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.r J:;V' "\11 DOLGELLEY GRAMMAR SCHOOL, WILL re-open on MONDAY, the 26lh INSTANT. TERMS. £ S. tl. Entrance j? Board, per ami 21 0 0 Tuition 2 0 Tiiitiori 2 0 Washing, per quarter.. 0 13 6 St. Asaph Chapter., VP WIDOWS ANO O RPH A N S CU A RITV TVs UVJ.UA L MEETINGS of Hie MEM BERS of i.iie CH PTER, ami the TRUS- TEES of he (-'RA.Ilt,ry,, will be held ill the *Chap(er House, within the CathedviL Church, ,on the last Wednesday in July next, L'O NV I N W Y A TT, Chapter Clerk and Treasurer. ISih June., 1813. St. Asaph Association, FOR THE PRESERVATION OF THE GAME. Notice is hereby C iven, TH AT the Annual Meeting of the Mem- hers of this Association, will he held at the White Lion Inn, St. A^aph, on MONDAY, the 26ih of JULY next, at 12 o'clock. EDWIN WYATT, Secretary. 18th June, 1813. N. B. Subscribers in arrear arc requested to send their arrears, and fresh subscriptions in case of non-attendance. RECTORY ACADEMY, CHESTER, MR. TURLiNG, grateful for the liberal support he has hitherto received, begs leave to inform-bis friends and the public, that lie has removed his establishment to the Rectory House of St John's. The situation is particularly 1 is;ht and airy the rounds attached to the house arc extensive; and the School-room commodious. Mr. H. has vacant accommodations for four Boarders, and as many Day pupils. The School will be re-opeued Oil Monday, the J9ih instant. July ist, 1813. WE, the Churchwardens of the parish of Llanwnda, in the county of Carnarvon, and Diocese of Hang-of, do herehy volllntarily declare, that having without due authority, or- dered r. tain valuable and highly ornamental Timber Trees, in the- church yard of the said parish, to be cut down and sold,— We are now, on better information, sincerely sorry for such anti we are of these circumstances public, that other persons filling the office of Churchwardens, may not be induced to commit the same offence. (Signed) WU.I.I \J W I LM A MS. THOMAS ii UG ilES. In the presence of the Rev. W GRIFFITH, > Rural Dean. ) TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Union, in the Town of Carnarvon, on Sa- turday the day of July, 1813, between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, unless disposed of in the. mean time by Private Contract, of which due notice isiil be given.: gj|L r'_r *Lt AT, well binll and fast Ji saiJirur Sloop, called the Va- firmt. or the PorI or Carnarvon, W. GRIFFITH, Master, about SO tons burl 1),.Iil,,illil ei,ri" years old, her timbers are sound, being alt selected with great attention when in buildiirsr. All her sails and rigging are in good order. She is a very pleasant working V issel at sea. She. is now in the Port of Carnarvon, and will remain there until the day of sale. For further particulars apply u> Captain W«. GRIFFITH, Market-street, Carnarvon. DOLGELLEY & CELYNIN 1 N CLOSURE N'(ltice is hereby Given, rjpiilAT certain A LLOTM E N TS being parts Ja. and parcels of the Commons and Waste Lands, in »he several parishes of Dolgeliey and Llatigelyiiiu, commonly called Celynin, in the county of Merioneth, will be SOLD by AUC- TION, al tin-Golden Lion Inn, in Dolgeliey, on Tuesday .'he 20ih day ot July next, in order to defray the charges and expences of carrying the Act of Parliament lately passed. for inclosing the same Commons and Waste Lands into ex- ecution. Particulars, descrioing the said Allotments, may be had at the Office of Messrs. Jones and Solicitol-s, HUGH JONES,1 Clerk to the Commissioners. -Dot May, 1813. Capel Cur.19, Turnpike Road. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the next Meeting of Hie Trustees of this Road, will he held on Thursday, the 8th day of July next, at Capel Curig lilli, at 12 o'clock at noon; at which Meeting ihe Tolls arising at the Gates ereeted on. the said Road," will he Lef by Auction, to the highest bidder or hfdders—which Tolls produced the last year, the I Allowing sums, viz. Dinas Cate 2r)3 11 0 Tyn y Ion Gate 263 0 0 Beitw,; 0 0 «- Hendreissa Gate.220 0 0 Ove* and above the ol ofi!fecting- the Sa.ille, ,Jr;lff Wiii he I)iit Ili) at the aboveineotioned. Whoever happens to be tie best bidder or bidders, must at the same time produce sufficient sureties for (he payment of the rents agreed for, and at such times as the said Trustees shall direct. BENJ. WYATT, Clerk to the said Trustees. Bangot, June 21st, 1813. Abcrdaroti, c. Inclosure. I The Undersigned Commissioner, appoint- ed in and by an Act of Parliament, made & passed in the fifty-first year of the reign of his present Majesty, entitled, An Act for Inclos- in Lands in the parish of Aberdaron, and other parishes, in the county of Carnarvon." DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, That for the purpose of defraying the expences of carrying the said Act into execution, ( shall cause several Lots or Portions of the said Com- mon, called Morfa Mawr, in the several parishes of Deuio and Penrhos, to be Sold by Auction,on Wednesday, the Twenty-first day of July next, at the Crown and Anchor, in the town of Pwll- heli, between the hours of 3 and 5 in the after- noon, subject to conditions of sale. Particulars of the several Lots may be had of me the said Commissioner, or at the office of Mr. Robert Griffith, Solicitor, Pwllheli. AND I DO HEREBY GIVE FURTHER NOTICE, That I shall on the same day, at 12 o'clock at noon, submit the plans of an intended Embank- ment, over and across Pwllheli River, at or near Peurhydlyuiog—and in order that the same may be taken into consideration, each and every Pro- prietor are requested to attend precisely at the time appointed. RICHARD ELLIS, Commissioner. Pwllheli, J 9th June, 1813, T AX ES. r H ri, RECEIVER G EN ERA L will aUend JS. at, the places and on the days following, (between (he hours of ten and three o'clock,) for the purpose of receiving the last. Moiety of Pro- perty Tax, for the yey.r 1812, and all outstanding arrears of Property, Land, and Assessed "Paxes, for the years 1811, and 18H?-NoNotes what- ever, but Bank of England, will be taken. Counties. f Llanerchyinedd, Monday and Tues- Anglesey. < day, 26th and 27 ih July, 1S13. e; Ili, Wednesday, 28ih do ( Conway, Thursday, 29th do. Carnarvon. >^11, Friday aud Saturday, 20st J 21st August. (Carnarvon, Monday, 23d do. f Moehdref, Friday, 30th July. I Abergele, Saturday, 31st do. I Denbigh, Monday, 2d August. Ruthin, Tuesday, 3d do. Denbigh. Wrexham, Saturday and Monday, I 11 h, and 9th do. Oswestry, Wednesday, 11 th do. I Llangollen, Thursday, 12th do. (^Dwyrid, Friday, 13th do. ("St. Asaph, Wednesday, 4(h Aug,, p. VfIolywell, Thursday, 5th do. Hint. VMold, Friday, 6»h do. ^Overton, Tuesday, 10th do. ( Bala, Saturday, 14th August. j Ooigeliey, Monday, 16th do. Merioneth. <j ra,n^lt Tuesday, 17th do. ( Maeiilwrog, Wednesday, 18th do. Treqarnedd, June 28, 1S13. DOLGELLEY # CKLYNIN INCLOSURE. I The Undersigned the Commissioner ap- tj poin'e;! by an Act of Parliament lately passed, intituled, all Act for inclosing Lands in the parishes of Dolgeliey and Llangelynin, eOiJ\.uo¡dy called Celynin, in the County of 41 Merioneth." DO HERliBY GIVE NOTICE, That t have set out and appointed the under- mentioned public carriage-wads and highways, through and over the Lands and Grounds intend- ed to be inclosed by virlne of (he said Act, and have ascertained the same by marks and bounds, and deposited a map wherein such roads are de- scribed, at the Office of Messrs. Jones and Wil- ¡ liams, Solicitors, in Dolgeliey, for (he inspec- tion of ail persons concerned, and that 1 will hold a Meeting, at the Golden Lion Inn, iu Dol- geliey, on Tuesday the :20111 day of July next, whell arid where all persons who consider (hem- sel yes agrieved by the setting out of such roads are desired to attend to state their objections. Dalgelfcj/ Parish-Brilhdir Issa i o ion ship. One Public Carriage-road and highway, of the breadth of SO feet, commencing at a gate near Edward Edwards, Esqr's property, leading out of the Machynlleth road and running along the bottom of a Common