCKS TOGKTHKK WITH NUMEROUS SPLENDID EXAMPLES FROM THE GREAT LONDON CATTLE SHOW, AND FROM THE Most Noted Feeders of this District, f&-T-G. E. OLDMEADOW'S XMAS DISPLAY represents the ACTUAL QUALITY always provided THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. 22, Foregate St. & 1, Chapel Lane THE HAPPY MEDIUM There's a Happy Medium between Slovenliness and Foppishness-the well-dressed man. To obtain this happy medium you must have the services of a Smart and Reli- able Tailor. BURR ELL'S 50/- SUITS. Hit this happy medium per- fectly. Smart, because of the immense and carefully selected Stock of Patterns to choose from, and the artistic cut and style. Reliable, because of the best of workmanship and the quality of the materials used in the making. BURRELL'S 42/- OVERCOATS Are absolutely ihe best value we have ever offered. We make up only such materials as will give satisfaction. T. G. B URRELL 117, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER. ASK FOR ROMOLA," THE CREAM OF OLD SCOTCH WHISKIES. PROPRIETOR GEORGE BARLOW WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, "THE OLD VAULTS," BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER, TELEPHONE, 0632. WILLIAMS, AVENUE GROCERY & PROVISION STORES, 43, CHERRY ROAD, BOUGHTON. FATHER CHRISTMAS'S VISIT. SEE OUR WINDOWS FOR Christmas Novelties, Toys, &c. HIGH-CLASS CONFECTIONERY. TELEPHONE 0613. J. T. MILNE, BRIDGE INN, TARVIN ROAD, CHESTER, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. ALE & STOUT BOTTLER. BASS'S PALE ALE, I ivrs 2/- PES DOZEN. GUINNESS'S EXTRA STOUT, JPIHTS 1/10 „ „ PINTS (SCREW STOPPERS). BASS'S PALE ALE 3/6 PER DOZEN, GUINNESS'S EXTRA STOUT 3/3 „ BIRKENHEAD BREWERY GO'S DINNER ALE 2/6 „ „ FAMILY ALES, IN 6. 9 & 18 GAUON CASKS, FROM 1/- Pica GALLON. • 1 1 — I < 1 .r DOES YOUR LITTLE BOY WANT A NICE NEW SUIT, To go to all his Little Friends' Christmas Parties If so, Buy one for him at HEP WO RTFS. DOES HE WANT A NICE WARM OVERCOAT, TO KEEP OUT THE COLB? Then HEPWORTH'S can supply him with that also. AND IN BUYING CLOTHING OF ANY KIND FROM HEPWORTHIS, REMEMBER THEY ARE THE MANUFACTURERS OF WHAT THEY SELL, And you Save 25 per Cent. by buying direct from them. THERE IS NO DESCRIPTION OF CLOTHING READY-MADE or MADE-TO-MEASURE That HEPWORTH'S cannot supply you with, ALL AT FACTORY PRICES. MEN'S OVERCOATS from 18/6. MEN'S SUITS from 17/11 AT J. HEPWORTH & SON, LTD. 83, FOREGATE STREET, and 150 other Towns. I SPECIAL SHOW OF TOYS. RICHARDSON'S BAZAAR AND CHINA STORES, 81, FOREGATE STREET. FINEST SHOW OF TOYS, AND LARGEST SHOWROOM IN THE CITY. EARLY INSPECTION INVITED. R. ROWSON & SONS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, 22, WATERGATE STREET, CHESTER. FINE OLD VINTAGE & OTHER WINES. PURE MALT TEN YEAR OLD WHISKIES ) GUARANTEED PURE GRAPE WINE BRANDIES. J GUARANTEED. Bass Ales, Guiness Stout, Pilsener and Lion Brew, Munich Lager Beer, &e. UNIQUE & UNPRECEDENTED OFFER TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS. Any Man or Woman (over 18 and under 60 years of age) paying a Subscription for Six or Twelve Months to the Office of the CHESHIRE OBSERVER (Chester) will receive a I COMPLETE STAMPED POLICY INSURING THEM IN THE SUM OF tlO PAYABLE DOWN IMMEDIATELY UPON HE OR SHE BECOMING TOTALLY DISABLED by the contraction of TYPHOID, TYPHUS, SCARLET FEVER, SMALL-POX, DIPHTHERIA, or being operated