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Topical Tattle.I





LOCAL NEWS. I Chas. Hodges' Bread, Standard or White, purity a.nd quality guaranteed. Daily deliveries.—42, Bye Street, Ledbury. NEW MAGISTRATE.—Mr Henry Weston C.C., The Bound*, Much Marcle, has just been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Ledbury Petty Sessional Division. WESLEYAN CHURCH.—The Rev T Ferrier Hulme, M.A. (Chairman of the district) will preach at the Wesleyan Chapel, Ledbury, on 1 Sunday, Maich 15 at 10.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Carpenter's Ltd. Ales and Stout are always reliable. Brewed for family con- sumption only.—Ledbury AgentW H Alleyne, New-street. FRUIT TREE SPRAYING.—On Monday after- noon in Lord Biddttlph's orchard adjoining the Worcester-road, Ledbury, Mr A J Manning, horticultural instructor under the Herefordshire County Council, gave a demonstration in fruit- tree spraying, etc., to the Ledbury young farmers' afternoon class, there being a fair attendance. Three different washes were used —lime, lime and liver of sulphur, and a patent wash. I. John Haines and Sons, Practical ) Chimney Sweeps, Homend Street, Ledbury. All Orders Promptly attended to. Distance no object. Established 1830. Spectacles and Eyeglasses. We test the sight scientifically without any charge and supply the exact glasses necessary in well- fitting frames at very moderate prices. Spectacles from 2/6 per pair. Satisfaction guaranteed.— MINCHfN, Chemist and Optician, 15, Westgate, Gloucester. BULL FIGHT AT LEOMINSTER.—At Leominster Stock Market, on Tuesday, a Hereford bull and a Shorthorn bull fought for some time over the prostrate body of Mr F Riley, a well-known farmer of Great Marston, Pencombe. Mr Riley had led his bull into the sale ring, and it was sold, but before he could lead it out a second bull was allowed to enter the ring unattended. The new-comer at once attacked the bull held by Mr Riley, and the ring was speedily cleared of buyers and others. Unfortunately Mr Riley failed to escape to safety. Not only had he his own bull on lead, but he is paralysed on the one side of his body and one arm hangs helpless by his side. The force of the charge of the second bull was sufficient to knock Mr Riley's bull against him, causing him to fall. The bulls then fought over his body, and it was some time before Mr Riley could be rescued from his perilous position. He received numerous serious injuries, including two broken ribs. HUGHES' TOBACCO STORES. The largest stock and variety in the town. See the windows. High class Hair cutting and Shaving Saloon. Razors ground and set. Umbrellas re-covered and repaired on the premises at the shortest notice. Second-hand bookseller. A large selection of second-hand books on all subjects. Any quantity second-hand books bought for cash.-76, Homend St., Ledbury. George Lloyd (late James Lloyd), Chimney Sweep, Church Lane, Ledbury. Distance no object. Prompt and personal attention to all orders. HEREFORD HORSE Snow.—The annual meeting of the Hereford Horse Show Society was held at Hereford on Wednesday, under the presidency of Captain E L A Heygate. The report stated that the gate money from last year's exhibition showed a decrease of jMO as compared with the previous year. There was a loss of J35 on the show, and the balance at the bank was reduced to £ 64. —Mr T Goodwin said the following rule had been evaded: All exhibitors must be members of the society, but teaant farmers, occupiers of less than 2100 rateable value, may become members of the society at an annual subscription of 10s 6d., and may exhibit their first entry free, and for every additional entry 5s." Several members who were not eligible had exhibited. He moved that the secretary be instructed to write these gentlemen asking them for the extra half-guinea to make up the guinea subscription really due from them for last year.—Mr Burdon seconded, and the motion agreed to.-It was decided to ask Mr WAS Hewins, M.P., to become president, in suc- cession to Captain P. A. Clive, M.P., and in the event of his not being able to accept the office to invite Mr Logan Kidston, M.F.H.




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