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Sales bv auction. POPE, (Late W. MANTON & Co.,) AUCTIONEERS, Agricultural & General Valuers, HOUSE, LAND, ESTATE, AND INSURANCE AGENTS. VALUATIONS for PROBATE & MORTGAGE. Stock Sales in Ledbury Market On ALTERNATE TUESDAY thoroughout the year. NEXT MARKET, MARCH 2i, 1814. Older of Selling- Pigs and Store Cattle at 10 a.m. Sheep at 11.30. Fat Cattle at 12. Houses, &c., to let Entered in Register Free of Charge. OFFICES :— NEW STREET. LEDBURY, AND St. AtDATES (CHAMBERS. GLOUCESTER. LEDBURY, Herefordshire. POPE, SMITH* ANTHONY Have received instructions to SELL BY AUC- TION, at the FEATHEltS HOTEL, LED- BURY, on TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 1914, At 3 for 4 o'clock precisely, All those Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES, viz. :— Lot i.-Tllat very Valuable FREEHOLD MEADOW and BUILDING SITE, Situate in New-street, in the Parish of Ledbury, and numbered 140 on the Ordnance Survey Map, Containing 3 acres 1 rood 12 perches (or thereabouts). Lot 2. —Those 6 Well-built COTTAGES, With large Yard, Gardens and Out-houses there- to, situate in South Parade, in the Parish of Ledbury Urban, and numbered.:33 to 38 inclusive. The Cottages are let at rentals amounting to X44 4s Od per annum. For further particulars apply to Messrs. R. & C. B. MASEFIELD, Solicitors, Ledbury, or to the Auctioneers' Offices, New-street, Ledbury. RYTON, DYMOCK. POPE, SMITH" ANTHONY Have received instructions to SELL BY AUC- TION, at the FEATHERS HOTEL, LED- BURY, on TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 1914, At 3 tor 4 o'clock precisely, The following VALUABLE PROPERTIES, viz Lot I.-All that Compact ESTATE, Situate at Ryton, in the Parish of Dymock, comprising 3 WELL-BUILT COTTAGES, with Gardens thereto a Brick built and Tile roofed COTTAGE, with large Garden and a productive ARABLE FIELD and SMALL PADDOCK, with large Barn and Fenced-in Fold-yard. The whole comprises 10 acres 1 rood or thereabouts. The property is bounded by the lands of Earl Beauchamp, a lane leading from Ryton to Broomsgreen, and the road leading to Dymock. Lot 2.— A PIECE OF ARABLE LAND, Situate near the Rock, at Ryton aforesaid, and comprising 1 acre (or thereabouts). The Property, which forms an attractive site for the erection of a house or a pair of cottages, is bounded by the lands of Earl Beauchamp and the road from Bromesberrow Heath to Dymock. Lots 1 and 2 are customary freehold of the Manor of Dymock. but this tenure is generally considered equal to that of Freehold. Lot 3.—All those 4 COTTAGES, With exceptionally large Gardens thereto, situate at Ryton in the parish of Dymock aforesaid, and comprising in all 1 acre 1 rood 28 perches (or I thereabouts). The Property is bounded by the land of the representatives of the late Mr. John Birt (deceased), ELrl Beauchamp, and Mr Chas Hill, and the roads leading from Bromesberrow and Bromesberrow Heath to Dymock. For fuither particulars apply to Messrs. R. & C. B. MASEFIELD, Solicitors, Ledbury, or to the Auctioneers' Offices, New-street, Ledbury. COLWALL, Herefordshire. IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. POPE, SMITH & ANTHONY Have received instructions to SELL BY AUC. TION, in 3 lots, at the FEATHERS HOTEL, LEDBURY, on TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 