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ABERGAVENNY- "Sadter- Ttueaday ifportd, FOOT AND CYOLE EVENTS. Galloway & Whippet Races. :0:- SPECIAL AND CHEAP TRAINS. :o: Z. WHEATLEY, Hon. Sec. election Itfcresises* BEDWELLTY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION. CWMSYFIOG WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I beg to tender my most sincere thanks to the 251 Electors who voted in my favour on Monday last, and to all the workers who assisted in my re-election to the above Council. 1 will return to those duties with an increased vigour to do all I can for the Rate payers in general, and the Cwmsyfiog Ward in particular. ] Believe me, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours sincerely, D. JONES. Tanlan, New Tredegar, 7th April, 1914. RHYMNEY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE MIDDLE WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I beg to offer you my sincerest thanks for the honour you have done me by electing, me as your Representative. I shall en- deavour to merit the confidence you have reposed in me by serving you to the best of my ability. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours obediently, H. M. THOMAS. Gwalia House, April 7th, 1914. CenUersf anti Contratte* SOXMOITHSHIRE EDUCATION COMMITTEE. TENDERS are invited for- I. -Extensions and Alterations to the Blaen- avon Hilleide Council School, Blaenavon, Mon. 2.—Erection of Domestic Arts and Manual In- struction Centre at Blaenavon, Mon. 3.-Erection of Manual Instruction Centre at New Tredegar, Mon. Plans and Specification may be seen and Bilfs of Quantities obtained at the Office of Mr. JOHN BAIN, F.B.I.B.A., County Council Offices, New. port, on payment of a Deposit of JE1 Is Od. in each case, which should be remitted by cheque only, made payable to the Monmouthshire Education Committee, and which will be returned on receipt of a bona-fide Tender. The successful Contractors will be required to pay the Trade Union rate of wages and observe the hours of labour and other working rules in force in the respective districts. The Contractor whose Tender in each case is accepted shall enter into a Bond by a Guarantee Society (to be chosen by the Committee, who will negotiate and pay the Premium direct), and shall execute the model Form of Contract it sued by the Committee, a Copy of which can be seen at my Office, and of the Contents of which the Con- tractor shall be deemed to have had notice. Sealed and endorsed Tenders are to be in my hands not later than 12 o'clock noon on Monday, the 20th April, 1914. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. C. DAUNCEY, SECRETARY. County Council Offices, Newport, Mon., 1st April, 1914. GELLYGAER URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. WANTED a PROBATIONER NURSE at v v the Isolation Hospital, Pengam, to serve for a term of Three Years. Candidates must be over 21 and under 30 years of age. Salary: XIO for the First Year, .£15 for the Second Year, and 925 Third Year; together with lboard, Washing, and Indoor and Outdoor Uniforms. Applications must reach me not later than the 20th of April, 1914, and must be made on the prescribed Form, which will be supplied on appli- cation to The Matron, Isolation Hospital, Pen- gam, via Cardiff." Council Offices, FRANK T. JAMES, CLERK. Council Offices, Hengoed. GELLYGAER URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. TENDERS are hereby invited for the HIRE -L OF A HORSE AND MAN for the Con- veying of Patients in the Council's Ambulance to their Isolation Hospital, Pengam. Particulars and Form of Tender can be ob- tained upon application to Dr. D. J. Thomas, Council Offices, Hengoed. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Ambulance," to be sent to me on or before Monday, 20th April, 1914. FRANK T. JAMES, CLERK. Council Offices, Hengoed. P. D. WORKMEN'S HOSPITAL SPORTS, ABERBARGOED. TENDERS are invited for the SALE OF RE. i- FRESHMENTS, including Mineral Waters, at the Hospital Sports, to be held :m the Foot- ball Uround, Aberbargoed, on Friday, May tst, All Tenders must be sent in by April 20th, to H. THOMAS, 29, Duffryn Street, Aberbargoed. SIXTH ANNUAL Ohair Eisteddfod, Market Hall, Pontypool. Absolutely the Finest Musical and Literary Easter Tuesday Programme in Wales. CLASSES 46 CLASSES PRIZES d00 PRIZES SECTIONS. Musical, Literary, Arts and Craft. CONTESTS. Male Voice, Congregational Choir, Glee, Juvenile Choir, Action Song, Solos (Instrumental and Vocal), Recitations, 4c. Two Champion Solos. Four Novice Solos, Ambulance Contests, &c. Entries Close Poem, Satire, Englyn, Design, March 18th. All other Classes, March 25th. DATE OF EISTEDDFOD EASTER TUESDAY, APRIL 14th, 1914. Don't Forget Grand EVENING CONCERT. public -AottfrO. BEDWELLTY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. SHOPS AOT, 1912. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council have made a Closing Order, of which a copy is annexed hereto, and have sub- mitted the Order to the Secretary of State for confirmation. A Copy of the Order may be obtained by any person whom it may concern on application at the Clerk's Office, 36, High Street, Bargoed. If any person desires to make any objections to the Provisions of the Order, he should address a written Statement to the Secretary of State, Home Department, London, within One Month from the date hereof, i.e., before the 6th day of May, 1914. Dated this 2nd day of April, 1914. T. J. THOMAS, Clerk to the Council. 36, High Street, Bargoed. ORDER. The Urban District Council of Bedwellty, in pursuance of the powers conferred upon them by the Shops Act, 1912, and after due compli- ance with its provisions, do hereby Order as follows i.-This Order, which may be cited as the Bedwellty Closing Order No. 1, applies to all Shops within the Aberbargoed Ward of the Bedwellty Urban District in which the retail trade or business of any class specified in the Schedule contained in Article 2 of this Order is carried on. 2.—All Shops to which this Order applies shall be closed for the serving of customers on the several days of the week at and after the hours below specified for each day in the said Ward. NAME OF TRADE. (a) Drapers and Milliners. DAY OP WEEK AND CLOSING HOUR. Monday, 8 Tuesday, 7; Wednesday, 7 Thursday, i Friday, 8 Saturday, 11, but 12 preceding Bank Holidays. NAME OF TRADE. (b) Tailors, outfitters, dealers in flannel and woollen goods, dealers in boots and shoes, dealers in gas fittings, electrical fittings and sanitary fittings, ironmongers, cutlers, dealers in house furniture, wicker goods, earthenware and glass, seedsmen, oil merchants, lime merchants, builders merchants, dealers in paints, colours and wall paper, dealers in salt and sand, picture dealers, photographers, dealers in leather and papier mache goods, carpets, linoleum and oilcloth, hay, corn and coal merchants, waterproof and rubber goods sellers, umbrella sellers, saddlers and harness dealers, live birds and live poultry dealers. DAY OF WEEK AND CLOSING HOUR. Monday, 8 Tuesday, 7 Wednesday, 7 Thursday, 1 Friday, 9; Saturday, 11, but 12 preceding Bank Holidays. NAME OF TRADE. (e) Grocers and provision dealers, and yeast sellers. DAY OF WEEK AND CLOSING HOUR. Monday, 8 Tuesday, 7 Wednesday, 7 Thursday, r Friday, 9; Saturday, 11, but 12 preceding Bank Holidays. NAME OF TRADE. (d) Watchmakers and jewellers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, lacquerers and sellers of electro- plated goods. DAY OP WEEK AND CLOSING HOUR. Monday, 8 Tuesday, 7 Wednesday, 7 Thursday, i Friday, 9; Saturday, 11, but 12 preceding Bank Holidays. NAME OF TRADE. (e) Barbers and hairdressers. DAY OF WEEK AND CLOSING HOUIl. Monday, 7.30 Tuesday, 7.30 Wednesday, 8.30 Thursday, I Friday, 8.30 Saturday, I I NAME OF TRADE. (f) Pawnbrokers. DAY OF WEEK AND CLOSING HOUR. Monday, 8 Tuesday, 7 Wednesday, 7 Thursday, i Friday, 9; Saturday, i i, but 12 preceding Bank Holidays. NAME OF TRADE. (g) Fish-friers and sellers of chipped potatoes, baked faggots and cooked green peas. DAY OF WEEK AND CLOSING HOUR. Monday, 12; Tuesday, 12 Wednesday, 12; Thursday, 12 Friday, 12 Saturday, 12. I NAME OF TRADE. (h) Butchers and purveyors of meat. DAY OF WEEK AND CLOSING HOUR. Monday, 1 Tuesday, 8 Wednesday, 8 Thursday, 6 Friday, 9.30 Saturday, 11.30. NAME OF TRADE. (i) Dealers in fish, fruit, vegetables, flowers, and other articles of a perishable nature. DAY OF WEEK AND CLOSING HOUR. Monday, 10 Tuesday, 10 Wednesday, 10 Thursday, 10; Friday, 10; Saturday, 11.30. 