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GAiniMOUTH COUNCIL MONTHLY MEETING. .THE MUSSEL INDUSTRY. A THESE HOURS' MEETING. The ordinary monthly m'eeting of the above Council was held on Tuesday afternoon, PresentMr J. Pryce Jones, J.P. (chairman); Dr. J. Pugh Jones, Messrs. Rees Jones, William Owen, Edward Williams, Henry Freeman, Rbys Jones and J.Llewelyn Davies; with Messrs. R. Llewelyn Owen (deputy-clerk),T. R. Parry (sur- veyor), and Watkin Owen (boating inspector. THE BOWLING CLUB. A letter was rend from Mr FredHowe, hon. secretary to the Barmouth and District Bowling Club, stating that at a meeting of the Club held on Friday night, it was decided that a deputation consisting of Mr GwilymDavies andMrH. R. Davies would attend the Council meeting with a view of the Council giving permission for the Council's carts to cany soil from Ceilwart when returning empty from Llanaber as the Bowling Club were taking steps to lay out a new bowling pitch. A deputation consisting of Messrs Gwilym Davies and H. R. Davies appeared before the Council. Mr Gwilym Davies, who acted as spokesman, stated that they were all well aware that for some months past an effort had been made to establish a bowling club in the town. The Council had very kindly given the Bowling Club a piece of land on theRecreationGround with a view of laying it out for a bowling pitch. At one time the Bowl- ing Club thought that they would have to drop the question altogether but members of the Bowling Club had once again taken the matter up in earnest and he hoped that the club would be successful in carrying this project through. The club had not yet let the contract for the laying out of a new pitch. He was glad to state that MrW. W. Greener, of PI as Llwyd, had very kindly given permission for the club to have soil free of charge, only that the club should do the carting. The Bowl- ing Club would be glad if the Council would accede to their request and allow the refuse carts to cart the soil when coming home empty from Lianaber- The formation of a bowling club was for the benefit of the town at large, and visitors appreciated this kind ot outdoor play. The Chairman said Mr Davies had placed the matter very plainly before the Council. Mr William Owen asked what plot of land the Bowling Club had chosen. The Chairman said the Bowling Club had marked one their proposed bowling pitch which was at the corner next to Minymor. Dr. J, Pugh Jones proposed that the Council should accede to the request of the Bowling Club. Mr William Owen seconded, which was carried unanimously. The deputation then withdrew and thanked the Council for the courteous manner in which they bad been re- ceived, Mr Henry Freeman remarking It means business for you." TENNIS AND BOWLING CLUBS. I Mr William Owen enquired whether it was necessary now that the Council should meet deputations from the Tennis and Bowling Clubs which had been arranged some time ago. The Chairman said the application made by the Bowling Club asking thn Council to insert a clause, when re-lett- ng the Tennis Ground, that a small portion of the ground should be allowed to the Bowling Club was still standing good as it would take about two years to lay out a proper bowling pitch. The Bowling Club were paying a sum of iC2 annually to the Tennis Club for the use of a part o the Tennis Courts. ¡ A letter was read from Miss M. g. I Price, honorary secretaiy to the Tennis Club, stating that they would be pleased to meet the Council at an early date. It was decided to meet next week. A WELCOME. M r Rhys Jones said as this was the first monthly meeting for Mr Rees Jones, the newly-appointed member, to be present, he wished to give him a hearty welcome. The Chairman also extended a hearty welcome to Mr Jones, and hoped that he would work harmoniously with them for the welfare of the town. Mr Rees Jones suitably responded and said he would do his utmost for the advancement of the town. I NOTIFICATION OF BIRTHS. Dr J. 0. Williams(tbe MedicalOfficer) reported that the conference of repres- entatives of the local authorities, with representatives cf the County Council, had decided for the previsions of the Notification of Births Extension Act to be carried out by the County Council With regard to the appointment of Health VisitorFl under the Act, the Council was asked to support either of the two proposals (1) To agree to the appointment of two^additional nurses to work in conjunction with the School Nurse now in the