1914, At 3 for 4 o'clock precisely, All those THREE PAIRS of Recently built Semi Detached VILLAS With Gardens thereto, Situate near Co] wall Stone, in the parish of Colwall, in the County of Hereford, within most convenient distance of the Railway Station and Post and Telephone Offices. The total Rentals are £ 105 per annum, the tenants paying rates. For further particulars apply to Messrs. R. & C. B. MASEFIELD, Solicitors, Ledbury, or to the Auctioneers' Offices, New-street, Ledbury. LEDBURY, Herefordshire. POPE, SMITH & ANTHONY Have received instructions to SELL BY AUC- TION at the FEATHERS HOTE L, LEDBURY, on TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 1914, At 3 for 4 o'clock precisely, A LL that Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY comprising a Well-built and Commodious RESIDENCE situate in a convenient position, near Bank Crescent, in the Homend Street, in the Parish of Ledbury, known as BANK HOUSE With extensive and well-arrauged Gardens and Grounds, and the SUITE OF OFFICES adjoining. The accommodation comprises large Entrance Hall, 3 large Reception Rooms, 7 Bedrooms, 2 Dressing Rooms. Bathroom, Lavatories, large Room suitable for Billiard or School Room, Kitchens, Cellar, and excellent Domestic Offices. The Grohnds comprise Flower Garden with Lawns and nutlerotiq Ornamental Shrubs and Evergreens, 2 LARGE KITCHEN GARDENS. Total actual -and estimated Reut X85 per annum. For further particulars and orders to view apply to Messrs. Russell & Co., Ledbury and Malvern, or to the Auctioneers' Offices, New- street, Led bu ry. —B——WW upl l—j"l T- ADVERTISEMENTS received for London and Provincial Newspapers at the 44 Reporter Office. N,v Street, Ledbury. VB sent to the lie-porter Office, Ledbury, will 1 ensure a copy of this paper being sent post free every Friday evening for a quarter (13 weeks). Sales Suction. BY POPE, SMITH & ANTHONY. BARTON FARM, COLWALL, 3 miles from Ledbury and 11 from Colwall Stations. POPE, SMITH" ANTHONY Have received instructions from Mr. George Wadley (who is relinquishing his Milk Contracts) to SELL BY AUCTION on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 1914, His Valuable Herd of  DAIRY CATTLE, comprising 3 Cows and Ol Calves, 38 Young Cows in Calf and Milk, 6 Cows in Full Milk, and a well-bred Young Hereford Bull. 2 NAG HORSES,viz., Roan Cob rising 5 years old, and a Chestnut Mare 7 years old, a Collection of surplus AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, includ- AL ing an Excellent Trolley (equal to new), Strong Broad-wheel Trolley, Harvest Waggon, Excellent Milk Float (as new), Strong Float, Broad-wheel Cart, 2 Mowing Machines, Scuffle, Chain Hairows, Ploughs, Several Sets of Gears and Harness (in excellent condition), large quan- tity of Treakle Barrels, 350 Gallon Cask, Rick Sheet, etc., etc., a Four-wheel Dog Cart (in excellent order). Brougham, and the larger portion of the Dairy Utensils, including Milk Cooler, Hathaway Churn, and numerous other effects, all fully described in the catalogues to be obtained of the Auctioneers. The Auctioneers desire to call special attention to this Genuine Sale of Dairy Cattle, as Mr Wadley has held large contracts for Milk which expire only the day before sale. The Cows are all heavy Milkers and right in their quarters. Sale at I p. m. precisely. Luncheon by Ticket Is 6l each (returnable on day of Sale only to Purchasers of JE5 and up- wards), at the Wellington Inn, at 12 o'clock. Auctioneers' Offices, New-street, Ledbury. BY MESSRS. JACKSON & McCARTNEY. ENTRIES CLOSE TO-DAY. HEREFORD HORSE SALES. Saturday Next, March 21,1914. 