3.-Where any trade or business other than a retail trade or business mentioned in Article 2 of this Order is carried on in any Shop to which this Order applies, such Shop may be kept open after the closing hour mentioned in Article 2 of this Order, for the purpose of any such trade or business provided alone that (a) after the said closing hour there shall be exhibited in some conspicuous places on the exterior and in the interior of such Shop, Notices in letters of the size of not less than two inches containing the words, Shops Act, 1912. This Shop is closed for to-day except for the sale by retail of [here mention the trade or business to be carried on] or the trade or business of [here mention the trade or business to be carried on]. (b) So far as reasonably practicable no goods in connection with the trade or business for which the Shop is required to be closed shall be exhibited either inside or outside the Shop. Sealed with the Common Seal of the Urban District Council of Bed- A wellty at a Meeting of the Council r g J] held on the 24th day of March, 1914,? and in pursuance of a Resolution passed LOS at such Meeting in the presence of- SYDNEY GODWIN, CHAIRMAN. T. J. THOMAS, CLERK. FOR SALE. — Six Four-room HOUSES at JL' Abertysswg. Direct Lease," Lord Tre- degar. Terms arranged.—WARN, Builder. EOR SALE. — 10-H.P. CUNDALL OIL FENGINE. — For full particulars, apply Guardian Offices, Rhymney. COLLIERY FIREMEN'S EXAMS. MINERS and Mining Students desirous of I-i- obtaining the Mine Examiners' Certificate should visit the Cambrian Mining School," Cemetery Road, Porth, during Easter Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (10 a m. to 6 p.m.) to receive PERSONAL INSTRUCTION in Gas Cap Detec- tion, with Apparatus; Anemometers, and Instruction in Air Measurements. Fee, 2s. per Lesson. Write immediately for Particulars, Entrance Forms, &c., and book early to ensure place. What's that No money in the bank ? And so you're afraid you won't be able to r have that nice little home you've so often pictured for years and years yet-eh ? LISTEN I I Our Easy Payment plan shows you how to furnish WITHOUT capital —merely by paying a few shillings a week out of your earnings. No need for money in the bank Come right away and we'll show you how it's done. High Street, Bargoed. Other Branches at Church Street, ABERTILLERY. 29, Station Road, PORT 89, Commercial Street. TREDEOAR I TALBOT. Taff Street, PONTYPRIDD. \51, Holton Road, BARRY DOCK. ø Headquarters 42, City Road, CARDIFF. Ea.ster Sunday. Wreaths, Crosses, Out Flowers, Pot Plants, &0. W. TRESEDER, LTD., FLORIST, a id i if if. Phone, 597. For Telegrams only— "TRESEDER, FLORIST, CARDIFF." NEWPORT ATHLETIC GROUNDS. Grand FOOTBALL MATCHES. IsTJEJWJPOK/T NEATH, SATURDAY, APRIL Iltb, KICK OFF 3-30 P.M. PON I-YPOOL, EASTER MONDAY, APRIL 13, KICK OFF 11 A.M. ABERTILLERY, EASTER TUESDAY, April 14, KICK OFF 3-30 P.M. ADMISSION: -Field, 6d.; Enclosure, Is; Grand Stand, 6d. extra. BARGOED ANNUAL Eisted dfod WILL BE HELD ON WHIT-TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1914. Mixed Choirs—" 0, Father, whose Almighty Power." t20. Male Voices—" Valiant Warriors." JB15. Juvenile Choirs-Action Song. t4. Solos, Penillion, Recitations, Harp and Piano- forte Solos. Ambulance for Male and Female. Brass Bands, tl5. Awdl, Essays, &c., &e. Programmes, lid., Post Free. HON. SECRETARY, Workmen's Institute, Bargoed. L. L KEANSLEY'S ?idowWdc?FHMtcPit? and ialg?p for Ladies. 7%o only Gmuins' AwM as mcATE ? MtMT .< the T?anian K?hiMMt-. MM.! ) M Y**M !t.p«t*M<? Oidmd ky Sptci?Uttt fer aJOM* «f pommu Oomplaiata. SoM in b-,z 1J1U M<t <? *t M ) Ckmiiti, M P0.4 ffft .11, :,d pfaad M st aN ???jjjt eATHEXtm KMRN.EY (MFT. «,   t??M *2,W«l«rtoo .». £ MB GUINaA LEDGER.—iao pages beat quali i Account Book Paper, full Rough Baaa extra Binding; Indexed and Lettered: carriag paid; do Caah Books or Day Booka to mat ch sac ptiae.—"Qaardiaa W Offioaa^Rbymaey WANTED-WORKING BARMAID. Appli- W cations, with References, to Railway Hotel, Pontlottyn.

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