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DREADFUL EARTHQUAKE AT ALGIERS Extract of a Lettet-ji-oin Algiers, Dated March 7. OM Wednesday the 2d Inst, this city and neighbourhood was visited with a tremendous earthquake, which continued at intervals far the five following days. It has thrown down several houses and injured many others, and has totally destroyed the town of Blida, one day's journey from this, burying in its ruins nearly all the inha- bitants. Out of a population of 15,000 souls, chiefly Moors, Jews, and Arabs, about 300 only have been saved, and those in a sadly mu- tilated state. M The first two shocks that occurred were at 2 min. and 42 min. after 10 a.m. were extremely vio- lent, and the motion both circular and perpendi- cular. On the same evening two more shocks occurred on Thursday evening three, on Friday two, bn Saturday two, and on Sunday, between the hours of fine and three a. m. two more, which, it is hoped, may prove the last. To-morrow I purpose going to visit the ruin. of that ill-fated town, where, I am told, a horrible scene of devastation presents itself; 7,000 dead bodies have been already dug out. In one spot, supposed to be a Jewish seminarv, the bodies of 980 children were found, and a vast number of persons in the rui of the mosques, where the people had congregated, the earthquake having occurred at the hour of prayer (10 o'clock). In the immediate neighbourhood ofthe town, the earth has opened in large interstices of from eight to ten feet wide, and as many deep; and it is worthy. of remark, that the same phenomenon which generally precedes the eruption of Etna and Vesuvius occurred at Blida-namely, all the wells and fountains in the neighbourhood became perfectly dry. The troops which the Government sent out to prevent plunder have been attacked by vast hordes of the Cobails, and have thus added to the work of death. The Cobails are ofa raee totally distinct from the Turks, Moors, or Arabs they are the descendants of the ancient Numidians, and Inhabit-the mountains of this part of Africa, are perfectly independent, and have never been sub- dued by the Turks. As an act of grace, the Dey has manumitted all the slaves, and has ordered a public thanksgiving for the salvation of this city. God knows whether we are to experience any more of these horrible visitations. There Is every appearance to the contrary, if the weather be any indication. Your mother and all of us have, as you will easily believe, been most dreadfully. alarmed. Wewere afraid even of going to our beds, and spent the greatest part of our time on the roof of the house, which is a perfect flat, and there we were safe so far as regarded any thing from above, and, had the house given way, we should have stood a chance of being uppermost on the ruins. There is one circumstance which I haveomit- ted to mention-that an excellent bàrometer I have kept gradually falling for some days before the earthquake," whilst the weather indicated no change whatever, otherwise than that on the day it happened lny thermometer rose sudflenly from 58 to 62i degrees, which is a very extraordinary occurrence."





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