200 HORSES. ZPISO IN PRIZES. THE best Cart Gelding or Mare wins Silver Cup value XIO. A cash prize of E20 ottered for best pair of Cart Geldings or Mares also prizes for Vanners, Hackneys, &c. Entries for catalogues close Friday, March 13th, 1914.. Sale at 11-30 prompt. JACKSON & McOARTNEY, AUCTIONEERS. Craven Arms and Hereford. BRUTON, KNOWLES" Co. Albion Chambers, Gloucester. Estate & House Agents, Surveyors, Auctioneers, Agricultural, Hotel, and Timber Valuers, and Valuers for Probate and Estate Duty. AN ILLUSTRATED REGISTER of Proper- A ties for Sale by Private Tre ty or to be Tet may be had on receipt of Three Stamps. No charge is made for the inserton of particulars unless a Sale or Letting be effected. Telegrams Brutons, Gloucester. Telephone 67, R. E. DAW, Wheelwright Every description of WAGGONS, LORRIES, CARTS, FLOATS, etc., Made to Order. Farmers' Lorries a Speclalitg. Estimates Given. REPAIRS Promptly Attended to. OAK FIELD GATES Made to Order. POSTS SAWN ANY SIZE. Manufacturer of Spokes, Ladder Rounds Etc., Etc. FIREWOOD BLOCKS FOR SALE. New Market Street, Ledbury. CHOICE PRESENTS! W. C. MANN'S Stock is complete with a Superb Collection of DIAMOND ORNAMENTS GEM JEWELLERY. SILVER PLATE. And Inexpensive Novelties, SPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. W. C. MANN (Member of the British Optical Association), Chronometer, Watoh and Clook Maker, Goldsmith, Jeweller, Optician, &o., THE CROSS, GLOUCESTER Telephone 98. REASONS WHY RILEY'S should have your patronage in all matters appertaining to Pianos and Organs are numerous and convincing. A few will suffice. RILEY'S have been the most Central and Principal Providers in the Kingdom for over sixty years. RILEY'S are also the Exclusive Agents for other makes which have obtained world-wide reputation. RILEY'S Business has been personally controlled through three genera- tions of the family, and the unfailing cour- tesy which has been extended to every patron in the past is cordially offered to you now. HENRY RILEY & SONS, CONSTITUTION HILL, BIRMINGHAM. Return Railway Fares refunded to Purchasers. RILEY'S WITH PRINCIPAL PIANO HOUSES, CLOSE SATURDAYS AT ONE. public IRotices. PICTURE PALACE ROYAL HALL, LEDBURY. Manager-Mr L. P. HOULT. TWO MAGNIFICENT PROGRAMMES. Warm Hall. Steady Light. Good Pictures. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 16, 17 and 18, at 8, doors open at 7-45, the Splendid Gaumont Series- FANTOMAS IV. (The Tragedy of the Masked Ball). Vitagraph's Splendid Drama- THE LINE UP. A Film full of Interest. PIMPLE GOES FISHING. FORTUNE HUNTERS OF HICKSVILLE. Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 6.30 and 8.45 p.m. (doors open 6.15 and 8.30 p.m.), and Matinee on Saturday, at 2.30 p.m. (Special reduced priees for School Children, Id, 2d and 3d). Complete change of programme, including the famous re-issued Photo Play, after four years, by special request of the public— THE FOUR DARE-DEVILS Booked seven times,at one Hall. The most talked-of Film in London. » Cines' Great Production- FOREST DWELLERS. A Marvellous Plot. HAYDI, THE UPSIDE DOWN MAN. IN THE TYROL. THE CORMORANT BABY INDISPOSED. POLIDOR. Usual Prices-Stalls Is Pit Stalls 8d; Pit 4d. Operator-Mr. A. TWELVETREE. Visitors from Colwall and Dymock will have ample time to see the 6-30 performance on Saturday and catch the last train from Ledbury. Books containing 12 Passes to Stalls for 8s., or 12 Passes to Pit Stalls for 5s 6d. Can be obtained from the Manager or Cashier, and admit to any performance. Monday, March 23rd, WHEN THE EARTH TREMBLED. LEDBURY RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL TO HAULIERS AND ENGINE PROPRIETORS. THE HIGHWAYS COMMITTEE of the J. above Council invite TENDERS for the HAULAGE OF ROAD METAL from the various Stations and Quarries to the Main and District Roads in the District, during the year endin- 31st March, 1915. Preference will be given to Hauliers using Team Labour. Tenders must reach the undersigned on or before WEDNESDAY, 25th MARCH, 1914, from whom Forms of Tender and any other particulars can be obtained. R. G. GURNEY, Ledbury. Surveyor. 12th March, 1914. NOTICE. ALL PERSONS found trespassing on the ANew Grange Farm, Dymock, will be prose- cuted, whether Flower Picking or Mushrooming, as the Mushrooms are cultivated. (Signed) BEN BENNETT. COLWALL PARK STEEPLECHASES Monday, March 23,1914. SIX ACES. Cheap Trains from all parts. Clerk to the Course— H. W. PYE, Unicorn Chambers, Worcester. W. F. WEST, Gieengrocer & Fruiterer, 38, Homend Street, Ledbury. All kinds of English and Foreign Fruits in season. ORANGES, 30 and 40 a Shilling. DATES. PRUNES. FIGS. LEMONS, Monkey and Tiger Nuts. Fresh Vegetables of all Kinds Daily. Good Assortment of Brushes & Baskets Good Selection of Artificial Wreaths and Crosses at reasonable prices. WREATHS and CROSSES Made to Order at the Shortest Notice. } gent for CARTER'S Tested FLOWER and GARDEN SEEDS. A. A. SHORTHOUSE, Ltd., MEAT & CATTLE SALESMEN, City Meat Market, BIRMINGHAM. All kinds of Cattle Sold on Commission. TELEPHONE-53 MIDLAND. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS MEAT BiRmixGlu. CHEAP PREPAIDS 9 d for 20 Wordsuanndder Three Six Onca. Times. Times. s. d. a. d. a. d. 20wo8 0» 1 6 3 0 ?ndun?der  28 words 1 0 2 0 I 4 0 36 words 13 2 6 5 0 Booking 2d. extra. Stamps are not accepted, but odd amounts may be affixed to 'ostal Orders according to Post Office regulatiq^Where the total amount of the remittance <oes not exceed sixpence, HALF-PENNY sta' ps may be sent. SITUATIONS VACAIWT. WANTED, a Man as cown)an and workman, TV little or no family.—Apply, S Bennion, Rose Hill, Dymock. BOY of 14 wanted to train as page, wiLh some JD experience in house work.—Apply, Mrs Julius, The Steppes, Ledbury. OFFICE BOY wanted; must be neat writer, quick and accurate at figures knowledge of shorthand an ad van take. -Apply, G Hill and Sons, Ironmongers, Ledbury. FARM Bailiff requited immediately to take i. charge of a mixed farm of about 500 acres for probably six months; wife to attend to dairy furnished rooms in farmhouse found.— Apply to H Vernon Smith, Solicitor, Ledbury. WANTED, young Man to work with horses. TV —Thompson, Temple Court, Bosbury. □ MART Youth wanted as errand boy.—Apply, IO V W Meacbam, Chemist, High-street, Ledbury. COWMAN wanted large cottage and garden good wages and other perquisites refer- ence.