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3IQHT-TES7JNC ANB SPECTACLES. "POU are cordially invited to caii upoti A Mr. ERIC BEES. I.R.M.3., F.8.1LC, cto. (l.xmd. 2d, Cast ie-stre'H, Sv. a-. Con- sultation froo 'P hone, CoatrrJ 520. •> .c. GOVERNESSES. :TEn. imm<:>rjiate:y, :L eath. rjL, Governess for Child of 31: Music and usual subjects.—Write Governess, Daily F Swansea. ;02a 1-16 COOKS, KITCHENMAIDS, Etc. ANTED, a strong Kitchen Girl. — Matthews. Confectioner. Walters- road, Swansea..w>rW9 COOK-GENERALS. r?OCKGE?ERAI, Wante<1.7mmed iate' r." v Apply to Secretary, L)LC.A" S?an??a. ^OOK-GENKKAIi Required immediately; pood Ironer; no washing'. — 9. St. Gardens. Swansea. !œ3nl-JZ TV ANTED. experienced Cook-Genera 1: also Hoijsemaid.—A pply lfrf. Anderson. S, Alexandra.-road. Swansea. 31al-2t "^TTANTED, Cook-Genera), Chip Business; experienced preferred; g-Qod to suitable person.—Apply Mrs. Rees, Water- tr. Uanellj. 385rl-!5 WASTED, immediately. Cook-Genera]; three in fami'y; no children; plain Rsl}j[1: gocd home; private house.-Apply Johnnon. 27. Oxtcrd-Etrest. Swansea. 115a1.-18 HOUSE-parlourmaids. \y ANTED, experienced House-Parlour- maid; two fatnih good references. —Apply Mrs. Andrews, •• Cefn Kithin. Swansea. 4518ni-15 HOUSEMAID-GENERALS. POUSEMATD-GENEBAL Wanted; g('lo'Ai Needlewoman; references.—Apply 235. High-street, Swansea. 344ri-32 WARD MAIDS. TV A NT ED. immediately, lempnra ry Ward Maid.- Apply Matron. Fairwocd Tsola- i'fu Hospital. KiUay. 4519nI-Jc BARMAIDS, HOTEL SERVANTS, Etc. j DARMATH ?.i,n?d. immediately. for quj"k ? ?.:nt? trade.-Apply, wif? refe? • e.nre.s. Mrs. Phillips. Union Inn, po" r6 Te'n- rant, Swansea. .45rl-1Z OEQUIRED, at ?nce, !m3r? BM-ma? w" ouI?.?pF?r ?.g?n. Queen's Po?.]. ¡ 'k, an8ea. ??(hiJ-lS -^TED. :1 Barmaid, at once.- Apply .\11'15. Griffiths, Exeter Hotel, Oxford- <t.?.SwansM. ^6rl-14 ^y\' A^\M ?ErDn. at ne. Bal'ma;d; on? wiUin- 10 A?isi: In House Dut??.-Tho Mile .r nr Port, Tennant. 75al.17 NURSEMAIDS. WANTED, clean, h?Itby (;irr 7?' ? Nursemaid; sleep in; reference* Apply. c?-ut?s. ?tv.cen 6:?d 9. ^pea.  Sk.?.. ,? CEN ERALS. GEf,RAL Wa?M? at? on? .lone,. <6. D.)Iw..n.?t? Swansea ?? r GE;™;V ZT't- G ESERAL Wanted, f()I' eountry; gOQd tec. ?a.e.App.y 71a. E.?tre.t.  oo- (??' ?RAL Servant Wantd. by L.??n r. Jo,?. ?. 0?k!and?t??' ???.??.-Appir a.f?r 6 p.m. ?9,?" Q? General ?.nt.d; three in famil"y- Bevan. Butcher, Uplands, Swan? TJliSPECTABLE Girl Wanted, f?. ??  "? "? ^euce required.- A pp¡' :4Z. Bryn-roaa. BrvnmiU 35??! y A.VTED. a ?cod G?eral.-?. Dv?: place. Swansea. 417,-ir' CPab Gfineral Aipply j- 1 nhe Prcmena-de, Swansea. ¡ 4^47.1 i 7 A!.I. ? !:ood G?ne?l. to  '?' ??in?. -App)y G. ?. Hotel, A?a,r- rtra-road. ?wat?ea. 71 ANTED, rcsppotaoie Girl, ape 25, for Gt-ne?I Nou?e?-ork.-App!y 65 Ty. mawr-atreet. 573rl.? A> TED, clear;, capable Person, as Gpa? t'r?; one over 30 preferred.—Apply I ^a^ W"!t Cross. 97a1.18 vX'ArNv.LD. a staid Genera! Servant, for Tn?.'md Gentleman.—Apph' 93 -F,??  Sv;an^- 4530nl-18 AaIKD. A ?o?d General Servant — • Apply Mrs. John WiIl;ams. "AH?bc?- fa." 214, Eaton-<'resoent. 17a 1-15 \y ANTED, experienced Generai; Plain ?' Cc«k!r;<r. Thompson, "Woodlands," JVi. ctoria Gardens. Neatb. 28rl-14 •yyANTED. respectable Girl, for Shop, T and raake iierself generally useful.— Apply 59, High-street. Swansea. 97al-18 WANTED, respectable General, or Middle- aged Working- Housekeeper. — Mrs. Vasrc. 121. Walters-road. Swansea. 4624ol-17 \y ANTED, thoroughly experienced Gen- ( era1. of children; also Nurse- Housemaid.—Apply 24. Beechwood-rnad. Uplands. Swansea. "ly ANTED, clean Girl, help generally; I t business house; two children; erood home; age 13 to 25.—Mrs. Wisby, Manor Farm. Dairy. Pcrthcawl. 44al-17 I "r ATED. a. 0ü<i cneral Servant, about 25; another Maid kept.—Apply M:=. P. Llewellyn, 7, Richmond-terrace, Uplands. 435 I'1-15 YyANiED. at once, a good General.— Apply Mrs. S. Hill. Glenview," Cly- dach. References required. 327rl-32 Ty ANTED, General Servant; oife able to Assist in Bar when required.—Apply Thomas. Pantygwydr Hotel, Swantea. 4514nl-1 T? AYnp. ?oo<l General, for "mall f family.—Apply, with references, to Mr?. Gibbe, 19, Brynmill-crescent, Brvnmiil Syaosea- lllal-18 -————'——— —- YOUNG CIRLS WANTED. ANTED, Young Girl, at once; must, be I fond of children. — Mrs. Jenkins, Pencae," Sketty-avenue. 422rl-14 Ty ANTED, immediately. Girl, to Assist in Houæwork; sleep in or out.—Apply 7, Finsbun'-terrace, Swansea. 104a:-14 WANTED, two Young Girls, for ExhaI1g Restaurant^ as Pa?e. pt?.—Appiv Man- ageress, Ezchange Restaurant, Swansea. 62a 1-17 \A ANTED. ;011. once, Young Girl, about 16. » for Housework; sleep in, or home.— Apply. first instance, to Miss Harper Humphrey-street. 4510nM4 DAY CIRLS. Ty ANTED, experienced Day Girl, over ia: references.—Apply, evenings only, be- tweeu 6 and 9, Pcnlan," Eversley-road. Sketty. 454rl-17 MORNINC CIRLS. Ty ANTED, loung Girl, for Mornings only. to help General.—Apply 1, St. •Fames' "T ANTED, clean, ree?ctable Girl, for Mornings (no Sundays*, for Houses wrk.—Apply 16, Longoaks-avenue, Swan- ea. 420rM3 YVr ANTED. Girl, about J6, to Assist in Housework. Mornings only.—Apply, between 10 and 12 a.m., 15, Cromwell-street, Swansea. 