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I he Electric Theatre. li it were merely tor the continuous presenta- tion of the Triangle-Kovstono comedies, redolent with joySus plots screamingly unfolded by the most hilarious of the American knockabout comedians, the Merthyr Fj'eetric Theatre rightly deserves its huge popularity amongst the amuse- ment los ing public. The programme for the earl ier part of next week includes another of t hese ludicrously funny re leases, ;i Shanghaied I Jonah," which, if possible, is even more tear- provoking than this week's picture, Two (rooks." A malicious mate, cross captain, his d?)m?t:t)d 'iau?itto' and Captain Spaghetti makes the fun fast ami furious. The star drama i.- The Profligate," a thrilling story admirable in conception and pictuiisation. whilst Bill and '• l<>b/' Bail nsfather'.s quaint soldier-crea- tions return in cartoons. On Thursday's change-over a film with thcat- mosphere of war, Joan of Arc—of Doos" tops the bill, which also includes the inimitable Chaplin as the Immigrant." The redoubtable Eddie Polo, in du. Grey Ghost .serial wins laurel s every week" as each of his achieve- ments is capped by more thrilling exploits as the story goes on in the telling. Chase Me, Charlie." the Chaplin five-part revue, drew crowded houses nightly for the first three days of this week, as did his interpretation of Cure," a lmrlesque on life in a Hydro* during the latter portion of the week..From Thursday onwards this week, too. "The House Opposite," with Matheson Lang in the lead, is a lso a big success. Each show contains a de- lightful collection of drama, comedy, travel and educational features inaition to current t, Vt

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