called, C-raig-y-Llyn- htr, nearly in its present direction towards Bala. One Bridle-road of the breadth of 20 feet, leading ont of the road from Dolgeliey to Mall- wyd, near Caer Tyddyn across the Common to- wards Bala. Celynin Parish. One Public Carriage-road, of the breadth of 30 feet across the Common called, Meini Hirioo, from Dolgeliey to Llwyngwril in its present course. One other Public Carriage-road, leading from Dolgeliey to Llanegrun in its present course, commencing at Pont-gias, adjoining the bounda- ry between Celynin and Llanegrun, and termi- nating at Llidiart-y-Gelli-sarog. One bridle-road, branching from the last men- tioned road near Corlan-fawr by Coed-mawr, to- wards Llwyngwril. One other bridle road,of the breadth of 18 ft. commencing near Fotiy-fach, and leading out of the Towyn road to Dolgelly, in a northerly di- rection, running parallel with the Rev. John Nanney's lands, over the common called Maes Crogellnan, lindterminal jug a f a gate near Arthog. One other bridle road, of the breadth of 18 feet, intersecting the last mentioned road, across the said common from the rivulet to Pant Philip. And I do hereby give further Notice, That I will attend at the Golden Lion aforesaid' on Wednesday the 2lst day of July next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of en- quiring into the Boundaries of the said parishes, and the manors and townships within the same, an l of the parishes, manors, ha tile,ts,or districts adjoining thereto and in case it shall appear to me (liar fli(- Boundaries of the same respectively, or any part thereof, are not 'hen sufficiently as- certained and distinguished, I shall procecd to ascertain, set out, and fix the same respectively, pursuant to the said Act herein before-mentioned, aud he Act therein recited. JOSIAH BOYDELL. Kilhendre, 25th May, 1S13. I- Wanted, A PERSON to work and manage a SLATE QUARRY, near Bangor, to whom a libe- ral Salary will be giveu, with a swaU share of the Profits. — For particulars, apply to thePriuter of this Paper, if by letter, post-paid. CARN ARVONSIIItlE TO BE OLD BY AUCTION, A the Goat Inn, z:: the town of Carnarvon, in the county of Carnarvon, on Satilrday; the 17 th day of.iicly, between the hours of 3 allr15 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced, unless disposed of in the mean time by private contract,, oj which due 7lotict: loill be given. rilHAT capital and compact FREEHOLD _fl_ ESTATE, consisting of the following eli- gible Farms, viz. Trefian, Tai-issa, Gwasiadfaes, Graiglwyd, and Cae Steel, situate lying and be- ing in the township, of Treflan, in the parish of Llanbeglig, in the county of Carnarvon, contain- ing about six hundred acres, of good meadow and pasture land, exclusive of a valuable uninclosed pasture and sheep-walk thereto adjoining, of about seven hundred acres, now in the occupa- tion of tenants at will. This is a most desirable Estate, it lies within a ring fence, at the distance of about four miles and a half from the market town of Carnarvon. close to the public road leading from the town to Beddgclart-the situation is universally ad- mired hy travellers-ttie laud is of superior qua- lity, and in a very improved state It is a most convenient and pleasant situatipn fora gentleman desirous of having a residence in the county of Carnarvon—there is a delightful spot to build a Mansion-house, with upwards of two hundred acres of good meadow and pasture ground in front, well worth 40s. per acre, most part of which has been set for cnnsiderably more; the ground behind the intended house is well wooded; there is a large river, well supplied with trout,as a boundary at the bottom of the level ground.