100n1-12 MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS. 13GOT Trade.-Wanted, at onoe, good Re- pairers; good wa.s»es.—W. J. Evans, "a, Fabian-street, St. Thomas, Swansea. 94al-22 T>RDTKLAYERS.—Wanted, 12 good Men; also labourers and Navvies.—Apply New Asylum, Sketty. 100al-1S, L^URNTTCTEE Trade.-Wanted, at once, Young Man (ineligible), as Porter, and mnke himself useful; good references.—Cash Fnrnifhers, 71. Wind-street. Swansea. 40a 1-17 A TEN ReTuned, for Leading Patent Fuel Briquettes (Beltmen) on to Trolleys at the Graigola, Works, King's Dock, SwaJi aea; good wages and War Bonus. 4099nl-t.31 MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS. j | "V"AYviEg Wanted, at once; wages 7d. p?: d.' C L', J ?' h<?ur, and 3?. pe" week War por.'jp.- New Asylum. I VOTED P?r.- Pazf?! require Managcre- j x J.!a""l'y; state biudiuss esperience. | -\Yrite L<.?=.??' West Wba-f. Cardiff. .?'3'L-1j I.>T'l'PKOP C?'r;e"? W?nred. immediately. A Apply on Job, Tenant's Whait. Kinc's D'jrk. 18a1.-15 |>ORTEB Wante; ?nm;dta;F;y: meh?'.h for Anny; )i-? in; reform App?\. Ktatir.g wa?cs required, to Secretary, Y.M.C.A.. Swanseu. 'i';29n1.14 ITMBRELLAS.—Wante<l, L?dy. to take charge of Umbrella Shop, in Swnn.?m.; ntate experience, age, salary enclose photo- graph. Kendall's, Post Office-place, I^joee- t;'1'. 73a 1-13 T"^rAI.IJN'G "Ma v>na Wantc-d. at Swansea Vale Works Ext» Doions. Llaasamlet.- Apply on job (Walters and Johns), Morris- ton. 4091nl-12 ATEn. good Horse Drivers (in-eligible). —Apply Sr iTiuel, 74, Man.-iel-terratse, Swansea. 6fcaM7 AK'flvD. a respectable, smart for > Bar W0rk.Apply Fulton and | Wind-street. Swansea. 350rl-12 j XT'ANTED. Young r.ady, for Thotographic 7 Business. -Apply, with photo, Bo* 472, Daily Po.-t," Swansea. 79al-11 1X7-ANTED, smart Lad, as Porter linelig- ible for the Army >. -Godfrey and Co.. IW.. n. St. Hcien's-road, Swansea- 4512nl-14 t? ANTED, a ?? Young Women, fcr 1 Bottle-washing Department. — Apply Hum's Mineral Water Works, Nelson-ter- race- WAN FED. 10 P!amayr.r3 ?nd ? Shunt?ra; WRr Bonus paid. — Apply General Manage, Burry Port Railway, Burry Port. t 4500nl-13 \yANTED, at once, f,rst-cia«s Driver, for a Mann's Steam Wagon.- Applv W. H. Ford. Furniture Remover, Thomas-street, 4532nl-18 "VyAJfTKD. :<■ Smith i ineligible) for a locai Colliery .-Apply, with refeiences, j and wages required, to "Blacksmith." office of this paper, 405rl-13 iyANTED, at once, a Man, to look after Boiler and Wa-shhouse in a looal Steam Laundry.—Write "Laundry," Daily ^wansea 4S26ri1-14 W AN'If.O, smart Man. Milk Salesmen; honest; i rust worthy ;;o()(i reference; age 2C to 30; iueligible.—Apply Wjsby. MaJior Farm Dairy. Porthcawl. 44al-17 \\TANTED. Man (ineligible;, or- Boy. for Farm, used to Horses and General Farm Work. — Apply William Beynou. Hunt's Farm, Parkmill, Gower. 54al-1i X^r^\JS"TKD. Haulage Engine-driver (jnelig- iblei. for It Colliery.-Apply, with three recent testimonials, to 'Haulage; Driver." office of this paper. 40r1-n Xy ANTED, respectable Man. to take charge oi Billiard Hall, at Swansea; Disabled Soldier preferred. — Write "Billi- Daily Post." Swansea. 423rl-14 XXr ANTED. a capable Majt. to tatie Charge of Weighbridge and Traffic: must bp; competent; good wages to a. suitable man.— Apply, with referen.ö;, The Bryngwyn Steel Co., Ltrl, Gorseinot'. 4093nl-12 XXrANrPED, smart Junior Male Clerk, with knowledge of Shorthand and Typewrit- ing. Also Handy Man, as Caretaker, to look after Premises; Pensioner preferred.- Wnte B. ?. DaUy Post," Swansea. 4527nl-13 XXJ ANTED, Steward and Stewardess, fü": the Hwa.nsea Working Men's Club and Institute. Iiii-t of duties, etc., may be ob- t-ained by applying to the Secretary. Ap- plications to be in not later than first post, Friday, January 14h. 401rl-12 T??A\TED. for Hendv Tn plate Works, Pontardulai?, an experienced Coid- roU Super'.nt?ndent (inPligible); must b? capable man.—Apply, by letter, stating age, experience, and wages required, together with copies of testimonials. 4511nl-14 Y'OUTIT. tor Men1 Wanted, for Workshop; -L ineligible.—Halford Cycle Co., Castle- quaré, Swansea. 47al-17 ¡ CLERKS, Etc. COMPETENT Lady Clerk required for II \.J Counter. Accounts, Sounder. 'Phone; state wages, and references.—Lewis, Post Office, Brynamraan. 4508nl-14 LADY Clerk Wanted; good Handwriting. Shorthand, Typewriting, and accuraoy in additions essential.—Apply, by letter, with full particulars, to Secretary, Bald- d W. ¡ t t '-n" wins, Limited. 4"" Wind-street, Swansea. I 90a 1-14 SHOKTH A X D-TY PI.ST (Female); 1?revioU8 "I '? experiant? end knowldge routine an advantage.—Write Box A., "Daily Post," Swansea. 9al-15 Shipping Clerk, for Docks.— Apply, in writing, to Atlantio Trans- port. Co.. Swansea. la-1-12 Ty ANTED, a Young Lady Clerk; must f f have experience in Book-keeping — Apply, with full particulars. Masters and Co., Ltd.. Castle-street, Swansea. 382r1-13 XX7A.NTED, for Coal Exporter's Office, ex- pericnced Clerk, for Shorthand, Type- writing; Male aneligiblr) or Female. — Apply, with full partioulars. to Exporter. Daily Post." Swansea. 9hl-18 ?"A?TKD. Clerk, for CoUiery Oajoes. w:th 't TO<? know'ed?e Inland BURmesA, Shor. thZwl and Typewriting desirable.