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BENSONIs'ah' WATCHES BEST VALUE in THE MARKET, AT MAKER95 CASH PRICES. InSiIvorCMes. ? ? ?. r'/D Just the Watch for British The MARVEL of the 20th CENTURY. ? ? ??? ???? ?.?y?, ?BS?c? ? 'X? ??N ?7'? ?sh the public to buy a Good LONDON- ??? TT MADE ENGLISH LEVER, instead HMa ? ?NSt ?§g cf common country-made English, Swiss, or B? ?????? ??? ?? s? ???N? American work, and &ro sure they will nnd it ?M? much cheaper in the long run, hence our intro- ?????'??? ?EEV duction of this Watch for those who do not wish tMW?m\ ??? ? ? ?? ,????. ?EB? ? spend more than d63 10s. ?B0??? /g- e ?8N!y ?? movement is ?-pla.te of our beat London ?B ? ? ??? ? ??. .????ar make, Jewelled in 7 actions. In Massive Sterling ??E?? ??B?H??j???' ????e??????? Silver, Crystal GI&ss Cases, J63 iC,. -??????????? Sent free and s&fe at our risk, to all parts ????????? of the World for cash, or P.0.0. CENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES from ?B2 to ?500. CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT C RINGS, BROOCHES, PLATE, &c., &o. Post frae on application. InSilv? C?. ?J??????????jg? ?J??J??JCa ?!&???JN ?0 .??i?SE?SS??J??r????????L?i???iE ?L Tx?Mr.?KL?JUr'??'tMTit?T'cS?i ?!??????'\??<y'?"??a-s?s? ? can only be excelled bv the New English Lever described ??<M????'?< abore. A soand Watch at a very low price. In Sterling ?!?\t iit /\?.-V?? Sih-er. Crystal GiMa Cases, price ?32. Unequalled by any other Watch sold at the price. ?t? ? \\?\?' 'S'f/<'r/;L);!?(?n?:/cyiMor<7'<Y/?/'vM?:?/r<'?07!r<'e?!'??/'r<;??'<'Kc<. ???? ??? WATCHES AND JEWELLERY TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. /?Y ?MN ? ? ?::t?)M WATCHES and JEWELLERY sent free by post at our risk to aU ? jjfL, ?t?i?ti parts of tho Wo rid or Cash for Post ONce Order. 'iF????'MiW' ??F ? ???? ? &S???WNW????W ?W? JF:-N??FF? ?? ?? ? ?;? ???? ) ?? '?\ ??/?'?? S-M. THE QUEEN'S WATCHMAKERS, ??? THE STEAM FACTORY— 82 & 64, LUDGATE HiLL, LONDON. i W ????????? CLOCKS for Presentation Church, Schoo). ant) Pub))c BuHdtng& ???????? PARTICULARS POST FMtB. HAVERFORDWEST CYCLE DEPOT, BRIDGE STFLEET. CYCLES FOR 1900. Free Wheels and Rim Brakes. Long Cranks and High Gears. British Cycles, 8 Guineas, Guaranteed J. J. SWEBNBY. CERTIFICATED AGENT. TEETH. Dental Notice. TEETH. —————:o:————— ]F. OWEN Ss 00.. SURGEON DENTISTS, CAN BE CONSULTED FROM 11 to 5 P.M., AT MISS JOHN, BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER, 3, Victoria; Place, N eto Bli(lge, II averfordwest, EVERY FORTNIGHT, Next Visit, SATURDAY, DEC. 2, 1899, And will also attend at Charles Street, Milford Haven (Mrs Swainson's, Fruiterer), every other Tuesday. Next Visit, NOV. 28, And at Mr. APPLEBY'S, Chemist, Neyland, every other Tuesday. CONSULTATION FREE OF CHARGE. TEETR.—l. Perfection in eating and speaking. 2. Perfectly natural and life-like in appearance. Upper or Lower Set from .62108. Single Tooth. £0 5s. (ESTABLISHED 30 YEARS.) 72, OROCKERTOWN, CARDIFF; 42, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. NOTICE. All letters to be addressed to BRECKNOCK HOUSE, TENDY. 