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BARMOUTH. Coast Guard.—An Admirality Coast Guard will be stationed at Barmouth for the next two months. Auction.—Yesterday afternoon (Wed- nesday) Mr Walter Lloyd Jones con- ducted a sale of household furniture at the Last Inn. A Call.—The Rev. Afonwy Williams, pastor of the Park Road C.M. Chapel has bad an unanimous calI to become the pastor of the C.M. Church at Aber- cynon, South Wales. Menagerie.—Bostock's and Womb- well's menagerie visited the town on Monday last and was well patronized by visitors and townspeople. To Visitors.—For the Barmouth Moun- taineering Guide to Cader Idris and the Range of Rhiniog Mountains to Diffwys, and also bass and trout fishing. Apply to David Griffith, 2, Henblas, Bar- mouth.—Advt. Registration of Yisitors.-It is of the greatest importance to all persons who take in visitors that they should see that their visitors fill in "immediately on arrival at their houses the Registration Forms, as per law prescribed. The necessary forms may be had at the Advertiser Office. Cyfarfod y Calan.—Disgwylir i was- anaethu i'r cyfarfod nesaf y Parch. J. Lewis Williams, MA., B.Sc., Aberys- twyth, a'r Proffeswr Joseph Jones, M.A., B.D., Aberhonddu. Bydd yr oed- faon nos Sadwrn a dydd Sul. t Cymanfa Bregethu Meirion.—Cyn- helir hon y flwyddyn nesaf yn Artbog, Mercber a lau, Mehefin 7fed a'r 8fed. Disgwylir i bregethu y Parchn. Stanley Jones, Caernarfon Gwylfa Roberts, D.Litt, Llanelli Peter Price, M.A.,D.D., Rhos; a'r Prifathraw Thomas Rees, M.A., Bangor. National Registration.—In response to the appeal made by the Barmouth Urban District Council, the Deputy Clerk (Mr R. Llewelyn Owen) reported that twelve members of the Barmouth Volunteer Training Corps and others had volunteered to assist with the national register, and on the proposition of Mr Henry Freeman, seconded by Mr Owen Williams, it was decided to accept the offer. To Motor Drivers and Motor Mechan- ics.Exper,lenced motor drivers, fitters, blacksmiths, spring smiths, Electricians, turners, and vulcanizers, are urgently required for His Majesty's Army. Ages 19 to 45 years. Pay 6/- per day, together with free uniform, free rations, free lodgings, and separation allowances. An officer of the Army Service Corps (Mechanical Transport) will attend at The Barracks, WTrexham, on Monday and Tuesday next, August 9tb and 10th, to select and approve men wishing to join. Intending candidates, who must be able to produce certificates of profici- ency in their respective trades should apply to Morris G. Roberts, Advertiser I Office, who is the Recruiting Officer for the Barmoutb district, and will give all information as regards uecruiting. Success.-Pte, John Edwards, Morben Villa, who is serving with the London Welsh, has obtained a certificate of efficiency in the first.class gunnery section. Interesting. — Lovers of Marianne Farningham and John Bunyan ought to read Marianne Farningham in her Welsh Home" and Bunyan Yesterday and To-day," by W. Glandwr Morgan. 6d. and 1/ Had of all Booksellers in the town.-Ad vt. French Lessons will be given by gentleman and lady. Good pronunci- ation, rapid progress. Moderate terms, First lesson free. 3 lessons a week Is. Apply,—Glaysfryn, High Street. The Holidays.—Despite the restricted railway arrangements the town has sel- dom experienced such a holiday. Visi- tors poured into the town both by rail and road and a continuous stream of cars and motor cylces passed through the main street. It was disheartening for late- comers to look for apartments, there being but one reply everywhere, "Full up." Fronheulog Party.—As in previous years, Mrs Castle the other day invited the N oncornformists ministers of the town to spend the afternoon at Fron- heulog, together with other friends. After tea was served on the lawn, which was greatly enjoyed, the party adjourned to the house, when short addresses were given by the President (Rev. Gwynoro Davies), the Revs. Z. Mather, Mordaf Pierce (Doigelley), W. Glandwr Morgan, E. Jones Edwards (Arthog), Samuel T. Hughes, and Messrs. W. Evans, C.C. (Aelybryn) and E. W. Evans, J.P. (Dol. gelley),—all testifying to the delightful" afternoon they had spent at Fronheulog. References were also made to the depar- ture of the Rev. Glandwr Morgan, who will be greatly missed by all, to Birming- ham. Pretty Wedding.—On the 27th July, at St. Mary's Church, Cardiff, by special licence, the marriage took place of Capt. W. J. Price, eldest son cf Capt. and Mrs Price, Bryngoleu, Barmouth, and Miss M. E. Davies, only daughter of Mr and Mrs D. E. Davies, St. Ann's Square, Barmouth. The ceremony was per- formed by the Vicar, the Rev. W. J. Davies. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a handsome costume of powder blue corduroy, and a black picture hat trimmed with pink rose and long lace veil. The bridegroom's sister, Miss M. J. Price, was her only attendant, wearing a pretty biscuit coloured cos- tume, and a negre brown hat trimmed with pink roses. The bride's mother was gowned in negre brown taffeta with hat to match. Mr H. E. Price attended his brother as best man. After the ceremony luncheon was served at the Park Hotel. The bride and bridegroom are the recipients of very many hand- some wedding presents.—Capt. Price, who was at the time on the point of sailing for the West Indies, failed to get Government leave to come home for a few days, thus making it impoesible for the wedding to take place at the bride's home. Both bride and bridegroom are most popular at Barmoutb and have the unanimous good wishes of a large circle of friends for a long, useful and happy life. Presentation.Lasb week the Rev. W. Glandwr Morgan was presented by the Barmouth Ministerial Fraternity with a large photographic group of themselves, as a token of their respect and high estimation of him, and as an expression of their good wishes for him in his new sphere of labour in Birming. ham. Personal.