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THEATRE ROYAL & EMPIRE PAUSE, Merthyr I j RESIDENT MANAGERESS—MRS. G. D. REA. § 7,630 ONCE NIGHTLY. 7.30 g ? Week commencing MONDAY, FEB. 25th, 1918. I I ?L?TINEE THURSDAY AT ?) P.M. I 1 W* GREAT AfU?ICAL ATTH ACTION. j 2 THE GEORGE EDWARDES COMPANY and Produci.? fr(?w Daly's Th?tr?, London 2 (under the DJreetlon of Rob<?l. Evtt) present- I h e HAPPY DAY j  A MUSICAL PLAY IN TWO ACTS, BY SEYMOUR HICKS.  2 I If you ?BJ?ed BETTY do not miss this. I| Cbnveya.n-c*,? run dawn th? VaJIf<? af-wr the evening performance by arrangement. 1 I Seats may now be booked. Telephons No. 2. Free List entirely suWendW. S PW Circle, 2/6. Stalls, 2/ Pit, Gallery, 6d. j miamiMHatiaBi PLUS NEW TAX. laMHaaHMHanHBiiM re' j Merthyr Electric Theatre j J Week commencing Monday, February 25th. 5 I CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE FROM 2.30 TILL 10.30 P.M. DAILY. I I Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday- I THE PROFLIGATE I 5 An Excellent Picture of Wilklnsom. t THE GAZETTE This week our patrons will be delighted by an extra joo feet of this picture. j GLORIA'S ROMANCE-Part Six. I w Bairnsfather's Cartoons. Shanghaied Jonah-Triangle Keystone. I M Thursday, Friday, and Saturday- I I JOAN OF ARC OF LOOS I I Walterdaw Drama. 1- I THE IMMIGRANT-Chaplin Comedy. I = THE GREY GHOST—Part 7. COMEDY. PATHE S OAZ&TE. | 1 ADMISSION 3d—Tax, Id.; 6d.—Tax, 2d.; 1/ Tax, 3d. I W Children? Matinee on Saturday at 10.15-1d. only. • Late II .i r ABERAVON'S NEW CANDIDATE: BOB WILLIAMS SECRETARY TRANSPORT WORKERS, ON 11 I may say that for a light, palatable, and easily smoked cigarette, I know of none that that are better" TRADE UNION SMOKES THE WORKERS' CONCERN ¡.- MAKE IT YOUR CONCERN to demand EVERYWHERE the Hand-Made Cigarette with the T R A D E UNION Guarantee. PARTICULARS: CIGARETTE MAKERS TRADE UNION CIGAQETTwoNA!DE UNION I 11 CHURCH LANE, LONDON, E.1. HOPE CHAPEL, MERTHYR, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24th, 1917. Rev. J. Morgan Jones, M.A. SUBJECT-" TOLSTOY." A CORDIAL WELCOME EXTENDED TO ALL OTHER SOCIETIES PLEASE NOTE that the ANNUAL SHOW "W in connection with the MERTHYR AND DISTRICT ALLOTMENTS HOLDERS' ASSOCIATION 1 will be held at Merthyr on August 29th, 1918. Don't Clash with this Date. WANTED. NEW LAID EGGS wanted..Full market price given. State quantity and if boxes found. Prompt payments; banker's references. —Write Williams, Creameries, Ltd., 116, High- road, Streatham, London, S.W. 16. MISCELLANEOUS. CLOTHING, Boots, Bedding, Drapery, Hosiery, Jewellery, etc., new or second- hand, try Harris's. Value assured or money returned within three days. All goods delivered free, distance no object.—Note Address, 5 OastJe Street, Merthyr. LITERARY. UNITARIAN PAMPHLETS on The Bible," Heaven," and "Hell," given post free. —Miss B-VRIIBY, Mount Pleasant, Sidmouth. or HELP THOSE WHO HELP I" TOUR PAPER J


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I Dick Wallhead at Large i

i Mr. Hyndman Annoyed I

50,000 Allotment Holders Want…

D.O.R..A. Still Active.

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