— State age, experience, and salary to Sales- man, "Daiiy Post," Swansea. 80al-21 XyANTED, during period of war. Clerk (ineligible), thoroughly nccustomed to I Anthracite Colliery Office work; must have experience of pay sheets, colliery costs, pay- ing wage-, shipping and inland sales, work- ing of emptIes, giving full par- ticulars of espo! ience, salary, etc., Kosewall. Daily Post." Swansea. 461rl-15 AGENTS AND TRAVELLERS. CALí. on — Write South," 55, Warton-road-, Stratford. London. 441rl-14 OMABT Young Lady Canvassers Wanted, ? at once.—Apply, after ? p.m., 9, St. He!en'f<-crp?c?nt. Swansea, 15al-15 xyH0LE3AI.E Grocery —Wanted, by leaxl- » ing Progressive Film, for Bwaneea and District, experienced Salesman (inelig- ible). To smart.. energetic, capable man, ex- cellent terms will be offered.—Write, with full particulars, "Grooery." Daiiy Post," Swansea. 43?,rl-14 GARDENERS. II G1 ARDEER Wanted, one day a week.— '? App!y. with name and address, to Uplands. Daily Post," Swansea. Saat-lS I CROOM-CARDENERS. XyANTED. all-round Groom Gardener (in- » eligiblel. to attend cow; able to Dri1.e, etc.- Apply, with reference, MrF. Daniel, Cwmgelly, S-wansea. 4522n1-V? TAILORS, TAILORESSES, DRESS- MAKERS, Etc. rriAILOrflESSES.—Wanted, smart, all-ronnd Tailoress for Ccvats and Vests?; also gcod Improver.—Apply Wilson, 37, Water- loo-street. 336rl-12 XXrANTED, Machinist, for making ChiJd"- ren's Frocks and Overalls; good wftres; constant, employment.-Apply Over- all. Daily Post," Swansea. 24a.1-12 APPRENTiCES AND ASSISTANTS. CIHLMIST'S Apprentice Required.-Apply J. H. Kent, 45, St. Helen's-road, Swan- ffa. 436rl-14 XTILIJNFjRY.—Improvers and Apprentices Wanted fo" Workrooms. — App1y Madam Emilie Evans, 29, Oxford-Htreet Swansea. 60al.17 J3HOTOGBAPF i.—Wanted, a Young Lady, .lust leaving- sohool, as an Apprentice. Apply, between 6 and 8, for particulars. Chapman. High-street, Swansea. 348rL12 Xy ANTED, a respectable Lad, of good education, as Apprentice to the Prjntill Trade.-Apply Ernest Davies a.nd Co, Ltd FisheT,street, Swansea.. 322rl-12 OFfiCE BOYS, ERRAND BOYS, Etc. 4JMART Lithfcr iioys Wanted; 10s. per week to willing lads.—Hagquenoort. 53, High.-3t.roet. Swansea. 58al-13 Xy ANTED. Errand Boy.-Apply Wright » and Son, Chemists, 27, Walter-road, Swansea. 4093ul-13 XTfANTLD, Lad, about 15-16. for Whole- sale Confectioners; must be honest.— Apply G. P. Janes, 9, Alexandra-road. Swansea. 37al-17 SITUATIONS WANTED. T>U?INESR Woman, ten years' experience, desires change, whore hours are and wages good; permancncy; only those willing t. recognise and appreciate ability need apply. Write "Business, "Daily I l'jtt," Swansea. 35al-13 t I I SITUATIONS WAMTEO. I (]A P A ,u,lI-¡RChO,;j", ? ?'ishf.?toentprngcodShipp'ngor Coal-exportinp Cflra in Sw?!;?pa.-W:-it« Lxcels-.or," Daiiy IV^t om'-e, S\an.A. "J^DLCA FLD io;;ng t,?<jy (2? \\i:l- —? ?'teran'fx.'d OfHcf as Clerk, or Typist; business experience; good e;i'=*ed M. i Daily Post. Swansea. 1 CI a 1-18 0 0TEL.- Young Lady wishes Re-eng-ace- l. ment Housekeeper, or Assistant; ex- ;i-<encod stores, linen, earring, and recep- j Post," Swa?.i- °"ca- P3aM5 | TfOUStKFEPKP desires Re-engagement;  e\perip!:c?i in general routine, <?.?ok- "i?. etc.- Lloyd, 11, St. James' Gardens, Swansea. 93a1-21 iJOl.Sj,K Kr.pi^R Wants Situation, to Gentleman. preferred middle-aged: trustworthy; abstainer. — Apply House- keeper, 46. t^ITTAriOiS Wanted, as General Clerk; uswl to cost, accounts, et.e,: jnelicrible for inny; highe-t refe-eneea. -Please ad- dresa C. Jones, 14, Grififths-terrace, Skeity. 87a.1-18 VJlllONG Girl, ?1, ".vould take man's pl??c during w'?r: iearn horse driviBg or any- thing; quick learner.-Write D.E.T., "Daily Post. Swansea. 224rl-12 TO Bakers.—Situation Wanted, by re- spectable Man, well up in Bread and Small "Wilfrid. co 132, Rodney-street, Swansea. 67a,1-17 TT.ANTE^ D, by Ship's Steward, Position as Caretaker. Storekeeper, or any place, of trtM?: highst, references; handy man. Wr't? B. "Daily Post," Swamsea. 596r?nJ Y?AXTED. Po?t. af Mother's Help, or f?ady's H?p. or would net mfnd ¡ Housekeeper in business or private house; good references. -Write Private, 33, Single- ton-terrace. t'? A?IK?. Sut-?t.on. as Traveller, <?! Superintendent (insurance;, for Swan- ?a, a?? D;str'ct; !a?<. situation nine yeaTS; no .v di?en?aged.- Write BuHiup?a Getter." Daily Post," Swansea. 7a!-lri "I AT;, by experienced Accountaut, I Position, as Secretary or Accountant, with good firm; TteH?ib]'?; ?.b?taincr; Swan- sea distn? preferred; ');C'Ilf.H;í: '"t.t;: ?noni!?: Write A. (1" "Daily Post," Swan- ?? 89a-l-18 yOUNG PeTsou requires Ph?ce in Businp?s, ¡ or any Light Work: some experience.— Write B. M. L, Daily P?st," SwajiMH,. .?7rl-)3' yOUNG Lady Requires Situaticn. ;M | Business Assistant ('? experience), or Mcthe?'s Help, aged 25.—Write X. Y. "Ua.ilyPoct,"Swans?. 46j3u1-H yOUNG i?ady. with business experience, A- Requires S;i.umion in Grocery Trade; (pick learner. Write Experience, ("0 ¡ Daily Post," Swansea. 48a1-17 ?—' —— ? HOUSES WANTED. i7{T;- o-I.nt;(-l -t-;n e ¡ght1 A miles Swansea, p.obahh- for dKrat'on of War; state aooomm<?1nt)on and terms.— Write Ajas," "Daily Post," Swansea. 38a 1-17 TIOUSE, four or six rooms, Wanted, imme- diately, in Swansea District.