-Apply, Powell, Upton Court, Ross. rXTANTED, General Workman, used to hop T V work good epttage and garden close.- H J Stedman. Yarkhilt Court, Hereford. WAGGONER Wanted for Ay 1 ton Court w w Farm must be good ploughman cottage and garden with good wages to reliable handy man.—Apply, Davies Bros., Hill House. Ledbury. COWMAN and Waggoner wanted j cottages \J close to work.—Apply, Beaumont, Baynhams, Ledbury. WANTED, steady Man to look after horses; TV make himself generally useful; live in or out.—Bosley, Note House, Bosbury. WORKMAN Wanted, a reliable handy Man, TV used to hop work preferred good wages, with cottage and garden.—Apply, Davies Bros., Hill House, Ledbury. WANTED, strong well-behaved Boy, 15-16, W to help in garden and stable.—Pritchett, The Castle, Munsley, Ledbury. WANTED, Waggoner's Boy, to live in.— W Apply, J Cowell, The Laddin, Little Marcle. WANTED, strong Youth, well used to cattle TV and horses; ty live in.—Apply, C James, Tan House. Cradley, Malvern. WANTED, 25th U4*ch, good General Work- TV man, used td horses; good wages to suitable man also good cottage, garden and pig-run close to work.—H Harrington, Moorend, Castle Froome. Ledbuty. FARM WORKERS wanted for CANADA by our own Agents. Loans granted experienced men towards passage. Also for AUSTRALIA; assisted fares, lowest rates. Also DOMESTICS; fares fully advanced to CANADA or AUSTRALIA. Guaranteed Situations; Good Wages.—Apply early (Dept. W.B.), W W Bell & Co Ltd., Emigration Specialists, 9, Broad Street, Worcester. DOMESTIC SERVANTS WANTED. WAMTED, for the country, a strong Girl of TV 18 or 19 (well trained) to assist cook and house-parlourmaid. Wages XIS.-Apply, S Will- cox, The Grange, Bosbhry. /i ENERAL, with good references, for London, Gover 25; small house, family two; 920.- Apply, Mrs Parminter, Church Cottage, Bosbury. WANTED, good General Servant for Cardiff, TV good wages.—Apply, in first instance, to Mrs Hodges, grocer, Houiend-street, Ledbury. WANTED, a yoing Girl as housemaid W another maid kept.—Apply, Mrs Lane, The Farm, Bosbury. PROPERTY TOBË LET OR SOLD. TO sa LET. LEDBURY.— L Garden, Albert Road, Newtown. Convenient Residence, j623. Dan-y-Craig, JE35 per annnm. Roseville, furnished or unfurnished, jE30 per annum. Large Garden, Albert Road, Newtown, jE2. Cottage and garden, Hillfields, Parkway, 1/9 weekly. Gentleman's Residence, South Parade, im. mediate possession. South Cottage, Malvern Wells; large garden; £25 Sporting Residence, £ 80 per annum. REDMARLEY. R The Old Post Office. TO BE SOLD. LED BURY.- House, Shop and Premises at the Upper Cioss, Ledbury. Two Cottiages and Garden, Parkway, front ing main road. Country House and Grounds, £ 1,600. Seven Building A llotments. House and very targe garden, £500. Building site, Albert Road, two plots adjoin Ing. Cottages, Woodleigh Road. 6 Freehold Cottage* and Gardens, Parkway Two Houses, Bye Street. REDMARLEY.- Cottage and Orchard. For further psrticulars apply- HENRY QARROOD, SOLICITOR, LEDBURY. TO LET., Blanche Villa, Woodleigh-road 3 I edrooins, bath-room, h and c. -Apply, B James, Woodleigh-road, Ledbury. R EREFORDSHIRE. -Small Country House H to be Let, furnished 6 bed rooms, 3 reception rooms, servants' hall. and offices; lawn, garden, &e. stabling and garage delightfully situated overlooking Deer Park, with Malvern Hills in background. Rent, Six Guineas per week.