upon for APPENDICITIS. This Insurance providing CASH DOWN, AT A TIME WHEN MOST NEEDED Tp MEET THE CONSEQUENT EXPENSE NECESSARILY ENTAILED, will no doubt be highly appreciated and largely availed of by a discriminating Public. In addition to the above Capital Sums paid for Sickness, THE SUBSCRIBERS WILL BE Further Insured in the Sum of £50 AGAINST HIS OR HER DEATH, CAUSED BY; AN ACCIDENT TO A RAILWAY TRAIN or any other Conveyance by which he or she was riding as a Ticket-bearing or Fare- paying Passenger. All you have to do is to send 8/3 for Six Months, or 616 for Twelve Months' Subscription respectively, and then send your SUBSCRIPTION RECEIPT (upon which your full Name and Address appear) to the CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANY, LTD., 7, WATERLOO PLACE PALL MALL, LONDON, S. W., when the Policy will be forwarded. The FATAL ACCIDENT BENEFIT comes into force Immediately, and that for SICKNESS Twenty-one Days after the payment of Subscription, and runs for the period covered by the S L_ Subscription. This POLICY can be obtained by any Member of a Subscriber's Family :(age 18 to 60) at a premium of 10/- per annum. IMPORTANT NOTICE. JOHN SOUTHARD & CO., CENTRAL FISH. GAME AND POULTRY STORES, 52, NORTHGATE STREET (OPPOSITE THE MARKET HALL) TELEPHONE 2Y. HAVE MADE GIGANTIC PREPARATIONS FOR THE XMAS TRADE. THE GREATEST DISPLAY IN THE CITY. TURKEYS, GEESE, PHEASANTS, HARES, POULTRY. AND VARIOUS OTHER KINDS OF GAME. We Guarantee all the above Cheshire Fed. DAILY SUPPLY OF ALL KINDS FRESH FISH IN SEASON. Customers requiring Large Supplies for Presents liberally dealt with. JOHN SOUTHARD & CO., 52, NORTHGATE STREET, CHESTER. EDUCATIONAL. I THE KING'S SCHOOL, CHESTER. JL Founded 1541. Chairman of Governing Body: THE BISHOP OF CHESTER. Headmaster: THE REV. J. T. DAVIES, M.A. (Late Scholar of Wadham College, Oxford). Staff of Six Oxford and Cambridge Graduates, with two Visiting Masters. Under the Secondary School Regulations of the Board of Education, the School provides a syste- matic course of instruction for boys between the ages of 8 and 19. PROPERLY EQUIPPED CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL LABORATORY. FRENCH and GERMAN are taught by a Resident Foreign Master (Mr. O. P. SCHMITT, B.A., Cam. bridge; Strasbure Lycee). by modern oral methods. Art Master: Mr. W. SCHRODER. Violin: Mr. L. VEERMAN. The School is recognised by the Army Council for the grant of leaving Certificates. SCHOOL FEES (TUITION) For Boys under 12 years of age, £4. 4s. per Term. over 9. 11 R5. 5s. The School has valuable leaving Exhibitions (£60 per annum) to the University, Woolwich, or Sand- hurst This year's distinctions include an Open Classical Exhibition at Wadham College, Oxford; two out of the three Cheshire Entrance Exhibitions at the Technological School. Manchester, and two Senior Scholarships. A PREPARATORY CLASS is conducted by Miss SALMON, at 39, White Friars. Full Prospectus from the HEADMASTER or the CLERK. NEXT TERM BEGINS JAN. 15TH, 1906. SESSION 1905-6. CHESTER SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND ART, AND TECHNICAL SCHOOLS. The different Departments will Resume Work as follows:— AT THE GROSVENOR MUSEUM, The Secondary Technical DAY SCHOOL for Boys, on MONDAY, 15th January. The EVENING Science. Technical, Commercial, and LANGUAGE CLASSES and the ART SCHOOL will Re-open on MONDAY, 8th Jan. DOMESTIC DEPARTMENT (entrance from Castle-street). TECHNICAL CLASS in COOKERY will com- mence 9th JAN. Fee for 10 lessons. 