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ILocal -and other -Mews.


I Local and other Mews. PosT OFFICE No-ricE. On and from Friday next the times of despatch and arrival of mails will be the same as in May last. This change takes place owing to the resumption of tramc through the Cockett Tunnel. Miss Elvira A. Stannard sends her sincere thanks to all who have so kindly given towards the relief of the families of the soldiers and sailors in South Africa, on Lady Temple's card. METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER.—Taken at St. Ann's Head for the weekending 8 a.m., Nov. 27th, 1899. Highest barometer reading reduced to 32 F and to mean sea level, 30-.50 on the 22nd lowest 80-26 on the 24th; maximum temperature in the shade 54 on the 24th: minimum 48 on the 23rd; amount of rainfall '006 inches hours of bright sunshine 6.4; prevailing winds westerly and south-westerly, moderate to fresh breeze; sea smooth to moderate. HAVERFORDWEST FAT STOCK SOCIETY.— Wo beg to remind those interested in the raising of fat cattle, pigs, poultry, butter, roots, &c., that the annual show in connection with the above society, will be held in the Covered Corn Market, on December 12th. The prize schedule is now issued, and it must be admitted that the prizes are of a very substantial character and should attract considerable emulation amongst breeders of cattle. The entries close on Thursday, December 7th. For the benefit of our lady readers we give them the best recipe we know of for their Christmas Plum Pudding. Take three-quarters of a pound of nour, two ounces of Berwick's baking-powder, two ounces of bread-crumbs, one and a half pound of snet, two pounds of raisins, one pound of currants, ten ounces of sugar, two ounces of almonds, one pound of mixed candied peel, salt and spice to taste. Mix the ingredients well together, and add six eggs, well beaten, a.nd three- quarters of a pint of miik; divide in two, and boil eight hours. "THE Q.UEEN" CHRISTMAS NUMBER.— Always nrst in excellence amongst publications devoted to lady readers Tlte Qlleen Christmas number this year maintams the high reputation it has achieved. In the matter of illustrations the number is especially good, and the introduction of colours is extremely effective. The letterpress deals with the various matters which n.ppeal to lady readers, and amongst the contributors we notice the names of the Countess of Aberdeen and Lady Warwick. With the number are given away three splendid coloured pictures suitable for framing. DALE.—On Sunday last November 26th special collections were made in St. James Church, Dale, both morning and evening, on behalf of the widows and orphans of our soldiers killed in the South African War. The Vicar-the Rev. G. H. Hughes pleaded the cause, and asked his congregation to liberally help thosa, who, having given all they have to promote England's great- ness and safeguard her honour, End themselves bereft of bread-winners and dependent on public charity for this subsistence. The collections amounting to j68 89. nd. will be sent to the Mansion House Fund. TENBY RACE MEETING. Colonel Deare presided at a meeting of the Teuby Race Committee held at the Cobourg Hotel on Saturday afternoon.—Tho accounts, which were presented, showed a smull balance in hand, compared with a deficit a, year ago.—A dis- cussion ensued as to the advisability of holding the meeting a.s usual in the early part of the year, or post- poning it to April or May in the hope of securing better weather and a larger attendance.—It was decided to adhere to the old period, and January 31 and Feb- ruary 1 were nxed as the dates of the next meeting This will be the week proceeding Carma.rthen Race. Mr F. Page, of Worcester, was appointed as the successor to the late Mr Wa.!ter Smedley, of Cheapstow, in the management of the meeting. PEMBROKESHIRE AND HAVERFORDWEST IN- FiRMAEY.—The Committee gratefully acknowledge the receipt of the following gifts recently made to the Inetitution,v)x.:—Basket of apples and magazines, Mrs Stokes, Fern Hill; jar of jam, Mrs James Thomas, Rock House cabbages, Mrs Wilson, Ma,rket Street; copies of the "Lady's Field," Mro Edwardes, Hook; papers and hop pillows, Mrs Carrow. Johnst,>n Hall: invalid couch, Sir Owen and Lady Scourneld fruit from Burton Church harvest festival, per Mrs Harrison; fruit aud nowers from the Haverfordwest Wesleyan Chapel harvest festival; flowers and vegetables from Dreon Hill Chapel harvest feativa.I, per Rev. W. Mendus box of starch, Mesdames E. a.nd F. Thomas, Upper Market Street; magazines, Mrs Eaton-EvMis; fruit and vegetables from Spittal Church Harvest Festiva.1, per Rev. W. H. Walters fruit and vegetables from Rudbaxton Church harvest festival, per Rev. J. A. Parry; Rowers. Rev. F. N. Colborne; grapes and ferns, Lady Scourneld; fruit and vegetables. Mrs Stokes fruit a,nd regota.bles from Haroldstone, St. Issells harvest festival service, per Mr Sydney Dawkins; flowers and fruit from the Albany Chapel harvest festival; brea.d fruit and vegetables from Freystrop Church harvest festival, per Rev. W. Wilha-ms: fruit and vegetables from St. Mary's Church harvest festival, per Mrs Harrison: nsh, Morris Owen (a patIent); vegetables from Johnston C hurch harvest festival, per Mrs Carrow Gentlewomen," Mrs James Thomas fruit, vegetables, ind bread from S!ebech Church harvest festival: fruit a,nd vegettbles from Merlin s Bridge Mission Church harvest festival, per Rev. Atterbury Thomas apples, Lady Catherine Alien; old linen and magazines, Lady Maxwell: flowers. Miss James, The Crescent: Rowers. Mrs Barrah, BsIeford; papers, Mrs Phillips, Bolton Hill Mill; nowers. Mrs James, Tho Crescent; dressing gown, Miss Lloyd, GIanafon.


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