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BAZAAR AT NEWTOWN. Far some time past the efforts of the members of tt,m Baotist Church, Newtown, have been greatly S«t»rde4 by a heavy debt of £ 4,000 upon their chapel v2Si?o«, and in order to remove in part this incubus • bazaar and rummage Bale was opened at the Victoria Hall on Friday afternoon and continued on The Baptist Church is a baildmgf of wfcteh Nonconformists of every shade may be justly Cred it is situated, as moat of our readers know feHav Road, and beyond dispute is the finest -Letaftry in Newtown, both as regards architee:ure, SwT and sitting capacity. Since the commence- SSS the pastorate of the Rev T E. W.lliams the dfettrfih has progressed, and, admirably supported by Jfr |«eons a £ d congregations, his suocess can be *%flbittb^»arWsatall's contained fancy articles of a mefat and ornamental description, all marked at 'JS"n»ble prices. A large quantity of second-hand vancine from an old hat to an ancient shoe, &I1other stall, while in another part of the had •twl grocery and provision shop, thoroughly replete With sLa endless variety of goods. Poultry and dairy W-M were also on sale, as well as a large quantity Seotealxd fruit and excellent flowers and vegetables. Smarts and books pold at reasonable prices, while ffcttelSreahment stall there was every convenience tot iterating the inner man Besides the stalls SSre I«re numerous other attractions; of course o,* teSte despite the prevailing conditions of the weather was the fish pond, and anglers on purchasing had the satisfaction of knowing that Mr HitffaSand Master H. Morgan guaranteed the fish S?Jo" Ph Miisom, junior, fading, invited many of tog ™Xg people to try his renowned shooting «n«« ani) Mr A R. Douglas transplanted faces on ^^r the modolt » tanner." Mr E. C. Morgan -?{,&, engaged in exhibiting Thuma, > a living #n«rat&rxr and her 11 tnuniwifisd ancestors, not the SSiSchJ 0« the House of Lordu, while his roars 5Jr,,f. „ete employed in looting after the local S'totaJ i talking machine and weigh, £ Xk. completed the attraet.one the w to, „^e tintiar tie supervision of Mr 1. rarry jones. xne ShcS at the arrangements were carried out by a which frcm first to last has worked JESS^nd harmoniously together; the officers £ ta £ lfr George Morgan, The Fron (chairman) Mrs Oak Villa, hon. treasurer, and Mr E. P. M^fi/Llrwnon. and Mr A. S. Cooke as hon. sees. To theater gentleman a speoial word of praise is li for the whole hearted manner in which he has worked to secure the access th° ?J^m^hich wag At the opening ceremony on iriday, wnicn was oerfora^d by Miss Lewis, Mount Severn, L anidloes, £ fh*ll was crowded, and throughout the whole time «*!« was in progress there was no lack of either ssefasi «. T. E. WAU,™, iS kU Dajard, Mr G. Morgan, Mr T Parry Jones, 2 Ur A S Gooke, ascended the platform. yj-fe. the a»dT.»;e'w.. Mr. Edward Da™ *U« Dieam, and Mr Hugh Lewis, J.P. RF" -V K WILLIAMS, in opening the proceedings, BaDtist Chapel cost £ 10,500, and was aP.in1 1.S50 P«>Pl»- "*d »*ia °<< JSrM. etill leaving a heavy debt. Tbe money tbtAnk that day would go towards its reduction. PARRY JONES, treasurer, then made a Sir l' t said it would be un- f^S^Ffarhimto'go into details, but he would those present that when the committee, who andtrtokthe building of the chapel was formed, 4h«v eecepted a tender which was less than ^6,000. feast of the Bite was £ 850. and with incidental iotnaes they anticipated the total coat would be £ 5^ ^7,500. If their expectations had been SSLed they would h?