3/6. TECHNICAL CLASS in DRESSMAKING will I commence 10th JAN. Fee for 12 lessons, 5/ The EVENING CONTINUATION SCHOOL for Boys and Young Men will Re-on at fSoT r JOHN'S SCHOOL, VICAR'S-LANE, on MONDAY, 8th January. For full particulars as to Time Tables, Fees, &c., see Prospectus, which may be obtained at the Grosvenor Museum or at 16, Corn Exchange Chambers, Chester. JOHN DODD. Clerk to the Governing Body. CHESTER SCHOOL OF ART, c GROSVENOR MUSEUM. HEADMASTER: W. G. SHRODER, A.R.C.A. TERM COMMENCES 9TH JANUARY. The Course of Instruction includes, in addition to the ordinary Art subjects, Classes in Drawing & Painting, from the Costume Model, &c. Ornamental Design. Architecture. Sketching, from Nature, Landscape. Embroidery & Art Needlework. TEACHER: Miss MITCHELL. Woodcarving. TEACHER Ma. C. R. WARREN. Prospectuses may be obtained from the Museum or JOHN DODD, Clerk to the Governing Body. 16, Corn Exchange Chambers. SECONDARY DAY SCHOOL, GROSVENOR MUSEUM. HEAD MASTER MR. JOHN A. McMICHAEL, B.A., B.Sc. THE SCHOOL RE-OPENS 15th JAN., 1906. The School is provided with well-equipped Work- shops and Laboratories. The curriculum includes Practical Science, English Subjects, Languages, Shorthand, Drawing and Manual Training. FEES :— £ 1. 13s. 4d. per Term. For further information apply to the HEAD MASTER or JOHN DODD, Clerk to the Governing Body. 16, Corn Exchange Chambers. EDUCATIONAL. ORAL FRENCH. FRENCH CONVERSATIONAL CLASSES JC are eonducted by MONSIEUR B. MEUNIER (officier d'Acad^mie) in ST. JOHN'S SCHOOLS, Vicar's Lane, CHESTER, every THURSDAY EVENING. No drudgery. Pure accent. Best oral method. Individual attention. Trial lesson free. NEXT TERM JANUARY 11TH. Prospectus from the Registrar, 2, Belgrave-street, Chester. 4916 THE ELMS, FLOOKERSBROOK, JL CHESTER. Preparatory and finishing SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Successful in Cambridge Local Exams., including Women's Higher; also in all Music Exams. Boarders and Day Pupils. Tennis, etc. Lady B. A., certificated English and Foreign Mistresses resident. Best Masters attend. Pupils receive individual care and comfort.—For prospectus, &c., apply MISS NEVILLE. MR. H. HANDLEY has Vacancies for PUPILS for the Violin and Mandoline, Cornet, Viola, and Double-Bass for Balls and Concerts. Terms moderate. — Apply 13, Union Walk, Chester. 4704 TENDERS. TARVIN RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. THE Tarvin Rural District Council invite JL TENDERS for LAYING a SEWER at BARTON. Particulars may be had on application to the Clerk to the Council, Crypt Chambers, Chester. H. GRANT BAILEY, Clerk to the Council. Crypt Chambers, Chester, 18th December, 1905. MALPAS RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are invited for the Erection of I THREE BLOCKS of COTTAGES at MALPAS. Persons desirous of Tendering can obtain copy of the Plans, Specification, and Form of Tender at the Offices of the Architects, Messrs. T. M. LOCKWOOD and SONS, Foregate-street, Chester, on and after the 28th day of December, 1905. Sealed Tenders, endorsed "Tender for Cottages," must be delivered to the Undersigned before SATURDAY, the 20th day of January, 1906. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. GEORGE RICHARDSON, Clerk to the Council. Offices: 5A, Newtown. Whitchurch. CHESTER UNION. CONTRACT FOR COAL, SLACK AND COKE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Guardians of the Poor of the Chester Union will meet at the Board Room, Hoole, on TUESDAY, the 26th December, 1905, at 10 a.m., to receive TENDERS for the Supply of HOUSE COAL, SLACK and COKE, from the 1st January, to the 1st July, 1906. Printed Forms of Tender (no other can be used) and particulars as to the quantities required, may be obtained on application to me, or the Workhouse Master. The Coal, Slack and Coke to be delivered Free of Charge at the Workhouse, or such other place or places, and in such quantities as the Guardians or their officers direct. Accounts will be paid monthly. Sealed Tenders to be delivered at my office not later than 9 a.m. on TUESDAY, the 26th instant. The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. By order, WILLIAM TURNOCK, Clerk to the Guardians. Forest House, Chester, 12th December, 1905. LOST. LOST, Thursday, Dec. 14th. from a Field in J_J Whipcord-lane, a CLUN WETHER SHEEP; blue dot on head; marked with scissors cut on neck. Anyone restoring same to WAINWKIGHT, Brook- street, Chester, will be suitably rewarded. 4928 SHIPPING. BOOKING OFFICE, TOURIST. EMIGRA. BTION & PARCELS AGENCY, 26, WATERGATE-STREET, CHESTER. Tickets issued by ALL LINES to Canada, United States, South Africa, South America, Australia, Japan, etc., etc. Parcels forwarded to all parts of the World. Special Holiday Tours, West Indies, etc. Agriculturists for Canada, Western Australia and New Zealand wanted. Full particulars on application. CHRISTMAS BREWINGS!! THE BIRKENHEAD BREWERY COMPANY, LIMITED, BREWERS AND WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS. THE CHRISTMAS BREWINGS OF OUR FAMOUS MILD AND BITTER ALES, SPECIALLY BREWED FOR HOUSEHOLD CONSUMPTION, I ARE NOW READY FOR DELIVERY, IN SPLENDID CONDITION, AND SUPPLIED IN 6, 9, & 18 GALLON CASKS, AT PRICES FROM Is. TO Is. 8D. PER GALLON. ORDERSitDELIVERED BY THE COMPANY'S OWN DRAYS DAILY, FREE OF CHARGE IN CITY, SUBURBS, & SURROUNDING DISTRICTS. WINES AND SPIRITS. SPECIALITIES 10,2r Famous Old SCOTCH and IBISH Blends of WHISKEY (5 years old), 18/- per Gallon.1 Nett I )( „ Royal SCOTCH, and Jameson's IBISH WHISKEY (7 years old), 20/- J Prices. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS AND FULL PRICE LISTS APPLY TO CHESTER OFFICE] 12, FRODSHAM STREET, CHESTER. Å N D S TOR E S: FRANK COVENEY, AGENT. N.B.-Sole Agents in the District for COMBE & CO.'S Celebrated LONDON STOUT. III ■! II ■ I I'M 1 ■■ ———^1 II RMMMMWMMMTMRNM—MMMMM— PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS JL OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSES HOUSES TO BE LET, APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS VACANT, LOST OR FOUND, ARTICLES TO BE SOLD, are now inserted in The Cheshire Observer at the following mtes:- NOT EXCEEDING TWENTY WORDS- ONE INSERTION. 1/- Two INSERTIONS. 1'6 THREE INSERTIONS 2/- NOT EXCEEDING THIRTY-FIVE WORDS— ONE INSERTION. 1/6 Two INSERTIONS. 2/6 THREE INSERTIONS 3/- WANTED. _oro, r' PAYING GUEST can be received in a private JL house central situation—Address C 58, Observer" Office. 4918 WANTED, Full-Licensed HOUSE, in or near V V Chester, or North Wales.