— The whole of this extensive property lies in a south aspect, which may be irrigated at a small expence, and is a luxuriant place for the growth of all manner of trees, a great nuinber having been lately planted, and are in a very thriving state; it is in a good sporting part of the country, the sheep-walk is well stocked with grouse, and several large lakes abundantly supplied with trout, are at a small distance. This property is entitled to nearly one half of the adjoining common, called Waen-fawr, which is to be divided under an Inclosure Act.. There is a large body of slate rock upon the sheep walk, and the adjoining common, that the proprietors of this Estate are entitled to by vir- tue of a Grant from the Crown, for a term of years, which if desirable to a purchaser, will be disposed of with the Estate. Take this Estate in every point of view, it is the most desirable that is likely to be offered to sale in this neighbourhood for many years to come. Further particulars maybe had, by applying to Mr. J. ifyvANS, Solicitor. Carnarvon, who is authorized to treat with any person desirous of purchasing by private contract, at whose Office a Map and Survey of the premises may he seen. ARMY CONTRACTS Commissary in Chief v Ojjice, Great George-street, London, June 14, IS13. 1%J0T1CE IS HEREBY GIVEN, lo all .1^ Persons desirous of contracting to supply FRESIl BEEF nud MUTTON to his Majesty's Land Forces in Cantonments, Quarters and Bar- racks, in the under-mentioned Counties and Islands :— i Anglesea, Bedford, Beiks, fincluding the Town of Hungerford), Berwick, f}reeoB, Bucks, Cambridge(in"ludingthe; Town of Newmarket.) Cardigan, Garma rtheri, Carnarvon, Chesfei, i Cornwall, ("including Scilly) Cumberland, Denbigh, Derby, Devon, Dorset, I Durham (including Holy island) Essex, Flint, Glamorgan, Gloster (including the City of Bristol,) Hants, Hereford, Hertford, Hertford, Hunts, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Kent, Lancaster, Leicester, Lincoln, Merioneth, Middlesex, Monmouth, Montgomery, Norfolk, Northampton, Northumberland, Nottingham, Oxford, Pembroke, Radnor, Rutland, Salop, Somerset, Stafford, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwick, Westmoreland, Wilts, Worcester, York, And in the several coun- ties in North Britain. That the deliveries are to commence on and for the twenty-fifth day of September next; that Proposals in writing, sealed up and marked, Tender for Army Supplies, will he received at this Office on or before Wednesday the twenty-fifth day of II ugnst, but none will he received after twelve o'clock on that day) and, if sent hy post, the postage must be paid. Proposals must be made separately for each County and Island, except for the counties com- prising North aud South Wales, all of which must be included in One Tender, as also must the se- veral counties in North Britain and each Pro- po3al must have the letter which is annexed to the Tender properly filled up, hy two persons of known property engaging to become bound with the party tendering in the amount stated in the printed particulars for the due performance of the contract and no proposal will he noticed, un- less mark on a printed Tender, and the prices expressed in words at length and should J t so happen that during the continuance of the cn-, tract, no troops should be stationed or in the county, the expence of the con bond, paid in the first instance by the co > to be refunded to him by the Commissary III Chief. Particulars of ths contracts may be ha application at this Office, between 'he l5 'rsJ)' eleven and five and at the Office of Deput Commissary General Lindesay, bUinourtou. DENBIGHSHIRE Auxiliary Bible Society. WE, the Undersigned, having this day yy met, pursuant to advertisement, to faci- litate the formation of a Society for the county of Denbigh, iu aid of the British and Foreign Bible Society, beg leave to inform the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Freeholders and other inhabi- tants of the county, that a MEETING will be held in the SI-HRE HALL, in RUTHIN, on the first day of the next Denbighshire Assizes, pre- cisely at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, to form an Institution for the county at large, conforma- ble to the principles of, and auxiliary to, the British and Foreign Bible Society, when Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart. M. P. Lord