—Apply t-harlea Kvans. Uplands, Newsagent, Gwydr. Hue, Swansea. 117e,1-18 Xy ANTED, House, in or near Llaneily, or near Ammunition Works; four rooms up. three down; about. weekly; 10y. for key by end of January or middle of Febru- respectable tenant.—E. Norton, 19, Pen- || coed-avenue, Garden City, Peiigain, Mon. 466rl-15 WANTED, to Rent, in Sketty or Uplands, I to £4f) House; 6 to 8 rooms.—Write Box 5. "Daily Post," Swan- sea- 434rl-16 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. "DESPECTABIiE Family would act as Care- j takers of Offices, or similar position. in return for Living Accommodation.—Write I Reliable," Daily Post." Swansea. rPWO Handy Ladders Wanted, for cash.— — Apply to Mr-. Lloyd, 19, James-street, Swansea. 400rl-12 WANTED, a Hand TTuck, in good condi- tion. and "uitabie for Jobbing Mason. -Pric, etc., to "Truck." "Daily Post." Swansea. 4G2rl-13 TyANTED, Pram, in new condition.— state where can be seen, and price, to C. Thomas, Luton House, St. George-street, Tenby. Xy ANTED. Second-band Remington or Yost T.pewritcr, must be in abso- luteiy gocd condition.—Wiite Yost rem," "Daily Post," Swansea. 378rl-13 • MISCELLANEOUS. | A Married Couple would like to Adopt | .1.. Boy. age from 4 to 5 years, as their own. Applications from Workhouses will not be answered. — Write Adoption," Daily Post," Swansea. C?9r11-J8 vyiLL Gentleman who Witnessed .\c.d- dent at junction of Catherine-street and Brynymor-road July last kindly corn- municat-o with Rev. J. G. Harries, Paison- ■«ge. Alliwen. Pcntardawe. 33a 1-17 Tradesn^en and Others.—The Commer. j cial Collecting Co., Ltd.. heg- to an- nounce t.hat they have Opened a New De- partment for Book-keeping and Writing-op of Accounts, which will be done quickly and accurately by a n Efficient Staff.—For terms, apply Manager, 38-39, Worcester- place. Swansea. 105ai-1.4 "5 YXY T HEN the Boys Come Home Take Them w Jack Lewis's Studio, Castle-strict. Swansea. 114al-18 PALMISTRY and Clairvoyance.—Consult -L Madame Virgo, late of Cardiff and Aberystwyth, now 238, High-street, Swansea, two doorb from Hotel Cameron. Advice | dailv, from 11 a.m. 394rl-12 ALL 8crt? of Left-off Clothing, Furniture, Bought and Sold. Old False Teeth, with Gold. aily?r or Platinum Settings.—Mrs. Clegg, 14. Brunswick-street, Swansea. 236rl-30 i\X /I"ADAME DRUSli»l.A, F.B.I..M.S., PalrnJst- .a clairvoyant.-American Mystic Read- ings. Advice Daily. Hours: 11 to 9.—Ad- dress 63, St. Helen's-road (opposite the Hospital", Swansea. Late Royal Spa, Harro- gate. 399 r 1-1.2 SERVANTS' REGISTRY OFFICES. < RELIABLE REGISTAY. Mrs. Evans, A 1.46. Khj'ddings-terrace, Brynmill, Swansea, requires Cook-Generals, House- Parlourmaids, Generals, and other Maids for good places, town and country. 406rl-13 (County) Registry Office for -T) Servants, Mumbles, Ielephonp, 18 s.— Wanted, Ccok-Gencrals, House-Parlour- rapids, Generals, Betweer-Maids, Honse- maid4. Nurse-Housemaids, etc., locally and a-way. IOia-1-18 LADIES requiring good Maids, and Maids JL' requiring g»od Situations, should rail, or write, to Mrs. Tuckcr (Tucker's Registry Office), 5. Orchard-street, eath. Offiee hours: 2 till 8. Maids Free. MISS LEW IF, 18, Cas?e-Rtrcet. Swansea, .i.. requires Experienced and Plain ~Cooka. f wages £25 to £ 40; nuirbev of Cook-Generals, Generals. Upper and Under Housemaids, Governesses. Heine. Nurses, Kitchen, tween-maids, SWrunts; "It kinds for. good Hotels and other Business Houses (all parts J. SOOnt-.o. LOST AND FOUND. LOST AND FOUND. j LOST. Sim;)e Gold Chain, between Fabian- .tj strt and C?pe! Gomer, Sunday.— Finder suitably Rewarded on returning same to Davies, 45, Fiibiau-strect, or Police Station. LOST, on Saturday, from Norton, Mum- bles. a small Black Schipperke Dog; name on collar: Mrs. Brown, Montgomery.— Finder taking same to Mumblesv Police Station will be suitably Rewarded. 58al-13 LOST, on Saturday Kight. Note CaBe. oon- -L? taining ?3 10s. in 'Notes, Union Card, and Hospital Discharge; owner's name on cards.—Finder Rewarded on returning same to 44. Prince of Wales-road, Swansea. 107a1. TyiLL the Person who picked up Sable » » Fur Muff in the Picture House on Saturday evening kindly return to the Manager. Reward given. HiOnl-13 WILLa-hsv Person who took a Black Sku..k Mufi from Mrs. Eynon's counter on Wednesday afternoon plc-ase return it to Mrs. Eynon, Uplands, or proceedings will be taken? 420rM3 T^OUN D. Collie Bitch. H not claimed within thToe days will be sold.- Apply 38a. Hirrh-street., Swansea. 70al-1S L'OUN l>, at West Cross, small Black Dog. If not. claimed in three days will be l fold. — Taylor, Longitcld Cottage, West Cross. 42:11.17 j EDUCATION. I A X Opportunity for Girls.—Short, Pre- { paratoty Office Tvaiiiirg Course; rapid 346rl-12 f ?LARK'S CoH?e. Hwause?.—Tuition for ? Business. Civii SenÏt:, the Professions. guaranteed to Proficient Students.- Call or write: Pagefleld House. 835p3-23 j FRENCH thoroughly Taught. Mo-ltrn methods, rapid and practical results, Commercial, < V-nversationaJ, or General Courses.-— Beatrioo M. .J (WH, 5, Ge-orge- st-eor., S?a.n..(-?!. 