employ oft,the County Council or (2) To arrangeSfor the local Queen's Nurses to undertake the work. It was decided that the latter alter- native scheme be selected so as to obvi. ate the necessity of appointing any more officials. THE MUSSEL ORDER The Deputy Clerk reported that he had ascertained from the Superintendent of the Lancashire and Western Sea Fisheries Board that the delay in grant- ing the necessary consent to construct cleansing tanks lay either at the Board of Trade or Board of Agi-iculturalltird Fisheries. He had invited Mr Haydn Jones, M P., to try and use his good offices to push the matter forward and read correspondence from the Board of Trade which Dppartment bad now been induced to issue the necessary press notices prior to giving the matter its sanction. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded Mr Haydn Jones, and theBoard of Trade was to be informed tbacthe application and scheme of the Lancashire and Western Sea Fisheries Board had the support of this Council. Mr Rees Jones enquired whether there was any likelihood that the mussel industry would be re-started this winter or not ? The Chairman said he understood that I the matter was well in hand now. Mr Rees Jones said it was high time that something should be done as a good number of local fishermen were having I a living from the industry during the < winter months, Mr Rbys Jones explained that an ap- plication had been made to the Bar- mouth Harbour Trust for permission to contsrucit cleansing tanks at Barmoutb and same had been granted. Mr William Owen said it was very important that the matter should be pushed forward as so many fishermen were having a living from the industry Mr Rees Jones said he was given to understand that mussels were being sent away from Aberdovey to the English markets and why could not the I Barmouth .fishermen do the same. If the construction of the cleansing tanks could be hurried aU the better for the local fisherman. Mr Rhys Jones said that tenders bad been invited already for the construction of cleansing tanks at Barmouth. JUBILEE ROAD. I It was reported that permission was received by letter to enter upon the land of the Cambrian Railways Company to effect an improvement for draining rain I water from Jubilee Road, and it was re- i solved to carry out the work contem- I plated at once, J about in tho open at the back of the preit)ik;es, which would in time be 'I greatly damaged. The Council had no money to throw away in that manner and it would be much better if the Fire Brigade would meet the Council As a representative of the ratepayers, he was quite in the dark ot what was going on. Mr Edward Williams said it was only from a financial point of view that the Committee made the recommendation. They did not mean to reflect anything on the Fire Brigade. Mr Henry Freeman asked whether eleven members would be sufficient to manoge the fire engine ? Mr Llewelyn Davies (who is a mem- ber of the Fire Brigade) "aid he thought that eleven members could manage the engine. Mr Henry Freeman proposed that the recommendation of the Finance Committee should be adopted. Mr Rees Jones seconded. As an amendment, Dr J. Pugh Jones proposed that the Fire Brigade should be asked to meet the Council, and that the Captain of the Fire Brigade should be 9Eked bow members should be in. sured, but found no seconder. The recommendation of the Finance Committee was adopted. Mr William Owen said it was reported that liopeq were laying out in the open. He should like to know why they were left out. Mr Rees Jones-Can't the Council put them inside ? Mr Rbys Jones-No; the whole arrangements are in the bands of the hands of the Fire Brigade. Mr Rees Jones—Therefore the hoses are to be left to be rottened. The Chairman said the Council had power to deal with the matter if they had the welfare of the town at heart. The proposition of Mr J. Llewelyn Davies was agreed upon. RATE COLLECTOR'S REPORT. The Chairman said the Rate Collector (Mr John Roberts) was unable to be present owing to a family bereavement, and be was sure the Council would sympathise with him. XMAS ENTERTAINMENT FOR WELSH SOLDIERS. An appeal was made by the Bedford Borough Recreation Committee for the Troops asking the Council to open a 1/- fund towards giving a Christmas Enter- tainmdnt to the men of the 68th(Welsh) Division, who are billeted at Bedford. It was decided to accede to the request .trs in aiio"het? i,ai- t and the appeal appears in another part of the