— Apply to A R Rowden, Eastnor Castle Estate Office, near Ledbut-y. TO LET, Cottage and Garden, with Orchard, Tat Little Marct.-Apply, J Cowell, The Laddin, Little Marcle ^— EASTNOR.—Hons to be Let, in pleasant JjJ situation facin;south 2 sitting rooms, kitchen and offices, 4.;>edroonis paddock, garden and stable Rent, £ l&i including rates.—Apply to A R Rowden, EastAor Castle Estate Office, near Ledbury. TO LET, Semi-detadhed Cobtage in Bridge- street, aear Woodleigh-road; every con- venience.-A;pply, D Smith and Son, Ledbury. TO LET, "The Firs," Bridge-street, Led- Tbury detached house large garden, etc. every convenience.-Apply, D Smith and Son, Ledbury NOTICE. OWING to lo?ses through STRAY DOGS KILLING LAMBS, we, the undersigned, do HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that all such found on Lintridge, The Vineyard, or The Heath Farms will be destroyed. (Signed) (C. SMITH, (Signed) 43. WILLIAMSON, (S. SMITH. WANTED. WANTED, about 2,000 Best Hop Poles, VV also Seconds.—Apply, J Cotton, The Hill, Bosbury. GGS, POULTRY, or POTATOES.—Direct JLJ supply wanted, saving all middlemen's proSts; reply what quantities collectable, and pXr-oU fits; profitable to you who reply.—Thomas Wall, 17 and 18, Whitehorse Alley (close Smith- field Market), London, E.C. WANTED, Laundry Work by experienced TV Laundress, for new manual laundry.— Apply, by letter, to A.L., Reporter Office, Ledbury. WANTED, detached unfurnished Country TV Residence; 5 bedrooms, bath-room, large sitting-room, and good garden; south aspect; gravel or sandy soil; soft drinking wtter essential. — Miss Empson, Gleadower, Upper Colwall, Malvern. A NTIQUE3 OF EVERY DESCRIPTION A, WANTED. High Prices given for Old Silver.—J E PAGE, Jeweller, 4, Broad-street, Hereford. FOB SALE. FERTILE Eggs, Buff Orpingtons; good i- winter layers hens mated to cockerel, 3/- per dozen,carriage paid.-J Small, Colwall. PIANO for sale (as new); bargain; also J. Sewing Machine, cheap; Lady's Cycle, strong, 30/ 'V IÏte, Head Teacher, Reporter Office, Ledbury. EGGS.—Pure-bred White Wyandottes and EBuff Rocks, also Indian Game-Buff Rock, first cross, 2/- per sitting.—Mrs J Parry, White House, Eastnor, Ledbury. TURKEY Eggs (A.M.B.), 1/3 each; reduced JL later from stock birds, 301b cock (Cook's). Rbcde Island Red, even colour, excellent layers, 3/- dozen. White Wyandottes, laying strain, 3/- sitting, Game Crosses 2/- extensive free ranges unfertiles replaced. Hortop (N.P.C.) nee Stephens, Northeotabe, Lewdown, Devon. FOR SALE, Retriever Dog good house dog t. cheap.—Apply, by letter, T., Reporter Office, Ledbury. BLACK Leghorn Eggs, Simon Hunter's strain, JD from excellent winter layers; 2/6 per sitting. Apply, W Phelps, Broomsgreen, Ledbury. POR SALE, a few bushels of "Harrison's FGlory" Picking Peas, 10/6 per bushel; also Up-to-Date Seed Potatoes.—Smith, He?th Farm, Dymock. -IOR SALE, 4 dozen 4-barred Ash Hurdles.— JL Apply, J Cowell, The Laddin, Little Marcle. FOR SALE, a few tons of Golden Melon Mangolds.—White, Little Marcle Court, Ledbury. PEDIGREE Shorthorn Bulls and Bull Calves JL for sale from the very best strains both milk and beef strains kept; separate stock bulls milk records kept. Inspection of the herd is cordially invited.