73a1?7 I piiiVATE Tuition ji Language*. Book- ° keeping, Shorthand, Typewriting, Arithmetic, etc. thorough PreparaMons tor | Examinations and Business. Prospectus on application. Oswald Korth, Professor of Languages, 1, Kensington-terrace. Swansea. L94à.J:¡,.t,0. MISCELLANEOUS SALES. 'L?CP. SA?r;. Wind'?v Enclosure (Glass); j i A al?o A'ii?nfry Sl.ands.-AppJy Edwards, 4, lorwerth-strwt, Manselton. 92a1-]3 L^OR SALE. Sturgis Steel Folding Pram; a< 7, Swansea. 4529n1-18 | L^OR SALE, Iladiield's fast Steel Tram L' Wheels and Axles, for ,,4JI1. Rail Gauge-Writd Tram, "Daiiy Post," Swan- sea- 45C9n1-M- L'O H SATÆ. Beam Scale and Weights. nearly new; also a Three-tier Biscuit, Show Ca.e. Apply Market Ptestaurant, Ox- ford-stxeet. Swansea. 4096ui-12 < Shed and Dog's Kennel for Sale; A lowest, possible price. -Apply 10. King Edward-road, Swansea.. 425111-17 /"I OOl) Fowls' HO!Œe for Sale; sell cheap, ?? "Apply 215, N&?th-i-cad, I?ndor?'. 3751-1-32 A USAG E Msoliiw for Sale (Gardner 's Patent), as good as new. to chop 81b. of meat in live minutes; cv>st £ 6 10s.; will take ,£J 5s.-Apply J, Poiitj-glnsdwr-street,. GroenhiU. 86a 1-13 t^ ^KCONTD-HAND American Cooking Stove o wa1.-Apply 10. Pantygwydr-road, Uplands, Swansea. 411,-1.-13 WJ.DDTNG Gift. L;;dy offers magnificent 1 s 7-Guinea Serv ice. A1 quality plate six each Table Dessert Spoons and Foiks, also Tea and Egg Spoons 06 pieces); nnsoiled; accept 30s.; approval will- in?!v arranged- — Write "Cift. Dad." Poat." Swa.mea. ? 281r!-J8 iTtHINA and Earthenware. Cheap, well- j assorted Crates of, everyday Selling Lines for Shops, MarhRtu, and Hawking.- WrUe for free lists; Sheaf Pottery Mann- fact-urers. T.ongton. Staffs. 619t.a PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET. John M. Leeder" Son's Announcements. ITVRE.EHOLD Residential Lsiate, including House and < Acres of Land, Conferva- Lories wln planted with Ornamental Trees and Shrubs. For Sale, with immediate posses- sion. -Apply John Tjceder and Oil, Auc- tioneers, 46. Waterloo-street, Swansea. I 450Znl-t3 '0 LRT. Qt?en's-road. S?tty. Hemi. T detached vmH. Residence, oont3,jning 3 Jeoepfi on, 5 bedrooms, and bathroom. Immediate p -ssession. Apply John M. lieefler ami Syji. Swansea. QFFICBS to Let, in the best parts of the town.-Apply John M. feeder and Son, Auctioneers and Estate Agents. Swan. 450°rl 15 pORT TALBOT.-Hoyal Buildings: lock- up Shops to be Let. with immediate Possession.—Apply John M. Leeder and &m, 46. Waterloo-strset, Swansea. 4502nl-13 OARDLNS.—Modern Residence .J to Let, containing 5 reception, 6 bed- rooms, and bathroom; all conveniences.- Apply John M. Leeder and Son, Swansea. 4502nl-33 Higman and Co. 's Announcements, Northampton-place. UN ION-STBEF.T,—To l?t. 'Roid-frou?d a, I.IOCk-up Shop, close to M_ar!?t- good position for any Retail Trade; immediate possession. Apply Higman and 962r1 3° 1 NORTHAMPTON-PLACE.-To Let. com- Jj -» manding Corner Lick-up Shop; partly flt-trd. a -d eiectlie lights. Apply Iligman and Co. 962rl-12 A LEXANDEA-ROAD. TO Let. excellent L1. position, large flo-jr space, Lock-up .hop, suitable Wholesale Trade. — Apply Hitman and Co. r iORY-STREET, Sknty.-For Sale/ Six- roomed House; double bays; 999 -ear8' lease; low grouud rent.—Apply Higman Co. 962rl-12 I-T ARL j STREET. ketty. Six-roomed ??Hou?s for Sale; [o? j?f; Jow ground rent; in good order.-Apply Higman and Co. 9621-1-12 LAND TO LET OR FOR SALE. IjOR: SALE, Freehold Building Sites, clofe io Terrace-road and proposed new tram ¡od, 16ft. frQntage ?nd large depth com- manding excellent view, and eminently sui<- able for erection of mall Houses Pricf frc £ 20 cash. For further paiticular< npp?)y Edward HuriR, Solicitor, 3, Fishe,. street, Swansea. BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. po. D?o?ir???'a?r??e??ry ? B, u.?ess; Mock and Fittings ? Val.?- rion: chea-v, for cash: immediate possession. Applj 1. 1' Daiiy lost," Swansea. 343r1.12 TO LET-BUSINESS PREMISES. ¡ > for particulars, apply to Miss Phillips, !j. Argylc-street, Swansea. HOliSE and Shop to 34, New Orchawi- st reet; immediate possession.-Ap^nl?v q Willows-place, Swansea. 8a1.1.s J^LANLLLl.—shop to Let, opposite Market Entran c.-Apply J. Thomas. 36 Mur- ray-street. Llaneily. rr.O LET, good Corner ?ousc and Shop 133 A Hobcrt-st.rMt. Manselton, ?w.'?? ;\PpJy ?7. ?i?h-atrf'ft. Swa/J8a. 45?nl)8 T° m' i?ck-up ?hop. Jn Kins Edward- ? ar.d Fixtures.- Appty Mitchell, ?ews:?er:t, King ?d?/,d- xoad. MWa!lea.. 9SaM8 8{L:oj,f..t. ,0n'l T?OB SALE. House, in CecikstT e? (  n -? tamwg 0 rooms, scullery, bath (hot and?id.AppIy B.inBcId. 97, Brvnv? road. Swansea. 358rl.12 f^O.R SALE, y.'e??Ho?.G??J? A Gendros, near Swansea; on main road; seven rooms. — Apply Geo. L. Thomas Solicitor, Fisher-street. SALE, modern-built House, jn Mont- 1 erey-street, Manselton; cheap to jmme- dia to purchaser.—JFor further particula'rs Post," Swansea. i-t l'o I: "A Lt:, I<e«uphold House, in Pinewood- J road. Uplands. Swansea, with early r.o.-pe^sion; nil modern convenienocs; pleasant situation; convenient ? trews j-nd p??. App'.v David ?. Thomas, Est at* a cent, Rutland-street, Swansea. 16al-1S 1????;'?. M?em. well-built Rou?, j(II ? Bernard-street; lht rooms; all im- prover.-ients; early possession; price low to a quick purchaser.-Address "Leasehold," ■•Daily. Post- Swansea. 