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LONDON, SATURDAY APUIL 16. ift—There are strange pf a Past^rarLet HP T.ho Grand Almoner, Archbishop of » It attpeai- ta He vonfidelitmt, for print«d »Pies are <0 be had, but the ActordlM these reports, e«rj Rsrso.. keep Easter is tofce .mSwiCTdudeil from the Oh-r^: lit* uMmea' are |o ha*e their children fenntiieri wjtWir eight days of thier bU-tli, 5 aid ofC*CO»»un'Cati0n' S°d* «f"st declare they feaveirecw« ate placed upder a strict ISweaiuce, »»a socbM d» not frequent the Church artto be denounced to the WgKer power.. M»ny other thing. are whispered, hot we hope «ha Archbishop will CAntradict «B H>«« «porta. The Holy Allia"re'°- .? °™ CoD- forcing the patty EneUnd has tinent to ««i topi* fro? "'S""0' iioem 10 set", rr to wfve up some of I e its arrog lk-Court of Wirtemberg ,a°oor, Mioi,e. » to be «<w"da.n 0Krediled ,0 it. Eua. ters are to M d'Austett, and Aus- Jria the Prir.ce ofSchoeubourg, to be their Ministers atStnttgirdt. French Papers to the lltn lOit., witti the Etoile of Monday reached us last night fey Express. They contain an Address to the King, signed by sixty of the first banking and commercial houses in Paris, soliciting his Majesty to follow the exam- ple of England, and to send Consuls to South America and make Treaties of Com- merce, "to stipulate for its interests all the securities and advantages to which a gieat nation has a right to pretend. The merchants of Bordeaux are s4id to have signed a singular Address, and all th< Chambers of Commerce in the king- dom, 10 be making Tij of re the same. The Elode, »n a k. 'c? T „lY !«• Address, contends that French merchants are protected in their transac- ting with South America, and that men of war and other vessels are kept at sea for that purpose. It says that French Agents are visiting Colombia to examine the state of affairs, whilst individuals of a similar description afford 1.1 Brazil and wherever they may be useful, protec- tion to of France 3KWJSSc™;i. Irld the conclusion of trea»es being poli- tical questions, must b. left f «w »fr"E5 £ !'b7Z?t *l knows well what must oe u Interest and dignity of France. The Royal Family and Government of France are making great exertion* U.Im- prove the breed of horses in that coU"tr £ The breed for which Normandy wa so famous is sadly deteriorated; but great efforts are new making to procure a fine breed of that useful and that country. In th.s object the English (government appear to be rendering their old opponents every assistance; this po- ticy appears to us, to say the least of it, sery questionable; and it was carrying our generosity a little too far, to allow the French Officers to come down to our cavalry regimenU, which formed part of the armv of occupation, when they were on the point of embarkationfor this coun- try, and select at their caprice a number of the finest mares the English cavalry regi- ments contained. They are now mount, ing their cavalry 01) very superior horses 4owhat they did before-the Cuirassier Regiments bei.,? imHmted on entire horses -whU must add greatly to their weight and strength; while our regiments were eever mounted upon sucitsinall and light cattle a* at this moment. We have been led litto these remarks by observing the immense number of fine horses which are weekly purchased in this country, and shipped for France. The French dealers spare no expense or pains to procure the choicest blood and pedigree last week fifteen high-bred and very valuable stal- lions, with two fine mares and colt, passed through this city for France, and have embarked at Dover for that country.— The verv high prices given for some of those animals wiW, of course, prove an additional reason for this cotm-ry to pre- serve that superior breed for which it is so justly famoulI.-



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