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THE TRADE OUTLOOK. I NO one can close his eyes to the fact that the immediate outlook for local industries is none too cheerful. At a time when our staple trades—tinplates and steel-have not had an opportunity of adapting themselves to peace condi- tions, they arc threatened with formid- able competition from more than one quarter. The war played havoc with the I tinplate trade and brought about the summary closing down of more than half the Welsh mills. Now that the tinplaters have been released from the Army and the employers are anxious to restart the idle mills, they are faced with the unpleasant fact that America is making a tremen- dous effort to capture our markets, and has already succeeded in diverting a large volume of trade which in pre-war days kept the Welsh mills busy. While mills in Wales, owing to war exigencies, were being closed down, the Americans were building new mills, the result being that at present, they arc in a better position than ever to inflict serious injury upon tho Welsh industry. Information to hand this week goes to show that American plates are being offered at prices with which local manufacturers will find it very difficult to compete. The same re- mark applies to steel bars where the dif- ference in price in favour of the United States is even more marked. These are very serious factors in our present indus- trial position, and the combined efforts of employers and workmen will be re- quired to cope with it.


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