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 'I F. H. EVANS,! t! a aar? t a aha W ir??ar?r?h?? & I ^^g^gagBMMBMMaMnmaHHMHnniiBBaaBanaaBanaaBMmrui HH ] Having now obtained B the necessary labour B J for B Motor Cycle Repairs ) Is now prepared to receive new B custom. fl I All work executed by skilled labour. | I IN STOCK:— I I Palmer Cord Covers, Dunlop Butt I enclosed Tubes, Handle Grips, Vacu- I ■t unpi Oils, Carbide, Gaiters, Horn Bulb, | Bowden Wire, Bowden casirg fig And Numerous Other 1 Accessories 1 Cycle and Enamelling I  O.r.  a Works, I Coieshifl Terrace, Uaneily. I  WB???????S??????EBNBHBE??E?????S???????' ?.?'?????S GUARANTEED FOR EVER. ? ?L ;??.?At\ ?B!M?S R'DEARtGtORAPtO.OE.D?am ? !.??r' WITM OUNLOP TVRC6 ANO STU^HCY ARCHER 8'SPE £ 0 CEA.9. t :?<????.? Agent:—JOHN GRIFFITHS, j'  ?r  ?? CYCLE EMPORIUM, LLANELLY. j mUJm iuAtf "I have continuously used the Raleigh for 12 years. /—. P averaging over 9.000 miles a year. without a single %Itl! —^7 fc =ishaP.S. Rowland. Altnshill. cii-ectitain.Manchester. AyiABXy ft, .1 C RALeiCHXVlCLECO.L'' NOTTINOMAM < S r" mf! l- n Mft«!t <i t! THE Penallt Boot Stores IS NOW OPEN. PHILLIPS & CO., Boot and Shoe Makers and Repairers HAND-SEWN WORK A SPECIALITY. Repairs promptly and neatly executed. Workmanship Guaranteed. Only the best Leather used. Note Address- PENALLT TERRACE, LLANELLY. DENTISTRY. During the Holidays make up your mind you will have yourTEETH attended to by FEATHERSTON, 47, Stepney Street, LLANELLY, Back from active service, and resident in the town over 10 years. THlfl THREE ESSES.—Star Stationery Store*. Neted for best value. BOROUGH OF LLANELLY. BABY SHOW In connection widi the Government's desire to observe the first week in July as a National Baby Week throughout the country, a BABY SHOW for Infants up to 18 Months old will be held at the Higher Elementary School On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, the 1st and 2nd JULY, 1919, When substantial Prizes will be awarded to the winners-in the following classes:— BOROUGH INFANT WELFARE CLASSES. 1. Up to 3 months. 2. 3 to 6 months. 3. 6 to 9 months. 4. 9 to 12 months. 5. 12 to 18 months. 6. Delicate and Premature. OPEN CLASSES. (For Babies residing in Llanelly, Dafen, I Halfway to Rynea Bridge, Felinfoel. Pwll, and Furnace) 7. Up to 3 months. 8. 3 to 6 months. 9. fi to 9 months. 10. 9 to 12 months. 11. 12 to 18 months. 12. Twins. Entry Cards may be obtained at my Office in the Town Hall, and at the Wel- fare Centre, Vaughan Street, and must he returned duly filled in, on or before the 16th June, together with an entrance fee of 3d. By Order, HENRY W. SPOWART, 7th May, 1919. Hon. Sec. Baby Carriages WE HOLD THE. LARGEST STOCK IN WEST WALES. Reliable Quality Only Pugh Brc3.y FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS. 'Phone 273.

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Boys Sports Club


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Our Cosy Cinema.


Juvenile Offenders. —a—