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BABY SHOW AT RHYMNEY. I SUCCESSFUL EFFORT. That the inhabitants of Rhymney are determined to do their part in promoting the children's welfare cam- paign was manifest on Thursday last, when a Baby Show, the first in the valley, was held at St. David's Parish Hall. When the movement was inaugurated a few weeks ago, there was as is usually the case with a new feature, some speculation as to its success, but thanks to the effective organisation of the Ladies' Committee, with Mrs R. Rutherford, (The Lawn) as president, and Mrs W. T. Hopkin, (Church Street) proved an admirable secretary, these doubts were dispelled on Thursday by the exceptionally numerous competitors in the various classes. The judges were Dr. E. L. Phillips, Bargoed, and Mrs Dr Ward, Merthyr, who discharged their duties in a most satisfactory manner. The awards were made at the open-air concert in the Lawn in. the evening. In connection with the show, Dr. Mary Howie, director of the Infant! Welfare Clinics for the Monmouth- shire County Council, delivered a very helpful address to the raothers in the bringing up of healthy children. Dr. Phillips, in the course of a brief adjudication, said that the com- mittee had reason b congratulate there selves upon their first show. His colleague and himself had had some difficulty in arriving at their decisions by reason of the many excel- lent babies which had been exhibited. Proceeding, the Doctor dealt with the various classes, and said it was a noteworthy fact that some of the winners were from houses which did not poases8 the best sanitary arrange- ments, but it was an indication that even in those surroundings, which in nermal times might be subjected to some censure, it was possible to pro- duce healthy children, and in that direction the educational campaign could accomplish great things (hear hear). He referred to the efficient work which was being performed at the school clinics in Monmouth- shire, and urged upon all mothers to take advantage of the facilities which the clinics afforded. He awarded the prizes as follows:- NATURALLY FED BABIES. Boys under 3 months—1, Edwin Mutton, 7 Lower Cross Row; 2, Evan Albert Baker, 1 Susannah Houses. Girls under 3 months—1, Hilda Priee, 7, Hill Street; 2, Bronwen Davies, 29, Hill Street. Boys 3 months and under 6 months 1, Thomas Brinley Mathews, 15, Harcourt Place; 2, William Isaac -r- 9 Moseley, lack, 21 Cambrian Street. I Girls 3 months and under 6 months 1, Annie Benjamin, 19, Jenkins Row 2, Katie Dennehy, 4, Brewery Row. Consolation Prize, (baby's high chair given by Mr Israel Fine), Gwendoline Margaret Ropor, 19, Upper Cross Row. j Boys 6 months and under 9 months 1, Lewis Henry Salmon, 7, Garden j City; 2, John Piotheroe, 16, Tre Edwards. Girls 6 months and under 9 month I, Lilian May II vndley, 13, Field Street; 2, Constance Irene Perry, 2'J, j The Villas, Garden City. Consolation Prize, (baby's hig J chair given by Mr Israel Fine) Enid Mary Oakey, 11, High Street, Boys 9 months and under 12! months—1, Islwyn Hayden Jones, 14, Cross Street; 2, Oliver Owen, 34, Carno Street. I Girls 9 months and under 12 j months—1, Nancy Young, 4, King Edward Terrace; 2, Rona Durham, 2, High Street. ARTIFICIALLY FED BABIES. Boys under 3 wonths-I, Richard William Morris, 4, Lndv Tyler Terrace. Boys 3 months asd under 6 months f 1, William Rees Williams, 11, Thorns Row. 3 mont h | Gir!a 3 month3 and under 6 mon?B 1, Doreen Elliot, 76, PIa?tatio? SH-e? 3, Gwladys Morf\<id Williams, jj Hill Street. Boys 6 months and under 9 months 1, Thomas Ivor Jcnes" 8, Field Street; 2, Willie Alfred Gilbert, 119, Hill Street. Girls 6 months and under 9 months 1, Mary Elizabeth Beel, 18, High Street; 2, Hilda May Jones, Loa, i High Street. Boys 9 months and under 12 montba-I Arthur McDonald Clarke, Brickyard Houses; 2, John Laurence Clarke, 18, Beulah Street. Best Clinic Baby in the Show.- (now attending the Infant Welfare Clinic, Prize given by Alderman Edwards), Gwladys Jones 3, Hill Street. Most sensibly dressed baby in the show-Glyndwr Roberts, 3, Arthur Street, Abertysfiwg. j Best Baby in the Show.—(Prize, I beautiful baby's folding carriage given by Messrs Fines Ltd.), Nancy Young, 4, King Edward Terrace. After the priz. had been distri- buted, AMerman J. Bdwards, J.P moved a hearty veto of thanks to Dj. Mary Howey, for Iter timely address, and to Dr. Phillips and Dr. Ward f. their valuable services as adjudicators. County Councillor Rees Harris, J P seconded the motion, whicU wfts heartily adopted, and Dr. l'hill: r suitably acknowlt;dged the comph- ment.