123 _0- T (Late LORD NELSON HOTEL), Wine, Spirit, Ale and Beer Merchant, and Bottler, SIR CHARLES WHETHAM HOTEL, High Street, Pill, Milford Haven. ———————— 0 ———————— Agent for Allsopps' &< Bass' Celebrated Pale and Mild Ales and Stout in Cask or Bottles. LIVERY STABLES: Carriages of every Description. sw Letters and Telegrams promptly attended to. -rAm [2967 JOHNSTON BRICK WORKS. ORDINARY RED BRICKS, PRESSED FACING BRICKS, BUFFS, FLOORING SQUARES, &c., ALWAYS IN STOCK. For Prices apply to the MANAGER, The Johnston Brick Works, 1513 Haverfordwest, South Walea. efA -3-f-ES JY-fL-L-IAif-IA-y9 B U I LD E B and o ON TRACT OR, PBJORY STREET, :hŒILFOl=(¡D HAVEN. Estimates for all kind, of Alterations and Repairs furnished on application „ NEW BRISTOL STEAMER. THE WATERFORD STEAMSHIP COM- PANY'S LIMITED, and Powerful Passenger and Cargo Steamer, Menapia, 1,000 tons, Or other vessel is intended to sail from BRISTOL every FRIDAY carrying cargo for HAVERFORD- WEST, MILFORD, NEW MILFORD, PEM. tROKE DOCK, PEMBROKE, TENBY, &c. From Cumberland Ba.atn, Bristol (Calling at Tenby and Pembroke Dock. Friday Nov. 3 5.0 p.m. Friday 10 10.0 a.m. Friday 17 5.0 p.m. Friday 24 10.0 a.m. Friday Dec. 1 4.0 p.m. Goods received in Bristol every Tharsday at load- ing berth, City Quay, Welsh Back. No Cargo re- ceived at Cumberland Bagin. Goods for Haverfordwpst, Pembroke, Pemproke Dock, New Milford and Milford are transhipped into lighters at Milford Haven, acd ace conveyed to destination at Company's 1;,xp,-e, but entirely at Owner's risk. N.B.—A11 Empties crrried free must be distinctly understood to be conveyed solely at Owner'a Ri<k, ncless Freight be paid on same. To ensure shipment Goods must h alongside steamer at City Quay, Bristol, at least three hours before advertised time of sailing. Goods Shipped by this Company's Steamers are received enbject to conditions on their Genera) Notices to be seen at their oBces. Information M to Insaranco of Goods and farther particulars and conditions of carriage can be obtained Ot application at the Company's Omces. Agent- F. J. 8ELLIOE. 53<! Milford Haven. BACON LINE. DECEMBER 1899. The undermentioned Steamers will sail (unless pre- vented by any unforeseen circumstance) with or without Pilots and with liberty to tow. DIRECT STEAM COMMUNICATION between tht following ports as under t- THB FIBST-CLASS NEW STEM a.6. "BRUNSWIOE," or other suitable vessel). From Bristol for Milford (With liberty to call at any port In Bristot Channel) Dec. o clock Dec. o'clock Tuesday .5 C night Tuesday 19 6 night Tuesday 12 12 night) Tuesday 26 12 night From MiUortl for Liverpool. Dec. o'clock Dec. o'clock Wednesday 6 6 morn t Wednesday 20 6 morn Wednesday 13 10 morn Wednesday 27 JO mom The S.8. SUNLIGHT," ( or other suitable vessel). lfrom Liverpool for Milford and Swansca. Dec. o'clock. Dec. o'clock Saturday 2 9 night ) Saturday 16 9 night Saturday 9. 3 even ) Saturday 23 2 after ) Saturday 30 g night From MilfM'd /of Swansea. Dec. o'clock. Doc. o'clock Sunday 3. 3 after Sunday 17 3 after Sunday 10 9 morn Sunday 24 8 mom Sunday 31 2 after The Steam Barges Carew" and Cleddau," are intended to ply on Milford Haven, In connection with the above Steamers carrying Goods to and from Pem- broke Dock, Haverfordwest, and he adjacent towns, and will deliver to such towns first, as may be deemed Most expedient. fARES:— FARES Cabin. Deck. Liverpool to Milford. 12s. 6d. 6s. Loading Berth at Liverpool-East side Nelson Dock. All Empties on which no freight hLs been paid are carried at Owner's risk. NotICE:—The landing and embarcation of Goods ot Passengers at Milford, by whatever conveyance, whether at the expense of the Steamer or otherwise, and whether loaded into Barges and transhipped from one Barge to another, is at the risk of tne Passengers &nd the owners of the Goods respectively. For further particulars see small hills, or apply to John Bacon, Limited, 3 & 4, Oriel Chambers, 14, Water- street, Liverpool John Bacon Lmtd Bristol John Bacon Limited, Swansea; Simpson, Howden & Co., Manchester. 