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LLANTWIT MAJOR. The Inst,itute.-At the usual meeting of the Llantwit Major and District Institute on Monday night last, Mr. Thomas Morgan read an unpublished paper by Marie Trevelyan. It was entitled Quaint Old Stories," as orally related in the Vale of Glamorgan. Scholastic.—On the recent prize day of the Cowbridge County School, Miss Amelia Chat- terton, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chatterton, if Wine-street, m this town, ob- tained 2nd prize in Form III. This consis- ted of a beautifully bound copy of Tennyson's works, presented by Mr. J. Blandy Jenkins, J.P., Llanharran. She also passed in Divi- sion I. at the examination of the Royal Draw- ing Society which was held in June, 1906, and has now received her certificate. This young student was trained in the Llantwit Major Council School, and gained the bur- sary which enabled her to enter the Cow- bridge County School. Obituary.-The death took place on Mon- day of Mr. William Thomas, Floodgate, after a long and painful illness borne with much fortitude. He was a well known farmer of the Vale, and formerly lived with his mother and sister at Plymouth House, but a few years ago retired, and went to reside at Floodgate, which he obtained by purchase. There he remained with his sister, Miss Thomas, who carefully nursed him during his illness. Mr. W. Thomas was the brother of Mr. J. C. Thomas, Boverton Court; Mrs. Spencer. Flemingstone: and uncle of Parish Councillor E. T. Lloyd, West House, Llantwit Major. Christian Endeavour.—A very successful and pleasant social tea and entertainment were held by the members of the Christian Endeavour Society in the Wesleyan School- room on Friday last. The chairman was the Rev. P. Marchant Lewis (C.M.). Trays were I presided over by Mrs. Owen Thomas, Miss Edith Thomas, Miss Mary Emily Morgan, and Miss Jessie Trigg. Vocal selections were sung by Mrs. Owen Davies, The Manse; Mr. Ebenezer John. and Mr. J. Yorath, and reci- tations were given by the Misses Webb, Gwen Yorath, Lily Morgan, and by Master Willie Williams. There was a competition in un- punctuated reading, for which Miss Gwen Yorath won the first prize, and Master Geo. David second. For impromptu speaking, subject "The Moon," Master George Kibble- white won the first prize. Mr. T. Morgan was adjudicator. A large number of mem- bers and friends were present, and the enter- tainment was much appreciated. Sunday School Tea.-The annual tea and entertainment in connection with St. Illtyd's Church Sunday School were held in the Town Hall on Friday last, the 4th inst., when the Rev. Henry Morris (vicar), Mrs. Morris, and Miss Morris, The Vicarage, were present. The teachers assembled there were Miss Annie Thomas, Boverton Place; Miss Eva Thomas, Ffynondy; Miss May Rees, Miss May Smith, Miss Grace Williams, Mrs. D. J. Williams, and Miss Louie Morgan. Trays were presided over by Miss Annie Thomas, Miss Eva Thomas, Miss May Rees, teachers; and by the Misses Price, The Hayes, visitors; Miss Mary Rees and Miss Lily James, choir members. After an excellent tea, the even- ing's entertainment consisted of various amusements and games. Prizes of value were given to all the elder scholars, while each child in the hall received a present of some description. Oranges and apples were freely distributed, and a very enjoyable even- ing was spent. The choir of St. Illtyd's Church was as usual invited to the tea party. Japanese Cantata.-In connection with the juvenile branch of the Church of Eng- land Temperance Society, a very pretty and well staged cantata was produced in the Town-hall on Thursday, the 3rd inst. The first part of the evening s programme con- sisted of nursery songs and rhymes delight- fully rendered by the youngest members, who were warmly applauded. The second part was devoted to the cantata, entitled Sunrise Land," in which the principal characters of the caste wore Japanese costumes of beauti- ful designs and brilliant colouring. The characters were:—Japanese Soldiers, Lang Toy, Miss Morris; Fightee Fightee, Masters Edwin Love, Max Davies, Edward Loveluck, Frank Deere, Fred Symmonds, Tom Dimond, anu Rees Thomas; Coolies, Masters Fred George, Geo. Symmonds. Edgar Thomas, and 1. Symmonds; Lotus Blossom, Miss Florrie Deere; Companions and Friends, Yum Yum, Miss Barbara Davies; Sing Sing, Miss Elsie Smith; Cherry Blossom, Miss Annie Jen- kins; Fan Dancers, the Misses Emma Pil- grim, Margaret Williams, Nelly Flanders, I Lizzie Bammon and Blodwen James; Butter- fly Dancers, the Misses May George, Dolly Symmonds, Blodwen Davies and Eva Davies- Geishas, the Misses L. Kelly, Bertha Smith, H. Williams, and Ethel Dimond; Mr. and Mrs. Ogo Rogo, Master Harry Morris and Miss Louie Morgan. Miss Sarah Morgan was the accompanist. Much credit is due to Miss Morris, The Vicarage, for the way in which she arranged and produced the cantata and dressed the characters. In her efforts to render the piece as perfect as possible she was ably assisted by the Misses May Smith Louie Morgan, Eva Morgan, and Bronwen Paslieu. The hall was prettily decorated with holly, evergreens, and plants of various kinds. Among those who kindly lent articles for use and ornament were the Misses Price The Hayes; Sergeant Rees, Mr. and Mrs! Thomas, Island House; Mrs. Loveluck, Mr. George Smith, and Mrs. Standfast.



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