—Apply Crawford, Bakers' Arms, Buxton. W ANTED, an AFTERNOON ENGAGE- Vw MENT, to teach Music or Read to invalid. Address A 55, Observer Office. 4833 APARTMENTS WANTED for Two Young ALadies; please state terms, which must be moderate, to W 40, "Observer" Office. 4954 WANTED, two strong GIRLS for farm-house, W to do housework must be good milkers.— Address Z 21, "Cheshire Observer." 4932 WANTED, a smart Well-educated BOY, W as Apprentice to high-class grocery and provision trade.—Apply William Jones, 48, Bridge- street. W ANTED, Furnished SITTING-ROOM and W BEDROOM for Lady, within ten minutes' walk from the General Railway Station (not in Hoole).—Address E 36, Observer Office. 4953 w ANTED, WILLOWS, 30 to 40 tons of good W 1 and 2 year olds; also HAZEL BASKET RODS.—Apply Thos. Hutchinson, Warrington. Established 50 years. 4854 ITUATIONS, as HOUSEKEEPER and lO HOUSEMAID-WAITRESS, to one or two gentlemen Chester or Bramhall.-M., 20, Church- street, Crewe. 4939 WANTED, all Assistants, Workmen, etc., to V V Try one of our Sixpenny HOT DINNERS. Wonderful value.—Central Dining Rooms, 47, Bridge-street. 4757 OOD COOK WANTED for Streatham,London, by January 1st, 1906; some housework re- quired house-parlourmaid kept.—Apply, by letter only, to L. J., 3, Mount Nod-road, Streatham, S. W. WANTED, immediately, experienced Parlour- VV maid. £ 20: Nurse, JB16. Disengaged, Cooks, Cook-Gonerals, Housemaid-Waitresbes and Generals.—Mrs. Bowden, 20, Pepper-street, Chester. 4905 C HEiNlIST'S APPRENTICES.-G. H. Moss, M.P.S., has Two Vacancies. A thorough training given at the three shops in the Dispensing, Photographic and Agricultural branches.-66, 68 and 87, Brook-street, Chester. 4949 COOKS, Parlourmaids, Housemaids, Female > Attendants, Housemaid-Waitress, Generals, Kitollenmaids, Betweens. Scuilorymaids, Farm Servants.—Send address for Christinas engage- ments.—Brown's Registry, White Friars. 4815 w ANTED. everybody to know that they can W get a pure, wholesome, HOME-MADE LOAF at the Newgate Bakery, 38, Nowkate- street, or Central Dining Rooms, 47, Bridge- street. 4756 ROy AL NAVY and ROYAL MARINES.— Strong, healthy BOYS and MEN WANTED, age 15 to 28; opportunities for seeing the World in H.M. Ships.—Further particulars, apply Recruiting Office, 21, Sydney-road Garden-lane, Chester. 4871 MRS. RED'S REGISTRY, Abbev Buildings, J -α- Chester. WANTED COOKS, £ 18 to £30, singlehanded laundress, z224, head or under-parlour- maids, £ 18 to £ 28, housemaids, cook (for Dublin, two in housemaid waitresses, generals, vessel cleaners, housemaids and farm lads, kitchen and scullerymaids, temporary servants, general (for Chester, two ladies), waitress (for Chester, two in family), cook, housekeeper one gentleman) £20 TO BE LET. WILLIAM E. BROWN, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT SURVEYOR & VALUER. 39, PEPPER STREET, CHESTER. TO BE LET:- 63, Egerton-street; capital House and Shop. 3, Chichester-street. Large House. Union Hall, Foregate-streeo. Rooms for Storage and Workshops, &c. 47, Egerton-street. 918.18s. Stocks-lane, Bough ton. £ 27. 6, Newry Park, Brook-lane. £26. Shavington Avenue, Newton. £ 42. Stable, &c., Walker-street, Hoole. 4s. weekly. Business Premises, Watergate-street Row. 98, Tarvin-road. B20 and rates. Capital Yard and Building, Boughton. £ 15. 13, Raymond-street, £35. Houses, Hoole-road. £25 and £28. Sumpter-pathway, Hoole. 7a. weekly. 