918r1.141 HOUSES TO LET. r?oTT??Tto T'?. ?wto.7rn<?'n?p?'t? j aud Papered; low rent.—Evan Kva.n^e Beresf- .rd House, BURNISHED Cottage to Let. at Mumbles! A olose to tram.—Write Box 1,121, Daily Post," Swansea. 96al-18 lURNIHED Hou?s (or Part) to ?) for A Tni?e Months, or longer; overloc?jr? ')ay.-Write "Beach," "Da.iy PQst;' S?a? sea. 433rl-14 TJOUxSE to I,t, 12. ?rynymcr-road, wnn. -H -?? very ccntraJ.-ApV1y, between 6 30 and 8 at 8, Paatygv.ydr-road, Uplands Swansea. 411r1-13 r E MAI.ILS.; reception, ? but- .i.J rooms, bathrooms (hot and cold). ex- tensive celln.rage, conservatory, coach- house. saddle-room, old English garden wuh magnificent trees, kitchen garden; immedi- ate possession.—Address teven, Le Mayals, opposife. 12al.15 iV1L QI/KRN Semi-detnc-hed Vm?. to 1.?? at }\l Newton, Mumbles, I.angland ud; beau- tiful view rent £30 exclusive.—Apply 2. The Gables. Newton. J4a 1-15 \T F/WTON. To Let, Parfly Furnished Cot,- 1" t.ige. until Septemb. at >ery mode- I'-nt. Apply 6. Kock-terraoe, Mumbles. ¡I"J 'oJ- .(. 331rl-12 I HOUSES TO LET. '1'0 I E'r 'i I Hj^O LET. Rouse, in JCenriett-a-street.— .Apply 2: Finsbv.ry-tet-racc, Swansea. r 1( 4530n1-;S rPO LEI, ,1H[1n-ern," Kimb^rle.v -ro:id, Ske.f(y, Six-raon-icd House; all con- venience- -Apply Gardner, Bernard Xrd. Brynmill. I" roomed House; rent, ?s. 6d.; possession College-street, Swant:a. :1091;1-12 GARAGES, Etc., TO LET. +_ -h_ l ARAGK to Let. opposite C'-ic?et Yi '? good entrance. AIo Home)y Apart- mûnL for two Friends.-Apply 102, St. Helen's-a.veDue, Swa-usea. 109al-18 T(' r ')' '.] 1)' TO LET, com mod lnus- Premises, suitable for Factory. Gs.-vagp, or Stables; ce-u- ti-al; lease grajit.ed.- .For porticuiars. apply 33, Ffynone,-terr,?c^, Swansea. 116a 1-18 APARTiVJEMTS TO LET. f 10MT0RTABJ«K J-odsthps ?-r one Young Man in Business; bath 'h<??dc'.dd'. Apply 26. Page-street, Swansea. 586r 1 -13 j #' lOMFOP/C.ABTd-i Furnished Apartments, with every eonveiiicnoe; suit Ladies or Gentle-men in Business.-61. 1antl-tcrrace. 3741-1.-12 f ^ROMW ELL-TERR ACE. -Furnished Rooms to Lt; YI"W of bay; bathroom and w.o. upstairs: suit mother or ladies; company de-«ro<l; no attendance.- ■ Write "Reasonable." "Daily Post," Swan- sea, 30a 1-15 XiUKNISjlED Rooms to Sketty; tiams pa^s house; select people only.—Write Box 369, "Daily Post," Swansea. &60r1-1:? UR NT SHED Apartments to Let, with every ooiiveuieuoe; terms very mode- rate; uil Married C')IlTJlr>. of H'1sin¡;>fi People. Apply 6. Carlton-terrace. 11a 1-1 -5 'j^llREE or four Unfurnished Rooms to Let. Apply "0, Danygraig-terruce, St. I Thomas. Swansea. 377j 1-13 j I ,-K'r, two Unfurnished Rooms, and use of Kitchen. Apply. first instance, 4, Munsci-strech. Swansea. 44711-3.3 ;1'0 J J'J' h ] T, I ■rpO LET, Furnished Front, Sitting-room and Be<lrooni; use of bath (hot, and cold1 and stove. 77, Ithord d a-st reet, Mount Pleasant. Swansea. (>n1. 15 LKT, three Unfurnished Rooms, in good locality; use of bat hroom a "d" scullery.- -Write Box 95-5. Daily Post," Swansea. ;nrl-1zl T^O LET, a barge. Wei!-f"?"?h?d ).?<it Sitting-room and Bedroom: llfLth. good cooking, 'and attendance.-Apply MO, Bryu- roa.fl. Swansea. TO LET. at Sketty, two or 3 Unfurn.ished Rooms; use of bath and soullei-y: no children.—Write Sketty Cross," Daily Post," Swansea. 454r1-1.4 TO LHT. two Furnishetl or Unfiiruished Rooms, front bediwm and back par- Jonf, with bathroom, and scullery. Apply 135. Norfolk-street, Swansea. TO LE1'. two or three Unfurnished Rooms, bath (hot and cold, best part of St. Thomas 2. Harbour View, near Jersey Pa.rk. St. Thomas, Swr.-nsea. 050rl-12 MUMBLES.-To Let. to respectable Mar- 1 J.. ri? Couple, without, children, two or three comfortable Rooms (Unfurnished); use of kitchen, scullery, etc., etc., gas. coal, and contents of large fruit and vegetable garden; main road; three minutes from West Gross aiid Oysterraouth; good reference required; rent. 5s. weekly.—Write O. M-. "Daily Post." 303al-13 TWo or three Unfurnished Rooms to I.JCt.- Applv 59, Trafalgar-terrace. Swansea. 110a 1-18 TWO Rooms (Unfurnished) to Let, oven ? grate, to rcspectab? Young Couple. Apply 10, Benthall-plaoe, St. Thomas. 29al-10 TWO Furnished Rooms to Let; suitable to Widow, or Young Married Couple. I Apply 16, Phillips-parade. o2al-17 | TWO Comfortable Rooms to Let, for, OIH I ttr two Young: Jlrn.-Apply 10* stwel. Walter-road. Swansea. 69a 1-17 rPWO Unfurnished Rooms to Let; use of bathroom, sculler and gas stove; terms moderate.—1, Aylesbury-road, Bryn- mill. Swansea. .?57rl-12 lTBRY comfortabie Home offered to Y Young Lady, iu Business, or School; terms moderate.-n31, Glanmor-crescent. L p- lauds. Swansea. 402rl-14  Ru?seU-stre<'<. Swansea.—Front ttillg- 4 room and Bedroom to ?<. Furtushed; terras moderate.ppi.v as above. o53rl-12 APARTMENTS WANTED. -1- -7- BACHELOR requires (Brynmill or Up- lands) superior Furnished Apartments; sitting-room, bedroom, and also extra room for study; considerable time spent out. of Swansea; pernaaneucj •—Apply, w it it. refer- cue«*s, A. 1), "Daib Post, Swansea. 13¡í 15 GENTLEMAN requires two cleajt. cum-! fortably Furnished Rooms. Upbnds district: bathroom indispensable; state terms (moderats and inclusive) for rooms, attendance. and light.—Apartments, Daily post." Oitice. Swansea. 