paper. STARVING BELGIANS IN I BELGIUM. Mr Rhys Jones reported that up to now the amount collected in fBarmouth towards the above fund was ClO 7s Id. Christ Church bad made a collection last Sunday, but there were other churches who had not yet made a collection. BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION. A letter was read from Mr J. Jones, The Library, inviting the Council to attend a meeting with reference to the Boy Scouts movement. The Chairman said it was the duty of the Council to give every support to the movement. COURT OF GOVERNORS. On the propostion of Mr Rhys Jones, seconded by Mr William Owen, Mr Wijliam George was* reappointed as the Council's representative on the Court of Governors of the Bangor Uuiversity College. CEILWART PATH. On the proposition of Mr William Owen, seconded by Mr J. Llewelyn Davies, it was decided that the Surveyor should attend forthwith to above public path leading to the foreshore. RESIGNATION, I I A letter was read from Mr Owen j Williams, 1, Aelydon, resigning his seat on the Cou acil. WELSH ARMY CORPS. The Rev. Father Wilcock wrote asking to be excused from making a collection in aid of providing certain equipment for the Welsh Army Corps on the ground that there were so many calls. HOUSEHOLD COAL. The Board of Trade enquired whether the Council bad been able to take any action to try and effect an arrangement with local coal merchants for a limit- ation of profits from the sale of house- hold coal, and a reply was to be sent to report what steps were taken by the Council. HEALTH INSURANCE. Following an interview with an Inspector of the National Health Com- missioners (Insurance) for Wales, tbo Finance Committee were satisfied that tbe Ratp. Collector was an insured per- son within the meaning of the Act and recommended that the Council and Overseers of the Parish should jointly pay the employers' contributions there- after a cheque to be made out for one half of the contributions payable from the time the Act of 1913 came into force. I HATES. It was reported that during the past month the Rate Collector had collected the sum of £ 264 17s. 2d. BALANCE AT THE BANK. The Deputy Clerk reported that there was a balance at the Bank that day in favour of the Council amounting to £1,507 15s. 3d. BANK :BUILDINGS. A letter was read from the Solicitors of the Lessors of Bank Buildings stating that they were now in a position to settle with the Council with regard to the sum of C44 agreed upon to be paid towards the expenditure incurred therein. THE FIRE BRIGADE. The Finance Committee recommended that henceforth the Workmen's Com- pensation Insurance should only cover eleven firemen instead of thirteen as heretofore. The Committee suggest that the Council should be kept in closer touch with the Brigade so as to know exactly what was going on. Dr. Pugh Jones said he though that it was not right for the Council to de- cide how many members of the Fire Brigade should be insured without in first instance having approached the Brigade. He shonld like to know why only eleven members should be insured. The Chairman said it was done en- tirely from a financial point of view,and the Finance Committee bad been in- formed that some members of the Fire Brigade were going to join the Army and therefore there would be less mem- bers. Dr. J. Pugh Jones said, the Council should go to the proper source for the information. Mr Rbys Jones said be saw no need in insuring eleven members of the Fire Brigade, he thought that to insute six would be quite sufficient. Mr J. Llewelyn Davies—Why not insuie all the members of the Brigade. Dr. J. Pugh Jones said the Council ought to respect the Fire Brigade and ask them for the necessary information as regards the number to be insured. The Chairman said the Council were respecting the Fire Brigade. At inter- vals, the fire engine was managed by nine members, and sometimes by less. Mr William Owen said he quite agreed with the recommendation of the Finance Committee. The Chairman said it was from an economical point of view that the Com- mittee made the recommendation. Mr Henry Freeman said he felt rather strongly on this Fire Brigade question, and be was sorry to say that the Fire Brigade bad lost touch with the Coun- cil especially so- during the last eighteen months. He suggested that the Fire Brigade should meet the Council and discuss matters over. He was sorry to .have to say that he bad, observed hoses belonging to the Fire Brigade laying L -l-