15, Queen-street. 8. weekly, and water rate. 3, Newgate-street; Offices. 913. 1, Hunter-street; very central. £60.. 80, Boughton. 63. 6d. weekly. 32, King-street. E30. Cottages from 4s. 9d. to 6a. 6d. weekly. 28, Weaver-street. 5s. weekly. B ERESFORD ADAMS, LICENSED VALUER. LAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENT, 22. NEWGATE-STREET. CHESTER. TO BE LET:- House, Queen's-park. £60. House, Victoria-road. House, Tarvin-road. £ 24. Two well-lighted Offices. £35. House, Gloucester-street. 4s. 9d. weekly. FOR SALE:- House, near the Station. 2250. Two Houses, Saltney. £440. Ladies' Outfitting Business, Neston. Several Houses, Tarvin-road. Five Cottages. P,230 each. Two Houses. PW each; baths. Excellent Cottages. Hoole. 2230 each. Detached Villa Residence. £ 1,500. House, White Friars. j6500. Two Houses, Egerton-street. OHN WILLIAMS, LAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENT, 9, ST. WERBURGH-STREET, CHESTER. TO BE LET:- 3, Pearl Villas. 6s. 6d. weekly. Warehouse or Workshop, Steam Mill-street. 10, Louise-street. 7s. 9d. weekly. Cottage, Hoole Bank. 5s. weekly. 58, Walter-street. 6s. 6d. weekly. 32, South-view. 7s. weekly. 4955 TJOUSES TO BE LET, FURNISHED & UNFURNISHED. FOR PARTICULARS APPLY TO J. W. HENDERSON, THE "LIBERTY" AGENCY, 35, BRIDGE STREET ROW. mO BUILDERS, CAB PROPRIETORS^! X Others.-TO BE LET, a large YARD and BUILDINGS, with accommodation for about 20 horses, covering for ten large waggons, a good Room over stabling, 80ft. long, well-lighted; tour good pig-styes with wooden floors, boiler-house and saddle-room, good well of water in yard the above situate on Boughton Heath, Chester, and known as Collins' Yard." Also a desirable Detached DWELLING-HOUSE, known as "Holly Cottage," adjoining yard, containing kitchen, back kitchen, pantry, and two bedrooms, with paved yard, out- offices, small garden in front and good large garden in the rear. Would let together or separately.— Apply M. Collins, Outdoor Amusement Caterers, Union-street, Chester. f 110 LET, 7, New Crane-street, Family HOUSE; JL hall, parlour, two kitchens, four bedrooms, bath (h.&c.). Reduced rent.—Rycroft, 28. Princess- street. 4934 A 4 GLADSTONE AVENUE.—Three rooms, -t -t excellent garden at rear. Moderate rent. —Apply Mr. R. T. Morgan, 2, Newgate-street, Chester. 4952 DEE FOKDS.—TO BE LET, or SOLD; four Drocept.ion, 11 bedrooms, usual omc<??; on river bank, one mile from General Station and centre of city.—Apply Smith, Rudale, Dee Banks. 4907 QPACIOUS OFFICE TO BE LET at Christmas; Q in the most artistic street in Chester; good light. Every convenience. Rent £ 20.—Apply to Mr. J. Hanmer Hutchings, 14, St. Werburgh-street, Chester; or Arosfa, Deganwy. 4872 r|10 LET, "WOODSTONE," 28^ Brookl^, TObester; two reception rooms, six bedrooms, bathroom, cellar, &c. Rent 933.-Apply E. Andrews, Incorporated Accountant, Eastgate Row (North), Chester. 4825 Ü-HE LET, 37, H ALKYN ROAD. Chester^ T three minutes from General Railway Station, two sitting and five bedrooms all modern conveni- ences rent 228.-Apply Mr. Maurice Thomas. 13, Coal Exchange, Chester. 4830 TO BE LET, HOUSE and SHOP, 67A, Brook? Tstreet, ChestEr, late in the occupation of William Balmford, Tailor.—Apply to Messrs. Gamon, Farmer & Co., Solicitors, St. Werburgh- street, Chester. 