—Wilfred Hewitt, The Home Farm, Hope End, Ledbury. Ij^GGS Blu?k Minorcas, Simon Hunter's Edirect, and Cook's special laying strains, 2/6 per sitting.—C Locke, Bullen, Ledbury. Eggs may be ordered and obtained through Mr A J Chadd, Upper Cross, Ledbury. 1 00 Loads of Sawn Oak FIREWOOD BLOCKS, at 6/- per load, delivered in the town.—George & Sons, Builders, Ledbury. MISCELLANEOUS. SHEEP KEEP. Sheep taken in oh the Colwall Golf Course good run, plenty of gras,i.-Apply. Weager, Colwall Golf Club. I SUPPLY the World's best Triple-Tested JL Pedigree Vegetable and Flower Seeds. Before purchasiug obtain my Catalogue, 72 pages, 76 illustrations, free compare prices they are most reasonable for reliable seeds.-Ellison, 160, West Bromwich. Established 1890. W ALL-PAPEPS from lid per Roll. Any W quantity, large or small, wholesale prices. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls all classes. Write for patterns, stating class required. (Dept 377), Barnett Wall-Paper Co., Ltd., Knott Mill, Manchester. 'I MPORTANT TO MOTHERS.-Every JL Mother who values the Health and Clean- liness of her Child should use HARRISON'S RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In tins, 41d and 9d. PostageUd.—Geo W Harrison, Chemist, Read- ing. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Ledbury-A STEVENS (late Freeman), Chemist, Market Place Newent, H Whittles; Colwall, Amos, Chemist. MILLIONS bF RATS HAVE KEEN SLAUGHTERED BY USING HARRISON'S RELIABLE" RAT POISON Equally good for Mice, Moles, and Beetles. Dogs and Cats will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Price 6d., 1" 2s. 3d. and 3s. 8d. Postage 2d. G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Ledbury: V. W. MEACHAM, High St Newent: H. WHITTLES. Colwall: CLARK & AMOS. A TMf f 1 f T—OR* Matthias's CANT11OLo Camphor Cough Linctus gives instant relief. Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis and Asthma. Testimonials from eminent persons prove its efficacy. Post free 1/H. 213. 4j-HCOPER & Go., Chemists, 43, King William-street, London Bridge, London, E.C. R. G. WAY GOOD & Co. DUDLEY, Agents & Merchants. Coir Yarns, Quassia, Hop Soap, Hop Pockets, &c. Ledbury Agent-Mr. A. G. T. BANKS. THOMAS JONES, MONUMENTAL and BUILDING MASON, I IN Stone, Marble or Granite M Monuments Cleaned and Repaired. Works— G.W.R. Station, Malvern Wells and Belmont, Malvern, Link. Private Address— Taynton House, Lower Wilton Rd., Malvern. SpriigCkaiiH SPECIALITIES AT Wilks' Stores SPECIAL SHOW OF BRUSHES, BROOMS, DUSTERS, FLOORCLOTHS, CHAMOIS LEATHERS, SPONGES, HOUSE FLANNEL, &c., &c. Labour and Inconvenience is Brushed Aside by the use of Good Clean Utensils. SCRUBBING BRUSHES from 3!d to 1/6. BLACKLEAD BRUSHES from Id to 1/6. CARPET BROOMS at 2/6, 3/6, 4/6. Best French Weed. HAIR BROOMS from 1/3 to 5/- DUSTERS, DISH CLOTHS, CHAMOIS LEATHERS,HOUSE FLANNELS at all prices. FLOOR POLISH in tins, 3d, 6d and 1/ All kinds. Little labour necessary to make floors shine. FURNITURE CREAM in jars; 3d, 6d and 1/ Preserves the Furniture and gives it a new appearance. LIQUID VENEER at 1/- and 2/- per bot. SOFT SOAP, BAR SOAP, SIL- VER SOAP, &c., &c., in all kinds. CHINA & CLASS. SPECIAL SHOW OF EVERYDAY LINES. TUMBLERS (thin glasses), at Id, 2d and 3d. CUPS & SAUCERS (thin white), at 2/6 per dozen. WINE GLASSES (green). A few hundreds to clear at Id