Lieu- tenant, and Gustos Rotuk-rum of the county, will take the Chair. Ruthin, 24th May, 1813. Richard Miles Wynne, Eyarth, Joseph Peers, Plasnewydd, Jolw Roberts, Ruthin, John Jones, Clerk of the Peace, Goodman Roberts., ) Alderm 11 Thomas Jones\$AI^<»en. Gabriel Hughes, Llanrhydd. Thomas Hughes, Ruthin. John Williams, Rhydycilgwyn. Robert Humphreys Jones, Ruthin. Richard Newcome, Warden of Ruthin, John Kyffin, Rector of Derwen. Richard Jones, Vicar of Llanynys. Richard Jones, Rector of Llanychaa. William Chambres, Llanrhydd. John Jones, Curate of Llanfwrog. John Parry, Curate of Clocaenog. John Davies, Curate of Llauelidan. Robert Philips, Curate of Llangerniw. FREEHOLD ESTATE, In the Parish of Bangor, County of Carnarvon. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At the Mitre Inn, in the city of Bangor, on Friday the 23d of July next, between the hours of four and six o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as shall be ilien and there pro- duced, unless preciously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be g-ivert F IS 1H E LAN DSof G L ASiN FH YN,pleasantlJ I situate within two miles of the city of Bangor, eight of Carnarvon, two and a half of Bangor-ferry, anil fourteen and a half of Capel- Curig,; and consisting of »I XT Y FIVE ACRES of a rich, deep, loamy soil, suited to the most lucrative rotation of crops. Forty-one aci-es are under superior management, and in a hig-h stale of culture the residue is in a progressive state of improvement, and may be rendered arable at a light expence. These Lands are divided into fields of from four and a half to six acres each, with wafer in every field, and the fences are in good order. A Parish Common which adjoins arid bounds part of this Estate, will be found of great occasional convenience. There is a newly elected MANSION on the pre- mises, 43 feet in tt-orii, by 30 feet wide, on three floors, and divided into eleven apartments, be- sides cellar and dairy underground. Three apart- ments are in an u;¡Üni;¡!1ed state, but the whole may be rendered commodious and comfortable for the reception of a genteel family,ata very trifling expence. This House fronts the east, and is agreeably situate in a well wooded meadow, com- manding a pleasing prospect of the surrounding scenery, which is seldom to be equalled for beauty and variety. There are likewise a newly-built Stable and Cow-house, at a convenient distance, and an over-shot Gorse Mill. Ait these buildings as they were intended for the use of the Proprietor, arc of the most substantial materials and best workmanship, and the timberof superiorquaSify, being Dantzic pine. There are also some old Buildings on the property, valuable for the quan- tity of oak timber contained in 'heni. The river Cegin forms the eastern boundary, and extends above half a mile, including a well wooded and romantic dingle, with a large power of water capable of supplying at all reasons an extensive machinery. The water may be taken to a level 30 feet-above the bed of the river.- There is no situation in the parish of Bangor so well adapted to a considerable undertaking, with an equal power of water. The Timber on this Estate consists chiefly of oak, alder, and ash a proportion of the oak timber is of great aiT, and suitable to the pur- poses of the ship-builder and r)v There are some voting piantations of thriving timber from 12 to 15 years old. This property includes in its local situation and quality of soil, advantages that are rarely to be met with, and v/iil form an eligible and desir. able residence for a Gentleman, or Gentleman farmer. A purchaser may have immediate possession, as the Lands and Buildings are exclusively in the holding of the proprietor. It is requested that none but principals will apply, (if by let.ter, post-pain and further par- ticulars may be known on application to the Pro- prietor, Ma. WHITE, Glasin fryn, Bangor, Car- narvonshire or 10 J. ROBERTS, Esq. Deputy Registrar, Bangor, Carnarvonshire