36al-17 ROOMS and Attendance Wanted by Laxly; good neighbourhood; bathroom.—Yrrite Stafford." Daily Post- Swansea. 180r1-10 xy ANTED, ? Unfurnished Rooms for re- l spe-taMe Yonu? Couple with one :'hi;.l -Write E. II., Daily Post," Swansea. 553rl-14 TXT ANTED, immediately, three iarse Un- V t furnished Room. '? ?'? locality, with use of bathrootn and .soutlory. Write W. M., "Daily Poet," Swansea. 439rl-34 X XT"ANTED, Furnished Bedroom ?nd Sit- ting-room, by Young Gentk-m?n. within e;y noh of Midinnd Railway Hta- tion, Sr. Thomas; away whole of da.». Par- ticulars to Vallev, Laily J'o.ót," Swansea. 49al-17 V'OUN'G Man Wants comfortable Lodg- •1. iugs, near High-street Station; bed to .sell —Give full particulars, and terms, to Young." Daily Pn-i." Swansea. 25a 1-16 r =.s HORSES, CARR5ACES, TRAPS, Etc. (rub- 1" ber tyres) and a, flue Bay Horse, all in good condition. — M rde A an, Daily i Post," Swansea. 339rl-12 j-OI- SALE, two Trolleys, one Spring I Gambo. Chaff cutter. eto. Apply Pockett's Bristol Channel Steam Packet Co.. South Dock. Swansea. 45al-17 riOit SALE, Lawton Gig, with rubber 1: tyres; ftrst-class condition; very light; suit Cob about 14 ha-uds.—Phillips. Union Inn, Port Tennant, Swansea. j4lh1-12 (1 RCCER'S, or Cr:wk-axIe, Cart Wanted; also Set of Harness; must be !ight, and cheap.—Apply 6, Martell-street, Cockett. 323rl-12 Q MALL Pony, Cart, and Harness for Sale; kJ good turn-out.—Apply lr. J. Jones, 381, High-street, Swansea. j89rl-1.3 TTSEFUL Cart-horse, 16 h-h., slaunch L worker, suit local Coal Merchant, £ 32; also Tiji-cart and Harness.-Apply 1,389, Neath-road, Haiod. Swansea. 1611í..j /"10B and Ca.rt. for Hire, or Lig-ht-Hauhi?e done; reasonable terms. — Appiy 9. Croft-street, Swansefi. 414rl-2o Xy ANTED. Van J)"r?.c,;)'?ut. 1617 ha":d?; I staunch worker; tri't!Morgan ar" Son, LlanclJy. 63a 1-13 (lARl'JAGE Lamps. C?rt. Van, Dray, and I j Waggon Lamps, fitted with Patent Safety Handles, from 01". 6d. each. Inspect ¡ our Stock. -Swansea Saddlery Co., High- street. Arcade. 450rl-14 XyATERPROOF Cart and Waggon Sheet?. 1iorB Loin Cloths. Nosebags, Night RugSj Power Clipping Machines. Enquire prices before buying elsewhere. Swansea Saddlery Co., High-street Arcade. Tel.. 103y Central. 450rl-14 MOTOR-CARS, CYCLES, Etc. j I^OR S?\Ln7?Bf't?iM Taxi. 12-16 H.P.; price, .?HO.-P. Molyucux, Ltd., lO, U¡f;h'l sfreet. Swanpca. 4071nl-30 j/Oli SALE, 10-12 Hnmbcr Car, -rood condi- tion; c?at. 3 front, 2 dickey: buit tradesman; ?50.-Writo "?otor." "Daily Pc?t." Swansea. 071rl-1Z 1>^T1"\PJER 3-4 Landaulette, 18-22, 4-cylindfr ? ma?r?to jgmtlOn; excellent condition; suitable for couvernioii, snll Chassis sepa- rate; bargain immediate bayer.-Appiy 8, Morgan-street. Hafod, "-j rv Two-Rcater Darracq for Sale; ojiy 8^ J.. U triaL or examination; bargain. .s:S5.-Apply Andrews and Watson, Uplands 04C" (}O ¡r -) 1 Qi A Motor-car, 16-22 JLP., 5 scater, per- ±*J±rk ??{ condition. £ 100.-Further parti- culars, apply by letter, Jenkins, 4, Glamor- gan-terrace, Hwall.sC" 46al-13 191f 5-bcélter Ove,rIand: ver, little used; ) jn fir^t-class condition; !>at gain io immediate puroha?er.-App'y Andrews nud Watson, Unlands Garage. Swansea. 4qfvnl-^ 1 QI 1 Water- cooled Humbcrette Light J ??.i:t: ?? complete, with )amp?. horn .speedometer, clock, Stepney, and all ac-cs- 'orjes, in perfect order; any trial.- i^ccu at- i 17, Heathfield-streef. Swansea. MOTOR-CARS, CYCLES, Etc. I heir L. R'ohejis* {GxffM'd-street) I Announcetrssrits. 1 0 Eç:Y-;E;1:Jt5:¡' ?-? EnS?M. Dot-Riag. A. J.?.. C.dtho.-)?. Huraber, Morgan, Runabouts, etc. ?etcn?i terms arranged. Scud your inquiries. '1 !P,- 449i-M4 /"CYCLES.—Sole Agent for the B S A Royal 0.3.'1 oJ (,.Al I Enfield, i?oi>in Iloci, Humlier, etc. Prices from r,) 1Y. id. to £ 33 lis. Easy Pay- ments arranged, s end for lit". 449rl-14 Motor V} cles in Stock. — Two-speed, 2-stroke Diamond, 2 H.P., £.33; 1916 41 H.P., 3-specd B.S. A.. £02; Suu, 2-strokof 2-J 4 ll, P. Triumph, 3-spud. £60; En, field. 6 H.P., 5s. 449rl-14 UECOND->K\JSD Motor Cycles.—2| H. P J Douglas. £J6; 4 P.P. 194 Premier, Coach, Side-car, H. P. I'rentier, 2- speed, 1013.; 34 B.S.A., tree engine, excel- lent condition, £29 10s. 449r 1-1.4 'j\TE? Cars in Stock.—Trumbull Light ?? ?115: Rita Light ('ax. El;;5;'Nd, 2- Ford. Ford Van, deliverj- chargcs. 449rl-14 ?"A?T;?P. ?<?.rd-h<:)? Two-seater -'t: ?hig?r. r?rry, S?-ft. or Morris-Os'ford preferred. Please send particulars and lowest, price for cash to Light Car." c o Inw?st. pric*) f'" ) ?q?h to t.?hf (_ a ?' •• Post," Swansea. SSal-L1 I "Y c.r]t should senj for my h?. <? ? Captain Cycles amI Accessories. My prices saxe you pounds. Rcadftcr or Hacit:g Models from 77s. 6d. Special Tj-res with guarantee for 13 months: 5s. VS ired; 6s. iJd. Beaded. Best Value in the Trade. Work- manship fully guaranteed, and every Order Despatched Promptly fïld Post-card to- day to H. Fitzgerald (Dept. 84. But-uley. 27:;d, \),-1.0, DOCS FOR SAE. O' _.v- }O K" ALE. Choc,late Toy I'ouicr.u'j.^ n, good (edig?-ee, niso good stud, very fond of children. -Apply D. Ja-uies. OSice- row, Ysialyfera. v51t-j-34 PURE Pr?I Black (.ocler Spaniel J>0.? puppy, eleven weeks, from excellent, workers; 10: bargain. James, Goitre earm- Dunva- it. 8a 1-15 > POULTRY, Etc. UEYERAli 1915 Cross-laying Pallets; also Ancona Cockerel and three Pullets (19151, laying: soon repay their must clear; no time, to attend them.