1 J. PHILLIPS Agent, Milford. GLEN -STUART PURE HIGHLAND MALT 1-11 s I- r_ THE PERFECTION OF SCOTCH WHISKY, 20/- PER GALLON.! ABSOLUTELY PURE AND THOROUGHLY MATURBD, 3/6 PER BOTTLE. PROPRIETORS— GEORGE PALMER & SON, WHIKY HAYERFORDWE8T. 67i THE TAUNTON AND WEST OF ENGLAND PERPETUAL Benefit BuUdmg Society. ESTABLISHED 1857. URAD OFFiczs: 3, HAMMET STRFET, TAUNTON Secretary: MR. AJLMRT GooDMAN. QUMS OF MONEY are ready to be advanced on 0 security of any description of REAL PROPERTY, HOUSES or LAND (freehold, lease- hold or copyhold), on the most equitable terms. The principal and interest repayable by Monthly Instalments. Subscription Investing Shares, and Fully paid-up Sharesissued. Deposits received at Interest, 4 per cent. per annum. Prospectuses, or any further particulars, may be obtained on application to the SECRETARY, as above, or to MR. JAMES WILLIAMS, Priory Street, Milford Haven, 3094 Agent of the Society "WORTH ? FIVE POUNDS A BOX," A Grimsby Lady says. SILVER S PILLS, Wonderful Tonic, Marvellous Remedy for Indi- gestion, Headache,' Constipation, Dizziness, Liver Troubles, Pains in Back, Nervous Weakness, Bad Legs, Skin Eruptions, and all Female Ailments. Pale faces made rosy Invalids made strolls'. Try a Box (purely herbal), Is. Id. and 28. 3d, Post Free of Proprietor, JOHN SILVER, 11, Laboratory, Croydon; also sold by Sole Agents T. D. MEYLER, Chemist, Milford Haven; and T. DEVEREUX, Grocer, &c., Haverfordwest. 1368 E. J. MAY, ENGLISH & FOREIGN FRUITERER, FISH .-r-r? GAME AND RABBIT DEALER. HIGH STREET AND CARTLETT, HAVERFORDWEST, Has now tnken LARGER AND MORE COM MODIOUS PREMISES IN HIGH STREET opposite London tmd Provincial B:Liik While this addition beeD -"ade principally to have more cen tre position for the convenience of town customers, it will also enable her to keep a. )n,rger and more varied Stock of everything pertnining to the Business, so that the re- quirements of County Gentry and others will be fully met. HAVE YOU SEEN BISLE-Y H. MUNT'S NEW tLLUSTRATED PRICE LIST? If not be sure and get one (if unable to CALL and SEE his FINE NEW STOCK), before buying WATCHES, CLOCKS, PLATE, JEWELLERY, RINGS OR WEDDING PRESENTS. 1 1 j ? Finest Stock for Quality, Quantity, or value in Pembrokeshire. CATALOGUE POST FREE ON APPLICATION. ADDRESSES— HAVERFORDWE5T, MiLFORD, AND BUCKINGHAM. September, 1899. 1375 Theee Kmediee have stood the t€<<t of upwards of FJ::ry YEARS7 EXPE:aIENaE AND AM tTMWOUNOZD THB BEST mBDICIITB! FOB FAMILY vsx THE PILLS P* CM MoV4 eoMect all dMordera of &e LIVER, STOMACH, KID;lYS &nd BOWELS, Md are inTtJuabIe in all complainte incidental to Females. THE OINTMENT ia the most reli&ble remedy for BAD LEGS, SORES, ULCERS, AND OLD WOUNDS B\ct OoU<S Onghs, Sore Thfoata, Bronchlt18, Gout, Rhoumatisn4 Glandular Swellings, and all 6kin DiMCMMW it nM no eqn&l. MahufoLatured only at 78, NEW OXFORD STREET, LU-ADON, Aed .8otc< by aa NttUd Vtndorll tArrmgMltt <A< Wo?K Advio* Gmtit, at the tbovw ad dresa. daily, between the hour* of 11 a-nd 4, or by lett..r. F?1/iF?<tNO CHARGE FQ??D < T' MHLF < EYES. j? maofog:natiOn. R. J. TRUSCOTT, F.S.M.C., SIC=rH:1' SFE C!I-A-Ij 1ST', MAY BE CONSULTED AT Cranmore Souse, New Bridge, Haverfordwest, Every other TUESDA r /rom 11 to 5. Date of next vitit-DEC. 5. ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO BE ADDRESSED TO TENBY. 1M A. COWTAN'S PIANOFORTE & MUSIC WAREHOUSE, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWE5T. PIANOFORTES for Sale (on our improved Hire Purchase System), by First-class Makert. From 12/6 per month. AMERICAN ORGANS, ditto. From 4/6 per month. First Month's Payment accepted as Deposit. Large Discount for Cash. HIGH-CLASS TUNING AND REPAIRS A SPECIALITY. WRITE OR CALL FOR A. COWTAN'S NEW PRICE LIST. 1243 THE NEW CARDIFF MILLING Co. LD, CARDIFF. Fiours — Red .5tar" Brand. FINES, LEATHERS, RED TIE, and EXTRAS' of superior strength, purity, and Bavour, pro- ducing bread of excellent quality and sweetnMB RED STAR BRAND SUPPUED BY ALL FIRST-CLASS GROCERS. 1267 ESTABLISHED 1856 ::PRICE & RUSSELL=, 1: 0 IM ft IE;?.; TOWER HILL, HAVERFOBDWE8T, PAINTERS, GLAZIERS, PAPER HANGERS AND General House Decorators. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW CHEAP P APEltS, FROM 2d. PER PIECE. CALL AND SEE THE QUALITY. FULL MEASUREMENT IN EACH ROLL GLASS 2d. PER F OOT. 4W ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. I.@ t A Wondorfi!,# iradjoing, jj -œ- EECHnitrS t PiLLS t ? Fof BtHoos &nd Nervous Disorders, sncti &s W?nd ? ttad Pain in the Stomach, Sick Headache, Giddi- <m ae<s, Fulness and Swelling after meals, Dizziness ? M Drowsiness, Cold Chills, Flushings of Heat, B M LoM of Appetite, Shortjaess of Breath, Cottive- H JM nets. Blotches oe the Skin, Disturbed Sleep. ? M Frightful Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling ? &c. TKE p'RST SOSt; WILL C'VE q ? SBEenUsEaFtio)n?s, TWEKTYMi?UTE& Thisisnonct'on. ? Every suF is earnestly invited to try ona Box ?@, of these Pills, a-ad they Nrlll be acknow- M ledged to be g Worth a Cunea aBox ..EE.CAM'S FILLS en as directed, will quickly restore to complete hea.Ith. I They promptly remove any obetructiou or irrestt- tjM larity of the system. For a. ? Wea? Stomach, ? li-tipaired D40stlom4 M Diser6ered Li?er, a N they act like magic-a fev doses w! trcfk jB ? wonders upoo the VJtaJ Orgies; StreB?themn? E the muscular System, re6t!ermg the lonc-'ost ? Complexioa, bringing back the treen ed?e cf ? ? appetite, and arousing n-th the Rosebed cf Health the whoie p?Tys?Ga? oaergy o< the ?, M human frame. These ere "facts' adm:i'Led by ? ? thousands, in al! classes of society, aad one oi the S I best guarantees to the Kcrvons and DebiL..?.ed:s M ? t?&t SfC???? P,T.L?- ?afe ?o g at ?foes? S?s ofsf?y fsf?? ?eef?&?a ?' ?n <Jte Wo?cf, ? ?repa/ip? oo? ? — ? 1TMMA8 BKCHAM, ST. tfELEMS, LARCS. S §o!d 6Yei'ywhere in Boxes H & 2 9 each. FRAZER & Oo.7 NORW!CM, Ltd., XAxrrACTUB.KM at POULTRY APPLIAXCES of JLM. DESCRIPTIONS. Established 1MO. I v_ I l il? No. 70 IMPROVED PORTABLB FOWL ROUSE. Fowl Houses from 30s. WRITE TO-DAY FOR ILLUSTRATED LISTS. No. 133 IMPROVED PORTABLE BÄ.YTAM OR OHICMN HOUSE. A complete & perfect Appliance. 6ft. long & 3 ft. wide. Price jEl 10s. Od. No.(.0 AMATEUR'S GARDEN FRAME. GLAZED AXT? PAIKTED COJ!M'LETB. Prices from 2M<. First-class Workmanship. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Catalog2les of .to., Dog ][nmels, Req.A8ftu, Pot j'rfJI. PALACE PLAIN WORKS, NORWICH:. 