4836 TO LET, immediate possession, double plate- JL glass windowed SHOP, 242, High-street, Connan's Quay splendid living house; every con- venience, modem, bath, h. and c. water throughout. Fortune to either grocer or confectioner.—Apply on premises, Mr. Moore. Death sole cause of leaving. TO BE LET. WAKEFIELD, DODD & THORNELY, f T LAND, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENTS, 16, CORN EXCHANGE CHAMBERS, CHESTER. TO BE LET:- Roodee House, The Watergate. £ 75. 70, Hough Green. 27, Crane-street, containing drawing-room, dining- room, breakfast-room, five bedrooms, bathroom (h. and c. and w.c.), good cellars. 114, Brook-street. Devonshire-place. 7s. weekly. 13, Steam Mill-street. 5s. weekly. House and Shop. Hand bridge. 8s. Lock-up Shop, Watergate-street. 918 clear. COTTAGE, suitable for working man.-Apply A. W. Aston, Tattenhall. TO BE LET, FulIy-Iioensed PUBLIC-HOUSE, Chester. Stabling. Valuation only.— Apply Ltd,sham, la, Nicholas-street, Chester. fl OUSE TO LET, No. 16. Sydney-road, Chester. t N Rent 6s. 9d. per week. — Apply No. 14, Sydney-road, Chester. 4893 COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS for one or two respectable men.—21, George-srreet, Chester. 4852 COTTAGE TO LET, Kynaston-street, Newtown. Rent 4s. 3d. per week.—Apply 29, Hamilton- street, Hoole. 4919 HOUSE. Water Tower View; 3 bedrooms.— Jt-JL Apply E. Noel Humphreys, C.A., Old Bank Buildings. 4858 riTO LET. The Bars, Five-stall STABLE, loft JL over; also two stalls can be turned into coach-house.—P. Cosgrove. 4920 TO LET. Old-established BARBER'S SHOP TLow rent.-Apply 36, George-street, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. 4935 TO LET, NETHER HILL, Alvanley-road, JL Helsby dining and drawing-rooms, large kitchen, pantry, cellar, and four bedrooms, bath and w.c., with the usual out-offices, and front and back garden.—Apply to J. Blythe, Ivy Bank, Helsby. TO BE SOLD. FOR SALE, Two Good DOGS. fast Whippet. Fand Liver Spaniel Dog, broke to gun; sell cheap.—J. Jones, 4, Back Brook-street, Chester. GOOD COTTAGE PIANO by "Almaine, GLondon a real bargain. 26.-Apply 175, High-street. Connah's Quay. 4938 FOR SALE Stylish DOG-CART. in capital Forder suit 14 hands cob; cushions and lamps complete.—Apply J. Fletcher, Wheelwright, Elton Green, near Chester. 4940 CHRISTMAS & WEDDING PRESENTS.—A large assortment of Useful and Fancy Articles in Brass, Copper, and Electro-plated Articles at J. E. Newman, Ironmonger, 12, Bridge-st., Chester. TOOLS for JOINERS and Edge Tools for all JL Trades. Fine steel, careful tempering, highest quality, reduced prices.—Brassey, Iron- monger, Chester. A Good Lot of SECOND-HAND CYCLES to. Abe Sold cheap, sound and in good condition, from £1. 10s. and upwards.—Apply W. Maher, 34, Bridge-street, Chester. X>IVER DEE.-FOR DISPOSAL. MOORING JL? LIMIT, with three SHEDS. Stock of BOATS may be purchased if desired, and part. of purchase money may remain.—Address N 42, office of this paper. FOR SALE, Old OAK LINEN CHEST, two drawers, brass handles; in good condition. Lady's BICYCLE, condition as new; and set of Cob HARNESS, in good order. All to be disposed of cheap.—Apply S. Clutton, Threapwood, Malpas. NEW 1906 3h h p. MOTOR CYCLE, latest 1 Magneto Ignition, low frame, Dunlcp tyres. Also Monarch Junior Tapered Arm Gramophone, and 50 lOin. records, 3s. each. New condition. C h eap.—Horswill, 45, Queen-street, Chester. 