—Bert tnuu, Photographer, High-street, Swansea. 4a 1-15 .—- j- — FURNITURE. 1 TrOR SALE, Dining Tabl, 6?t.. by ?H. 1.: ?cd Ms "ew. with two ?u-gc Drawers. Write C. 1)" Dai!,v Post," Swansea. ?9rJ.-1,) YY XY rANTED, good Second-hand Kite,hen ?A"A??'D, ?ocd ??'?n't h?'nd Kitc.hf'i ?Tj?;esRpi'. ?.p;y 'Dtc??t't.'  ''? p.,t»t," Swn.nsea. f?al-li Hill's Announuemsnts. _4_- NEW Y E.\ In; GIFTS AT HILL'S, Complete 1 House Furnishers, Central Buildings, Gower-street, Swansea.—Study Economy and ma.ko \o"r purchases from the Cheapest Houe ? th" Trad?. The 1H-M who, iu spite of all advance in prices, still keep then- Prices Down to the same iow level as list ore the war. We still sell Couches at 16s. Dining room Suites at 3* Guineas; Full Sized Bedsteads irom 16s. lid.; Bedroom Suites, complete with Wardrobe. Dressing Pair and Chairs, 5J Guineas. Sideboards, Dressers, Fenders, Fire Brasses, Bookcases, ctc., etc., at your own price. We cannot guarantee these prices for any length of time, but will Store Goods Purchased at once until required, Free of Charge. All Goods Made at Our Own Works and Guaranteed.—Note only Address in Swansea, Hill's, Central Buildings, Gower- street. Also at Cirditf, Abcrdaro and Barry Dock. 76a 1-17 Arcade Furnishing Co. 's Sales. WHY Fay High Prices for Furniture? » We ?ivc ion the benefit of our low expenses. Bedrooui Suites, Bedstaa<ls, etc. Cheapest in town. OIDKBOARI>. 5ft. :?t)?. 8ft. high, "o!jd k-' Walnut.* massive design. 11 Guineas. Compare prices with /other ";hoJ)s.NÜt, Address 17, High-strest Arcadc. iiwarvsea. "I 4^31) i1-13 TRADE SPECIALITIES. F. Rowe and Co.'s Announcements. '-4 n__ OL-v/JVEKING a Speciality.—We Re- X\ cover your oid Umbrella and muke it equal to new. Prices to suit everyone, -t* Howo and Co., 7, Portland-street, Swansea. d.b.-t.o. SPECIAL Large Size Umbrellas for the  trap or country use. UmbreM:? R'f rough ?ar. etc. A large selection of Boy.?' and Girls', Umbrellas, Walking Sticks 'Mounted and Ferrule<l;. -F. Rowe and Co., 7, Portland-street, Swansea. d.b.-t.c. 1>RESENTATI0N UmbreJ)?-! and V?a-ILmg .t Stx'k?, Sih-c" or Go?d Mountings, Thousands to select ircm for Ladies and Gentlemen, direct from the Manufacturers. See our special ranges. We defy competi- tioll.. We sell at first cost.—F. Rowe and Co., 7. Portland-street,, Swansea. d.b.-t.c. HOWE and Co., The Umbrella Special- L ist.i, 7, Portlaiid-street (opposite the Middle Market Gate), hold the Largest aud Most Up-to-date Stock of Umbrellas and Walking Sticks in Swansea. d. b.-t.c. a —? Penhale's Great Sals. | Penhaie's C?eat Sats. 9 AA Strong Tweed Trousers, 3s. 11d.; ?UU about >0 Grey Flannel Trousers left orer from last season, latest style, 5s. lid. These are Genuine Bargains, as they cost more to-day.—Penliale, 232, High-street. 411rl-14 BOYS will be Bhoys."— Strong School Suits 6s 11d,; odd Jackets up to 1. 2s. each. 4 to 6. 4s.; odd Knickers. Is. 9d. to 4.-Grcat Sale. 232, High-street, 411r3-14 MEN'S Raincoats 20s.. worth 40s. See 1l windows. BaMaius also Ladies' Kew Tan Raincoats, ZOs, to 35.Penhale, Rain. coat Specialist. 232, High-street. 411rl-14 Maggs Bros.' Announcements. '7\?'U!. Jack.-Dick ie is a Perfect Treasure! J?Al-?ys in Cheerful Hung. The Best x\ Y?-'a ?if?. I ?-cr had. 437rl-14 V ON ELY One! ? will Cheerful'y C!h<?r JJ vou up with my Cheery Son? for 3d. <A'?c?? Peraonat interview desired. Maggs Bros., Swansea. 437rl-14 AN A1UES, in FuU SonE-Grand York- ? shire and Norwich Cocks. Typical ilena Buy now. —Maggs Bros., Fanciers' Providers, Wind-street. Swansea. 437rl-14 BlED SEEDS.-Only the Best, Stocked. Ca¡;es, Medicines, and Appliances lor Bird-kcJpers. Adv?e irce.-Maggs Bros Yy-d ?t'-?t, Swansea. '<o<ri-? n \MJEE'S Oriental Salve. Thousanas vjT Cnroo of Eruptions. Piles, Old Sores, .t" From is. Hd. ? Testimon.als.- \t?? Hro" Wind¡:¡Tcct Swansea. 4?7rl-]4 (1H}cil' aud Lnrig LoKeng(:-&, ior all a.gc? VV Purely Herbal, Free from Poisonous Dru-rs, ;? years' rcput?ttioa, Bo?fs Id.- Magg'i Bros. ?1-14 MUSICAL. :=) f  iA VI f it. J. F. FBl'L??. t?cat J?prc?nta- 1'1. t1YL KA.M., Assoc. Royal CoH. Organ- ists, Examiner R.C.M. Scholarships, Resumes Lessons in Voice Training, Solo Singing, Pianoforte and Organ Playing, Theory of Music, on and after January 32th.—" Stern- dale," St. Helen's-road, Swansea. 443rl-14 Organ, Lollard Piauo, Gramophone; J..>' all neariv new; owner leaving the trrsn; will Sell cheap.-Writc Collard," Daily Post." High-street, Swansea. n297rl-U 1 \ALE, FORTY & CO., LTD., High-street, J. Cv rdiff -New Model Pianos. Second- hand Pianos at Low PriM-s for Ca?h. Easy terms arranged. Second-h?d Organs from  ??nd-han<l 1?''? Pa.ycr, ?8-1 .?sts on application to Incal A?ncy. 20. King j Edward-read. Swansea. j  Oxford Music Stores Araiouncemonts, {A RA3TOPHONES to suit all tastes, 1)( Musical Instruments—not grinders. Records by the best Artist?. "Betty" fJe- lections, all <i(>uble-sided. 1. Sri, IÚ:<;4J1117 O LPAtRS to any make Gramophone done same day as receive; r!.Vo Jleohanics 5, Ii and 7. Gout-street Arcade, near Market., Swansea. 4534U1-17