~ve been quite out of debt by thifi time, but, unfortunately, in spite of the eafe- which they adopted, the contractors fa. led in *+hair undertaking when the work was balf through, Ind ite committee had to finish the building them- This they did in a thoroughly substantial Si Ltufactory manner, but without expending maah B.{K>a internal decorations, and the re8n|t was ■fw it#o»t £ 10,500, leaving them a debt of £ 4,000. !T«'fc<*>ed they would individually help to lessen amount. The Sunday School had paid off £ i00, and were still paying at the rate of £ 50 T. E. WILLIAMS then called upon Miss tatS" w«b«.rcordially peeted. She said fidS^id Gentlemen,-It gives me much pleasure ffto^ay, for I feel sincere interest and a very £ J^«%atby with the work ^hica the bazaar is to further. Your splendid chapel is one of iateresting architectural ornaments which tLt^VpolsesBe^and must be a source ^P"de bat I am sar« you will agree with me that it the life »d h„t .StSeSw mw- Churoh. I am exceedingly tkL reason to think that through the activity w^ of many united workers, an opportunity all present to put a shoulder to the d help generously our friends in their tint* J\?a T\re have only to look at these OiSSSfStlU to app^ecSr.he amount of labour £ r «tte^nt, and I trust make us anxious to do our '^l^^trehMiag the many charming and useful P"? [JLu'ingly displayed. Ladies and gentle- Thave ploasnre in declaring this baza,r open proposed a hearty vote of thanks Sir GBO- T JoiinCT a0 be Bald that the Commit- had w-rked so splendidly tbrQVghout, and were indeed most StilcSTo Miss Lawiafor her kindness m com.ng to S«fcSbataar (hear, hear.) In taking pait in these SSWSSBKS Miss Lewis was carrying ou« the best h«>r family, who for many generations I^ promS Part in contributing gener- Nonconformity in Newtown (cheers^) Mr W COOKS said it afforded him unusual plea- « Z~a Wo rota of thanks, as he had been as- thp Lewis family ever since he came to f\ IS47 That was immediately after the been issued by the Commissioners ap- 5^d to e^«?» ltote,°f "1KU0-atio? in «v.'mVi wftB then represented as being in a Wifr*. which was inen iw Mr Lewi3i the oi friends was appointed for darkness and ape^l "nThe remained a faithful xn the light, ana n«o{ He aUo toeducation to t j on the platform her J* II Jnt programmes of music were v<hP±¥»tbd*ys "n, -batfn„ to tbe entertainment of ■pr&vi&fdi ^°? jfewtown Silver Band, under •fcto psbttc being th o-rern Hand-Bell Company, ate U, Taylor« Gladys Morgan and Master X v«ic? pm'5' Mmrtj J?'rr_„«f Mini? L:ly Trow, Miss M.J. *cd Mes'srs J. H. Humphrejs andG. G. Trow. The Stall Holdiers 1: Goods).—Mrs Miisom, Ha. I *G*"erftp^ jones, Park House; Mrs Geo. 'Ura Turner Market-street; Miss Ir'SSa"a" & Cooke, Ba, Villa; Mb* lh« Bazaar Mis3 jone9) New-road EdmundB, Sover^ Morris, N?w-road ^SZ Ki^aBevan, Sheaf-street). M.g jone(l St., » <GM»ai "wo5KrHS..tre.ti Mrs G. Wool! High- "1I/t8Itt- No. 3 (Fruit, Flowers and Vegetables).—Mrs J Bennett, Oak Villa Mrs W. Jones, Crescent-street; I Miss Jones, Llanfair-road; Miss Davies, Llanfair- road. No. 4 (Poultry and Dairy Produce).—Mrs Williams, Brynllys; Mrs Davies, Penygelly; Mrs Bowen, Tynybitfield; Mrs Rogers, Fron Dolfor; Miss Evans, Bedwgwilym; Mrs Jerman, Kerry-road. No. 5 (Fine Arts and Books).-Miss Evans, The Bazaar; Miss Davies, Forden; Mr D. J. Saer, New. road; Mr C. H. Hodges, Bridge-street; and Mr Douglas, Bryn Bank-terrace. No. 6 (Refreshments).—Mrs J. Stephens, Ladywell- street; Mrs J. Andrew, Pool-road; Miss Evans, The Pheasant; Miss F. Watkin, New-road Mrs J. H. Humphreys, Savern-street; Miss Hughes, Market. street Miss Humphreys, Union-street; and Miss Lewis, High-street.
















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