4950 TO BE 80LU, aeveral weU-built HOUSES, St. TMark's-terrace, Hough Green, Saltney, with lobby, parlour, kitchen, back kitchen and pantry, three good bedrooms, and wasli-houss in yard good garden in front and back.—Apply Hy. Vernon, Builder, 19, Upper Northgate-street, Chester. M150 Modem Freehold HOUSE, n oV most healthy part of Chester (suit invalid), containing sitting and dining-rooms, four bedrooms, bath-room, with lavatory and w.c.; fitted throughout with the electric light and bells; hot and cold water, kitchens, and large paved yard, with wash-house, coal-house, and w.c. Balance of EMO can remain at 4 mortgage, or can be arranged as rent.—Address D 35, "Observer" Office. 4864 MISCELLANEOUS. ISAAC'S PORK PIES for Xmas. Just try JL one.—G. Dutton & Son. 4835 BEAUTIFUL BABY LONG CLOTHES Set Bof 50 articles, 21s. A bargain of loveliness. Approval.—Mrs. Max, 15, The Chase, Nottingham. BUTTER, BACON, CHEESE, TEAS, Sugars, JO Jams, etc.-T. T. Weldon, 52. Brook-street. Telephone 29x1. 4804 HOUSE-OWNERS, Agents, Tenants, your own PAPER HUNG from 5d. per roll; PAINTING equally cheap.-Byrne, 4, Sydney- street, Milton-street, Chester. 427 TO BE GIVEN AWAY to every purchaMu- of a. JL 22ct. solid GOLD WEDDING RING, one dozen good quality Teaspoons. Prices from 16s. to 52s. 6d.-RowlcY'6, Cow Lane Bridge, Chester. FOR Building and Agricultural LIMES, Spar GRAVEL, MACADAM and Chippings, SLEEPERS and TIMBERS, at Chester Yard or delivered to any Station, try Robt. W. Killon, Al, Coal Exchange, Chester. Telephone 70. LATEST WASHING AND WRINGING JU MACHINES. Rollers turned up. All kind of Repairs to Mangles.-Haseldeu. Wood Turner and Mangle Roller Maker (Works), Delamere- street, Chester. "J jf\ PIECES of New Season's Stock jL\?.?J?? of PAPER HANGINGS are now being shown at prices to suit everybody. Several lots to be cleared at 3d. per piece. The Trade supplied. Liberal discount.— Note the address: Priddey & Son, 25, Seller-street, Chester. PHONOGRAPHS. -Agents for "Edison,' JL "Pathe," "Columbia," and other makes, Prices ranging from 4/11 to 30 Guineas. A selection of over 2,000 Records. Orders by post promptly attended to. Repairs.—Note address: F. J. Jones and Son, 134. Foregate-street, Chester. Tele- phone 180. 180A. A Really Good and Reliable Article at the Right Price. BUTT & Co., WATCHMAKERS, JEWELLERS, AND SILVERSMITHS, 32, EASTGATE ROW, CHESTER. Have much pleasure in announcing that Excellence and Superiority of their ) Special English Lever Watch, THE "COUNTY," FINISHED WITH ALL THE LATEST IMPROVEMENTS. FULLY JEWELLED, KEYLESS, & CASED IN HEAVY 18-CARAT GOLD HUNTING, HALF-HUNTING, AND OPENFACE CRYSTAL CASES. £ 18 :18 0 LADY'S SIZE FROM £10. The County, in Silver Cases, from X-5. jj-. A WATCH FOR A LIFETIME. PHOTOGRAPHY. W. H. ANKERS, 6, CITY ROAD, CHESTER, Holds the largest and most complete stock of CAMERAS, PLATES, PAPERS, FILMS, &c., Ac., IN THE CITY FOR WINTER WOEK. CAMERAS AND MECHANICAL MODELS WILL BE A SPECIAL FEATURE FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. HIGH CLASS ENLARGEMENTS from Sittings, Amateurs' Negatives, or Photographs, at popular prices. Over 50,000 Xmas and other Mounts to select from. PHOTOS. AND PICTURES MOUNTED AND FRAMED COMPLETE. All Leading Lines in Picture Post Cards. TELEPHONE 357. HERBERT ELLIS'S C Es TRIAN IRONFRAMED PIANOS. SEND FOR LIST. 1 71,. EOILEGATE-STREET, CHESTER. FROM 10/6 PER MONTH.