1077 ENVELOPES! ENVELOPES!! ENVELOPES!! WHEN NEXT REQUIRING BUSINESS ENVELOPES SEXD TO THE 'TELEGPTAPII' OFFICE, HAVERFORDWEST, Where you will be able to obtain an EXCELLENT QUALITY ENVELOPE AT 3/6 per 1000. ALSO YEEY GOOD YAtJJE AT 2/11 per 1000. SPECIAL NOTICE. ARTHUR J. GWILLIAM CASH TAILOR, 9, Robert Street, Milford Eayen, Is at present making a speciality of Ladies' Costumes, Jackets, &c. in up-to-da.te Styles at prices which cannot be bea,ten. COSTUMES COMPLETE F.RO-ll 32s UPWARDS. A splendid range of Patterns submitted on receipt oi request, or call and see for yourselves. ALSO srr;:CUL TALrE IX Suitings from = 345. ,Trouseriligs from = = :os. MACKINTOSHES SUPPLIED from 20s All Garments (except Mnkmtoshes) are made upon the premises, cut and fttte'') pprsonany. and the style, fit, nnd general workmanship are s"aranteed second to none in the trade. H0 WAR! WAR!! WAR! AGAINST HIGH PRICES. INFERIOR GOODS, A'D UNFAIR TRADING, BY BEVAN AND COMPANY 'LIMITED:, REGISTERED AS 'The C;ARDIriF FRNSHERS.' Whose immense Stocks aSord you the largest selection, and whose large busi- ness enables t.bem to serve you 25 per cent. lower than any other Furnishing House in the Priucipalfty. j 'PEACE! (IT.7\ f i ? PEACE!! PEACE! Bv dealing with a hrm whose goods, bemg reliable, will nor worrv you by their mferior quality, and thus render your homes miserably unhappy. DELIVERY FREE THROUGHOUT WALES AND BORDER COUNTIES. LARGE ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES GRATIS AND POST FREE. Train Fares of Cash Customers of not lesa than j61$ Worth Paid both ways. AGENTS WANTED IN EVERY DISTRICT. Then place your Orders with the Old-E:tnbli$à. and weli-knowu lirm of BEVAN AND COMPANY, 7, h'ZJVD S TR E E T, SWANSEA, AND AT CARDIFF, NEWPORT ANB PONTYPOOL. THE VERY BEST COLOURING FOR BUTTER IS IT GOES FURTHER AND COST. LESS THAN ANY OTHER MAKE. REQUIRES NO PREPARATION.. IMPROVES THE QUALITY. INCREASES THE QUANTITY. DOES NOT COLOUR THE BUTTER MILK. THE BEST k MOST RELIABLE ARTICLE The Greatest Value for Money. Wins all the Prizes at Shows—a home Product. Insist on having our branded So; Red Capsuled Bottles, all others are Imitations. Sold in Bottles at Cd.,I-,2/5-,8-,andl4:each. The "SILVER CHURN CHEESE RENNETT" Is of uniform curdling' strength, 1 to 12.000, and a better article cannot be produced anywhere. Send for a FitEF SAMi'LK and try it. Sold in Stone Bottles at Kd.. 1/4, 2/6, :t C. and 9/&6 By all Chemists and Dealers in Dairy Suppliee. WHOLESALE OLDFIELD, rATIINSON & Co., 18n MAN CHESTS. Hellings & Cornwell, FAMILY AND SHIPPING BUTCHERS, 4, CHARLES STREET, MILFOED HAVEN, r?ESIRE to thnnl: their numerous customers for the LJ hearty support giveij tl? ..t on the opening of the new business at the :.b!ve prl:lJI1- They beg to state that they will have n A GOOD STOCK OF BEST WELSH MEAT at the lowest possible Cagh Prices, &t No. 5 Stall in the Market ON SATURDAY NEXT. Please Note.—They Sell no Foreign Keat. Best Welsh Meat. Prime Ox Beef, Wether Mutton & Lamb, Dairy fed Pork, &c., &c. THE CHEAPEST AND THE BEST TRE OLDEST BILLPOSTER IN TOWN R-ICII.t.LILD IiARRIES, BILL POSTER, 1i¡, ;ai:H t 17l (i fHas Green, nAVERFOR.)WEST, T? thanking the rublic gcnfrany for the libera JL he ha'- recc-ired in the past, begs t? inform themthut he has spared no expense in orderly erect i EXTENSIVE HOARDINGS FOR SPECIAL BILL PUrIKG in the most. prominent parts of the Town, aud w81 contmue to make additions to them from time tw time.. AH BiUs received np to 1:2 o'clock noon posted tà. Eanicday. C'rders by I'ost prompt!y attended to. Circulan iaithfully delivered.