each. ODD CUPS, all ehapes. Won- derful value at Id each. EGG CUPS (White and Gold), half-dozen 5-1d., very cheap. PLATES (White and Gold), good value, lid each. FANCY JUGS (pretty shape), good size, 6td each. TOl LET JUGS and BASINS, large quantity, 1/3 each. WHITE PUDDING BOWLS, splendid line, 3d each. All Best Quality Goods. CALL & INSPECT. WILKS, 10 & 11, HIGH STREET LEDBURY. NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! You've made lots of tkem, i haven't you ? Yes, and broken iI lots of them, too. So YOtl'V& c I decided not to make any more. 5 $ But, every rule has an excep- tion." Here's your exception "I WILL BUY MY BEER FROM THE VINE BREWERY FROM NOW ON." That's a resolution you will keep, and you won't find it p) hard either, for you will get li the best value for your money. LANE BROS. & BASTOW, C $ VINE BREWERY, 5 S LEDBURY. Telephone—P.O. 12. PAINLESS DENTISTRY W. A. HOBSON, 4, Southend, LEDBURY. T! »HI7i 1T171 rX rJitT l Extracted, PAINLESS 1 JL?il< i. JM Method. TEETH Artificial, from £1 Single Tfl |7< |7»TpTT All Repairs Promptly ?- lli ■A JL JLJL attended to (any maker). HOURS OF CONSULTATION Fridays, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Market Days (Tuesdays), 9-30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ADVICE FREE. 4, Southend, Ledbury (Next to Royal Oak Hotel). ESTABLISHED 1824. The Yorkshire Insurance Csmpaai LIMITED. Reserve Funds nearly ;63,000,Oeo. Claims Paid exceed £ 6,500,000. CHAIRMAN EDWIN GRAY, ESQ. LIVE STOCK INSURANCE; Insure with the wealthiest Company transact- ing this class of Insurance. For latest features including FOALING and other SPECIAL RISKS, see the Company's new prospectus, which may be had post hae. WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION, Inoludlng DOMESTIC SERVANTS. ABSOLUTE PROTECTION against ALL LIABILITY without limit as to amount, IN- CLUDING THE COSTS OF DEFENDING DOUBTFUL OR WRONGFUL CLAIMS, provided by this Company's policies. FIRE INSURANCE. Survey made and minimum rates quoted fre of charge. LIFE DEPARTMENT. New Table of "Life nsurance at Minimum. Lost. The lowest orem ums charged by any British Life Office. Write or particulars. BRISTOL OFFICE Clare 8treetr Application for Agencies in unrepresented districts invited. p- ASK YO^ CHEMISL I I. Grocer or Wine er.MISTI I FOR BURROW'S I "ALPHA BRAND" MALVERN WATERS You will find them Superior in Purity to all other Table Waters. IF NOT KEPT IN STOCK, apply to W. & J. BURROW, THE SPRINGS, MALVERN. Malvern Soda, Malveria Seltzer, Malvern Potash and Lithia Waters. t Six Dozen, Carriage Paid. In Corked Bottles, Screw Stopper Bottles, and BLUE SYPHONS d. L Larkworthy &.Co. AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS, WORCESTER, Ploughs, Harrows, Scuffles, Cultivators. DRILLS, ROLLERS. Telephone-No. 46, Worcester. Telegrams—" Larkworthy, Worcester." J. ROMANS & Co., Ltd., GEORGE ROMANS Manager. TIMBER & BUILDERS' MERCHANTS, Docks, GLOUCESTER Large Selection of Well-seasoned Timber, Deals, Match and Flooring Boards, Mouldings, Skirtings, Cut and Sawn Lath, Weather Boards, Oak and Deal Field Gates and Posts, Ladders. Ladder -rid Scaffold Poles, Galvanised Corrugated Iron Sheets. Noted Yard for Rough Boards, Scantlings, and other Timber, suitable for Shedding, Fowl-booees Garden and Farm purposes. Telephone Gloucester.