— Mr Glyu Trafford Owen, son of Dr. Trafford Owen, away in Malay, but still anxious to do his bit has joined the Malay Rifles-tbe corps which did such good work in quelling tbe Indian disturbances at Singapore. It was two years last March that Mr Owen went out as third assistant on the Padang Gajah rubber estate, and be is now occupying the position of manager, having 750 coolies under his control, a heavy responsibility for such youthful shoulders. His interest in literary matters has not diminished since the days when be was a contributor to the columns of the Blackburn Weekly Telegraph." His brother, Mr Ellis Trafford Owen, is a second lieutenant in the 2/4 th East Lancashires. These are grandsons of Mr Owen, Hendre Hall. Odd-Fellows.—A meeting of the Dol- gelley District of Odd-Fellows, Man- Chester Unity, was held at Dolgelley last Saturday, P.G.M. Bro. G. Griffith, Aber- gynolwyn, presiding. Barmouth was represented by Bro. C. J. Demspey, P.N.G.; William Edward Jones, Secre- tary of Mawddach Lodge, and Bro. J. Jones (Library), P.P.G.M., as Trustee of the District.—By a resolution cf the Board of Directors, districts all over the Kingdom are amalgamated so as to re- duce the number, thereby economizing in manegement expenses, &c. Dolgelley and Aberystwyth Districts are to be joined so that in future these two dis- tricts, consisting of seventeen* lodges, will to all practical purposes be one dis- trict. In order to make the necessary arrangements four representatives from Aberystwyth with an equal number from the Dolgelley District are to meet at Aberdovey on Saturday next. The Dolgelley District is to be represented by Bro. Edward Williams (Llew Meir- ion), P.P.G.M. Bro. J. Jones (Library), P.P.G.M.; Bro. Isaac Jones, P.N.G., Abergynolwyn, and Bro. Corbett Wil- liams, C.S.—Bro Edward Williams gave I a report of a conference of delegates of various friendly and collecting societies, which had been held at Dolgelley under the presidency of Dr. Richards. At this conference it was stated that there was undoubtedly a gceat deal of malingering going on. In one part of the county there were 237 on the sick list, and it was resolved to appoint a Medical Re- feree with the result that 200 declared off,-IL was resolved that preasure should be brought to bear on medical men and sick visitors to be more strict. It was also pointed out that all friendly societies like the Odd-Fellows had their rules prohibiting any member receiving sick pay to do any work, to be out after 8 o'clock at night, &c., while collecting societies, like the Prudential, had no such restrictions—thus encouraging malingering.—It was decided that the monthly contribution of our brave mem- bers throughout the district, who are serving with the Colours, should be paid for them, and a levy of two pence a month for this purpose was agreed to through all the district—thus members who are on active service will remain in benefit during the duration of the war. The Army. — SapperWilliam Watkins,. Penybryn, who is serving with the Royal Engineers, has left for France. Gunner John Edwards, Morben Villa, has also left for the Front. Marriage.— On Saturday last, at Porth, South Wales, the marriage was solemnized between Mr William Evans, late of Kohinoor, Barmoutb, and Miss Rachel M. Davies, 89, Leabe Terrace, Llwyncelyn, Porth. The Royal Magnets will give another special concert tomorrow night (Friday). In addition to the usual members of the troup, your old favourites—Mr Bobby Fraser and Mr Sam Selwyn will appear for this night only. The concert will conclude with a highly amusing sketch, entitled "A Nautical Duel." Loans.—At a meeting of the Urban District Council on Wednesday, it was stated that Mr W. W. Greener, Plas Llwyd, was making inquiries with a view of reborrowing the money advanced to the Council by the Yorkshire Penny Bank amounting to over £ 24,000 at a cheaper rate than 4t per cent demanded by the Bank. The Council expressed appreciation of Mr Greener's efforts. The Council's Loans.—At a special meeting of the Barmouth Council held on Wednesday night, a letter was read from Mr W. W. Greener enquiring what was the amount lent by the Penny Bank, and whether the matter could remain open for two months. In a transaction of this magnitude he thought all the Barmouth ratepayers' should have an opportunity of expressing their opinion as they all knew the rates were already very high. He may say that he was making enquiries to see if it was not possible to borrow money at a lower rate than 41 per cent. Any information the Council could give him on this important matter would- be greatly appreciated. In reply to Mr Greener's letter the Clerk bad replied stating that with regard to the Council's mortgage to the Yorkshire Penny Bank and their notice claiming an increased rate of interest this matter hac been under the consideration of the Council since February last, when the Council received intimation that the Penny Bank pro- posed calling the money up unless the Council agreed to pay an increasee rate of 4+ per cent, and, having regard to the present state of the money market, the Council ultimately decided that they could not do better than accept those terms. The Local Government Board bad been previously informed of the circumstances and bad intimated their willingness to consent to the Council reborrowing the monep at the increased rate of interest should they decide to do so. He observed, however, that Mr Greener was making exhaustive enquir- ies to see whether it was not possible to obtain money at a lower rate than 4* per cent, and, if as a result of h ose enquiries he would be able to show him at an early date that this could be done he did not think it was too late to have the matter considered, but, of course,the matter could not be bung up for an in- definite period. The amount of mort- gage at present was X24,472 3 4. Mr Henry Freeman proposed that the Council should approve of the letter sent by the Clerk, which he thought bad been very sensibly written, and in good spirits. Mr Robert Ll. Williams secon- ded, which was.carried unanimously.